“Is Tirthan valley safe” will be a definite question that will pop in your head if you are traveling to Tirthan for the first time. With Tirthan valley gaining immense popularity, people are bound to have several queries relating to safety in Tirthan.

Therefore, to put all such queries to rest, I am curating this blog based out of my sojourn to Tirthan valley to help those who are visiting Tirthan valley for the very first time.

Is Tirthan valley Safe

Is Tirthan Valley Safe – All You Need To Know

Tirthan valley (In Kullu District) is basically a part of the bigger Saraj valley spread across Kullu and Mandi Districts. Gushaini is the main village/town of Tirthan, while Banjar is the biggest town near Tirthan valley.

Tirthan valley houses incredibly scenic rustic Himachali villages where despite decent road and internet connectivity, the Kullavi culture and old traditions still thrive. Perils of tourism are yet to affect this pristine valley of Tirthan.

For this very reason Tirthan valley is one of the safest places you can travel to in Himachal and India as a whole. By the way, here are 23 awesome reasons why should visit Tirthan valley for an authentic Himalayan experience.

Is Tirthan Valley Safe for Solo Travelers and Backpackers

To simply answer this question, Yes Tirthan valley is quite safe for solo travelers, backpackers. In fact, a lot of backpackers throng Tirthan valley for the very same reason.

The locals are quite welcoming, and you should have no problems whatsoever. I’ve personally traveled Solo to Tirthan valley a couple of times and never had any untoward incident.

To ensure one’s complete safety, one should stay at homestays, travel by local buses and it should be just fine.

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Is Tirthan Valley Safe For Couples ?

Yes, Tirthan valley is quite safe for both married and unmarried couples. Locals of Tirthan valley don’t usually bother about the marital status of the couples.

In fact, Tirthan valley can be one of the best places for couples who are looking for quaint stays amidst beautiful mid-Himalayan landscapes away from the hustle and bustle of the touristy places.

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 Is Tirthan Valley Safe for Women ?

Women travelers have to be extremely careful while traveling across India thanks to the plethora of crimes against women which is quite sad to be honest. But Tirthan valley has no such problems whatsoever.

Tirthan valley is one of the safest places in India for women. Locals are quite welcoming, and you’ll feel quite safe when traveling to Tirthan valley.

But to ensure your complete safety when traveling to Tirthan valley ensure that you are staying homestays with local families and traveling by HRTC.

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Is There A Danger While Hiking And Trekking In Tirthan Valley ?

Tirthan valley is home to some of the most beautiful and off the beaten trails in the Himalayas. Except for locals, shepherds, hiking and trekking enthusiasts hardly anybody ventures on hikes and treks in Tirthan valley.

So, you have to be very careful while hiking and trekking in Tirthan valley. Unless you are an expert do not go out alone on long hikes if you don’t know how to navigate your way in the Himalayas.

Also, when trekking and hiking in Tirthan valley, make sure you complete your hike or reach your destination before it turns dark. The reason being the danger of wild animals always looms large.

If you are trekking in the monsoon by any chance, make sure that you do not venture too close to rivulets and nullahs. In case of a cloud burst, camping or venturing too close to rivulets can be fatal.

Are Homestays In Tirthan Valley Safe For Travelers ?

Absolutely ! Homestays are one of the safest forms of accommodation you can get when traveling to Tirthan valley.

In fact, I only prefer homestays these days as you stay with locals under the same roof, eat what they eat and basically get a glimpse of their difficult yet slow and simple life. Plus, the safety aspect is taken care of as well.

Another perk of staying with the locals is the amazing home cooked food and traditional delicacies that you get to try out.

I have personally stayed with an incredibly hospitable family in Bathad village for two weeks. And just loved my time at Bathad. I did not feel unsafe at any given moment. On the contrary, I felt as safe as I  would feel at my own home.

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Is It Safe To Travel To by Public Transport In And Around Tirthan Valley ?

Public transport (HRTC and Private buses) is actually the best and the safest way of traveling in and around Tirthan valley. Local buses run at regular intervals in and around Tirthan valley.

So, if you are a solo traveler or backpacker irrespective of gender, I would always recommend public transport for commute as you are commuting so many other people which the journey quite safe.

Apart from the safety aspect, the cost of commuting comes down quite significantly when traveling by public transport.

I personally had traveled in and around Tirthan valley by public transport and I never faced any challenges as such. In fact, I felt the safest when traveling by public and I would encourage you to do the same if possible.

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Is There A Danger of Wild Animals In Tirthan Valley ?

So there is no threat of wild animals as such in the villages of Tirthan. But leopards do roam in and around villages of Tirthan valley.

But if you are hiking and trekking deep into Tirthan valley and GHNP, then you have to be extremely careful. 

Black and brown bears are both found in Tirthan valley. Black bears are usually found in the forests while the brown bears are found in the high altitude meadows. Even snow leopards are found at the higher altitudes of GHNP.

The other animals found in the higher altitudes include Bluesheep, Searow, Musk Deer. Bears are usually not known to harm humans unless they feel threatened, the same goes for snow leopards.

So while hiking in forests and meadows make some kind of noise, so that the bears are aware of your presence and you should be just fine. In case there is a close encounter do not threaten the bear or run away. 

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Are Rivers and Rivulets Safe in Tirthan Valley ?

Compared to let’s say Parvati River, Rivers and Rivulets of Tirthan valley like Tirthan river, Falchan river and its tributaries have lesser flow. 

But that does not mean you should undermine their flow. Venturing too close to any river or rivulets is never very safe. So do not venture too close to rivers and rivulets. Especially during the monsoons.

Recent flooding of river and rivulets due to cloudburst should serve as a stark warning to travelers that venturing too close to them can be fatal.

Is It Safe to Visit Tirthan Valley In Winters ?

Generally speaking higher villages of Tirthan valley like Sharchi, Bathad, Pekhri, Galingcha, Mashiyar, Kamela etc receive a lot of snowfall during the winter months from December to March.

The same is not the case with the lower villages like Gushaini perched at around 1500m. They just receive 2-3 spells of snow during December and January.

Visiting the upper villages like Sharchi, Galingcha, Mashiyar etc is not exactly unsafe, but is certainly difficult if there are decent snow spells.

So the link roads might get snowed out. So it’s definitely risky to take your own vehicles to the upper villages during the winters due to snow.

To conclude, now you have a fair bit of idea on the question “Is Tirthan valley safe”. In my honest opinion Tirthan valley is one of the safest places in Himachal and India in general.

Locals are humble and quite hospitable and you should have no problems as a solo traveler, backpacker, women or couple when traveling to Tirthan valley.