Mobile network and internet is one of the quintessential things that people these days require when on vacation or trips. People do not like to get disconnected from the outside world these days. Therefore, If you are first time visitor to Kasol you might have a question “Is Mobile Network Available In Kasol”.

Back in the day Himalayan states like Himachal Pradesh used to have dismal mobile network and high speed internet connectivity, especially in the remote places. But now there has been drastic change, even the remotest places in Himachal like Lahaul and Spiti are now connected to high speed internet.

So to answer, Yes Mobile network and High speed internet both are available in Kasol and work flawlessly. So with regards to mobile network you won’t have any issues as such in Kasol. And this blog I am going to be discussing more the same.

Is Mobile Network Available in Kasol

Is Mobile Network Available in Kasol – All The Relevant Details You Need

So to answer the question YES, mobile network is available in Kasol along with decent 4g internet connectivity. All the major network providers in India, that are Jio, Airtel, Vodafone work fine.

You can expect the speed to better than some parts of a major metropolitan city like Mumbai such is the improved connectivity these days in the hills.

So I am going to be discussing all about network providers and their connectivity in Kasol further in this blog. By the way here is an In-Depth comparison of Kasol versus Manali, in case you cannot decide on which one to visit.

Does Jio Work in Kasol ?

Jio is the best network provider in Himachal. And almost works everywhere in Himachal however remote the region maybe. And kasol is no exception to that.

Jio works very well in Kasol. The 4g internet connectivity is decent here and you should have problems whatsoever. You can seamlessly surf on the internet, stream videos, and make video calls.

So if you have Jio Sim along with you on your Trip to Kasol, you are going to remain connect to realm of social media and rest of the world through the highspeed internet. And if you are foreign national, then Jio should be certainly be your first choice of Sim.

I personally, have used Jio in the remotest corners of Himachal and let me tell Jio certainly works very well. I got decent 4g connectivity at places like Upper Neahi in Sainj where there is no road yet but it has 4g connectivity.

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Does Airtel Work In Kasol ?

Like Jio, Airtel also works almost everywhere in Himachal Pradesh. And YES it works perfectly fine in Kasol as well. So be rest assured if you have an Airtel Sim.

So Airtel works pretty good in Kasol. The 4g internet connectivity is also quite great and there should be no problems at all. You can surf internet, stream videos and make video calls.

If you have Airtel Sim, while on your trip to Kasol, you can be rest assured about being connect to the world or social media and internet with decenter network and highspeed internet.

I have also used Airtel in a lot of remote places in Himachal and I am happy to say it works quite. I had pleasure of using 4g internet of Airtel in Lahaul valley which until 2019 had pretty dismal connectivity.

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Does Vodafone Work In Kasol ?

Vodafone is certainly the worst network provider when it comes Himachal and other Himalayan states like Uttarakhand. It only works in the main tourist spots in Himachal and even if you are a little bit away from the popular places it just stops working.

Surprisingly though Vodafone works well in Kasol, but that’s about it. It doesn’t work to well in other places in Parvati valley like Tosh or Malana where Jio works very well.

So if you are only going to visit Kasol, then Vodafone will work fine along 4g internet but if you are going to popular places around Kasol like Malana, Tosh then forget about it.

But yes in Kasol you can surf the internet, stream videos, make video calls without any issues. So if you are going to be only in Kasol on your trip, then it should not be a a problem.

By the I personally feel that Kasol is overrated and there far many better places to visit in Himachal. Do let me know your thoughts on this one.

Which Networks Work Well In Places Around Kasol ?

Jio works the best when it comes to network and internet in Parvati and places to visit in around Kasol. And has the best connectivity in popular places like Malana, Kalga and Tosh.

Vodafone does not work very well and there is no 4g internet connectivity in popular places around Kasol like Malana and Tosh. You can barely make calls, so please make note of this. This comes from a personal experience when I had visited Parvati valley.

As far as I know even Airtel shares the same fate as Vodafone when it comes to network and internet connectivity in other popular places around Kasol like Malana, Kalga and Tosh. But not very sure about it.

And mind you none of the networks work in lesser frequented places like Grahan, Rashol except for maybe BSNL but again not very sure. So confirm with Locals once. Same is the case with Kheerganga, none of the 3 major networks of India work apart from maybe BSNL.

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To conclude I hope now you have the answer to the question “Is mobile network available in Kasol” . All the major mobile networks that are Jio, Airtel, Vodafone work well in Kasol along with 4g internet.

But Jio is the best when it comes to other popular places in and around Kasol. Do let me know in case you have any other queries about the same.