What network works best in Uttarakhand is a very valid question to have if you are planning for a trip to Uttarakhand soon. Uttarakhand or mountain states in general are known to have poor mobile network connectivity.

But does that hold true in todays day and age. Therefore, based on my travels in Uttarakhand I’ll put all queries concerning to which network works best in Uttarakhand.

What network works best in Uttarakhand

What Network Works Best In Uttarakhand ?

One thing I would like to clarify before getting started is mobile network and internet connectivity is certainly not good as Himachal.

In Himachal, Airtel and Jio are ubiquitous and have almost reached even the remotest corners and high altitude valleys. Although Jio and Airtel are widespread even in Uttarakhand but not on the same level as Himachal.

There are still a lot of areas in Uttarakhand where the unreliable BSNL is the only functioning mobile network.  By the way, if its your first time in Uttarakhand, here is what to pack for a trip to Uttarakhand.

Does Jio Work In Uttarakhand ?

Yes Jio 4g works pretty much everywhere in Uttarakhand be it Kumaon or Garwhal, at least in the mid-hills and areas which are not too remote.

Jio works fine in major towns and tourist resorts of Uttarakhand. For instance during my trip in Garwhal Himalayas, Jio worked fine in Uttarakashi and Rudraprayag districts.

So places which are major tourist resorts, pilgrim sites or fall on the main highway expect Jio to work well. You can browse internet, work on collaboration apps like Teams, Zoom and stream internet with Jio 4g.

Although places like Sankri, Chopta, Niti valley, Darma valley, Johar valley do not have good Jio connectivity. As a matter of fact other networks also do not work in aforementioned areas,.

But expect this to change soon with some remote areas already starting to get Jio connectivity.

Does Airtel Work In Uttarakhand ?

Yes Airtel 4g like Jio 4g works in most of the regions in Uttarakhand including Kumaon and Garwhal. I pesonally carried both Jio and Airtel on my trip to Uttarakhand.

Airtel 4g worked seamlessly in major towns of Uttarakhand, pilgrim places, and places on the main highway. Of course Airtel 4g might not work in remote villages, far-flung areas and high altitude valleys.

I personally worked remotely from Harsil valley in Uttarakashi district, Sari village, Rudraprayag district and had no problems whatsoever.

Wherever Airtel worked, which was almost everywhere, I was able to stream videos, work on apps like teams and surf internet seamlessly so be rest assured about it.

Again, in remote areas, villages, high altitude valleys like Darma, Niti, Johar, or even Sankri & Dhaula regions Airtel will not work. So its better to check with locals if you are visiting far-flung regions of Uttarakhand.

Here is a super handy Harsil valley itinerary perfect to those wanting to experience the impeccable beauty of Garwhal Himalayas.

Does Vodafone Work In Uttarakhand ?

To be really honest, I did not have a vodafone sim, so I cannot say for sure. But again, Vodafone sure has a better coverage in Uttarakhand than Himachal.

Again, in the main towns of Uttarakhand, Vodafone should work fine. But I cannot really comment on the speed of the internet as I did not have Vodafone.

For instance, I was told at Sari village that even vodafone works there which really surprised. But I personally would not really on Vodafone to be really.

And in case you have Vodafone, please check with the locals of the place you are visiting whether vodafone works in the area, village or valley.

Does BSNL Work In Uttarakhand ?

Much before the advent of Jio and Airtel, BSNL was the go to mobile network. To answer the question yes BSNL also works in Uttarakhand. But as you might heard it is very unreliable.

With improved speed, attractive data plans and overall better connectivity offered by private teleco’s led to people have switched to Airtel and Jio wherever it is available.

In remote valleys and far-flung areas like Darma valley, Johar valley etc, BSNL should be your best bet. And that expect only calling to work. But again only few regions remain which are yet to have Airtel or Jio.

And often BSNL is quite unreliable be it internet or mobile network. For instance during my visit to Har ki Dun valley, BSNL was not even working in Taluka where it is usually suppose to work.

Which Network Is Best In Uttarakhand – Final Thoughts 

To sum it up, here are a few things you need to keep in mind pertaining to mobile networks. Especially if you need to be in network or are remotely working from Uttarakhand.

  • Carry at least Airtel and Jio when planning to go Uttarakhand. If you carry both, then either of one will surely get you covered.
  • Airtel, Jio  work fine in most of the places in Kumaon and Garwhal.
  • Wherever there is Airtel and Jio, 4g works fine in most of such places. So internet is not really an issue.
  • Vodafone also works fine in main areas of Uttarakhand. But please check beforehand.
  • BSNL works in Uttarakhand, but is kind of useful only where there are no other mobile networks.
  • If you are going to visit remote areas, villages or valleys make sure you carry a backup BSNL sim.

This brings me to the end of this blog. I hope you now a clue on what network works best and how is the internet connectivity in Uttarakhand. In case you have any queries, do let me know in the comments.