Safety tips for traveling alone will come in very hand for those you are Traveling all alone especially for the first time or to a new destination. Traveling solo can be really overwhelming especially if you are just starting out.

Therefore, based on experience traveling solo over the years, I’ve curated this blog which talks about 29 safety tips for traveling alone that will be really helpful for solo travelers embarking on their adventures.

Safety Tips for Traveling Alone

Safety Tips for Traveling Alone

This might sound a bit harsh, but your own safety is your own responsibility. Especially if you are venturing out all alone to alien lands. But there is nothing to worry about.

These 29 safety tips for traveling alone will help you in case you are bit nervous before your first solo or are hesitant to travel solo but you want to have that experience as well.

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1.       Always let you loved ones know about your location every now and then
2.       Inform the place you are going to at your hostel, homestay hotel
3.       Keep the numbers of the homestay/hostel handy
4.       Always carry a power bank when going day visits, day hikes or multi-day treks.
5.       Avoid hiking solo all alone for long distances
6.       Travel by public transport for complete safety
7.       Don’t get too intoxicated while being solo
8.       Never hike or trek solo while intoxicated
9.       Don’t trust everyone very easily
10.   Make sure you don’t carry too much cash
11.   Always return to your destination before dark
12.   Don’t hurt religious or cultural sentiments of the locals
13.   Never get in any sort of altercation with the locals
14.   Don’t get involved in any illicit activities while traveling solo
15.   Always carry your identification documents
16.   Do your research about the destination before hand
17.   Always make sure to carry medicines for common ailments
18.   Research thoroughly about how you’ll reach your first destination
19.   Don’t venture out all alone in the night
20.   Book or inform at least the first destination you are going to stay at
21.   Avoid carry any expensive valuables you don’t need
22.   Buy travel insurance
23.   Download offline maps or paper maps if there is no network at your destination
24.   Don’t pack unnecessary things and increase weight of your luggage
25.   Read reviews of the accommodation before booking
26.   Be confident while traveling solo
27.   Carry self-defence items if necessary
28.   Hire a local guide if you are venturing too remote
29.   Don’t Attract Unwanted attention

Always Let You Loved Ones Know About Your Location Every Now And Then

While you don’t need to call your loved one’s every few hours, But at least one call or a text about your well-being and your location will definitely help.

In any unfortunate situation, at least your loved ones will know where you exactly are and where to find. Plus it also calming their nerves down in case they were hesitant of you going solo.

Inform Your Plan For The Day At Your Hostel, Homestay, Hotel

While going on exploration trips or hiking trips always inform your hostel, hotel or homestay host where exactly you are going and when you’ll be back while traveling solo.

Again this is for your own safety and in case of unfortunate circumstance at least your hostel, hotel, homestay knows where to find you. So inform them of your plans.

Keep The Contact Numbers of the Homestay/Hostel Handy

Saving the contact numbers of homestay, hostel or hotel is one of the best safety tips for traveling solo. I am sure this is a no-brainer. But ensure you never forget to save the contacts

In case of any kind of emergency, if you have the numbers handy you can quickly contact them and get all the help needed which could potentially be life-saving.

Always Carry A Power Bank When Going On Day Visits, Day hikes or Multi-Day treks

Make sure you carry a power bank when going for exploration trips, hiking trips or trekking. While exploration the excessive use of your mobile may lead low battery.

And you certainly don’t want to your battery die at very crucial moments like finding your way on a hike or a trek through navigation apps or using navigation while explorations.

I once got lost my way in a forest while on a hiking trip. My phone battery died. The powerbank was with my friend and we got separated. We really had a hard time finding each other. Although eventually we did.

Avoid Hiking Solo All Alone For Long Distances

Hiking solo and trekking solo is an incredible experience, but trust me you wouldn’t want to do it unless you are expert on navigation and execution.

Dangers hiking and trekking solo are too many.  Always make it point to hire local guides in case the trail is not well marked and not popular.

Of course, if you want to hike solo, do some popular and easy hikes solo initially, learn about navigation, reading maps, executing self-supported trek and hike and then take it forward.

Travel by Public Transport for Complete Safety

To ensure your complete safety, I would suggest you travel by public as much as possible. In my opinion, public transport like buses and trains have a lot of other people traveling along with you.

This is one of the best safety tips while traveling solo to ensure your complete safety instead of having to take private cabs in the


Don’t Get Too Intoxicated While Being Solo

While having a drink or two is fine, but make sure you are not too intoxicated and not in your senses. As a solo traveler you are already vulnerable.

And if you not in your senses and aware about your surroundings, that would make you more vulnerable. Anybody could take advantage of you, if they realize, you are not in your senses.

This is one of the most important safety tips for solo travelers which is kind of a no-brainer. Remember Your safety is your own responsibility.

Never Hike Or Trek Solo While Intoxicated

Again continuing with intoxication topic, please never ever hike or trek while solo, especially is the trail is narrow and requires your complete attention.

There have been instances in the Himalayas, where people have disappeared while hiking and trekking never to be found again. One of the potential reason comes up as being high or being intoxicated.

Don’t Trust Everyone Very Easily

While on a solo trip, never trust everyone very easily. Some people might appear amiable but they might have malicious intents.

Trust your instincts and leave if there is even a slightest of doubt. Lets say, for instance never trust everyone whom you might meet lets say in a hostel you are staying at.

This does not mean that you should not trust anyone you might meet on solo trip at all. Its just so are aware.

Make Sure You Don’t Carry Too Much Cash

Carry sufficient cash, but carry too much cash either. With advent of UPI and internet, at least in India, you can do away without cash at a lot of places. But still sufficient cash needs to be carried.

That doesn’t mean you carry too much. At a time, keep a balanced amount not too much and not too less. That way you ensure that you don’t lose your money even in the worst case scenario.

Always Return To Your Destination Before Dark

When traveling solo make it point to return to your destination before the dark. Especially if you are in small towns or rustic villages where people retire quite early.

Its not really a good idea to be out there in the dark in  a new area where you don’t have much idea that too all alone. Therefore, to ensure your complete safety make sure you follow this tip.

Don’t hurt Religious or Cultural Sentiments of the Locals

Hurting and offending religious or cultural sentiments of that area or region is a very bad idea and is sure to attract the wrath of the locals. This might put in serious trouble if you are traveling solo

So if some religious practices or cultural practices of the region don’t make sense to you, please don’t not argue about them with the locals or hurt their sentiments.

Never Get In Any Sort of Altercation With the Locals

Whenever traveling solo, always ensure that you don’t get into any sort of altercation or argument with the locals however amiable the locals might be.

When you are alone, remember you are the most vulnerable. And the locals could gang-up on you and could hurt you. Therefore your safety should be your first priority and always try to avoid getting into arguments with the locals.

Just back off if you feel that things could get out of hand. Consider this as one of the most important safety tips for traveling alone.

Don’t Get Involved in Any Illicit Activities While Traveling Solo

Now this should be a no-brainer, but please don’t get involved in any sort of illicit activities that prohibited in that country or region.

If you get caught in a foreign land while indulging in such illegal activities, you could face jail-time and there could be dangerous consequences as a result to that.

For instance, as per narcotic substance act in India, these substances are banned. If you consume such substances or are found having it under your possession you could be arrest.

Always Carry Your Identification Documents

Make it point to carry all your identification documents whether traveling solo in your own country or a different country.

At most of places across the globe, you need to show your identification document at the place of your stay. So carrying is mandatory.

Also sometimes you need certain permits for visiting certain places which can only be granted after showing your ID/

Also, in case of any unfortunate circumstance like a road accident, you can easily identified so that your family members can be informed.

Do Your Research About the Destination Before Hand

If you are traveling solo, to ensure your safety, read and research about that destination way before. Read blogs, check videos of the vibe of the place, how the locals are, are there any tourist scams you should be aware about.

This will ensure, that you are aware about what to do and what to avoid when you are traveling to a new destination or a new region. With a little web search, you could have tons of information before you even reach the destination.

Always Make Sure To Carry Medicines for Common Ailments

Your own safety also includes your heath while traveling all alone. Remember medical emergencies have to be managed by you alone while you are on a solo trip.

So ensure that you pack medicines for common ailments like cold, fever, diarrhea, vomitting while traveling solo. Make sure to consult your doctor for it.

Research thoroughly about how you’ll reach your first destination

While its okay if you don’t know exact details how’ll reach each and every destination of your trip, but ensure that you know exactly how would you reach your very first destination of the trip.

You can get this information from the internet through the blogs, navigation apps but ensure that you know all the details like what kind of public transport or transport you would need etc.

Don’t Venture Out All Alone in the Night

Unless you are exploring night life in a destination which is safe for tourists don’t venture all alone in the night without any reason.

If the place is rustic or remote, there will be hardly any others. If its a city, you don’t want to encounter a criminal or thieves. Its always better to be safe then sorry.

Book or Inform At Least The First Destination You Are Going To Stay At

While you don’t need to book accommodation for each and every destination for your trip. But ensure that you booked your stay at least for that very first destination you would be traveling to.

Most people are usually tired from all the commute that they have done to reach the first destination.

And if you’ve the accommodation already booked you don’t have to go through hassle of searching for the place to stay while you are dead tired.

Avoid Carrying any Expensive Valuables you Don’t need

Valuables like gold, diamond or expensive gadgets can stay at home if you don’t really need them on your trip when traveling solo.

Carrying these expensive valuables on a solo trip will create an unnecessary of pressure of keeping a vigil on them and will constantly have you worried.

Buy travel insurance

Buy travel insurance is a great idea especially if you are traveling to different countries. Travel insurance would ensure that in case of any unfortunate circumstances like robbery or injuries you are covered.

Buying travel insurance would ensure that don’t have to undergo mon setback on top of having an unpleasant experience.

Download Offline Maps or Paper Maps If There Is No Network At your Destination

Downloading offline maps (which work without internet) or carrying paper maps is essential if you are going to place where is there is no internet connectivity.

While on my hiking trips/ exploration, navigation apps with offline maps downloaded come in very handy especially at places where there is no internet connectivity.

Don’t Pack Unnecessary Things And Increase Weight Of Your Luggage

When traveling solo, always pack light and try not to carry too much weight. If you heavy luggage it will slow you down. And if there is some kind of emergency or rush, you might not be able to move quickly.

This could have consequences. So ensure that you always pack light and possibly carry rucksack.

Read Reviews Of the Accommodation Before Booking

Before booking any accommodation like a hostel read the reviews about the place. It will give a fair idea how the place is and how the hosts are.

And will give you an idea whether the place will be safe option for you as a Solo traveler.

Be Confident While Traveling Solo

Being confident and trying to blend is the way to go on a solo trip. If you seem to be underconfident while on a solo trip, it could leave you vulnerable.

People (Scammers) could try taking advantage if they feel you are underconfident, nervous and look lost. So be confident and get all the necessary information needed before hand from your hosts at accommodation.

Carry Self-defense Items If Necessary

To ensure your complete safety as a solo traveler, ensure that you carry self-defense items if you have even slightest concern about the safety of destination your are going to.

Pepper spray is one of the common self-defense that people usually carry. But again, check the local laws before taking such self-defense items. As possessing them should not put you in any kind of trouble.

Hire A Local Guide if You Are Venturing too Remote

If you are venturing too remote, make sure you hire a local guide or confirm before hand that its safe for you.

There could be instances, the locals of that may be taken aback by seeing an outsider all alone where there is no tourism. So its always better to have a guide to be completely safe.

Or the trail could be very remote with no human presence, so traveling all alone would not be a very good idea.

Don’t Attract Unwanted Attention

Don’t attract unwanted attention which will make you stand you out in the crowd. Be it with your dress code or your actions.

This could put you in trouble as a solo traveler. Like in some conservative countries your attire or dress code could attract a lot of unwanted attention from the locals which might not be good for you as a solo traveler.

Always try to blend in and dress with the respect the culture and tradition of the place if venturing in places where people are not used to having tourists.

To conclude, I hope these safety tips for traveling alone will be of great help for those who are just starting out on their solo adventure or a bit hesitant to go solo.

Just keep couple of things in my be confident and trust your instincts while traveling apart from doing your research. In case you have anymore questions on safety tips for traveling alone, do drop them in the comments below.