Is It Safe To Explore Remote Villages In Himachal Alone, is a sure shot question you’ll have on your mind if you are looking to go deep and explore the remote villages of Himachal. As someone who has explored the rustic remote villages of all alone Himachal, I think I will be able to put all your queries to rest.

The remote villages are the places in Himachal, where culture and tradition thrives and can be seen in its purest form. And for me personally that is the actual beauty of Himachal.

Therefore, I am curating a detailed blog for those who wish to travel to such remote locales in Himachal, based out of my odysseys of traveling to such remote villages in Himachal alone. So lets get started and I hope you find value.

Is It Safe To Explore Remote Villages Of Himachal Alone

Is It Safe To Explore Remote Villages In Himachal Alone ?

Yes ! its completely safe based out of experience of traveling to remote villages in Himachal alone. Though, there are certain things you surely need to be careful of. But overall irrespective of gender, there will be no problems whatsoever.

The locals of such remote villages are extremely amiable in most cases. But the travelers are usually bombarded with a series of cliché questions like why are you (as in the traveler) traveling alone. Not with any ill intention though, they are very intrigued actually.

But a lot depends on whether, the remote village you are going to has some kind of tourism related activities going or not. So depending on that, I’ll be elaborating further. By the here is a detailed blog on how to find a place of stay in Himachali villages. I am sure it will be of a great value.

How Safe Is It To Travel Alone To Remote Villages In Himachal That Are Involved In Tourism ?

Tourism related activities are certainly picking up pace in rural and remote villages of Himachal. So even if a few folks of such villages are involved in tourism the whole village is kind of aware about it.

So traveling and exploring  villages involved in tourism will never be a problem. In fact, people will be quite curious about you and might even invite over to their house for tea. And chatting with locals and knowing their point of view and their way of life will result in a more memorable experience.

So whether you are male solo traveler or female solo traveler, there are no safety issues as such. I personally have traveled to such remote villages in Himachal alone and all I’ve personally experienced is the goodness of the locals.

For instance, lets talk about a village like Sharchi. It is one of the remote villages of Himachal, which just got road connectivity a few years back. Sharchi is a rustic Saraji village in its truest form.

But due to a surge in tourism in the nearby Tirthan and Banjar valley, locals are now aware about the same. Even homestays have come up in Sharchi. So exploring a village like Sharchi alone will never be a problem when it comes to safety.

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How safe is it to travel to remote villages in Himachal

Me posing at the incredible Gundla village in Lahaul valley. Staying with a local family always helps when traveling and exploring remote villages., as they can be your constant companions and you do not have to worry about the safety. I spend 3 days here in a homestay while traveling solo.

How Safe Is It To Trave Alone To Remote Villages In Himachal Where There is No Tourism Yet ?

Traveling to remote villages in Himachal where there are no tourist activities can be a bit tricky sometimes. In most of the cases there are safety no issues as such. But we surely need to be careful. As sometimes villagers might be taken aback by an outsider and would not react in the most positive way.

Many remote villages in Upper Himachal do not like outsiders venturing into their villages. While some have serious rules like a ban on carrying leather items, cigarettes, Tabaco inside the villages. All these restrictions are due to age old folks beliefs of the people.

So if you break any such rules, most villagers will really take offense. As they are answerable to their deity whose wrath they do not wish to incur.

Personally, I’ve never traveled to such remote village with strict rules alone. Most of the times I had the company of homestay hosts. If you have a local accompanying you then its very safe even if you are traveling alone or solo.

But these are just select few village in Upper Himachal. Almost 90% of the villagers in remote villages do not have a problem with travelers exploring their village. In fact, on the contrary they are extremely amiable and welcoming.

In fact, if you are well-mannered and well-behaved a lot of them without any second thoughts will invite you to their house to have tea. They do love striking conversations with travelers.

So to sum it up, if you are visiting remote villages in Himachal alone which are not into tourism one bit, then it is better to have a local accompanying you or you are at least aware about the rules and customs of the villages. So that you are not caught off guard.

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Traveling to Khanjar alone to one of the remotest villages in Miyar valley, Lahaul was as safe as it can get. 

How Safe Is It To Travel To Remote Villages Of Himachal with No Road ?

If you are traveling all alone to remote villages in Himachal which does not have a road. You have to be extra careful in my opinion. Just because of difficult geographical terrain.

I would say that there are only a few select villages left in Himachal where there is no road connectivity at all. But, there are select villages where there is still no road and one has to hike for hours to reach there.

Now, if there is marked and well laid trail to such remote villages there is no safety issue as such. But if there is no marked trail or path, you might want to take help of locals and so that you are do not get lost and are safe. 

For instance, when I traveled to the remote village of Parvi on my fojal valley hike, we had to pass through Parvi village which had no road. The trail to Parvi was extremely dangerous and not quite marked initially. And I was really glad that I had my homestay host with me.

So if you are traveling to a remote village all alone that does not have road. Please ensure the conditions of the trail whether it is well marked or not. And if its not then ask locals for help and do not travel all alone.

Kulllavi woman in her traditional attire at the ancient and remote village of Parvi. There is no road connectivity to Parvi village. So you have to be very careful while traveling alone to such villages if the trails are not marked.

My Experiences of Traveling Alone To Remote Villages of Himachal

Nowadays, when I am traveling alone, I stay in the rustic homestays. So even if I am alone I always have the company of homestay host and usually there is never a safety issue exploring the remote villages.

But I have had several instances where I was completely alone to the remote villages. And after experiencing the incredible hospitality of the local folks in remote villages, I was just mesmerized by their simplicity and ever helping nature.

So let me share a few of my memorable experiences in the remote villages of Himachal which etched in memory. And hopefully they depict that is is very safe to travel remote villages in Himachal.

Traveling Alone To The Tower Temple Of Banjar – Chehni Kothi

It was a crisp winter day. The warmth of the sun was comforting. I had just landed in Banjar early in the morning and after dropping my rucksack at the hostel and resting for a couple hours, I embarked on my epic sojourn to Chehni Kothi all alone.

Located in Chehni village, this incredibly huge structure built in traditional kathi-kuni style used to act as a watch tower back in the day. Now it functions as a temple for Shringa Rishi, the chief deity of Banjar Area.

The bus had left me 4 km before the actual starting point to Chehni Kothi. The long walk on the motorable road had left me quite weary. And after what seemed like an eternity, I reached the Shringa Rishi temple at Bagi.

To add to my misery, I took a narrow trail to the village after asking locals for directions. Eventually I somehow managed to reach a point where I could get a good glimpse of the majestic Chehni Kothi.

And at the moment I decided I’ve had enough as I was extremely fatigued and was contemplating to head back. That’s when Pritam Singh Ji and his wife, the locals of the Chehni village appeared.

They encouraged me to continue further as I was almost there. Gave me apples and even invited me to stay over at their home the next time I was around. This simple yet beautiful gesture just shocked me in a good way. City dwellers like me are simply not used to such acts of kindness.

And Yes I did manage to reach Chehni Kothi and spend a good hour. Hopefully this will inspire you to explore remote locals of Himachal alone. And clear all the apprehensions if you had any. By the way, Chehni Kothi is one of 16 alternatives to overrated an crowded Kasol.

Traveling alone to remote villages in himachal

The incredible Chehni Kothi, where I had the chance to experience incredible hospitality and trust me was quite safe to travel alone.

Incredible Kindness of Locals At Baloo Nag Temple While Traveling Alone

Petty things like waking up and going to the bus stand feels like a demanding task during cold winter mornings. Any how the thought of missing the bus to Bahu made me jump out of my bed and hastily rush to the Banjar bus stand.

I was finally able to board the bus to Bahu. Thanks to the extremely picturesque yet dangerously narrow roads covering even 20 km takes around and hour and half in the locals buses.

I finally made it to Bahu. And the setting was absolutely immaculate. The traditional styled houses of Bahu looked mesmerizing with the famous Jalori Jot and other high mountains donning a thick white blanket of snow.

The main agenda though, was to visit the pretty temple of a power folk deity of Area, Baloo Nag Devta. In order,  reach there one has to hike for 30 minutes.

The trail is quiet pretty and passes through a beautiful dense Deodhar forest. Sauntering amidst such pretty trails with towering Deodhars all around is certainly an ethereal feeling altogether in the Himalayas.

So eventually after a good hour I reach the Baloo Nag temple. But not before missing my way and landing on the road to Khabal. The setting of Baloo temple is just dreamy. A wooden temple perched on meadow surrounded by ethereal forests.

Locals of the nearby villages had gathered here for celebrations of sorts. And a feast had been arranged as a result. Locals insisted and ensured that I ate at the feast. And the food just turned out to be simple yet sumptuous.

I had conversations with several locals and some were quite shocked to hear that I traveled all alone. But again I was just blown away by their incredible hospitality. So I hope this proves that its actually quite safe and fun to sometimes travel all alone.

Exploring remote villages in Himachal

Beautiful Abode Of Baloo Nag Devta Near Bahu

5 Tips To Ensure Your Complete Safety Traveling Alone To Remote Villages In Himachal

If you are willing to explore remote places in Himachal, but are not very confident. Here are 5 valuable tips to ensure your safety when traveling to remote villages in Himachal alone.

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1.Have a local of the village accompanying you exploring the remote village in Himachal
2. Please obey all the rules laid down by the remote villages in Himachal if any
3. Respect all the traditions and culture of the remote villages in Himachal
4. Do not get into any futile arguments with the locals of remote villages
5. Do not disturb the sanctity of the remote villages with any unruly behaviour

1. Have a local of the village accompanying you exploring the remote village in Himachal

So the best way to explore any remote village alone is to actually befriend a local and ask them to accompany you and show you around. In this way, the villagers will not be skeptical when they first spot you.

In this manner, you’ll be completely safe. Of course, please ensure that the person or the local who is accompanying you is not intoxicated and has decent behaviour.

2. Please Obey All The Rules Laid Down By The Remote Villages in Himachal if Any

As I mentioned earlier, please ensure you follow all the rules laid down by the remote villages in Himachal to avoid any tussle with the locals.

Many remote villages, due to their folk beliefs do not allow leather items, alcohol, tabbaco etc. And each is everyone is obliged to follow the rules. You certainly do not want upset the villagers as you are most vulnerable when traveling alone.

Also, if some villages do not permit you to enter or ask you to go away, Please do as you are told to and avoid any arguments with the locals.

3. Respect all the traditions and culture of the remote villages in Himachal

The traditions and culture of the remote villages of Himachal is quite unique. And you might not believe in them.

So to have a relatively safe exploration to such remote villages its better to respect the traditions and culture and do not mock them or disrespect them.

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4. Do Not Get Into Any Futile Arguments With The Locals of Remote Villages

The best ensure your safety when traveling to remote villages in Himachal is to maintain a good behaviour when interacting with locals.

Because you’ll find locals in the remote and most of them are amiable. But certain villages are too remote and the locals just get skeptical when outsiders enter their villages.

So the best thing is to just tell them your intentions. That you are just out there in their village to experience its beauty and way of life. And stay away from any of arguments with locals or bad behaviour. Because remember you’ll be quite vulnerable as you are alone.

5. Do Not Disturb The Sanctity Of the Remote Villages With Unruly Behaviour

Most the remote villages in Upper Himachal like the peace and silence their home and village has to offer. So try to respect that and maintain sanctity and tranquility of the place.

Do not place loud music, dirty the place or get too intoxicated and disturb the sanctity of the remote village you are traveling too. The locals do not like too much clamour and even the deities.

To conclude I hope that I have answered the question “Is it safe to explore remote villages in Himachal alone” appropriately. And hope you found value in this blog.

Without any second thoughts just start to explore remote villages of Himachal alone. Trust me you’ll have no issues at all. This comes from a several experiences in such remote villages. And witnessing such villages is like truly experiencing the beauty of Himachal.