A Super Handy List of Rudraprayag nearby places will be extremely useful for those planning a trip to Rudraprayag anytime soon. Ancient pilgrim trails, pristine meadows, rustic villages, ancients shrines places nearby Rudraprayag have got it all.

Therefore, I am compiling this listicle of places to visit near Rudrparayag to help my fellow travelers. So lets get started.

rudraprayag nearby places

Rudraprayag Nearby Places

Before we begin, I would like to clarify that the places mentioned here are with respect to Rudraprayag town, the adminstrative capital of the district which has the same.

Another piece of advice, summer months receives a very high footfall of tourists and pilgrims due to conducive weather.

So if you want to escape the crowd Autumn and Spring could be a very good to visit. Although many places might not be accessible due to snow. By the way, here is a detailed blog on how to reach Rudraprayag, in case if its your first time.

Kedarnath – The Picturesque Seat Of Lord Shiva

Kedarnath needs no introduction. One of the most holiest sites in Hinduism perched high up in the mountains is just surreal.

Surrounded by snowy-peaks, lofty mountains and rugged glaciers, the abode of Shiva is one of the best places to visit near Rudraprayag and receives high footfall of Pilgrims and Tourists alike.

I certainly hope to visit Kedarnath Dham soon.

Chopta – One Of The Most Scenic Places To Visit Nearby Rudrapayag 

Chopta is home to undulating meadows, towering peaks, loft peaks, 3rd Kedar. Perched at around 2600 m chopta is the gateway to 3rd Kedar that is Tugnath.

Chopta although popular is one of the most scenic places I’ve been to. Particularly during the rhododendron bloom during spring for which is actually one of the reasons why Chopta is so popular.

By the way, here is a super handy itinerary for Rudraprayag which I am certain will be quite useful for my fellow travelers.

Places To Visit Near Rudraprayag

Rolling Meadows enroute Chopta from Sari Village. Yes there exists a beautiful hike to Chopta from Sari.

Triyugi Narayan – The Place Where Lord Shiva & Goddess Parvati Got Married

Perched at a comfortable altitude of around 1900 m, the village of Triyugi Naryan is an important village in Kedar valley. The ancient temple of Triyugi Narayan is said to be the place where Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati got married.

Apart from its religious, Triyugi Narayan is a base for plethora of trekking and hiking trails like Panwali Kantha, Chouki Danda and an alternative but treacherous route to Kedarnath Dham.

Ancient temples like these make rudraprayag very famous. And here is a detailed blog on several other reasons which make Rudraprayag famous and absolutely worth the visit.

Tugnath – The Highest Shiva Temple In The World

Tugnath is one of the panch kedar’s and the highest shiva temple in the world. Located high in the mountains, Apart from its religious importance it is blessed with incredibly scenic landscapes.

Lofty Himalayan peaks of Chaukhamba, Kedar Dome, Nanda Devi, Hathi Parvat can be easily visible from Tugnath & Chandrashila on a crisp day with clear weather.

Here is a comprehensive guide on how to plan a trip to Rudraprayag.

Places to visit nearby Rudraprayag

Well-Marked path to abode of Lord Tugnath, the highest Shiva temple in the world.

Kalimath – Ancient Shakti Peeth Of Goddess Kali

There is no dearth of ancient temples to visit nearby Rudraprayag. And Kalimath is one of them.

Dedicated to Goddess Kali, The ancient temple is a Shakti peeth. Apart from Kalimath temple, there exists a sacred place known as Kali Shila which is a 7 km hike from the temple of Kalimath.

Homestays and guesthouses will be available here in case you want to stay. Else you can make a day visit from Ukhimath.

Chaumasi – The Alternative But Treacherous Route To Kedarnath Dham

Chaumasi is one of the last villages in Rudraprayag district and is an alternative route to Kedarnath via Kham valley. The alternate route to Kedarnath from Chaumasi is difficult and involves a pass crossing.

There is nothing much to do except to observe the typical garwhali lifestyle and embark on plethora of hikking and trekking trails that start from the village of Chaumasi.

Sari village – One Of The Most Famous Rudraprayag Nearby Places

Sari village needs no introduction. The village of Sari propelled into limelight with increase in popularity of Chopta and Deoriatal. Perched at around 2000 m, the village of Sari is the base for the famous Deoriatal lake.

The village has a ton of homestays, guesthouses and is one of the most tourist-friendly places. I personally stayed here a week and loved the vibe of this village.

There are multiple trails that start from the village of Sari and Deoriatal perched at 2400m offers beautiful views of Himalayan peaks.

Places To visit Near Rudraprayag

Birds eye view of Sari village enroute Deoriatal.

Maku Math – The Winter Abode Of Lord Tugnath

Makku math is a typical village in the district of Rudraprayag which acts as a winter abode to the idol of Lord Tungnath.

Unlike the village of Sari or Chopta, Makku math receives lower footfall of travels and is one of the rudraprayag nearby places for those who are looking to escape the crowd.

Homestays and basic guesthouses have come up in Maku Math. So overnight stay is possible.

Madhmaheshwar – One Of The Most Sacred Pilgrim Places To Visit Near Rudraprayag

The 2nd Kedar of Panch kedar is Madhmaheshwar dham. And can be only reached on foot with a hike of around 18 km from the village of Ransi.

But of course, the tiring hike is extremely rewarding as you reach the temple and witness with scenic views and seek blessings of lord Shiva.

For even grander views of the snow-capped mountains you can hike up to Budha-Madhmaheshwar which is around 1 km from the main temple.

Karthik Swami – One Of The Most Scenic Places To Visit Near Rudraprayag 

Perched at almost 3000 m, the temple dedicated to Lord Karthik Swami, the Son of Lord Shiva is one of the most popular pilgrim places to visit nearby Rudraprayag.

Gifted with panoramic views of Himalayan peaks, Karthik Swami is a short yet super rewarding hike. The temple can reached by 3-4 km hike from Kanak Chauri.

Basic stay options are available at Kanak Chauri. By the way, here is a detailed comparison blog on Rudraprayag vs chopta.

Rudranath – Ancient Temple, Rolling Meadows & Lofty Peaks

Considered as of the toughest Kedars, Rudranath is 4th Kedar of the Panch Kedar Shrines in Garwhal Himalayas. Like Kedarnath and Madhmaheswar the hike to Rudrnath is very taxing and long.

The distance is around 18 km one way from the village of Sagar. Of course, there are other routes as well.

Karnaprayag – The Confluence Of River Alaknanda & River Pindar

Like Rudraprayag, Karnaprayag is one of the 5 Holy confluences in Uttarakhand. Karnaprayag is the confluence of Alaknanda and Pindar rivers located in Chamoli district of Garwhal Divison.

Karnaprayag acts as the gateway to Badrinath Dham, Auli, Hemkund sahib and many more verdant valleys of Chamoli district.

Deoriatal – A Surreal Lake With Impeccable Himalayan Landscapes

Located right above Sari village at around 2400 m, deoriatal is one of the best vantage places to visit near Rudraprayag and is great vantage point to observe the himalayan ranges.

There are several campsites nearby the lake so accommodation is not a problem. Further there are many trails and hikes beyond Deoriatal which you should really embark on if you are into hiking and trekking.

Khirsu – A Quaint Hill Town Of The Himalayas

Not far from Rudraprayag lies popular yet quaint village of Khirsu located in Pauri Garwhal District.

Blessed with surreal views of Himalayas, Khirsu is your typical hill-station but with lesser footfall perfect for families and couples.

To conclude, I hope this list of rudraprayag nearby places will come very handy for the folks looking to plan a trip to Rudraprayag and around anytime soon. 

In case you have any queries, do not hesitate to drop them in the comments. I’ll make sure to respond to them to the best of my knowledge.