Have you planned a trip to Kasol and are looking for a super handy list of things to pack for Kasol. Let me help you with the same.

Based on travels to the Himalayas over the years. I’ve come up with this super handy list of things to pack for Kasol to lessen your packing dilemmas. 

31 Super Important Things to Pack for A Kasol Trip 

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Clothes to pack for Kasol Trip

Trousers, trek pants, Woolen Pants (Winters), Shorts (Monsoon)

Shirts, Tshirts, 

Dresses, Tops, Indian Wear ( For Women)

Warm clothes to pack for Kasol

Good winter Jacket 

Thermals, Fleece layer, Hoodies, Light Sweater

Woolen Socks, Woolen Cap, Woolen Gloves,

Footwear to Pack for Kasol Trip

Flip-Flops, Sandals (For moving at the property)

Normal Shoes, Sportshoes, Sneakers (For normal sightseeing)

Good Waterproof hiking shoes (For hiking and trekking

Toiletries to Pack for Kasol trip

Sanitizer, Soap, Bodywash, Shampoo, Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste, Sunscreen, Moisturizer, Menstrual hygiene products

Essentials to pack for Kasol trip

Government issued ID card, Cash, Water bottle, Day Pack, Power Bank, Camera, Poncho, Umbrella

Medicines to Pack for Kasol trip

Over the counter medicines for common ailments like Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Cetirizine etc,

Medications specific to you.

Basic First Aid Kit, AMS Medications if venturing to high-altitude areas.

What Clothes to Pack for Kasol Trip

Are you planning to visit Kasol with your family, just read this blog before making the decision.


2-3 trousers/treks pants or woolen pants should be good enough for a 7-10 day trip to Kasol.

Woolen pants or pants with fleece layers come in handy during winters.

While shorts can be a decent option during the summer and monsoon months.

For a trip to the mountains, wearing breathable clothes is always advisable.

Therefore, I always advise to ditch the denims which are not easier to move around in.

Shirts and Tshirts 

4-5 Shirts and T-shirts should suffice for 7-10 day trip to Kasol.

While in addition to shirts and tshirts women can choose from Tops, dresses, Indian wear as per their comfort.

Clothing like dresses may not be suitable for winters. So please pack accordingly.

Warm Clothes to carry for Kasol Trip 

Thermal Inners

Layering is the key to protect oneself from cold. Thermal inners act as a first layer of defense against. 

So ensure you pack them, especially if you have a trip planned to Kasol in winters, early spring, late autumn.

They might not be necessary in summer and monsoon months but I would advise to pack them irrespective of the season.

Light woolen Jacket/Sweater/fleece

Irrespective of the season ensure you pack either one of the aforementioned layer.

But you’ll certainly need to add more layers depending on the season and cold.

For instance, I usually pack a light sweater and fleece no matter what the season.

Packing more layers in the mountains is always advisable thanks to the fickle weather.

A good winter jacket

A decent winter jacket which can sustain negative temperatures is a must for kasol trip.

Especially if you have your trip planned from October to April. Like a padded jacket or a down jacket.

You don’t really need it during the summer and monsoon months, but I would advise to pack it no matter the season.

The Quechua SH 100 jacket from Decathlon is a decent winter jacket. I’ve been using it for almost 3 years now.

Woolen socks, Woolen Cap and Gloves

If you have your kasol trip planned during November to April, ensure that you pack woolen socks, cap, gloves.

When the temperatures are sub-zero, these items really come in handy.

I personally use them only during peak winters or when the temperature is sub-zero

But nevertheless I pack them irrespective of the season on my trips to the Himalayas.

Essentials to Carry on trip to Kasol

Government ID proof

Government issue ID Card like Aadhar card, Driving license, Passport are a must.

Homestays, hotels, hostels ask for the ID cards for verification purposes at the time of check-in


Thanks to digital payments and improved internet in the mountains carrying cash might seem futile.

But ensure you carry it. Not everyone accepts digital payments. 

Also, there is only one ATM in Kasol which is notorious for being out of cash frequently.

Power Bank

Ensure you carry a power bank while on a trip to Kasol.

Power bank always comes in handy while outdoors like on hiking or exploration trips.

And also during the power cuts which are not very frequent but not uncommon in Kasol

Day Pack

Another thing that I literally never travel without is a small day pack.

While out on exploration trips or day hikes, a day pack comes in quite handy.

I use it to keep my water bottle, fruits, packed lunch, power bank and much more.

The 10 litre day pack from Quechua has been my go to for a long time now.

Water Bottle

Ensure that you carry a water bottle on your trip to Kasol. 

This will help in refilling the water at the place of stay instead of having to buy packaged water.


Carry a Poncho if you are an outdoor person. And will be spending more time on the trails.

Especially if your trip is planned during Summer or Monsoon. 

Footwear You Need To Carry For Your Kasol Trip

So here I am suggesting you footwear you need to carry on your trip to Kasol. By the way, here is detailed blog on where to stay in Kasol for under 1000 INR.

Flip Flops or Sandals

Flip Flops, Sandals, Crocs will come in handy when you want to move around the place of stay.

So you don’t have to wear shoes for the smallest of walks or just moving around the property.

Normal shoes

Normal shoes like sports shoes, casual shoes, sneakers should suffice if you are just going on explorations and small hikes.

Hiking/trekking shoes

If you are into hiking and trekking, then packing hiking shoes makes most sense.

For day hikes in non-snowy conditions, basic hiking shoes should suffice.

But for multi-day hikes and treks ensure you pack decent waterproof hiking shoes.

If you are an experienced hiker, you can choose shoes as per your convenience. 

Toiletries To Pack For A Kasol Trip

By the way, here is a detailed blog on the mobile networks which are available in Kasol.

Hand sanitizer/Soap/Bodywash

Unless you are staying in a luxury hotel, forget about getting toiletries in hotels, hostels in Kasol.

Therefore, ensure that you pack Sanitizer, Soap, Bodywash, Shampoo etc as per your choice.

Basic toiletries you’ll get in Kasol as well, but you might not get the brand of your choice.

Tooth Paste and Tooth Brush

Ensure that you tooth paste and tooth brush of your choice. 

Unless you are staying in luxury hotel, don’t expect these items to be provided to you


Tanning and dry skin can be common effects of altitude and cold-dry weather of Kasol.

Therefore, ensure to pack sunscreen and moisturizer, to avoid or mitigate its effect.

Menstrual hygiene products

Fellow female travelers, I’m sure you know better but please ensure you carry your menstrual hygiene products. 

You never know when it may come handy, especially if you are venturing away from Kasol.

Medicines and First Aid Kit To Pack For A Kasol Trip

Plus the nearest big town is Bhuntar and Kullu. By the way, here is detailed blog on how much a Kasol trip costs

First aid 

Basic first aid like antiseptic liquid, medical bandage come in handy for minor wounds. So, ensure you carry them.

Medicines for Common Ailments

Make sure you carry basic over the counter medicines for cold, fever, headache, bodyache, allergy etc. 

Dolo 650 is one such over the counter medicine for fever, body ache etc.

Over the counter medicines for cold and sore throat include Wikoryl and other brands.

You can also carry basic over the counter medicines like Avomine for motion sickness.

Medicines like Cetirizine or Atarax can be helpful in case of itching, allergies and other ailments. 

But make sure you consult your doctor first before taking any of these medicines.

Medicines Specific to you

If you are suffering from any chronic or long-term illness, Ensure you carry your specific medicines.

Sometimes you might not find specific medicines or brands in Kasol.

Medicines for AMS

Although Kasol itself is not high-altitude, there are hikes around Kasol that are.

Acclimatization is the key to avoid AMS, but medicines could help you acclimatize faster in case you have less time.

Acetazolamide is the medicine to help you acclimatize faster. While dexamethasone is to treat AMS.

For more details, please check out this blog “how tackle AMS in the high altitude valleys” 

To conclude, I hope you now have a consolidated list of things to pack for a Kasol trip.

In case you have any queries on things to pack for a Kasol trip, do let me know in the comments.