Tosh and Malana are two of the biggest attractions when it comes to places of interest in Parvati valley. Picturesque beauty, High quality hash and intriguing history is the reason why travelers throng Tosh and Malana. So here I am comparing Tosh vs Malana so the first timers know what exactly to expect.

I have traveled to both Tosh and Malana. And based out of my experiences of traveling to both Tosh and Malana, I’ll be comparing them on the basis of ease of reach, places of stay, hiking and trekking, and other aspects.

Tosh Versus Malana

Tosh Vs Malana – Everything You Need To Know

Tosh and Malana both nestled in the higher reaches of the famous Parvati valley in Kullu district are famous destinations and top places to visit in Parvati valley.

Based on my personal experience and several aspects like ease of reach, places to stay, cafes, internet connectivity, I am curating a useful comparison blog to help my fellow travelers.

Which Is Easier To Reach Tosh OR Malana

Tosh is the clear winner. There is a road all the way to Tosh from Kasol. But to reach Malana you have to hike for at least 3-4 kms from the nearest road head.

To reach Tosh you need to first get to Barshaini via Manikaran and then either hike on the motorable to Tosh for 3km or hire a cab. There are regular buses running throughout day towards Barshaini.

To reach Malana you have to first get to Jari, then get to Malana gate and finally hike for 3-4 odd km to reach Malana. Plus there are no buses to between Jari and Malana gate.

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Tosh Vs Malana – Which Has Better Landscapes

Tosh and Malana are almost perched at the same altitude in Parvati valley of Kullu district. So you get insane views of snow capped peaks from both Tosh and Malana.

If you ask me personally, I feel that Tosh has better views than Malana. But of course, this is quite subjective.

But speaking pragmatically both are quite picturesque and popular places in Parvati valley with insane scenic landscapes, beautiful rivers, great hiking trails.

Accommodation Options – Tosh Versus Malana

Tosh is one of the most popular travel destinations and therefore there is no dearth of different types of accommodation options in Tosh. Same cannot be said about Malana though.

The actual Malana village does not have any accommodation options, the nearest stay options are available at Malana Gate.

Some of the options to stay in Tosh include whoopers hostels, 11:11 bunker house, Boom Shiva Cafe, Pink Floyd, etc. .

Accommodation options in Malana include, Himalayan heritage house, Dragon Guesthouse, Ayoya Malana Guesthouse.

Does Tosh Have Better Cafes OR Malana

Tosh is one of the most popular destinations in Himachal. And therefore, Tosh has a lot of decent cafes which serve sumptuous multi-cuisine delicacies. Malana on other hand is not that of a famous popular tourist resort.

Malana does not have decent cafes. Some of the famous cafes in Tosh include, Boom Shiva Cafe, Stone Edge Cafe, Pink Floyd, Pinki Didi cafe.

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Is Tosh Better or Malana For Budget Travelers

Both Tosh and Malana are great for budget travelers as you get decent places to stay and food. But Tosh has a slight advantage over Malana when it comes to budget.

Tosh has a lot of options of accommodations along with different places to eat as per budget. But Malana has far lesser options than Tosh.

Both in Tosh and Malana, you limit your spending’s at around Rs 600-800 for food and stay. But as I said Tosh has a lot more options to choose from than Malana.

Tosh Versus Malana – In Terms Hiking and Trekking 

When it comes to hiking and trekking in Malana and Tosh both are at par. There some wonderful hikes which start from Malana and Tosh and take you some of the breathtaking places.

Insanely picturesque treks and hikes from Tosh include Animal pass trek, Sara Umga La, Budhaban, Kutla hike. Hikes in and around Malana include Waichin valley, Chanderkhani pass, Dev Ropa, Rashol pass etc.

Which One Is Safer – Tosh or Malana

Both Tosh and Malana are relatively safe. But Malana and Tosh are both infamous for hash consumption which by the way is illegal in india. So stay away from the illegal stuff and you should be good.

Also when trekking and hiking in Malana and Tosh, if you are a beginner make sure you know your way or have a guide with you. Because its quite easy to lose the way in the mountains. And there have been instances where people have gone missing while on a hike or a trek.

Also while in Malana, do not touch the people, their homes, and the temple as it attracts a hefty fine if you touch them even accidently.

Is Tosh Better Or Malana In Terms Of Internet Connectivity 

So internet connectivity is decent at both the place if you are carrying a Jio sim card . Jio 4g for sure works in Tosh as well as Malana. Airtel I am not quite sure about.

But Vodafone does not work well both in Malana and Tosh. You can only make calls and internet works only on 2g. So to be sure just carry Jio while going to both Malana and Tosh and it should work just fine. Here is a detailed blog on which network is best for Himachal.

To conclude, I hope that I put forth a decent comparison between Tosh versus Malana and I am sure this blog will help you choose in case you don’t want to visit both.

In case, you have any questions on Tosh versus Malana make sure to drop them in the comments below.