Kullu is one of the most popular and most visited tourist places when it comes to Himachal. Kullu town is somehow often said to be quite mainstream and crowded. That is true but Kullu district as whole is quite under explored and there are several hidden places in Kullu that are quite surreal and less crowded.

From pretty rustic villages to beautiful meadows, there are insanely beautiful hidden places in Kullu that will leave you gobsmacked. So here is a list of 47 hidden places in Kullu. Trust me if you love less crowded places you are going to love them just like I did.

47 Hidden Places in Kullu That Will Blow Your Mind As A Traveler

Kullu is often thought to be the one of the most crowded and popular places in Himachal. But that is only true about the Kullu town.

Kullu district as a whole houses a plethora incredible picturesque places that you might have never heard before. And these places in a true sense showcase the amazing culture of Kullu and life of the people in Kullu.

So in this blog I am going to list down 47 such mind blowing hidden places in Kullu. I have personally traveled to each one of them. And I am sure that if you love visiting lesser known places then you are going to love all of them.

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1. Kaisdhar – An Incredible Meadow With A Colonial History

Kaisdhar is one of the best hidden places in Kullu. I was literally blown away by its surreal beauty. Kaisdhar is basically a wide meadow like ridge leading to the forest rest house of colonial times.

You can reach here either by hiking from Lot village or from Peej village. You can also make a circuit hike like enter from Lot side and exit via Peej or vice versa.

By the way let me your thoughts on “Are offbeat places in Himachal a myth‘ in which I have discussed the current state of offbeat places in Himachal.

Hidden Gems in Kullu

A Beautiful wooden cabin log at Kaisdhar amidst pine forest. The cabin certainly reminded of the colonial history of India.

2. Lot – The Pretty Village Of Kullu That Is Just Mesmerizing

If you like lesser crowded and offbeat places, you should head to the rusrtic village of Lot. The village is a typical  nondescript Kullavi village where tourists and travelers hardly venture.

Lot also acts as a base village to Kaisdhar hike. But the landscapes from the village itself are quite pretty. You can see the snow-capped peaks of Parvati valley along with the whole Kullu town on a clear day.

Lesser Known places in Kullu

A typical Autumn day at the rustic village of Lot. Yes the scenes across rustic villages are almost the same in Kulllu. But the only difference is those amazing mountains and Pine forests.

3. Jana – One Of The Ancient Villages Of Kullu That Will Transport You Back in Time

Jana is one of the oldest villages Kullu valley. When enter this pretty Kullavi village you fee like you have been transported back in time with all the old Kath-Kuni styled houses.

The vistas you get to observe from here are quite spectacular. You can get a glimpse of the high-mountains of Kalichang from Jana. Although Jana falls is quite popular these days, but Jana village is kind of hidden despite being in the plain site.

The road from Jana also acts as an alternative route to the famous Bijli Mahadev as you traverse through some insane landscapes of Kais wildlife sanctuary.

Offbeat Places in Kullu

Snow capped mountains of Kalichang as seen from the ancient Jana village. I happen to visit Jana village during the famous festival of Fagli and was in complete awe of how unique the culture of Kullu is.

4. Rumsu – A Beautiful Rustic Village In The Lesser Explored Left Bank Of Beas

Rumsu is one of the several rustic villages near Naggar that will just surprise with its beauty. You’ll be surprised to see such hidden gems that are actually quite accessible.

Upper villages like Rumsu give you a sneak peek into the actual Kullavi culture along with insane natural vistas. So if you want to escape the crowd you should definitely visit Rumsu, one of the best hidden places in Kullu.

There is beautiful old Kath-Kuni styled temple dedicated Jeev Narayan deity (Devta) which gives a glimpse into strong folk beliefs of the Kullavi people. Rumsu also acts as base to the famous Chanderkhani Pass.

By the way do you also feel that Kasol is overrated ? let me know your thoughts.

Unexplored Places in Kullu

A temple dedicated to Jamlu Devta in Rumsu. Though the main deity of Rumsu is Shubh Naryana whose temple is further in the village. Rumsu also acts the base to the famous Chanderkhani Pass. The famous crossover trek to Malana in Parvati valley.

5. Chachogi – The Hidden Gem Of Kullu Near The Famous Naggar

Chachogi is another of the hidden places located near Naggar which is quite near to the Manali and Kullu town. Again this is typical rustic Kullavi village which now seems to has headed towards modernization with road connectivity.

Chachogi can be reached by road from Naggar. Else you can also hike from Rumsu itself. So you can easily cover both Rumsu and Chachogi in single day.

Offbeat Places in Kullu valley

I absolutely loved the setting of this village surrounded by pretty pine forest. But its sad to see the glimpse of modernity in the form of concrete houses thanks to roads reaching village. I hiked up to Chachogi from Rumsu and it was indeed a great experience while soaking in vistas of Upper Kullu.

6. Beasar – This Pretty Village Of Kullu Stole My Heart

Beasar is one of personal favorites in Upper Kullu valley. This rustic village is completely off the tourist map and in a true sense is one of the hidden places in Kullu.

There are 3 pretty temples dedicated to Kumbardhan, Fugni Mata, Birnath (deities) respectively. the setting of village is absolutely amazing with pretty Pine forests all around.

Hidden Gems of Kullu

Hiking up to a clearing above Beasar village. Beasar village of Kullu was one of my personal favourites and is absolutely a must visit if you are looking to escape the crowd of the famous tourists spots.

7. Parvi – One Of The Most Remote Villages in Upper Kullu

Parvi is one those rare villages in Upper Kullu valley which is yet to be connected by the road. So you can feel that this rustic village is still stuck back in time with all the old Kath-Kuni styled houses and no concrete structures.

You can only reach here by foot so its not very accessible and in a true sense is an offbeat place. Due to strong folk beliefs of the people, there are several restrictions for outsiders. So don’t venture here all alone.

Also you don’t get any network here which is kind of rare even in remote villages these days.

Lesser Known Places in Kullu

Mount Deo Tibba and Indrasan seen from the hike to the ancient village of Parvi. With development of roads taking fore front in the Hill states. This village is still stuck in time with no road connectivity yet.

8. Humshu – A Splendid Meadow in The Lesser Explored Fojal Valley

Humshu is a big meadow located in Fojal valley above the village of Dhara. Again you have to hike to reach this beautiful meadow.

But trust me the hike really worth the effort. There are multiple trails to reach here, but since it is a hidden place in true sense, you need a local guide otherwise you might end up getting lost.

Hidden Gems of Kullu

The beautiful meadow of Humshu on the way down to Dhara village in Fojal valley.

9. Nathan – Get A Glimpse of Kullavi Culture At This Hidden Village

Nathan is a pretty village located on the left bank of Beas. While walking around this rustic village it really felt like discovering a true hidden wonder such was the beauty of the place.

This pretty village connected by a link road from the main Jana-Naggar road. And is a must visit if you are wanting to see the true culture of Himachal.

Left bank of beas is often neglected and only Naggar is kind of popular. But trust me its such pretty villages like Nathan that makes left bank really picturesque which are is still untouched by perils of mass tourism.

Witnessing traditional architecture like in the village of Nathan is one of the 31 promising reasons to visit Himachal.

Offbeat Places in Kullu

Even though this village has a road connectivity and quite close the popular Naggar. But this beautiful village is still hidden.

10. Soyal – One Of The Best Unexplored Places In Kullu

Soyal is pretty village located near Kais wildlife sanctuary. The maximum houses in the pretty village of Kullu are made in traditional Kath-Kuni style.

There is also a big temple of Azimal Devta in this village. If you want to witness the true culture of amidst pretty vistas, Soyal is perfect place to witness the celebration of typical festivals of Kullu valley.

Offbeat Places In Kullu

The village of Soyal near Kais wild life sanctuary is in a true sense of the most hidden places in Kullu. Despite road the connectivity most of the houses are still old Kath-Kuni styled.

11.Hallan-2 – Visit Here For Some Insane Autumn Colors

Hallan-2 is one of the most offbeat places in Kullu valley located on the right bank of beas. You can literally feel the remoteness of the place when struggle to see any faces.

Hallan-2 is not to be confused with Hallan-1 which is another sub valley in Kullu located in left bank. I happen to visit this amazing valley during Autumn and the Autumn colors just blew my mind.

Hallan-2 can be reached from Patlikhul. Since the place is not on your mainstream tourist map, its always better to have a native of Upper Kullu to accompany you.

Lesser Known places in Kullu

Hallan 2 is one of the best places to visit during the Autumn. I was literally blown away by the insane Autumn colors which people go crazy over and visit western countries for. But places like Hallan 2 which are in our own backyard remain hidden in plain sight.

12. Kufri Meadows – One Of The Best Hidden Gems In Upper Kullu

Do not confuse Kufri meadows with Kufri in Shimla. This meadow located above Shajuni village near Raison is one of the best hidden places in Kullu. I was literally blown away by its beauty.

You can see some insane snow-capped Peaks form Kufri meadows. There is another meadow above Kufri called Muhling from which the trail leads to Chaplang Tibba (Fugni Top) which is believed to dedicated to Fugni Mata.

Women can go up to Muhling, but they are not allowed at Chaplang Tibba. By the way Kufri meadows were discovered by Captain R.C Lee of British army and also was the person to bring apple in Kullu.

Offbeat places in Kullu

The meadows of Kurfri near Raison is one of the best day hikes you can go on when in Kullu. As the hike is gradual ascent, it is kind of perfect for the beginners.

13. Samanna – Get Mesmerized By The Beauty Of This Village 

The village of Samana is located in the mysterious lug valley. And is probably one of the most offbeat places in Kullu valley.

If you like visiting really hidden places in Kullu valley which are not on tourist map, then lug valley is the place to be.

Personally I feel that traveling to such offbeat places is never easy in Himachal and I have detailed blog on it. Do let me know your thoughts on it.

Unexplored places in Kullu

The village of Samana is your constant company in Lug valley if you are going Kadingcha and beyond. The place has a really unique landscape and loved my time here.

14. Kadingcha – The Last Motorable Point In The Pristine Lug Valley

Kadingcha is a beautiful village located in Lug and is the last motorable point in Lug valley. Areas beyond Kadingcha can be only reached on foot.

From Kadingcha, there are two trails one which leads to village of Tiun and the other one leads to village Smallang.

When you see the houses in the village of Kadingcha you feel you have been transported back in time with all the traditional houses.

Offbeat Places in Kullu valley

This photo was taken near Kadingcha. The last motorable point in the remote Lug valley. Beyond Kadingcha lies the village of Tiun from which you can climb up tp Sari Jot and head to beautiful Lohardi in Barot valley.

15. Gramang – Witness The Unique Landscapes Of Unexplored Lug Valley At This Village 

Gramang is one of the inner villages of lug valley. And is one most hidden places in Kullu thanks to Lug valley being far away from tourism map.

But trust me the unique landscape of Lug valley will really leave surprised and

Hidden Gems in Kullu

Serwari Nala, the tributary of Beas river which flows across Lug Valley including Gramang. This photo was taken near Gramang while heading towards the last village of Tiun.

16. Manihar – The Ultimate Jewel Of The Lesser Known Gadsa Valley

Manihar is a remote village in the virgin valley of Gadsa valley a sub valley of Kullu valley. You should really visit this pretty place if you want to tread on off the beaten path.

You’ll surely not encounter even a single traveler here. Even villagers are just starting to discover tourism so its mandatory that you visit this place along with a local.

But trust me the landscapes that you get to witness here are just incredible. And if you are hardcore trekker, then you can even crossover to Grahan village in Parvati valley (Manikaran valley) from here.

Offbeat Places in Kullu

If there is one valley in Kullu where tourism is almost non-existent it has be Gadsa. But Manihar village of Gadsa valley in Kullu is what I’ll recommend visiting to people who love to take such off the beaten path.

17. Palgi – Experience The Peaceful Vibes At The Beautiful Village 

The beautiful village of Palgi is another hidden gem of Kullu located in Gadsa valley. Although not as a remote as Manihar, but this village of Gadsa is really quite picturesque to say the least.

There is a hiking trail in the forest above Palgi which leads to beautiful meadow as per locals. I am surely going to give it a go next time I visit Palgi. There is pretty temple of Durwasa Rishi in the village of Palgi.

Places to visit in gadsa valley

Palgi is another place in Kullu, Gadsa to be more specific that I’ll recommend people. The peaceful vibes that you’ll experience here is just amazing. And the grand views of Gadsa valley that you get from here are just insane.

18. Shonda Dhar – Pretty Meadow Of Gadsa Which Is Easily Accessible

Shonda Dhar is pretty meadow located in Gadsa valley. Although popular amongst locals as a picnic spot, this is not at all popular when it comes to the tourist.

As per locals, there is link road to Shonda Dhar from Shia village in Gadsa. But better road exists from Bhuntar side via Diyar village.

Places to visit in Gadsa valley

Shonda Dhar is a typical picnic spot for locals. But you’ll seldom find tourists here. Plus the ease of access really makes Shonda Dhar totally worth it.

19. Diyar – Visit The Mesmerizing Abode Of Triyugi Narayan

Diyar is another of the those villages of Gadsa valley which has excellent road connectivity but is not discovered yet by travelers and tourists.

You can see snow-capped mountains here from the village Diyar. There is also an old ancient temple of Triyugi Narayan Devta in Diyar, along with a Kothi (Tower temples in Kullu) like structure.

Diyar is accessible from Bhuntar and even there is local bus which goes to Diyar. From Diyar you can go further to Shonda Dhar, Hawai.

Places to visit in Gadsa valley

Diyar was one place I wanted to visit for quite a long time. And it did not disappoint. The views from Diyar are indeed just surreal as it kind of located on a ridge.

20. Hawai – Experience The True Beauty At This Pretty Village of Gadsa

One of my personal favorites in Gadsa valley, Hawai is one of the must visit lesser known places in Kullu. I really fell in love with this rustic village.

There are 3 beautiful temple dedicated to Jamdgni Rishi and there is a Kothi like structure here as well. I am not sure wether it served as a watch tower earlier but currently would be a kind of temple.

One of my personal favourites of Gadsa valley. The village of Hawai still seems to be stuck back in time despite of road connectivity. There are 3 pretty temples of Jamdgni Rishi at Hawai along with a Kothi like structure.

21. Shiah – Explore The Largest Village In The Pristine Valley Of Gadsa

Shiah village is probably the biggest village in Gadsa valley. And is one of the lesser known places in Kullu even though connected by road.

Personally, I really loved visiting this village and you should also visit this in case you love visiting offbeat place like me.

Hidden Gems of Kullu

The village of Shiah, although doesn’t look quite big from this angle, but its actually quite big to be honest. The prolonged dry conditions resulted in such dusty kind of weather.

22. Kandhi (Sainj and Gadsa) – A Place Where The Two Valleys Meet

Kandi in local language means a place where two valleys meet. So this particular Kandi is the intersecting point of Sainj and Gadsa valleys.

I had a chance to see Kandi from both Sainj and Gadsa side and it was quite stunning to see all the mountain ranges of Sainj from here.

The route to Kandi from Sainj is a link road, while from Gadsa via Mahun village is beautiful ride passing through dense Deodar forests.

The tower that you spot in the picture that is the meeting point of Sainj and Gadsa valleys

23. Kamtan – The Hidden Paradise In The Beautiful Valley Of Sainj

Kamtan is one of the upper villages of Raila panchayat located in Sainj valley. Although tourism in Raila is just picking up pace, but the lone homestay in Raila panchayat is located in the beautiful village of Kamtan.

Being the upper village a lot of the places of interests in Raila area are quite accessible from here. Places like Dhalyara Kothi, Bhatkanda, Murda thatch etc is quite near from here.

Also if you are in Raila and looking for a place to stay. You should definitely stay for at least 5 days at Rabbit house homestay, the lone homestay in Raila area.

Places to visit in Sainj

Kamatan was my home for almost 3 weeks. Staying here with an aboslutely lovely family at Rabbit house homestay was a wonderful experience. This one is from the lone snow-spell that I would witness after spending a whole month in Sainj that too peak winters.

24. Pashi – This Village Of Raila Can Be Only Reached On Foot

Pashi is one of the remote villages in Raila, Sainj which still does not have road connectivity. The landscape around Pashi is quite barren with all the barren mountains backdrop.

But the trail to Pashi is a treat to eyes with all the surreal valley views. There are two routes to Pashi. One is the cemented trail from Zero point and another is a trail from Kamtan village via Buppan.

So in my opinion you should reach Pashi from Buppun trail and exit by the cemented trail to the road head near Zero point. The hike to Pashi is certainly a good half a day hike in Raila area.

Its hike and vistas like these which attracts a lot of solo travelers to and here 11 reasons why I think Himachal attracts solo travelers

Unexplored places in Kullu

Insane landscapes on the way down from Pashi. Hike to this pristine village is a must if you are in Raila area.

25. Bhatkanda – The Beautiful Jewel Of Raila

Bhatkanda is one of the easy hikes to get the grand views of the peaks of Sainj valley like Khandhar, Gadgadasar, Killi, Naina Jot, Rakti etc.

I hiked two times two this meadow and was equally thrilling, one time without snow and second time after fresh snow.

The route to Bhatkanda is one of the same road as the famous Dhalyara Kothi. From the road head it is just an uphill hike of half hour.

Offbeat places in Kullu

The meadow at Bhatkanda covered in snow after heavy snowfall. Bhatkanda is an easy hike in Raila area of Sainj and is certainly quite rewarding.

26. Saindhar – This Pretty Of Raila Is One Of The Best Hidden Places In Kullu

Saindhar is typical Kullavi village located in Raila area of Sainj valley. This village is quite near to the Kamtan village and you can pass through this village on the trail to Tumhul village (Where another Temple tower exists).

I passed through this village quite a lot of times and I certainly liked the vistas and landscapes Saindhar had to offer.

The pretty village of Saindhar looks even prettier with fresh snowfall the previous day. If you are in Raila area, this village is a must visit in my opinion.

27. Shaaran – One Of The Highest Villages In Raila

Shaaran is probably the topmost village in Raila area. This village is located at an even higher altitude than Kamtan.

To reach here you can take the link road from Forest near Kamtan or you can take cemented trail which by the way is steep climb. But if you are around Kamtan, then do visit this village and I am pretty sure you’ll not be disappointed by it.

Places to visit in Sainj

The pretty village Saindhar located higher than the Kamatan village. To reach Sharan you can either take the cemented trail from Kamtan or you can go via link road.

28. Raila – Explore The Abode Of Laxmi Narayan

Raila village is actually the main village in the Raila gram panchayat. But Raila as a whole has a lot of other beautiful villages.

There is a beautiful temple dedicated to Laxmi Narayan Devta in Raila. Also, you get some insane views of Deori area from the village Raila.

Raila is connected by road and all the other villages like Dhalyara, Kamtan, Bhatkanda are located higher the Raila

Hidden Gems of Kullu

Laxmi Narayan Temple, the main deity of Raila in the main village of Raila.

29. Dhalyara – The Twin Tower Temples of Raila

Dhalyara is tiny village located in Raila area, Sainj famous for its Twin Towers. Back in the day these towers acted as watch towers.

But nowadays they are temples dedicated to Deities of the village. Hence the term tower temples. These twin towers are dedicated to Ashapuri Mata who is the one of the chief deities of Raila area.

It is claimed that earlier there were more such watch towers in the area but where destroyed due to earthquake in 1901. These twin towers are becoming popular but are nowhere near popular as Chehni Kothi.

Offbeat Places in Sainj

The Twin Tower Temples of Dhalyara with the peaks of Khanda Dhar in the backdrop. These kothi’s are dedicated to Ashapuri Mata, One of 3 primary deities of Raila.

30. Tumhul – The Beautiful Tower Temple Of Ringu Nag Devta

Like Dhalyara, there is tower temple located in the village of Tumhul which is the main attraction. The tower temple at Tumhul is dedicated to Ringu Nag Devta.

If you are lets say at Kamtan, then there is a beautiful wide trail to Tumhul village, passing through the pretty villages of Saindhar, Gallu. But if you want to visit by road then its a small walk of 5 minutes much before Kamtan.

Places to visit in Sainj valley

The Tower Temple of Ringu Nag at Tumhul village. Ringu Nag is one of the 3 primary deities of Raila.

31. Manjgran – Witness The Beautiful Vistas At This Delightful Village

Manjgran is a beautiful rustic village located in Raila area of Sainj. The village has several old styled houses and a temple dedicated to Aashapuri Mata as well.

This village although accessible by road is a perfect example of a gem hiding in a plain site. If you are around Raila and have time then you must definitely visit Manjgran, one of the best hidden place in Kullu.

Unexplored places in Kullu

Pretty village of Manjgran on a beautiful winter morning

32. Upper Neahi – This Rustic Village of Sainj Will Leave You Awestruck

Upper Neahi located in Sainj valley is one truly one of the best places in Sainj. Due to its altitude being relatively higher than the popular Deori, the vistas you see from this village are truly surreal.

It is that sort of place where you just want to absolutely nothing apart from starring at the splendid scenery. But you can also go hiking to Sari Kanda. Of course, the meadow at Dalogi and Pundrik Rishi lake remains a bigger attraction.

But Upper Neahi feels far away from the crowd and mind you there is no road connectivity to the village which has kept the place pristine and kind of hidden.

Places to visit in Sainj

The rustic village of Upper Neahi is the perfect place to relax and admire the pretty vistas all around. I stayed here 8 days and absolutely loved my time. In case you wish to stay here contact Aastha homestay

33. Sarahan – This Village Near Upper Neahi Is A Must Visit

The tiny hamlet of Sarahan is another of the gems around Upper neahi in Sainj. The village is just at a distance of 15 minutes from Upper Neahi.

The school which you see in Dalogi is also named after the same village. There is also beautiful temple dedicated Jeher Devta in Sarahan.

Offbeat Places In Kullu

The pretty village of Sarahan which is just a few minutes walk from the Dalogi

34. Sharan – One Of The Best Unexplored Places in Kullu

Sharan is pretty little village you encounter when coming from link road to Upper Neah via Ropa. Recently a link road has come up to this village.

This village is the first one you’ll encounter when are climbing up to the village of Upper Neahi. So If you are going to Upper Neahi from Ropa side you’ll definitely encounter this village

Pretty village of Sharan with peaks of Sainj in the backdrop. This picture was taken on a walk from Upper Neahi.

35. Dalogi – The Picturesque Abode Of Pundrik Rishi

Dalogi is one of the biggest attractions for those who visit Deori area. The small meadow at Dalogi is home to a beautiful temple dedicated to Pundrik Rishi along with a school named Sarahan.

Also the famous Pundrik Rishi lake is also just 10 minute walk from the meadows at Dalogi. And In case you are staying in lone homestay at Upper Neahi village, then Dalogi is barely a 5 minute walk.

Dalogi being so close was one of the best parts of staying in Upper Neahi to be honest.

The meadow at Dalogi with temple of Pundrik Rishi in backdrop. Even the famous and sacred Pundrik Rishi lake is 10 minute walk away from Dalogi.

36. Manyashi – Rustic Village Near Deori That Is A Must Visit

The pretty little village of Manayashi was one of the personal favorites in Deori area. Away from the crowd this pretty village has quite a setting with pretty old styled houses, beautiful temples and Deodar trees in the backdrop.

Only recently a link road has been constructed for Manayashi, but you it is quick 20 minute hike from Deori. There are temples in the village one dedicated to Pundrik Rishi and the other dedicated to Jansar Devta.

Manyashi village near Deori was one of the best places I visited. Really had a time great chatting with the locals here.

37. Dharali – This Rustic Village Of Shangarh Will Not Disappoint You

Dharali is the beautiful little village located in the Shangarh Area, Sainj. From here you get a birds eye view of the famous meadows of Shangarh.

If you are around Shangarh area and have a few hours on your hand, then you must definitely make a visit to this beautiful village to get a glimpse of village life in Kullu. The village is connected by a road so accessibility is not a problem.

Places to visit in Sainj

Pretty village of Dharali on the way to Barshangarh on gloomy day.

38. Barshangarh – Visit Here For The Incredible Waterfall

There is much more to Shangarh apart from the famous Shangarh meadows and one such is the village of Barshangarh. One of the attractions here is the waterfall which should make for a good visit during monsoons.

Apart from that Barshangarh also acts as a gateway to the remote village of Lapah which has no road connectivity yet.

As far as connectivity to Barshangarh is concerned, there is a road kind of dirt track to the village.

Offbeat places in Kullu

On the way to Barshangarh waterfall. The hike to Barshangarh waterfall from Dagahara was a great experience and got witness a really gloomy winter landscapes due to overcast conditions.

39. Daghara – One Of The Best Places To Stay In Shangarh

Daghara is where I stayed during my visit to Shangarh. And the setting of Daghara is absolutely mesmerizing. The village is surrounded by dense deodar forest in the Backdrop.

Daghara is just 1 km from the main meadows of Shangarh. And due to dense forest around Daghara there are a lot of trails.

Places to Visit in Sainj

New Homestay being constructed by the same family where I stayed. The setting of the Secret Homestay is absolutely amazing amidst the forest and away from the hustle and bustle of Main Shangarh Meadow

40. Dharapitara – One Of The Best Places To Visit In Shangarh

The village in Dharapitara was truly a delight to visit in Shangarh. Just a km away from the meadows of Shangarh, this village is a must visit if you like to get a glimpse into the rustic village life in Sainj.

Also there is beautiful temple dedicated Shangdi Devta located in the village. The trail to this village starts from the Big Shungchul Mahadev Temple.

41. Shungchul Mahadev Temple – Explore The Picturesque Abode Of Shungchul Mahadev

Do not confuse this Shungchul Mahadev temple with the temple in the main meadows of Shangarh. This temple is located around 15 min walk from the main temple

But a visit to this temple is absolutely must when in Shangarh. I am sure you be left in awe when you witness the traditional Kath-Kuni styled temple and all the beautiful wood carvings.

42. Jugnahu Thatch – This Pretty Meadow Of Shangarh Is Extremely Scenic

Jugnahu Thatch was one of the favourite places when I visited in Shangarh. You have to hike for about 3-4 km to reach here. It is kind of perfect day hike if you don’t have the time for long treks.

The view from the Jugnahu thatch is just incredible. Being a meadow at relatively higher altitude than Shangarh you get to witness beautiful peaks of Sainj valley.

A beautiful temporary shelter on the way to Jugnahu Thatch. hands down this was one of the best places I visited in Shangarh and there several such meadows to reward if you are willing to make the effort like Thini Jot.

43. Kalogi – One of True Hidden Gems of Sainj Valley

Kalogi is truly one of the best hidden offbeat places in Kullu. It is basically a tiny village located in Dhaugi panchayat, Sainj.

The insane view that you get from here is just unbelievable. But the temple of Baliul Mata is the best place in Kalog. The temple is situated in an absolutely wonderful.

With temple located on a beautiful small meadow and snow-caapped peaks of Sainj in the backdrop, this is was one of the personal favorites in Sainj valley.

Offbeat places in Kullu

Kalogi is one of the true offbeat places in Kullu. Located at a relatively higher altitude in Dhaugi Panchayat of Sainj, this village is not easy to reach even with the road connectivity due extremely bad roads.

44. Jauli – Get At Awestruck By This Rustic Village Of Sainj

Jauli is one of the those few rare villages in Sainj where despite by it being connected by road, most of the house are still Kath Kuni styled.

If you are one of those who likes visiting such traditional villages of Kulllu, then you are surely in for a treat. Also, there is beautiful temple dedicated to Laxmi Naryan Devta in the village of Jauli.

Visiting this pretty rustic village of Sainj was an absolute delight. And I was every impressed by the fact that this village still had almost 100% old houses which is rarity these days.

45. Bhallan – Visit Here To Observe The Grand Vistas Of Sainj

Bhallan was one of my favourites in Sainj. I am personally very fond of visiting rustic villages, temples in Kullu amidst the pretty landscapes. And Bhallan was exactly what I was looking for.

So If you are like me who loves exploring rustic villages in Kullu, then Bhallan is a must visit.

The only real problem is the ease and expense of reaching. From Sainj side there is only link road which is in bad shape. While from Gadsa valley the road is good, but there is only single bus in the evening from Bhuntar

Unexplored places in Kullu

A Kothi Like structure can be seen here in the Village. There are two such tower temple like structures but I was not very sure whether they are indeed tower temples like Chehni Kothi or Dhalyara Kothi.

46. Kandha (Rote) – Observe All The Peaks Of Sainj From This Insanely Scenic Vantage Point

Kandha in Rote was one such place in Sainj where I did not know what to expect and was eventually going to skip it. But when I reached there I was absolutely glad that I made a visit.

From Kandha, you can almost see all the peaks of Sainj along with most of the areas of Sainj. It is indeed one of the true hidden hidden gems of Kullu and Sainj to be precise.

And the best thing about Kandha is that it is connected by road.

Lesser Known Places In Kullu

If you want to observe the entire Sainj valley from a good vantage point, Kandha in Rote is the place to be at.

47. Manu Rishi Temple (Shenshar) – Welcome To The Abode Of Manu Rishi

Manu Rishi Temple in Shenshar is one of the oldest temples in Kullu valley. And the view from the temple is just amazing. Even though its kind of known but its not on your typical tourist place.

The amazing pagoda style temple with impeccable wooden carving and insane views around makes Manu Rishi Temple in Shenshar one of the best places to visit in Sainj and Kullu in general.

Unexplored Places in Kullu

The Picturesque abode of Manu as seen from the trail to Tung village in Shenshar Panchayat, Sainj

To conclude now you have a brief idea idea about hidden places in Kullu valley. To be honest there is no dearth of hidden places in Kullu, its just you need venture a bit deep and research to find them.

In case you have any queries related to hidden places in Kullu, please reach me out in the comments below and I’ll be happy to help.