“Is Barot worth visiting” are you wondering the same ? From pristine locales to scenic vistas, from verdant valleys to off the beaten trekking trails, Barot valley has got it all.

Therefore, based on my travels to Barot, I am going to be listing down 11 reasons to prove “Is barot worth visiting” that will hopefully inspire to pack your bags and head to barot for your next odyssey in Himachal.

Is Barot Worth Visiting – 11 Compelling Reasons To Visit Barot

After a comfortable late autumn trip to Kinnaur, Barot valley in winters, came in as a pleasant surprise, the pristine villages, surreal vistas, beautiful hiking trails really made me fell in love with Barot valley.

Barot valley, a town primarily surrounded by dreamy pines and far-flung villages came into limelight due to the hydel project established in Britishers Raj. The valley got its name from the town of Barot.

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Breath-taking Vistas Makes Barot Absolutely Worth the Visit. 

One thing that really makes Barot valley absolutely worth the visit are its insanely beautiful landscapes. Lofty peaks, Towering pine forests, meandering rivulets you name, Barot valley has it all.

Places like Rajgundha, Lohardi are very picturesque and so is the whole barot valley. There is a reason why people go gaga over beautiful the valley is to be honest.

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Is Barot worth it

Such views much wow ! Insane landscapes as seen from a crisp winter day.

Far-flung Yet Picturesque villages Of Barot Are The Real Deal

Barot valley burst onto the tourist map with its Far-flung areas like Rajgundha, Lohardi gaining popularity over the social media.

Although over the years, with improving road network has made it more accessible, the villages of Barot still retain their peaceful and rustic vibes at least for now.

Visiting villages of Chuhar & Chota bhangal region like Judhar, Ruling, Poling. Swar, Naman, Tarwan, Kadhiyan, Anderlimalhan, was a highlight of my journey to Barot valley.

Scenic vistas, traditional houses, amiable locals, are some of the reasons which why should visit Barot valley on your next trip to the Himalayas.

Pristine Village of Anderlimalhan near Lohardi, such villages are make barot truly worth it.

Gurgling Lamba Dugh & Uhl River

Imagine waking up to the Gurgling sound of the rivulets surrounded by dreamy pines and scenic valley views ? Would you let go of such an exciting prospect in the Himalayas ?

Lamba dugh rises in the higher reaches of Chota bhangal near Lohardi, while Uhl river rises in the glaciers near Thamsar Jot, meandering across the valley to confluence at the town of Barot.

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Is Barot worth it

Lamba Dug river as seen from the Bridge to Swar, Tarmehar, Judhar

The Verdant Beauty Of Chota Bhangal Will Mesmerize You

Chota Bhangal region in the Kangra district is a part of larger Barot valley which comprises of Chuhar Valley & Chota Bhangal. Calling Chota Bhangal beautiful would be an understatement.

Remote villages, off the beaten trekking and hiking trails, thriving Himalayan culture makes for an adventure filled trip. Although Rajgundha and Lohardi are synonymous with Chota Bhangal, but trust me there is much more to Chota bhangal.

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The village of Kukargundha in Chota Bhangal with Thamsar Jot, the gateway to Bara Bhangal in the backdrop

Experience The True Beauty Of In Chuhar Valley 

Chuhar valley is really an off the beaten valley with only Barot which is kind of famous. It starts from Ghatsani goes up till Meyot village near Barot.

Home to surreal villages, hiking trails, beautiful temples, pristine valley of Chuhar lies in Mandi district. In fact, the town of barot is the border of Mandi and Kangra districts with Uhl river separating the two districts.

why is barot famous

Khalail village, Chuhar valley overlooking the mountains in Chota Bhangal, one of the last villages of Chuhar valley

Off the beaten hiking & trekking trails In Barot Are Delightful

How does the prospect of hiking to ancient villages, alpine lakes, treacherous mountain passes, surreal vantage points sound to ? Adventurous right ?

Well Barot valley is a true gem when it comes to hiking and trekking trails. There is no dearth of day hikes or multi-days treks in Barot. And it can cater to every kind of traveler.

Hiking to villages around Lohardi, Barot or temples like Pashakot Devta temple, Bardhani mata temple, Winch camp, Hanumgarh, Plachak makes for a perfect day hike.

While trekking to Bara Bhangal via Thamsar Pass, Dehnasar lake, Pajaund Galu, Sari jot etc make for moderate to difficult multi-day hikes.

Is barot worth it

On the way to down to Lohardi from Judhar village, hiking to the villages can result in beautiful day hikes with surreal views.

Witness The Glimpses Of Colonial Era In Barot

Shanan Hydel project which made Barot famous was commissioned by British Raj. Colonel batty was responsible for the same.

The other glimpses of Colonial era include the cottage like architecture of forest rest houses in Barot and even the rustic far-flung villages like Swar in Chota bhangal.

Winch Camp and Headgear are stations and picturesque vantage points on Jogidernagar-Barot funicular railway line established by Britishers. This is now a popular hiking route.

is barot worth it

Shanan hydel power project, Barot

Beautiful Temples In Barot Are Testament To Top Notch Craftsmanship

One of the best reasons to visit Barot valley, is the beautiful wooden temples with unbelievable level of craftsmanship. Some of them are located in a scenic setting that would make your jaw drop in awe.

Dev Pashakot temple and Bardhani Devi temple in Lohardi area beautiful temples perched high up in the mountains with amazing vistas. Plus almost every village has a temple in Barot valley.

If you want to witness a typical wooden temple in style of Kullu & Mandi. There is one in the main village of Barot.

Dev Pashakot Temple near Polling village, Lohardi.

Eccentric Culture Of Barot Valley – One Of The Best Reasons Why Barot Is Absolutely worth the visit

The eccentric culture, customs and festivals of Barot valley are a sight to behold. The folks of Chuhar and Chota Bhangal worship several deities with zeal.

Dev Pashakot, Dev Hurang Naryana, Gahari Devta, Fugni Devi, are some of most worshipped deities of the region. Festivals dedicated to the deities are celebrated with a lot of zeal in the region.

I was fortunate enough to witness Dev Hurang Narayan on the rounds of several villages of Chuhar valley at the village of Galu perched above Barot.

Is Barot worth it

Eccentric Customs and Rituals Of Chuhar Valley.

Amazing Hospitality Of The Locals Makes Barot Really Worth It 

The people of Barot are extremely amiable and hospitable. Except for one instance where villagers were taken aback seeing an outsider traveling alone, all I experienced was hospitality.

Homestays hosts in Both Barot and Lohardi were very welcoming and quite amiable.

While hiking to one of higher villages called Judhar perched above Lohardi, I was invited by the local family for a meal. But ensure that you tag along with a local or hire a local guide in this region if you are going to venture alone into remote villages.

The host of Verma Homestay in Barot, Mangat Ram Ji, very welcoming and amiable host indeed.

Trout Fishing – One Of The Best Reasons To Visit Barot

Apart from Tirthan region, Barot is also famous for its Trout fishes found in the Lamba Dugh stream and Uhl River.

Several cafes and restaurants around Barot offer trout fish in their menu. In case you wish to go fishing, homestay and hotel owners do have the provision for the same.

To conclude, I hope I was able to put forth compelling reasons to answer “Is barot worth visiting”. In my personal opinion, Barot valley is an absolute surreal destination for people who want to experience the beauty of Himachal in its purest form.

In case you have queries on “Is barot worth visiting”, please make sure to drop them in the comments below. I’ll be happy to answer them.