Himachal is one of the prime destinations for Solo travelers. And there are several important reasons why Himachal attracts solo travelers across the globe. Of course, the natural beauty is the main driving factor but there are several other vital reasons as well.

I personally have been to Solo to Himachal multiple times. And my experience has enhanced after each trip I have traveled solo to Himachal. So, here are 13 reasons why I think Himachal attracts a huge number of solo travelers.

Reasons Why Himachal Attracts Solo Travelers

13 Noteworthy Reasons Why Himachal Attracts Solo Travelers 

Himachal is one of most beautiful places in India with some incredible natural landscapes. Every years hordes of travelers throng to Himachal to experience their fair share of such incredible scenic beauty.

Amongst those are the solo travelers. Himachal is extremely safe for traveling solo and budget-friendly. And both of these are the prime reasons why a lot of solo travelers travel to Himachal. But there are many more and here is list of 13 such reasons.

The Impeccable Beauty of Himachal Attracts Solo Travelers Across The Globe
Himachal is extremely safe for traveling Solo
Himachal is light on pocket for Solo travelers
Robust Public transport in Himachal makes commuting easy for Solo Travelers
Budget hostels are readily available in Himachal for Solo Travelers
Lipsmacking food at the Dhabas which will not cost you a fortune
Budget Homestays in the rustic villages
Scenic Roads to Ride Solo in Himachal
Incredible Himachali Hospitality of The Local Folks
Ample of camping opportunities for Solo Travelers
Pristine trekking and hiking trails in Himachal
Offbeat places in Himachal attracts Solo Travelers
Vibrant Culture of Himachal

1. Impeccable Beauty of Himachal Attracts Solo Travelers Across The Globe

Himachal Pradesh is home to some of the most beautiful scenic places and landscapes in India. And this one of the primary reasons why Himachal attracts a lot of solo travelers.

I have traveled solo to Himachal numerous times and trust me each time I get amazed by the natural beauty Himachal has to offer.

From Beautiful Deodar forests to Incredible meadows, From gargantuan snow-clad peaks to pristine rivers Himachal has it all. By the way, here is my in-depth backpacking guide to Lahaul, in case, you were looking Solo to Himachal.
Reasons to Visit Himachal Solo

Such impeccable vistas is what makes Himachal a perfect destination for Solo Travelers. This was taken on a perfect winter morning after two days of incessant snowfall at Tosh in Parvati Valley, Kullu.

2. Himachal is Extremely Safe For Traveling Solo

Safety of the traveler is the biggest concern when it comes to traveling solo. And trust me Himachal is one of the best places in India when it comes to safety while traveling alone. I have been solo to Himachal multiple times and have never ever felt unsafe.

On the contrary, I have had some extremely fond memories thanks to the warm hospitality of the local folks. People of Himachal are known to be quite amiable.

And even crime rates here are quite low compared to the other states of India. In a country where women’s safety is the biggest concern, even female solo travelers feel safe in Himachal. But that being said, any individual traveling solo irrespective of the gender should always be alert.

3. Himachal Is Very Light On The Pocket For Solo Travelers

Traveling Solo, you might think will cost you a fortune, but Himachal is one of the those places where you can easily make a solo trip on budget.

Budget homestays and hostels along with inexpensive yet lipsmacking food at Dhabas (A small road side eatery), makes it for quite a budget friendly trip to the mountains. Plus the robust public transport by HRTC cuts down the internal commuting cost in Himachal significantly.

In fact, you can easily can make a trip to Himachal for 10-12 under Rs 10K if you manage to sacrifice a bit of Luxury. For instance, I made a 9-day solo trip to Seraj valley (from Mumbai and back) in just Rs 8,500.

4. Robust Public transport in Himachal Makes Commuting Easy For Solo Travelers

One of the reasons why I just love traveling solo to Himachal is HRTC. The local bus services by HRTC in Himachal is hands down one of the best in the country. And this is where Himachal beats Uttarakhand.

If there is a road to a village in Himachal, chances are that HRTC will have a bus service to the village, however poor the road conditions might be.

I have traveled to some of the remotest places in Himachal by HRTC buses and I have never faced any problems.

So, the problem of commuting within a region in Himachal is pretty much solved by HRTC if you are traveling solo. I certainly felt quite safe and my travel costs were cut down significantly when traveling by public transport. And highly insist my fellow travelers do the same.

Is Traveling Solo to Himachal worth it

HRTC is one the best road transport corporation in the country. I have traveled to the remote valleys of Himachal thanks to HRTC. It is one of the reasons why Solo travelers do not have worry about safety and budget.

5. Budget Hostels Are Readily Available in Himachal For Solo Travelers

A dorm bed in a hostel costs way less than lets say a room in a decent hotel or a guesthouse. This is the reason why most of the solo travelers prefer to stay in a hostel. Also, you find good company and like-minded people in such hostels.

And as the number of solo travelers and backpackers visiting Himachal increases, so does the number of hostels and dorm rooms. A decent dorm bed in a hostel costs around Rs 400-500 in Himachal.

Earlier, dorm rooms and hostels were restricted to places like Manali and Kasol, but now as the backpacking and solo traveling trend is picking up pace, even less crowded places like Shangarh in Sainj valley now have dorm rooms.

Popular hostel chains like Zostel, Hosteller, Moustache have operations set up in popular as well as not so popular places in Himachal.

6. Lipsmacking Food At The Dhabas That Will NOT Cost You A Fortune

Food is one the those things that can make or break your budget. If you are not careful enough you can spend the same amount of money on food as you would have spent on accommodation.

Places like Kasol, Manali, Mcledoganj have expensive cafes on par with the prices in cities. But there are Dhabas in popular places as in well lesser-known places which significantly less prices along with delectable food.

In case you are traveling to lesser known places such Dhabas will be your only options for food. For instance during my Lahaul I ended up spending just around Rs 200-250 on food per day.

7. Budget Homestays In The Rustic Villages Of Himachal

I usually prefer to visit less crowded and rustic villages in Himachal and So do many solo travelers. And this is where budget homestays in such villages come to the rescue.

As the tourism potential is realized by the locals of rustic villages, they start hosting travelers. This is a win-win situation for everybody. You get to escape the crowd by staying in such homestays while also contributing to the local economy.

Homestays in such rustic villages are usually inexpensive. Plus you get to witness the harsh lives of Himalayan folks, their unique culture as you stay with them.

And such Rustic homestays is one of the reasons why Himachal attract solo travelers. Here is a list of 17 such lesser-known rustic villages in Lahaul.

Is Traveling Solo To Himachal worth it

Budget homestays in less frequented places of Himachal is one of the reasons why Himachal attracts a lot of Solo Travelers. Personally, I just love staying in the homestays, it actually gets you acquainted with the culture of that place.

8. Scenic Roads To Ride Solo in Himachal

One might think that only backpackers travel solo in Himachal but that is not the case. In fact, a lot of bikers also ride solo in Himachal.

Thanks to the amazing offroading biking adventure a lot of regions of Himachal has to offer, A lot of bikers wish to ride solo on such amazing roads.

9. Incredible Hospitality of The Local Folks In Himachal

The locals of Himachal are quite amiable and helpful. And most of the solo travelers visiting Himachal, only have positive things to say about the people and the hospitality of Himachali folks.

City dwellers like me who travel solo usually get very overwhelmed when we experience such instances of warm hospitality. I have one such wonderful instance of amazing hospitality by local folks in Seraj valley.

So, I was traveling to Baloo Nag Temple near Bahu in Seraj valley and there was a special ceremony going on. Locals from nearby villages had gathered for the same and a feast was organized as well. They invited me and ensured that I did not leave without eating.

Such fond memories keep attracting me to Himachal time and again. And I am sure many solo travelers feel the same.

10. Ample of Camping Opportunities for Solo Travelers in Himachal

A lot of the Solo Travelers love to experience camping. And there is no dearth of places to camp in Himachal Pradesh.

With no restrictions on camping as such and the locals very helpful, a lot of solo travelers prefer to self-camp instead of staying in hotels, guesthouses.

There are ample of meadows in different regions of Himachal where you can camp while soaking in the amazing views of the incredible Himalayas. Just make sure that you are not camping anyone’s private land if you are camping near a village.

Reasons why solo travelers prefer Himachal

Ample of the camping opportunities is one of the reasons why solo travelers just love coming to Himachal. Camping at such places will provide with an exhilarating experience.

11. Beautiful Trekking and Hiking Trails in Himachal

One of the reasons why Himachal attracts a lot of solo travelers, is the huge number picturesque hiking trails. From simple easy days hikes to crossing mountain passes at dizzying altitudes, Himachal has it all.

Some solo travelers join the different trekking companies, some hire local guides, while those who are experienced enough just venture on their own.

Of course, hiking solo is not an easy task, which is why you should only hike or trek solo when you are fully aware of the terrain, know the trail and the wildlife around.

But if someone wanted to start hiking or trekking solo, then I would recommend starting easy and popular hikes like Kheerganga or Triund  and then take things further as gain the knowledge and experience.

12. Unexplored Gems of Himachal attracts a lot of Solo travelers

Himachal Pradesh has a lot of Unexplored and lesser frequented places which attracts quite a lot of Solo travelers who want to escape the crowd.

In fact, here are 16 beautiful alternatives to Kasol, in case you are looking to escape the crowded and overrated places like Kasol.

Even my backpacking journey in Himachal started with a popular place like Parvati valley. But as I visited Himachal frequently, I developed an affinity for lesser crowded and offbeat places.

It was places like Tirthan and Lahaul which made me experience the true beauty of Himachal and inspired me to travel solo to lesser known and unexplored places in Himachal.

I have very interesting stance on current state of offbeat places in Himachal. Feel free to check it out and drop in your thoughts in the comments.

13. Vibrant Culture of Himachal

Apart from splendid natural beauty, Himachal has one of the most vibrant cultures in our country. The ancient temples, unique architecture, incredible festivals are some of the things which I have developed a keen interest on as I visited Himachal multiple times.

And not everybody might want to explore cultural aspect of Himachal. This is the reason why traveling solo gives me complete freedom over what I want explore. And A lot of solo travelers will agree with me on this.

For instance, while on my trip to Lahaul, I visited  7 celestial monasteries in Lahaul which really helped me understand its significance in the vibrant culture of Lahaul. In fact, I plan to visit as many as I can on my next trip.

Why you should travel to Himachal Solo

The vibrant culture is one of the reasons why I personally just love going solo to Himachal. Such splendid wooden temples dedicated to deities is widespread across Himachal especially in Kullu, Mandi, Shimla, Kinnaur districts.

To conclude, I hope that I was able justify some of the important reasons why Himachal attracts solo travelers domestic and international alike.

In case you have queries or are going to be taking that first epic solo trip to Himachal and have questions, Please feel free to reach out in the comments.