A list of handy things to pack for spiti will be of great use for those who are visiting Spiti for the very first time. Owing to harsh climate and challenging geography one needs to ensure that packing is done appropriately.

Based on my travels to Spiti multiple times, I am curating this blog to help you with a super useful list of things to carry for Spiti trip. This list will ensure that you have hassle free trip to Spiti and enjoy it to the fullest.

Things to Pack For Spiti

Super Important Things to Pack For Spiti

Barring July and August, Spiti is very cold throughout the year. So packing appropriate warm clothes is of utmost importance more than anything else.

Apart from that, things that you pack for your regular trips should work just fine. So lets get started.

Clothes to Pack for Spiti Trip

Here is the list of the clothes you should pack for your trip to Spiti. By the way, here is a handy list of things to carry for Kasol trip. 

Trekking/hiking trousers, comfortable t shirt and layers as per cold this is what I usually where in the high altitude valleys. This one from the village of Gundla in Lahaul during winters.

1. Trousers/ Trek Pants/ Baggy pants/ woolen pants

Trousers, trek pants, baggy pants, woolen pants can be quite comfortable as they are very breathable. As always please avoid jeans and denims.

They are not very comfortable to move around in. Especially in the terrain like Spiti. Would not recommend shorts in Spiti as the sunlight is quite harsh due to the altitude.

2. Tshirts/ Shirts/ Tops/ Indian Wear

So women can wear T shirts or shirts or tops as per their choice and comfort. Men can wear Tshirt or Shirt based on their liking and comfort.

I personally wear T shirts all the time as they feel the most comfortable to me. For women dresses might not be a good idea as the sunlight is quite harsh along with brutal cold for most part of the year.

Women can wear Indian wear. But do note that saree might not be the most comfortable to move around in Spiti.

Warm Clothes to Pack For Spiti Trip

As I mentioned earlier apart from the months of July and August, Spiti remains cold throughout. The temperatures easily plummet some 20 degrees below zero during the peak winters.

Autumn and spring are severely cold as well.

Plus mornings and nights are always quite cold in the upper villages even during the summers. So it is quintessential to pack appropriate warm clothes no matter what the season.

By the way, here is a detailed blog on what to pack for a winter trip to Himachal.

Warm Clothes To Pack For Spiti

This is the least you need to carry for Spiti trip. A good winter jacket, thermal inners, fleece layer or sweater or hoodie. Of course you might not have to use them all in Summers but please carry. And yes add more layers if you are planning for Winter, Autumn or Spring trip to Spiti along with woolen gloves and socks.

1. Thermal

Thermal inners becomes your first layer of protection from cold. You might not need them from May to August, but you should still carry them to be sure.

You would absolutely need thermals for Autumn, Spring and winters.

2. Fleece layer/ Sweatshirt/ Sweater/Hoodie

Fleece, sweater, hoodie is another warm layering that will protect you from cold. Make sure to pack at least one layer on your Spiti trip or more depending on the season you are visiting.

3. Winter Jacket

A good winter jacket is mandatory to have on your trip to Spiti. The nights and mornings are cold even in summers. So please make sure you can carry a good winter jacket to ensure protection from cold.

Again you might get away without them during the summers. But if you are planning a trip to higher villages or Chandratal you have to have a decent winter jacket to protect you from cold.

Of course you may or may not require additional layers depending on the season and the place you are visiting in Spiti. I personally use a winter jacket from Quechua which can withstand up to -10 degrees with layers.

4. Woolen socks/Gloves/ Woolen Cap

Hands, feet, ears, face are the most exposed part of our body. And owing to extreme temperatures carrying woolen socks, gloves, cap becomes quite essential.

You might just get away without them in summers, but what’s the harm in carrying them even if you don’t use them. Then won’t add much wait to the luggage.

Footwear To Carry For Spiti Trip

Here is a useful list of footwear that you need to carry for your trip to Spiti. By the way, here is a detailed blog on clothes to pack for a trip to hill stations in summers.

Footwear to carry for Spiti trip

Flip-flops/crocs, Sandals, Normal Shoes should suffice for your Spiti trip. But in case you are going on multi-day treks please ensure you have decent hiking shoes.

Sandals/Flip Flops 

Sandals and Flips Flops can come handy when you are inside the property where you are staying. They are not advisable for the outdoors like hiking or trekking.

Casual Shoes/ Sports Shoes

Casual shoes/ Sports shoes are perfect for sightseeing, day exploration and short hikes. They might not be really suitable for multi-day treks.

I personally use quechua shoes, those aren’t exactly hiking shoe, but they have a great grip. Perfect for short hikes.

Hiking/Trekking Shoes

If you are looking to hike for multiple days on difficult terrain, then carrying a trekking shoes makes sense, otherwise normal shoes work just fine.

Essential Items To Carry On Spiti Trip

Here is a list of some essential items to carry on Spiti trip that will make your life easier in Spiti. By the way, here is a list of things to pack for a winter trip to the hill stations

Power Bank, Cash, Water Bottle, Sunglasses, Government ID card, Day Pack are some of the must carry things while on the trip to Spiti.


Due to the advent of UPI and online payments applications, people hardly carry any cash these days. But owing to poor internet connectivity in Spiti in the Upper villages, carrying cash is essential.

Even though there are ATM’s in Kaza, they do run out of cash of occasionally.

Government ID Card

Carrying a government is mandatory these days. Every hotel, hostel, homestay you stay in usually ask for a valid Government ID as a proof. So please ensure you carry any one like Aadhar card, Driving License or Passport.

Power Bank

Electricity can be quite erratic in Spiti owing to the remoteness and altitude of the region. Especially during the winters and spring when there are snow spells.

So please ensure you carry a decent power bank so as to charge you devices in case of long disruption in power supply.


If you are photographer this is kind of a no-brainer. Please ensure that you carry your DSLR. Else you might not be able to capture some insanely scenic vistas of the middle land.

Day Pack

Day comes in handy when going for exploration of pretty places and villages in Spiti valley. A 10-litre day pack from Quechua is what I personally love and have been using for a couple of years now.

Water Bottle

Water bottle is again and absolute must when on a trip to Spiti. Instead of buying bottled water you can always refill your own bottle as and when you need it.

I personally carry a normal stainless steel bottle and refill it every time as and when I need it. In the mountains there are multiple sources of clean water. So water is never a problem.


Sunny weather prevails throughout the year in Spiti. Plus the sunlight is also quite harsh in Spiti. So carrying sunglasses is advisable.

Sunglasses also come in handy during winters when the entire landscape is white and sunglasses help to prevent snow blindness

Toiletries to Carry For Spiti trip

Toiletries are usually not available in the budget homestays and guesthouses in Spiti. So here is a list that should be useful for your Spiti trip.

Toiletries to carry for Spiti trip

Please carry Basic toiletries with you like Soap, Body Wash, Shampoo, Tooth Brush and Tooth Past, Sanitizer, Conditioner, moisturizer, sunscreen etc.

Hand Sanitizers/ Body wash/ Soaps/facewash/Shampoo

Ensure that you carry all the above as per your choice, because budget homestays do not usually provide with sanitizers, body wash, face wash etc.

Tooth Paste/Tooth brush

Again quite obvious things you must carry on trip to Spiti or to any trip for that matter.


Due to extremely cold climate and harsh sunlight carrying moisturizers and sunscreen is advisable. Else you might have dry skin and will get tanned beyond recognition.

Medicines To Carry For for A Trip To Spiti

Ensure that you carry basic medicines and first aid, AMS medicines and medicines for ailments that are specific to you on a trip to Spiti.

Being a remote region its advisable to carry medicines and first aid since you might not find them at remote villages.

medicines to carry for spiti trip

Ensure that you carry over the counter medicines for common ailments or consult your doctor and get a list of medicines for common ailments. Also make sure to carry AMS specific medicines after consultation with your doctor and carry medicines for ailments that are specific to you. All the medicines might not be available in Spiti owing to remoteness of the region.

First Aid Kit

Basic first aid kit items like Antiseptic cream, Antiseptic liquid, bandages for dressing etc will come in handy in case of small wounds.

Medicines for common Ailments

You can carry paracetamol and ibuprofen in case of Fever, Headache, Body Ache. Dolo 650 is one such Indian over the counter medicine.

For allergies you can take Citrizine which is an anti-histamine again an over the counter medicine. Avomine can be taken in case of motion sickness.

Medicines for AMS

Diamox is usually taken to prevent AMS while Dexamethasone is taken when AMS has hit you. But again, please consult your doctor before taking any of these medicines.

Also the best way to prevent AMS is acclimatization. By the way, here is all you need to know on how to tackle AMS in Spiti.

Your personal medicines for Ailments specific to you

Please make sure that you carry medicines for ailments specific to avoid any medical emergency. You might fail to find certain medicines in Spiti owing to the remoteness of the region.

To conclude, I hope that this super useful list of things to pack for Spiti will help you to have a hassle free trip and enjoy middle land to the fullest.

In case you have any queries regarding the things to carry for Spiti trip, Please let me know in the comments below and I’ll be happy to help.