Kasol and Tosh certainly need no introduction. There are the heavy weights when it comes to tourist resorts in Himachal and Kullu to be precise. So to help out the first timers Parvati valley, here is comparison post on Kasol vs Tosh.

Based on my travels to both Kasol and Tosh I’ll be comparing Tosh and Kasol based on several aspects like ease of reach, budget travel, stay options, landscapes, cafes, treks, Safety and much more. So lets get started.

Kasol vs Tosh

Kasol Vs Tosh – All You Need To Know

Kasol and Tosh are two of the most famous tourist resorts in Parvati valley of Himachal. International and domestic travelers flock Kasol and Tosh in huge numbers.

All thanks to snow-capped high mountains, beautiful rivers, dreamy deodhar forests and ultimate hiking routes. and of course the free flow of hash and other drugs (illegal in india) thanks to authorities turning a blind eye.

So here I am comparing Kasol and Tosh based on my travel experiences to both the places and several other practical aspects of traveling to Kasol and Tosh

Kasol Versus Tosh – Ease of Reach

Kasol is a bit more easier to reach than Tosh. While both Kasol and Tosh are connected by road, the link road to Tosh is in bad shape.

To reach Kasol you need to take diversion from Bhuntar on the main Chandigarh manali highway towards Parvati valley.

To reach Tosh, first you need to get to Kasol and then head towards Barshaini via Manikaran. Finally, take the link road towards Tosh from Barshaini.

So Kasol is accessible throughout the year, while Tosh becomes a bit difficult to reach during winters due to heavy snow spells. But one can easily hike on the motorable road to Tosh even in winters if the road is snowed out.

Kasol Vs Tosh – In Terms of Landscape

Well Tosh in my opinion is winner in this department because Tosh is perched at relatively higher altitude than Kasol and you get insanely scenic landscapes of snow covered high mountains from Tosh.

In Kasol you get to witness pretty Parvati river, enchanting pine forests and high mountains in backdrop. While in Tosh you get all of the above along with the gargantuan snow capped peaks up close.

If you ask me personally, Tosh has better landscapes than Kasol for sure. By the way here is a detailed comparison blog on the famous Parvati valley vs lesser frequented Tirthan valley.

Places to Visit – Kasol Versus Tosh

There is no dearth of Picturesque places to visit from Both Tosh and Kasol. Pretty villages, beautiful rivers, enchanting forests, mesmerizing trails is what Kasol and Tosh have to offer.

Places to visit in and around Kasol include, Chalal, Katagla, Rasol, Grahan, Choj. While places to visit in and around Tosh include Kutla, Kalga, Pulga, Tulga, Kheerganga.

So you can visit equally beautiful places from both Tosh and Kasol. For those who love to tread on off the beaten path here is detailed blog 47 hidden places to visit in Kullu valley.

Kasol Vs Tosh – In Terms of accommodation

Both Tosh and Kasol are at par when it comes to different types of accommodation as per one’s budget. While Kasol has been a tourist resort for quite a while, Tosh was not always one.

Tosh was a typical nondescript village in Parvati valley before tourism picked up pace and a lot of hotels, guesthouses, hostels popped to cater to the ever rising demand.

So you should have no problems finding accommodation as per your choice and budget both in Tosh and Kasol. Some of the places to stay in Kasol include The hosteller, nomads hostel, whoopers hostel, Greenhouse cottages etc.

Some of the places to stay in Tosh include Pink floyd, Boom Shiva Cafe, 11:11 Bunker house, Whoopers hostel.

Here is a detailed comparison post on Kasol and Chalal, two of the most popular places in Parvati valley.

Is Tosh Better OR Kasol For budget Travelers

Both Tosh and Kasol are apt for people on a strict budget. There are plenty of inexpensive guesthouses and hostels for people on a strict budget. Thanks to Tosh and Kasol being two of the most popular places in Himachal.

For instance during my trip to both Kasol and Tosh we almost manage to limit our expenses to around INR 600-800 for both food and stay. Only when we ate at cafes in Kasol our budget slightly went up.

So if you stay at inexpensive guesthouse or hostels and eat mostly at Dhabas instead of Cafes, then you should be able to restrict your spending as per your budget.

By the way, here is how much a kasol trip will cost on an average, I am sure it will be very useful travelers.

Does Kasol Have Better Cafes OR Tosh

Kasol has a slight edge over Tosh when it comes to cafes but not by much. Both Kasol and Tosh have several cafes which serve lip smacking delicacies across multiple cuisine to satitate your taste buds.

Famous cafes in Kasol include Evergreen Cafe, Jim morisons cafe, Little italy, Panj Tara Cafe, Moonlight Cafe, Freedom Cafe, Bhoj Cafe and many more.

Famous Cafes in Tosh include, Boom Shiva Cafe, Pink Floyd Cafe, Pinki Didi Cafe, Stone Edge Cafe to name a few.

Just one thing to note, be it Kasol or Tosh, prices are at par with cafes in cities, so you might burn a hole in your pocket if you keep eating at cafes the whole time.

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Kasol Vs Tosh – In Terms Of Hikking and Trekking 

Kasol and Tosh both are base camp for some of the most adventurous treks in Himachal. So if you are a trekking and hiking enthusiast, treks from Kasol and Tosh will surely leave you spellbound.

Treks and hikes from Kasol and nearby areas include the famous Sar pass trek, the now forgotten Rashol pass an even the hardly embarked on crossover trek to Garsa valley (Manihar village) from Grahan.

Treks and hikes in and around Tosh include the famous Kheerganga trek, Bun Buni Pass, Kutla, Animal Pass, Sara Umga La, Manatalai lake,  Pin Parvati Pass and many more.

Here is a detailed comparison blog on Spiti valley vs Parvati valley. I am sure it will be of a great help to you

Which is Safer For Travelers – Kasol OR Tosh

Kasol and Tosh both are relatively safe, but both are known for its free flow of Hash and other drugs as authorities turn a blind eye.

I am sure most of the people know that most of the travelers come to Tosh and Kasol only to smoke up good quality hash. And by the way possession and consumption of Hash is illegal in India. So stay away from the illegal stuff and you should be good to go.

if you are hiking and trekking in and around Kasol and Tosh, make sure you complete your hike and return to your destination before the dark. The reason being the trails are hard to navigate in dark, plus the danger of wild animals always looms large.

Also do not venture near into the forests or rivers in Kasol and Tosh in the night. By the way here is a detailed blog on how safe Kasol is for solo travelers.

Kasol Vs Tosh – As A Winter Destination

Both Kasol and Tosh receive snowfall during the winters months making them white wonderland. But Tosh experience at lot more snow spells than Kasol does thanks to it being perched at a relatively higher altitude than Kasol.

Kasol receives snow in December and January and if its a warm winter it might not even snow and it might only rain. Tosh on other hand starts to receive snow from November end till late march if its a decent winter.

So if you want to experience insanely picturesque white vistas with snow capped mountains donning a thick white blanket of snow, Tosh will be your best bet.

I have personally experience a white winter wonderland at Tosh and trust me it was one of the my best winter experiences in Himalayas ever.

Does Kasol Have Better Internet Connectivity OR Tosh 

Both Kasol and Tosh have decent mobile and internet connectivity. All the major networks providers in India namely Jio, Airtel, Vodafone work well in Kasol with 4g connectivity.

In Tosh only Jio 4g works fine. Vodafone 4g does not work at all, you can only make calls with Vodafone in Tosh. As far as Airtel is concerned I am not really sure about it.

So in Kasol all the major mobile networks will work while in Tosh only Jio works decently. Do keep this in mind before traveling to Kasol and Tosh. Both Tosh and Kasol can be decent remote working options.

By the way, here is a detailed blog on the mobile network available in Kasol. I am sure this will be of a great help to people traveling to Kasol for the first time.

To conclude, I hope I was able to put forth a decent comparison between Kasol and Tosh. Kasol and Tosh both are super famous tourist resorts with Tosh surely more picturesque in my opinion. 

In case you have any queries pertaining to Kasol and Tosh, do reach out in the comments below.