“How to plan a trip to Chopta” this is a very genuine question to have in case you have decide that Chopta will be your next destination in the Himalayas.

Therefore, based on my travel experience to Chopta, I’ll be curating this super helpful guide to Chopta for the first time travelers. So lets get started.

How To Plan A Trip Chopta – A Handy Guide

Located right in the lap of the high mountains, Chopta is one of the most famous destinations of Uttarakhand.

Rolling meadows, lofty snowy peaks, Rhododendron bloom, Tugnath Mahadev & Chandrashila are some of the major attractions of Chopta

Therefore, I am curating this super easy to follow crisp guide for first time travelers wanting to experience the beauty of chopta.

How To Reach Chopta

Reaching Chopta is not that difficult. In fact, Chopta is one of the most accessible for major cities like Delhi along with major towns of Uttarakhand like Haridwar and Rishikesh.

If you are traveling on a budget, getting to Chopta can be a little hassle depending on the season. If you are traveling from Delhi, keep this points in mind.

But all in all this the route you need to follow from Delhi to reach Chopta.


Itinerary for Chopta

To be very honest, you can easily cover Chopta in a day if you have your own vehicle. And most of the people usually club it with other major pilgrim destinations like Kedarnath.

But here is brief Itinerary for Chopta, So that you’ve an idea. I’ve considered the start point from Delhi.

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Day 1

Overnight Journey from Delhi towards Srinagar/Rudrparyag/Ukhimath.

Day 2

Reach Ukhimath by morning and further to Chopta. Overnight at Chopta.

Day 3

Start very early towards Tugnath & Chandrashila. Depart for your intended destination OR overnight in Chopta if tired.

Things to Do in Chopta & Places To Visit In Chopta

Here is brief list of things to do in Chopta and places to visit in and around Chopta.

Hike to the Aboard of Shiva & Chandrashila Peak

One of the main things to do in Chopta is hike to third Kedar. Tugnath Mahadev and 4000 m peak of Chandrashila with surreal views of high himalayan peaks.

The hike is as easy as it gets except for peak winters. The total hike to Chandrashila via Tugnath does not exceed more that 12 km from Chopta market.

So on your trip to Chopta do not forget to pay your homage at Tugnath and also marvel at the surreal vistas Chandrashila has to offer

Highest Shiva Temple, Tugnath Mahadev, 3600 m.

Marvel at the Undulating Meadows of Chopta

The rolling meadows of chopta are the deal and one of the biggest attractions in Chopta. In fact, you’ll find a lot of campsites at such meadows near Chopta.

Most Meadows in the Himalayas require some sort of hiking. Therefore, make the most of rare destinations like Chopta which has such an easy access to the meadows.

How to plan a trip to Chopta

Beautiful meadows enroute hiking trail to Chopta from Sari village.

Sari Village & Deoriatal Are A Must Visit On A Trip To Chopta

Another famous attraction around Chopta is Sari village and Deoriatal. Sari village is base to Deoriatal which is just 2.5 km from the village.

The USP of Deoriatal is beautiful lake with surreal views of Chaukhamba and other Himalayan peaks with the least effort.

Deoriatal is a splendid lake perched above Sari village and a must visit on a trip to Chopta

Where To Stay in Chopta & What to Eat in Chopta

There are plenty of stay options available in Chopta. Luxury campsites are one of the preferred modes of accommodation which start around 5 km from before Chopta.

Some of the campsites even have basic rooms like the place where I stayed. Apart from that basic accommodation is also available in the main Chopta market. So you have plenty of options.

You’ll have to shell out at least INR 800-INR 1000 or even more depending on the season. Since Chopta is a famous destination it is not very budget friendly.

As far as food is concerned, there are basic dhabas in main chopta market. Also, the campsites around Chopta serve simple but delicious food. But don’t expect fancy restaurants or Cafes in Chopta valley.

How to plan a trip to Chopta

Decent accommodation available at Sari village, which is just 24 km away from Chopta.

Internet Connectivity in Chopta

The internet and mobile connectivity in and around Chopta itself is very poor & intermittent. But once start hiking towards Tugnath you should get decent network.

So people who require network connectivity Chopta as a destination has very poor network. So do keep this in mind. BSNL works in Chopta but only as far as calls are concerned.

To conclude, I hope that you now have a fair idea on “How to plan a trip to chopta”, In case you have any further questions on how to plan a trip to Chopta, do let me know in the comments below.