Backpacking to Lahaul from Mumbai was one of the life changing experiences I had. The vibrant culture, unmatchable hospitality and of course the beautiful vistas of Lahaul really made me fell in love with the region.

With the Atal tunnel opening, more and more people will now embark on a Trip to Lahaul. So, my current Backpacking guide is perfect for those who wish to take that epic trip to Lahaul and get awestruck by it.

Backpacking to Lahaul From Mumbai

Backpacking to Lahaul from Mumbai – An Adventure of A Lifetime

Here is a brief overview of what to expect on your Epic Backpacking Trip to Lahaul from Mumbai.


Himachal Pradesh, North India


Accessible throughout the year with the Atal tunnel now operational. Inner areas of Lahaul might be closed for a couple of months due to heavy snow. But Sissu – A small town in Lahaul valley will remain connected throughout the year.


Pleasant in Summers

Mild in Autumn

Brutally Cold during winters and Cold during Spring

Ideal number of days required

As a frequent traveler to the region, I highly insist you take a trip of at least 7 days. This way, you will be able to explore the beautiful locales properly.

By the way, if you can spare 10 days, that would be awesome.

With the Atal Tunnel opening now, you will anyways cut down on the transportation time.

Options to Stay in Lahaul Valley

With the Lahaul valley now opening for tourism, homestays will pop up even in small Lahauli villages.

But as of now stays options like homestays, hotels, guesthouses are restricted only to famous places in Lahaul like Khwaling(Sissu), Kyelang(Keylong), Jispa, Dartse (Darcha), Margul(Udaipur), Phakpa(Trilokinath)

Safety in Lahaul Valley

Lahaul is quite safe Solo travellers and Backpackers, irrespective of Gender. The locals welcome travelers with warm hearts.

Native foods to Try

Native Food of Lahaul is quite similar across the regions like Spiti, Kinnaur, Ladakh, Pangi, Zanskar.

Thukpa, Tingmo, Shunali, Kholag are some of the native Lahauli dishes you can try. Thukpa is readily available even at the Dhabas ( a small road side eatery) , but the rest you will only get in Lahauli households.

Cost breakdown

Rs 15,000 including return flights from Mumbai and Back For 11 days

Public transport in Lahaul

It is widely available.

In fact, it is the best and the cheapest way to travel in Lahaul if you have not hired a cab or have your own vehicle.

Places to Visit in Lahaul

Khwaling (Sissu), Gondhla, Kyelang, Tangti (Tandi), Khangsar, Jispa, Margul (Udaipur), Phakpa (Trilokinath), Miyar valley

Lakes in Lahaul

Tso Chikgma (Chandra Taal), Tso Kamtsi (Suraj Taal), Dozom Tso (Deepak Taal), Neelkanth Mahadev, Ghepang Lake, Unnamed Lakes above Thanpattan in Miyar Valley.

Monasteries in Lahaul

Guru Ghantal, Kardang Gompa, Shashur Gompa, Gemur Gompa, Tupchiling Gompa, Bokar Gompa, Labrang Gompa, Mani Gompa, Sila Gompa, Khoksar Gompa, Othang Gompa, Tayul Gompa, Yurdong Gompa, Urgos Gompa

How to Reach Lahaul Valley from Mumbai?

There is no direct way to reach Lahaul from Mumbai.

So, you’ll need to break your journey in 3 parts in order to reach Lahaul from Mumbai.

For the ease of understanding I have considered Delhi as the transit point to Lahaul.

  • Reaching Delhi from Mumbai
  • Getting to Manali from Delhi
  • Reaching Lahaul from Manali

You can also pick Chandigarh as your transit point to Lahaul. But I usually prefer Delhi as my transit point as the flights, train to Delhi are cheap. Public transport from Delhi is also widely available as per suitable timings.

How To Reach Lahaul Valley From Mumbai

From Mumbai you first have to reach the Transit point which is going to be Delhi by your choice of Transport and then reach Lahaul by road via Manali from Delhi.

Reaching Delhi from Mumbai to Visit Lahaul

Delhi is well connected with Mumbai by several modes of transport. As per your budget you can choose any mode of transport.

By Rail 

A lot of trains depart from Mumbai throughout the day towards Delhi. You can board any one of them as per your suitable time.

Rajdhani departs at 17.30 from Mumbai Central. Paschim express at 12.00 and Golden Temple at 21.25 from Bandra Terminus and Mumbai Central respectively. These run daily, but there are other trains as well.

By Air

There are a lots of flights available throughout the day. But I would advise to take a afternoon flight so that you can take a evening bus from Delhi to reach Manali.

Reaching Manali from Delhi to Visit Lahaul

Manali can be only reached by road. There is no railway station nearby. There is an Aiport at Bhuntar near Manali, but it will be expensive as the frequency is less.

Reaching Manali by bus 

A lot of volvo buses, private and HRTC run ply between Delhi and Manali from ISBT Kashmere Gate. Most of them start in the evening only after 5 pm. They reach Manali in the morning.

There are ordinary buses run by HRTC as well. They tend to be a lot cheaper and is perfect for a budget traveler.

Reaching Lahaul from Manali 

There are two ways to reach Lahaul from Manali. One is the previous route via Rohtang La and the other one is newly operational Atal tunnel route via Solang valley (Dhundi which is the south portal).

Reaching Lahaul via Atal tunnel 

This newly operational tunnel is the shortest way to reach Lahaul. It only takes around an hour from Manali to reach the north portal in Sissu (Khwaling) via Dhundi in Solang valley.

Buses have started to ply on this route. But I am not sure about exact timings as I had travelled to Lahaul via Rohtang La. Please note Atal tunnel remains closed for sometime during the day. So, please keep this in mind.

Reaching Lahaul via Rohtang La

With advent of Atal tunnel this route will be very less frequented.  It usually takes around 3 hours (if there is no traffic) to reach Khoksar, first village in Lahaul from Manali via Rohtang La.

From Manali you climb and reach Rohtang via Gulaba and Marhi. Finally, cross Rohtang and reach Khoksar. Public buses to Lahaul, Spiti, Ladakh will probably no longer run on this route in the future.

Backpacking to Lahaul from Mumbai – My Suggested 11 Day Itinerary

I have considered flight as a commute option to Delhi.  If you travel by Train it will add a couple of more days to your Itinerary. But it will also cut down your Travel cost by at least a couple of thousand bucks.

Day 1

Take a flight from Mumbai to Delhi and then from Delhi an overnight bus to Manali.

Day 2

Reach Manali early and depart towards Lahaul via Atal tunnel. Explore Khwaling (Sissu) a bit and stay there for the night.

Day 3

Explore upper villages around Khwaling (Sissu) or Hike to Palden Lhamo. Stay overnight in Sissu.

Day 4

Head to Kyelang. Pay your obeisance at Shashur and Kardang Gompa.

Day 5

Head to Barlacha La visit Dozmo Tso (Deepak Taal) and Tso Kamtsi (Suraj Tal). You can also visit Khangsar Khar and Gemur Gompa. Stay at Keylong for the night.

Day 6

Head to Miyar valley. You can spend a night in Urgos or Shukto.

Day 7

You can hike to the Thanpattan which is vast meadow situated at around 4000 m. You can camp there overnight.

Day 8

Leave Miyar and move towards Margul (Udaipur) in Pattan valley. Visit Mrikula Mata temple and Phakpa (Trilokinath). Stay overnight at either Udaipur or Trilokinath

Day 9

Head back to Kyelang. Visit the ancient Guru Ghantal Gompa or You can visit Bokar Gompa and Yurdong Gompa


You can make a Day Trip to Tso Chikgma (Chandra Taal). Just make sure to start very early. And you will need to hire a private cab as well.

Day 10

Say goodbye to Lahaul and leave for Manali. Board an overnight bus to Delhi.

Day 11

Reach Delhi early morning and take a flight back to Mumbai.

Backpacking to Lahaul from Mumbai – Complete Cost Breakdown 

Lahaul is one of the best budget-friendly places in Himachal. People on a shoestring budget will find it quite manageable.

For instance, I had stayed in a Dormitory Dharamshala at Phakpa (Trilokinath) for just Rs 80. Of course you have to sacrifice a bit of luxury.

Cost Per day for Stay in Lahaul

Accommodation per day for one person will cost around Rs 300-500 in a decent homestay or a guesthouse.

Cost of Food Per day in Lahaul

Food will cost you around 200 per day. Some homestays quote stay and food price inclusive.

Local Transport within Lahaul

Local HRTC buses has a specific multiplier to calculate the fare (1.75*distance). Therefore, the fares will vary as per the distance. But on an average it will be around ₹ 100.

Private Cab within Lahaul

To visit places like Baralacha La you will need to hire private cabs. These will cost you around Rs 4000 for the entire car. So if there are more people it will get divided.

Cabs to places like Shashur and Kardang will cost you around Rs 2000 for the entire Cab.

In case you wish to Visit Tso Chikgma (Chandra Tal) it might cost you more. By the way,  I had already covered ChandraTal on my Spiti circuit trip but you can go sightseeing from Lahaul too.

Here is the contact number +91 9459519486 of Sangbu Sherpa in whose cab I had traveled for a couple of days in Lahaul

Transport from Delhi to Manali and Back

External transport i.e volvo buses from Delhi to Manali will cost you around ₹ 2500-3000 depending on which operator you choose.

Total cost of Backapacking trip to Lahaul

So the total cost will be around Rs 15,000 to Rs 17,000 for 11 days from Mumbai and back (Delhi Return Flight)

The cost will come down by Rs 2000-3000 if you travel by train to Delhi. But that will add a couple of days to your Itinerary.

6 Awesome Things To Do in Lahaul To Get The Complete Experience

Lahaul valley being a tribal region has unique culture of its own. The unique culture coupled with pretty vistas means you can do a lot on your trip to Lahaul. Here 6 awesome things to do in Lahaul.

1. Visit typical Lahauli villages

Lahaul is home to several picturesque villages. A typical Lahauli village is surrounded by fecund fields of Potato, cauliflower, etc.

Lahauli villages are surrounded by huge mountains making the vistas extremely picturesque. Therefore, A visit to Lahaul is incomplete without visiting a Lahauli village.

2. These Awesome Lahauli Structures Are A Sight to Behold

Lahaul is home to a couple of prominent structures. One is the Tower at Gondhla and the other is the Khangsar Khar (108-room fort).

Witnessing these monuments amidst the huge mountains and impeccable vistas will really mesmerize you. These are not be missed.

3. Pay Your Homage At The Majestic Gompas of Lahaul

Being a predominantly Buddhist practising community, Gompas play a very important in Lahauli culture. Therefore, you’ll find a Gompa in a lot villages.

The setting of Lahauli Gompas is just splendid. The Gompas also provide a sense of tranquility. Therefore, visit to such Gompas is a must on a trip to Lahaul.

4. Scenic Lakes of Lahaul That Will Attract You As A Traveler

Beautiful glacial fed lakes are scattered across the vast stretches of Lahaul. These are true jewels of Lahaul and Himachal.

Lakes like Dozom Tso (Deepak Tal), Tso Kamtsi (Suraj Tal), Ghepang Lake, Neelkanth Mahadev are extremely picturesque.

And of course, the most well know lake in Tso Chikgma (Chandratal) is in Lahaul and not in Spiti.

5. Go Trekking in Lahaul for An Epic Adventure

As of now the most popular trek related to Lahaul is the Hampta pass trek. But there are several others which are usually not in Limelight.

Most of the treks in Lahaul are usually crossover treks from Chamba (Kugti Pass, Kalicho, Chobia, Darati) or Kullu (Hamta pass, Sara Umga La). You can read Tarun Goel’s book Sabse Uncha Pahad for more details.

But within Lahaul there is the Sacred DrilBu Ri Kora. Then there is trekking trail from Tso Chikgma (ChandraTal) to Baralacha La which was quite frequented, back in the day.

6. Witness the Vibrant Festivals of Lahaul 

Lahaul is culturally very vibrant. Festivals of Lahaul are quite unique and are a sight to behold.

Festivals in Lahaul are lined up throughout the year. But a lot of them are in peak winters. We might now be able to witness them thanks to Atal tunnel.

Halda is one of the main festivals of Lahaul which is usually celebrated in January. Then there are famous Cham dances which usually take place in 19th day of 5th Lunar Month (June/July).

16 Ethereal Places to Visit in Lahaul Valley that Will Leave You Speechless As A Traveler

Lahaul is spread across vast stretches of Land. Therefore, there is no dearth of Awesome and picturesque places to visit in Lahaul. This is why I am lisiting down places to Vsiit in Lahaul.

1. Khwaling (Sissu) – Explore The Verdant of Raja Ghepang

Khwaling or more popularly known as Sissu has been in the Limelight lately due to Atal tunnel. And is the first village you would come across from Atal tunnel.

Visiting places like Khwaling (Sissu) in Lahaul can be like a breath of fresh in comparison to extremely overrated and crowded places like Kasol. And now with the Atal Tunnel operational Sissu is more accessible than ever.

There is lots to see around here. Pretty Tiny Lahauli villages are located perched above like Labrang, telling, Shurthang, Retil etc. Then there is holy Palden Lhamo Dhara (Sissu Waterfall). You hike close to the Waterfall.

You can also pay a visit to Raja Ghepang temple the main deity of Lahaul. Raja Ghepang temple is located in Shashin.

Places to Visit in Lahaul

Beautiful vistas from the hike to Labrang Gompa Sissu. You’ll get to experience such splendid view of high mountains and Chandra River throughout the Chandra valley.

2. Kyelang (Keylong) – The Administrative Capital Of Lahaul and Spiti

Kyelang or Keylong is the district headquarters of Lahaul and Spiti. It is the most developed place in Lahaul as far as tourism is concerned.

You’ll find a lot of hotels and restaurants here which is rarity in other villages of Lahaul. Kyelang is the main the hub for the public transport buses in Lahaul valley.

The Huge peaks that you get to see from Kyelang are just splendid. You can make Kyelang as your base and visit other places  in Ghar and Tod Valley.

Places to Visit in Lahaul valley

Kyelang is the District Headquarters of Both Lahaul and Spiti valleys. Here you’ll find proper hotels, guesthouses and even Restaurants. You can explore the places around Ghar and Tod valley by making Keylong as your base.

3. Tangti (Tandi) – The Confluence of River Chandra and Bhaga

Tandi or Tangti is the confluence of Rivers Chandra and Bhaga. It is one of the lowest points in Lahaul. The site of confluence of Chandra and Bhaga is spectacular to say the least,

Tangti acts as a gateway to Bhaga and Pattan valley if you were coming from Khwaling (Sissu). All buses going towards Margul (Udaipur) or Kyelang will go via Tangti (Tandi).

I am not quite sure about the accommodations options here, But you can ask the locals if you wish to stay in Tangti.

Places To Visit in Lahaul Valley

Tangti (Tandi) is the Confluence of The Rivers Chandra and Bhaga which later becomes Chenab. Tandi also acts as a gateway to Pattan valley and Ghar and Tod Valley.

4. Kardang – Ancient Capital Of Lahaul That Will Transport You Back in Time

Kardang was the ancient capital of Lahaul. Perched on the left bank of River Bhaga it gives a beautiful view of Kyelang, upper areas of Kyelang, right bank of Bhaga.

Kardang is home to one of the most famous gompas of Lahaul. It is around 20 km from Kyelang by road.

To reach here you can either go by road via Tandi or there is a hiking trail to from Kyelang as well.

What to See in Lahaul valley

Awesome view of the Right Bank of Bhaga as seen from Kardang Gompa in Lahaul valley.

5. Shashur – The Celestial Land of Blue Pines

Shashur literally translates to blue pines. It is one of the important Gompas of Lahaul established by Dewa Gyatso.

Shashur is located at relatively higher altitude than Kyelang. This results in exquisite views of peaks like Gushal Goh. You also get impeccable views of left bank of Bhaga like Kardang.

There is a 5 km dirt track which goes to Shashur from Kyelang. No Local buses go Shashur. You can either hike on the road or hire a private cab.

Places to Visit in Lahaul valley

The famous “Lady of Keylong” glacier as seen from Shashur Gompa. Shashur being at a relatively higher altitude provides with such exquisite vistas.

6. Khangsar – Feel Eerie Vibes at this Fort 

Khangsar is beautiful Lahauli located just above the famous Jispa. The famous 108-room fort called Khangsar Khar is really a sight to behold. Khangsar is around km from Keylong and from Jispa

Khangsar gives a spectacular birds eye view of Jispa and River Bhaga flowing adjacent to Jispa. You can also visit the villages of Kolong and Kwaring which are quite near to Khangsar.

As of now there are no homestays in Khangsar, but with tourism now opening up, You can expect a few in the future. Buses going towards Todh valley via Meh will go to Khangsar, There are several such buses throughout the day,

Things to See in Lahaul Valley

Picturesque village of Khangsar in Tod valley. Back in the day, Khangsar Khar (Fort in Local language) used to be the seat of the one of the royal families of Lahaul.

7. Gemur – Visit Here for Its Majestic Gompa

Gemur is a tiny Lahauli village located right on the Leh-Manali Highway. It is around 18 km from Kyelang and around 4 km from Jispa.

Gemur is certainly one of the beautiful alternatives to the crowded Kasol and I have listed not just one but 16 such Alternatives to Kasol.

If you are visiting Jispa then, A visit to its Gompa is a must. Located a few meters above the village, the tranquility and views you get to witness is just otherworldly. The Gemur Gompa is just 15 minute hike from the village.

All the buses going towards Jispa, Dartse (Darcha) will go via Gemur. I did see a couple of staying options here in Gemur, you can enquire around if you wish to stay in Gemur.

Things to See in Lahaul valley

A Chorten on the way to Gemur Gompa from Gemur. The Gompa of Gemur is the main Gompa in Tod valley. It is also famous for its Cham Dance during the summers.

8. Dartse (Darcha) – The Perfect Stopover for The Insane Adventures Ahead 

Dartse is the last village of Lahaul in Tod valley. It is located around 52 km from Kyelang.

It is kind of a stopover for going towards Baralacha La and beyond (Towards Ladakh) or Shinku La (Towards Zanskar). You can have simple but tasty food here at the Dhabas (A Small Roadside Eatery).

You can even spend a night at the Dhabas itself in case its late to go further. I am not sure whether there hotels or guesthouses here in Dartse.

Places to See in Lahaul valley

The Drive from Darcha to Barlacha La is just Splendid to say the least. One must definitely takes this epic journey when in Lahaul.

9. Feel the Adrenaline Rush While Standing Atop the Mighty Baralacha La

Baralacha La perched at around 4850 m is one of the highest motorable passes in Himachal. It is around 82 km Kyelang..

Both River Chandra and Bhaga originate at glaciers around Barlacha La. They then take different routes and merge at Tangti.

The whole stretch from Kyelang to Baralacha La is quite picturesque. The buses going towards Leh do go via Baralacha La but I would not recommend spending much time at that altitude. So it’s better to take a private cab or your own vehicle.

Things to See in Lahaul Valley

Baralacha La one of the highest motorable passes in Himachal in usually associated with the Leh-Manali highway. But one can may an easy day Trip from Keylong and witness some breath-taking views.

10. Get Mesmerised By The Scenic Beauty of Tso Kamtsi (Suraj Tal)

Popular amongst travelers visiting Ladakh by Leh-Manali highway, the actual name of Suraj Tal is Tso Kamtsi. It is located at a dizzying altitude of 4800 m.

The lake is visible from the road itself, just a few meters before Baralacha if you were coming from Kyelang.

Buses going towards Leh do go via this lake. But I would suggest you either hire a private car or self-drive.

Places to Visit in Lahaul valley

Tso Kamtsi (Suraj Taal) is just located a couple of Km before Baralacha La if you are coming from Darcha Side. You don’t have to cover it specially and can cover it along with the Trip to Baralacha La.

11. Experience the Serenity At Dozom Tso (Deepak Taal)

Dozom Tso is small lake located near Patseo while going towards Baralacha La from Darcha. It is around 44 km from Kyelong and 12 km from Dartse (Darcha)

You can visit this while going towards Baralacha La. The landscape now starts appearing like Ladakh. The ride to Dozom Tso from Kyelang and beyond is a must if you are coming to Lahaul.

I would recommend, to hire a private cab or self-drive due to remoteness of the region. You would not want to get stranded at such a crazy Altitude.

Places to See in Lahaul Valley

Dozom Tso or Deepak is small but beautiful lake you’ll encounter while going towards Baralacha La from Darcha

12. Tso Chikgma (Chandra Taal) – The Other Worldly Lake of Lahaul that Needs No Introduction

Tso Chikgma (Chandra Taal) needs no introduction. Usually Tso Chikgma is wrongly considered to be a part of Spiti as it is an important part of Spiti circuit Itinerary.

But geographically it is in Lahaul. Kunzum La separates Lahaul and Spiti valleys which is why Tso Chikgma (Chandra Tal) is in Lahaul and not Spiti.

The lake is known for its impeccable beauty and it indeed is. There is no public bus going to Chandra Taal. So, hiring a private cab is your best bet.

What to See in Lahaul valley

Tso Chikgma (Chandra Tal) is probably the most famous lake in Himachal. It is usually associated with Spiti due to its popularity with the Spiti Circuit Trip, but it is geographically located in Lahaul valley.

13. Margul (Udaipur) – The Jewel Of Pattan Valley

Margul (Udaipur) located in Pattan valley is the biggest town in Lahaul after Kyelang. It also acts as gateway to Pangi valley in Chamba. Margul (Udaipur) is around 52 km from Kyelang.

Margul is famous for the Ancient Mrikula Mata temple with exquisite wood carvings. The famous Phakpa (Trilokinath Temple) is also just 10 km from Margul. The snow-clad peaks visible from makes Margul are quite splendid.

There are a lot of buses going throughout the day from New Keylong bus stand. I caught at 8am bus going towards Miyar valley which also stops at Margul (Udaipur) via Phakpa (Trilokinath). There are a lot hotels and guesthouses in Maargul (Udaipur).

Places To See in Lahaul Valley

Snow-clad peaks visible from Margul (Udaipur) on a perfect Autumn day in Lahaul valley.

14. Picturesque Abode of Avalokiteshwar is NOT To be Missed On Your Trip To Lahaul

Phakpa (Trilokinath) is one of the most important important pilgrimage sites at Tunde village in Pattan valley. And is equally revered by Hindus and Buddhists. The grand vistas that you get to observe are surely not be missed if you are in Lahaul.

There are a lot of guesthouses in Phakpa (Trilokinath) which cost around ₹ 400-500. But there is a Dharmshala in the temple as well. A bed in the Dharmshala dormitory costs just ₹ 80.

Buses run frequently for Phakpa (Trilokinath) from Kyelang. From Udaipur there is a bus to Phakpa (Trilokinath) every hour. So reaching Phakpa (Trilokinath) is quite easy.

Places to Visit in Lahaul Valley

Beautiful evening in Phakpa an important pilgrimage site in Lahaul valley which is equally revered by both Hindus and Buddhists.

15. Feel The Raw Beauty Of Lahaul’s True Gem – Miyar 

Miyar valley is probably the most remote part of Lahaul valley. By the way, you can read my interesting stance on offbeat places in Himachal like Miyar valley. One can reach Miyar valley by taking diversion from Udaipur in Pattan valley.

Miyar valley has quite a unique terrain. The initially part of the valley resembles Kinnaur. But as you move to the higher reaches of the valley the landscapes resembles to Ladakh.

Miyar valley is home to a lot of pretty but tiny villages. Some of the villages include Urgos, Shukto, Khanjar, Tingret, with Tingret being the biggest one.

The main attraction of the valley is the high altitude meadow of Thanpattan which is beyond the last village of Khanjar.

What To See in Lahaul Valley

Miyar valley is probably the least visited place in Lahaul valley. But In my opinion it is surely deserves a proper visit.

16. Shinku La – The New Gateway To The Pristine Land of Zanskar

Shingo La or Shinku La is a motorable mountain pass in Todh valley. Located at around 5000 m. it is the gateway to Zanskar.

Darcha to Padum via Shinku La is now the shortest and the fastest route to Zanskar. Like Atal tunnel, there is tunnel being planned under Shinku La to provide all-weather connectivity to Zanskar and Ladakh.

From Lahaul (Keylong) A day-trip to Shinkula can be made. But as of now, only 4×4 drive will be able to make it, so do keep that in mind

Lahaul Valley Local Bus Timings (Keylong Bus Stand Timings)

The HRTC services are quite robust in Lahaul. HRTC runs daily bus services to a lot of villages of Lahaul. There are several buses throughout day to Major villages in Lahaul.

Here are the complete schedule of bus timings at Keylong Bus Stand. Please note that this might not be up to date, So its better to confirm once at the bus stand itself. But you can get a fair bit of Idea of routes buses are operating in Lahaul.

Lahaul Valley Bus Stand Timings

Kyelang Bus Stand Timings. Please note that this printed Schedule might not be up to date, So its better to confirm once at the bus stand itself.

Lahaul Valley Bus Timings

Here are the bus timings from Keylong towards Pattan valley even Pangi Valley. Please note that the printed Schedule you see might not be up to date. So, it is better to confirm once at the Kyelang Bus Stand

Lahaul valley Bus Timings

HRTC bus timings from Keylong towards Tod Valley and Vice Versa. For some of the buses the timings might not be correct since these printed schedules are not often updated. So it essential to confirm the timing once at the bus stand

Where to Stay in Lahaul Valley?

Unlike Spiti, It will be very difficult to find homestays in every village. Right now, Hotels, Guesthouse, Homestays are restricted only to popular villages like Khwaling (Sissu), Kyelang, Jispa, Udaipur (Margul).

Though you’ll find a couple of homestays here and there in small Lahauli villages. As the tourism opens further, more homestays will start to function in the future.

Accommodation Options in Khwaling (Sissu)

Khwaling has hotels, guesthouses, homestays in terms of staying options. During my trip I had stayed at Wood Villa Homestay. The stay was pretty good and I ended spending around Rs 500 including food.

Therefore, finding a decent homestay or guesthouse at around Rs 300 per person should not be a problem. But please do note that this was before the tunnel had opened up.

Currently, Khwaling is probably the most popular place in Lahaul due to the tunnel. So the prices might have gone up, but nothing crazy I think.

Accommodation Options in Kyelang

Kyelang or Keylong is the most developed as far hotels and guesthouses are concerned in Lahaul. Of course, it being the district headquarters of surely has helped.

Homestays are hard to find in Keylong. You can make Keylong as your base and explore the nearby Gompa’s and villages as homestays are currently rare in not so popular villages of Lahaul.

I stayed at hotel near New bus stand in Keylong for Rs 650. You can find expensive or cheaper options as per your budget. If you are going to rely on Public Transport, I would recommend to stay close to new Bus stand,

Accommodation Options in Margul (Udaipur) and Phakpa (Trilokinath)

Margul after Kyelang is a major town in Lahaul. You’ll find a lot of hotels and guesthouses here .I did not stay in Margul, but I am sure the prices will be decent enough.

Phakpa being a pilgrimage site has a few accommodation options. There are several guesthouses which will cost you around Rs 400-500 for the entire room.

The Temple run Dharamshala is also a great option if you can let go a bit of luxury. I just paid Rs 80 for a bed in Dormitory Dharamshala. There are a few private rooms as well.

Accommodations Options in Miyar Valley

Miyar valley is the remotest valley in Lahaul. Therefore, there are no hotels or guesthouses in Miyar valley. Homestays are the only option.

There are homestay options in the inner villages like Urgos, Shukto. There might be a homestay in Tingret as well, the biggest village in Miyar valley.

The homestays will be very simple with basic food. I stayed in Tashi homestay, Shukto and I paid around Rs 480 including food.

What to Eat in Lahaul Valley?

Sorry to be blunt, but if you seek fancy food on your trips, then Lahaul is not the place to be in. Food that you’ll get in Lahaul will be very basic.

Except for Kyelang, Margul (Udaipur) you might not even find proper restaurants. So be prepared for that. If you are staying in a homestay, then its better to have the food there itself.

In Kyelang though you might find a couple of decent restaurants which are operating along with the hotels.

Thukpa, Momos, Chowmein along with basic North Indian cuisine like Paratha will be widespread in Lahaul. You should be able to get these delicacies even at a small food joints.

Best Time to Visit Lahaul Valley

Every season has its own charm in Himachal. And Lahaul is no different. Lahaul experiences Spring, Summers, Autumn, Winter. Being in the rain shadow region, Lahaul does not experience full-fledged monsoons.

So the best time to visit will depend on what kind of Landscapes exactly you wish to see. But if the weather conditions are taken into consideration, then June-July and September-October are perfect.

Watch the Valley Slowly Crawl Back to Life in Spring

Spring in Lahaul commences from April. Agricultural activities pick up pace in Lahaul. The Temperatures are still quite cold, and there is a lot of snow on the high peaks as well.

Earlier visiting Lahaul in spring meant you had to cross the treacherous Rohtang La on foot as it used to open only in May. But now with the tunnel the dream of spring in Lahaul will become a reality.

The Perfect Time to Visit This Beautiful Valley

Summers start in Lahaul from the month of June and last till early September. The months of June and July are one of the best times to visit Lahaul. I would not recommend to visit Lahaul in August due to monsoon in the lower reaches of Himachal.

The weather is quite pleasant. The scenery is exquisite with snow around peaks. This is when the tourism activity in Lahaul will also be at its peak.

Witness the vibrant Autumn Colours of Lahaul

Autumn is when I made my Lahaul trip. The weather was quite clear and skies were blue. Autumn starts from the month of September and lasts till October.

The temperatures are extremely pleasant during September and a couple of weeks in October. After which they start to plummet. Autumn is probably the perfect window to visit Lahaul after summers.

When Lahaul Turns into A Perfect Winter Wonderland

Owing to the high altitude, the winter sets in early in Lahaul. Winter lasts from November until late March. The temperatures are quite brutal and can fall to around -18 degrees in Keylong during peak winter.

Snow is one of the most promising reasons to visit Himachal and Lahaul valley receives tons of it during the winters. Lahaul has a lot of potential when it comes to winter sports and hopefully it will entice the travelers during winters.

Earlier it was not possible to take a trip  to Lahaul during winters. But now with the Atal tunnel operational, one will be able to at least make trip till Sissu (The north portal), beyond which (Towards Keylong) it still might be risky during peak winters.

Is Lahaul Valley Safe for Travelers ?

Yes, Lahaul valley very safe for travelers irrespective of the gender. The locals are very amiable and approachable and will help you out in case you are stuck in some kind of problems.

In fact, you might get invited for a cup of Tea if you are wandering around a village in Lahaul. Such is the hospitality of the Lahauli Folks.

So you do not have to worry about the safety aspect. But one surely needs to remain alert even if its the safest place on earth.

6 Awesome Travel Tips To Have A Hassle Free Trip To Lahaul

Pack Light on your Backpacking Trip to Lahaul from Mumbai

If you are backpacking to Lahaul, then do not carry unnecessary things. Owing to the high altitude packing light will be quite beneficial and save your energy

Use robust public transport for a budget trip

Public transport is quite good in Lahaul. Therefore, you can use it to your benefit and make a budget trip to Lahaul

Have at least 10 days in your Itinerary

With Atal Tunnel now operational, even a day-trip to Lahaul is possible. But In order to explore Lahaul even to some extent you must have at least 7-10 days in your Itinerary for a complete experience.

Do NOT miss Miyar valley on your Lahaul trip

Miyar valley is at the extreme end of Lahaul. The region gives you the best of Himachal and Ladakh and is surely not be missed on your trip to Lahaul.

Pack Warm Clothes on your Lahaul Trip

Baring a couple of summer months (July and August) Lahaul is mostly cold owing to the Altitude. So it is essential to pack warm clothes.

In case you are visiting in early Spring, Late Autumn and Winter, then you should layer and take a really good winter jacket along with you.

Please Travel  Responsibly

As soon as the Atal tunnel opened up, Lahaul was propelled into Limelight. Along with Tunnel came the trash, irresponsible behavior and even thefts.

So it is my sincere request to all those who will be traveling to Lahaul, Please travel in a responsible manner. Do not dirty the sacred Land. And behave appropriately with the locals.

To conclude, I hope this backpacking guide to Lahaul from Mumbai will be of a great help. The beauty of Lahaul is absolutely impeccable and I am sure you’ll fall in love with it just like I did.

Feel free to reach out in the comments in case of queries on Lahaul valley.