Kasol in Parvati valley is one of the most popular and sought after destinations in Himachal. While Jibhi near Tirthan valley is one of the fastest growing travel destinations in Himachal in terms of popularity. Based on my travels to both, here is a valuable Kasol vs Jibhi comparison blog.

Kasol has become too popular for its own good but has excellent tourism related infrastructure. While Jibhi was just another nondescript village near Tirthan which is now bustling with tourism activities. Therefore, I am curating this comparison blog to help you decide.

Kasol Vs Jibhi

Kasol Vs Jibhi – All You Need To Know As A Traveler

As I mentioned earlier, Kasol is one of the top travel destinations in Himachal. Both domestic and international travelers flock Kasol in huge numbers.

Jibhi has burst on to the tourist map for the past 4-5 years and has been a hit amongst people. People call Jibhi offbeat, I beg to differ. But it is kind of offbeat when compared to Kasol.

Having visited both, I am curating a comparison post to help you guys decide on your next dreamy destination in Himachal.

Ease of Reach – Kasol Vs Jibhi

Reaching Jibhi and Kasol is quite easy and both have decent connectivity from the main Chandigarh-Manali highway. So this one is a tie in my opinion.

To reach Kasol, you first need to take diversion from Bhuntar on Chandigarh-Manali towards Parvati valley. To reach Jibhi you need to take a diversion towards Banjar from Aut tunnel.

Is Kasol Better OR Jibhi – In Terms of Places to Visit 

Both Kasol and Jibhi have some incredible places to visit in the vicinity. You can relax at pristine river banks, hike to pretty meadows, saunter in enchanting forests, visit beautiful villages while one a trip to both Jibhi and Kasol.

Places to visit near Kasol includes Rashol, Grahan, Malana, Tosh, Manikaran, Kalga, Pulga, Tulga, Kheerganga, Kutla etc.

Places to visit near Jibhi includes, Jalori Jot, Serolsar lake, Raghupur fort, Chehni Kothi, Bahu, Gadagushaini, Sarchi, Bathad, Galingcha, Pekhri, Tindar, Bashleo Jot, Rolla GHNP entry gate, Choie waterfall, Hippo waterfall.

Kasol Vs Jibhi – In Terms Of Landscapes

This can be very subjective, but in my opinion both are at par in terms of landscapes. Beautiful River Parvati, Enchanting forests, high mountains is what kasol has to offer.

While Jibhi greets you with beautiful Tirthan river, dreamy deodar forests, traditional rustic villages. I personally loved scenic landscapes both at Jibhi and Kasol.

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Kasol Vs Jibhi – Which Is More Offbeat 

Traveling to lesser crowded and offbeat places in Himachal is becoming quite prominent amongst travelers. A lot of travelers are now looking to escape the clamour of popular touisty places and enjoy quaint stays in Himachal.

Kasol is the polar opposite of an offbeat place. Kasol has been around for quite a long time on the tourist map and is as touristy as it can get.

While Jibhi comparatively is far lesser crowded than Kasol, but is gradually catching up. So head straight to Jibhi if you have an aversion for touristy place.

Kasol Versus Jibhi – Accommodation Options 

Both Kasol and Jibhi have decent options to stay including hostels for backpackers. While Kasol definitely has more options, but Jibhi is catching up fast.

Options to stay in Jibhi include, Mudhouse hostel, hostalgic, treehouse Jibhi, Norwegian wood, to name a few. Stay options in Kasol include The hosteller, Nomads hostel, Whoopers hostel, Green houses cottages.

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Is Kasol Better OR Jibhi – Budget Travel

Both Kasol and Jibhi are excellent travel destinations for Budget travelers and those generally on a strict budget. There are a lot of decent hostels which offer dorm beds at around INR 350-500 both in Jibhi and Kasol.

Plus you can easily manage your eating expenses at around 250 INR if you don’t eat at expensive cafes and eat at Dhabas instead. Plus both Kasol and Jibhi have robust public transport so commuting wont be expensive.

So if you manage your expenses properly like stay in dorms and eat in Dhabas, you should be able to restrict your spending to around INR 600-800 in both Jibhi and Kasol.

Does Kasol Have Better Cafes Or Jibhi

Kasol is the clear winner when it comes to cafes. Even though Jibhi is catching up quickly, Kasol has more cafes which serve lip-smacking multi cuisine delicacies.

Famous cafes in Kasol include Evergreen cafe, Moonlight cafe, Bhoj Cafe, Jim morisons cafe, Little italy, Freedom cafe, Panj Tara Cafe.

Cafes in Jibhi include Namastey Jibhi, Old school cafe, Negis Place to name a few. But Cafes are quite expensive both in Jibhi and Kasol. So do keep this in mind.

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Kasol Versus Jibhi – Internet connectivity

Internet connectivity is pretty decent both in Kasol and Jibhi. All the major mobile network providers work in Kasol that are Jio, Airtel and Vodafone.

While in Jibhi only Airtel and Jio work, but the speed is decent. You can easily stream videos, surf internet, make video calls both in Jibhi and Airtel.

So internet and mobile connectivity is not a problem either and Jibhi or Kasol and you can even work remotely if you don’t require very high internet speed.

To conclude, I hope I was able to put forth a decent comparison related to Kasol vs Jibhi. Kasol is one of the most famous destination and a proper tourist resort. While Jibhi is an upcoming destination which has already started to become popular.

In case you have any queries relating to Kasol vs Jibhi, make to sure to drop them in the comments below.