Clothes to pack for hill stations in Summers will be definitely on your mind if you are planning for a summer sojourn to your favourite hill station to escape the heat.

Packing appropriate clothes is one of the most important aspect of traveling and can ruin your travels if not done properly. Especially if you are traveling to the hill stations. A handy list of clothes to carry surely makes packing a lot easier.

I frequently embark on trips to the mountains, so here I am helping you out with the clothes to pack for hill stations in Summers.

Clothes to pack for hill stations in Summers

Clothes to Pack for Hill Stations In Summers

Summers are usually a time when temperatures are quite pleasant in the mountains be at the hill-stations in North India or South India. Except for the high-altitude valleys in the Himalayas, summers are pretty pleasant in the hill stations.

So of course the warm layering’s reduces drastically as compared in mid-altitude and low-altitude hill stations. And you can show some of your fashion prowess during the summers.

But mind you, mornings and nights can get chilly even during summers at least in the Himalayas. But do not worry, I am going to be guiding through to all the essential clothes you need to pack for hill stations in Summers.

Clothes To Wear For Men For Hill Stations In Summers

Weather is pleasant during the summers which means that you can wear a lot of clothes that you would be able to due to the cold.

But here is a super handy list off clothes to pack for hill stations in summers. By the way, here is a comprehensive list of essential things to carry for a trip to Kasol.

Trousers /Loose pan/ Hiking pants

Depending the how long your trip is going to be, you can pack the number of trousers accordingly. Trousers and hiking pants are the most comfortable to wear in the hill stations during summers.

Walking, hiking and moving around in general is quite comfortable in trouser or trek pants. Denims or Jeans is not really comfortable especially in the mountains as moving around and hiking gets difficult. So avoid it if you can.

I personally have ditched the jeans since the last couple of years and have never felt more comfortable while traveling in the hill stations. And have been using these trousers from Decathalon which I absolutely feel comfortable in while traveling in the mountains.


Shorts can be really comfortable to wear in the hill-stations during the summers when the temperatures are balmy.

But, if you are hiking or trekking in forests or through dense foliage, wearing shorts might not be a very good idea. But other than that shorts are really comfortable.

I have been personally these shorts for decathlon and I must they are extremely comfortable and breathable.

T- Shirts

Wearing T-shirts during the summers in the hill stations is a good choice and are quite comfortable. And you can pack T-shirts as per your comfort and style.


Shirt is also quite comfortable piece of clothing you definitely can pack for your trips to the hill-stations. Depends on your personal liking, you can either pack only Shirts or only T-shirts or a mix of both.

Every combination will work just fine. But don’t pack n different clothes for n number of days. Always pack light when visiting hill stations.

Light woolens /Fleece jacket/ Sweat shirts

If you are traveling to mid-altitude hill stations in the Himalayas, a warm layering is necessary even in the summers. Inclement weather can lead to sudden drop in temperatures so having a light warm layering is essential.

Mornings and nights can also get chilly in the hill-stations during the summers. A light woolen sweater, a fleece or a sweat shirt will be suffice to tackle the cold.

Hill-stations in South India are not that cold compared to Himalayan hill stations, but packing a light woolen won’t do any harm.. Also if you are visiting high altitude valleys like Ladakh, Lahaul, Spiti, you must pack a good winter jacket.

Clothes to Wear For Women For Hill Stations In Summer

“What clothes to carry for hill stations in summer” if this thought bothers you, here is super useful list of clothes pack for for summers trip to hill stations for women.

By the way, here is a super useful list of things to carry for a trip to Himachal during the winters


As the weather is quite pleasant during the summers Dresses like Sun Dresses, Boho Dresses can be quite comfortable if you are just sightseeing in the hill-stations. They might not be a good idea if you are going on long hikes or on high altitude valleys.

But yes you can pack them as per choice and your length of stay in the summers in mid-hills of North and South India. Feel free to wear ethnic indian wear like Salwar Kamez. But do note Saree might not that be comfortable.

Trousers /Loose pants/ Trek Pants

Well trousers, trek pants, loose pants are kind of apt choices for hill stations in Summers even for women. They are quite comfortable and quite breathable unlike Denims or Jeans.

Hiking and trekking can be really quite comfortable with trousers, loose pants or trek pants.


Shorts can also be a good choice of clothing during summers in the hill stations. But do keep in mind that morning and evenings get quite chilly in the Himalayas.

T Shirts/ Tank Tops

If you are wearing trousers or trek pants, Tshirts and tank tops really go well with and they are quite comfortable as well.

So you can pack them as per you choice and duration of your trip to hill stations.

Light woolen/ Fleece/ Sweatshirt

As I mentioned earlier, it gets chilly at in the mid-hills of Himalayas during mornings and nights. So packing a light warm layer like a light woolen sweater or a fleece jacket or a sweat shirt is a must.

And you can pack them even if you are going to visit south India hill stations to be on the safer side and protect yourself from cold if there is any during the summers.

To conclude, I hope you find this list of clothes to carry in hill stations for summer super handy. And In case you have any queries related clothes to pack in Hill stations for summers please drop them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to help.