If you are first time traveler to Barot, I am sure you might have a question on how to reach barot. Well don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Barot is quite accessible.

Therefore, I am curating this super handy guide on how to get to Barot. The emphasis will be route and the public transport that one can to reach.

How To Reach Barot Valley ?

Surrounded by Dreamy pines, beautiful villages, verdant valley, meandering rivers, Barot is your typical mid-Himalayan dwelling.

Over the years with improved the Barot region consisting of Chuhar and Chota bhangal region has become much more accessible. And in this blog I’ll be helping with all the relevant details on how to reach Barot.

Before we dwell into the details, let me clear out a few details.

  • Nearest narrow gauge railway station is Jogindernagar.
  • Closest broad gauge railway station is Chandigarh
  • Nearest Airports are Bhuntar Airport & Gaggal Airport
  • Traveling by road is the most economic option.

Now with these details out of the lets get started.

How to reach Barot from Delhi

If you have your own vehicle or self driving the route is pretty straightway mostly through the national highways. Only the last patch of 30 km is state highway to get to the town of Barot.

Even if you are relying on public transport, there is plenty of buses plying to Barot. Only thing is you have to break your Journey. But that should not be too difficult with robust public transport of Himachal.

Here is how you can  reach Barot by public transport

  • Board a bus going towards Mandi. Plenty of buses ply from major cities like Delhi & Chandigarh
  • Get down at Mandi. And look for a bus going towards Jogindernagar/Palampur/Dharamshala
  • Get down at Ghatasani which is the place where road bifurcates to Barot.
  • Board a bus to Barot. Buses ply from Ghatasani every hour till late afternoon

Try to reach Mandi/Ghatasani early morning so that you can make it on to Barot. If you are coming Delhi, until Mandi you can opt for either Volvo or ordinary bus.

From Mandi you’ll mostly get ordinary buses to Ghatsani, and the same from Ghatasani to Barot. The total distance between Delhi and Barot is 548 km.

The route to Barot from Delhi is as follows Delhi – Panipat – Karnal – Ambala – Chandigarh – Sundernagar – Mandi – Ghatasani – Barot

How To Get To Barot by Bus ?

Getting to barot by bus is easy. And here is how to get to Barot by bus in Brief.

  • Reach Ghatasani on Mandi-Pathankot highway from wherever you’re starting like Manali, Bir Or Delhi.
  • Then Board a bus going towards Lohardi or Baragran that goes via Barot town.
  • Plenty of buses ply throughout the day to Barot till late afternoon and evening starting early morning around 8 AM.

I personally reached Barot by bus. Since I came from Kinnaur, the bus dropped me early in the wee hours at Ghatasani. Post which was fortunate to get lift from locals.

By the way, here are 11 significant reasons to visit Barot, in case you are having a dilemma in choosing your next Himalayan adventure.

How To Reach Barot From Mandi ?

Mandi is one of the closest towns of Himachal located to the valley of Barot. The distance between Mandi and Barot is around 65 km. In Brief, here is how you can get to Barot from Mandi

  • Board a bus going towards Jogindernagar/Palampur/Dharamshala
  • Get down at Ghatasani.
  • Then board a bus going towards Lohardi or Baragran and get down at Barot town.

If you are using your own vehicle to travel to Barot. It will take little more than a couple of hours to reach Barot. That’s how close Barot is from Mandi.

How To Get To Barot From Bir ?

Bir located on the border of Kangra & Mandi districts is one the more popular places in Himachal amongst tourist and travelers. A lot of folks intend to make trips to Barot from Bir. So here is how you can reach Barot from Bir.

  • Board a bus going towards Mandi.
  • Get down at Ghatasani.
  • Board a bus towards Barot/Lohardi/Baragran

By the way, there are direct buses to Lohardi and Baragran from Jogindernagar and Bir. But in case you don’t a direct bus you can always break your Journey.

If you are adventurous, then you can hike your way partially to Barot town. Reach Billing from Bir and then hike to Baragran via Chaina Pass, Rajgundha, Kukargundha, From Baragran you get public transport in the form of buses.

The distance between Bir and Barot is around 53 km.

How To Get To Barot By Train

Unfortunately there is no direct train to Barot. The nearest narrow gauge station is Jogindernagar while the nearest broad gauge station is Chandigarh.

From there you have to continue via road and get to Ghatasani either by cab or bus. And then further to Barot using the transport of your choice. I hope I was clear.

Currently the narrow gauge rail line from Pathankot to Jogindernagar is suspended due to Chaki bridge collapsing during the heavy monsoon rains.

To conclude, I hope you now a clear idea on how to reach barot. Trust whether driving your own vehicle or using public transport, reaching Barot is fairly simple.

In case you have further queries do not hesitate and reach out to me in the comments and I’ll be happy to answer your queries.