How to reach Kinnaur from Delhi will be a certain question bothering you, If you have decided to take that trip to Kinnaur.

Therefore based on my frequent travels to Kinnaur to I’m curating this blog to help first time travelers who are going to embark on trip to Kinnaur from Delhi.

How To Reach Kinnaur From Delhi

How To Reach Kinnaur From Delhi

Reaching Kinnaur has never been easier, with improved roads, robust HRTC connectivity from North Indian towns, getting to Kinnaur is easy even using public transport.

This blog will help you on how to reach Kinnaur from Delhi as a first time traveler especially those who are on a budget and are looking to use public transport to reach Kinnaur.

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How to Reach Kinnaur from Delhi

First things first, there is no direct rail, flight  connectivity to Kinnaur from Delhi. So the only option remains is to go by road either by self-driving cars or by public transport HRTC buses.

Only last year, the lone flight to Shimla from Delhi was restarted and is run by alliance air. Again due to poor frequency and high fares, this flight might not be viable for everyone.

Plus you still have complete the rest of the journey by road, which takes at least another 7 hours by road.

The below points are more for those wanting travel to Kinnaur on a budget and using public. This brief summary should be very helpful.

Another thing to note that Kinnaur is a district. So here I’m considering that you’re heading Recong Peo, the district headquarters or Sangla/Chitkul because that’s where most tourists head.

  • From Delhi you can opt for direct Ordinary HRTC buses to Kinnaur.
  • Here is the HRTC website to book your tickets online.
  • Recong Peo bound bus is at 20.50 from Delhi Kashmere gate ISBT.
  • Delhi to Recong Peo fare is INR 1057.
  • Sangla bound bus is at 21.58 from Delhi Kashmere gate ISBT
  • Delhi to Sangla fare is INR 1048.
  • Else you can reach Shimla first and then opt for Kinnaur bound buses which start as early as 4 am.
  • Plenty of ordinary and luxury buses ply between Delhi and Shimla.
  • In case you are in Peo bounded bus but want to get to Sangla, remember to get down at Karcham.
  • Although most people going to Kinnaur either head to Sangla/Chitkul or Reckong peo, but if you are going to lower Kinnaur, Bhabha valley or villages like Chagaon, Urni, Yula, get down at appropriate places like Nichar, Wangtu, Tapri etc.
  • The direct bus to Recong Peo Or Sangla will take around 19 hours in total

How To Reach Kinnaur From Delhi – FAQ’s

Here are some questions or doubts that you might have on how to reach Kinnaur from Delhi. So let me help you by clearing them and answering those questions.

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How Do You Get To Kinnaur By Train

As I mentioned earlier, unfortunately there is no railway station. Surrounded by steep and high mountains, Kinnaur does not have railway station and the only way to reach Kinnaur is by road.

The nearest big railway station is in the city of Chandigarh which is around 324 km from district headquarters of Reckong Peo.

Chandigarh railway station has decent connectivity from major cities of India like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata etc.

How Do You Get To Kinnaur By Air

So I said earlier, there is no direct flight to Kinnaur, but you can opt for Delhi to Shimla flight. There is only a single daily run by alliance run at 6.10 AM. The remaining journey has to be completed by road.

Again, this might not be the most economically viable option for budget travelers. For those who don’t have budget constraints can really opt for this one and save time.

Which is the Nearest Airport To Kinnaur

The nearest airport to Kinnaur in Himachal is Shimla Airport and you can reach Reckong Peo in another 7 hours from Shimla.

But flights to Shimla are very expensive. The nearest major airport is Chandigarh airport as you might have guessed it.

How Far is Kinnaur From Delhi

The distance between of district headquarters of Reckong Peo from Delhi is around 564 km.

To conclude, I hope you now know on how to reach Kinnaur from Delhi. As mentioned earlier, reaching Kinnaur is not that difficult.

In case of any further queries on how to get to Kinnaur from Delhi, you can drop them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to address them to the best of my knowledge.