Kasol is one place in that keeps popping up on the must visit places when it comes to Himachal. Such is its popularity. But if you are looking to spending some quality time with the close ones you will surely have a question “Is Kasol a family friendly destination”

Well, I am sure most people visiting are aware that Kasol has earned a tag of smokers hub. And a lot of people come to smoke up hash and get drunk in Kasol. Most of them mind their own business. But if you are visiting Kasol with family it might become quite awkward and embarrassing.

So I personally feel that Kasol is not a family friendly destination. Contrary Kasol is heaven for Budget Backpackers, solo travelers and is one of biggest hippie destinations in our country. So in this blog, I am going to be listing out several reasons why Kasol is not a family friendly destination.

Is Kasol A Family Friendly Destination

Is Kasol A Family Friendly Destination – 8 Key Reasons Why It Is NOT !

So As I said earlier Kasol is not your typical family destination where you would take your Family like Manali. Generally a family friendly destination is the one most of elderly members of your Family like your parents, Grandparents can enjoy without feeling awkward.

But Kasol is far from a family friendly destination. Most of the people who come to Kasol, generally come to smoke hash and drink. And this is so causally done in public places, that your family might feel awkward. Plus there are plenty of other reasons why I think Kasol is not a family friendly destination.

And Yes Consuming hash is illegal in India and can attract a jail term if found guilty. Yet the rules are openly flouted and authorities also turn a blind eye to it.

So after having spent a good amount time, Here are 8 Reasons why Kasol is not a family friendly destination. By the here is a detailed comparison post that I have done on Manali Versus Kasol. Manali is certainly more family friendly option and one can enjoy thoroughly with Family.

1. Kasol is a smokers Hub
2. Cafes In Kasol are NOT family friendly
3. A lot of People come To Kasol to Party
4. Kasol Is crowded for most part of the year
5. Kasol is aimed towards budget travelers, backpackers, Solo Travelers
6. Places to visit around Kasol are not very accessible
7. Not many experiential stays or Homestays in Kasol
8. Unruly Behaviour of Young Travelers in Kasol

1. Kasol Is A Smokers Hub

A lot of people come to Kasol and Parvati just to smoke up good quality hash. As stereotypical as it might sound it is the reality. And the way it is causally smoke in Kasol at public places, cafes etc, maybe quite embarrassing and awkward for a family.

This is one of the primary why I feel that Kasol is not Family friendly destination. Naturally no elderly people especially from Indian households will like people consuming a banned substance in India so casually and they might feel a bit unsafe as well.

Therefore, I don’t think Kasol will be a great family destination. Of course, if you are family is chill about this, then there is no harm in going to Kasol due to incredible natural beauty that you get to witness and experince in and around Kasol.

By the way this is one of the 11 primary reasons why I find Kasol overrated and commercialized. Do let me known your thoughts about it.

2. Cafes In Kasol Are Not Family Friendly

Cafes and Restaurants form a big part of your trip. And the cafes is Kasol are not at all Family friendly. This comes from a personal experience after visiting several famous cafes of Kasol.

So most of the cafes in Kasol allow you to smoke up Hash without any consequences. And most of the times in most of the cafes, you’ll find people casually smoking up hash in the cafes.

Now unless your elderly members, are chill and progressive about it, you are not going to have a good time. And if your are from typical Indian household just forget about going to Kasol.

3. A Lot Of People Come To Kasol To Party 

In addition to smoking up hash, a lot of people come to get drunk in Kasol as if there is no tomorrow. And once there are not in their senses, they behave in quite an irresponsible and unruly manner

Certainly you would not want your family to be around such people. And this might sound stereotypical but it what it is. Back in the day, Kasol used to attract only hippies from western country, with only minimal Indian travelers.

But as the Indian travelers thronged to Kasol, the hippies disappeared and current state of Kasol is that of weekend getaway kind of Party destination with people partying without any responsibility. So no Family would want to be such a destination on their family vacation.

By the way, here is detailed blog on 16 beautiful alternatives to Kasol which are quite family friendly. I have been to each of them and just loved these not so popular places in Himachal.

4. Kasol Is Crowded For Most Part Of the Year

For a lot of families, going on a vacation means escaping to some picturesque place with less crowd so that they can spend lovely time with their loved ones.

Well, Kasol is polar opposite of such a destination. Kasol these days is inundated with travelers and Tourists except for a couple of winters months.

So if you are family which hates crowd and vows for a peaceful destination away from the corwds, then Kasol is certainly not the place to be in. By the way here is detailed blog 47 hidden places in Kullu valley which are quite splendid.

5. Kasol Is Aimed Towards Budget travelers, Backpackers, Solo Travelers

After spending a good few days in Kasol, I personally felt that Kasol as destination is aimed towards bringing Budget Travelers, Backpackers, Solo Travelers.

So unless, your family has travelers in such a manner before, they are not going to love the vibe of Kasol. Inexpensive hotels, Hostels. Cafes are some of the trademarks of Kasol.

Families generally want to spend more money to get a hassle free trip. So therefore, a place like Manali, although crowded would be far more better than Kasol when it comes traveling with Family.

By the way budget trips to places like Kasol is one the 13 significant reasons why Himachal attracts a lot of Solo travelers across the globe.

6. Places To Visit Around Kasol Are Not Very Accessible

A lot of elderly family members are not very fit due to their old age. And Hence Kasol is not an ideal destination especially for elderly family members who are not very fit.

A lot of places to visit in and around require for you to hike on the mountain trails. For example if you wish to visit the village of Malana, you have to hike for a couple of hours to reach the village.

Destination like Manali would be perfect for such family getaways with a lot mindblowing places like Atal Tunnel or Rohtang La are accessible by road and you don’t have hike to reach such places.

By the way, Here is a detailed blog on 16 best valleys to explore in Kullu. Do check it out and let me know your thoughts about them.

7. Not Many Experiential Stays OR Homestays In Kasol

Kasol lacks big time when it comes to experiential stays or Homestays. A lot of families, especially amidst the ongoing pandemic prefer to stay with locals and live the life somewhat their way in rustic villages.

But Kasol has no infrastructure such type of stays and Tourism. As I said earlier most of the people visiting Kasol are budget backpackers, Solo travelers or those looking to party.

Again, Manali despite being commercialized has such options for to stay.

8. Unruly Behaviour of Travelers In Kasol

So again, this comes down to people partying, smoking up and drinking in Kasol. And there are a lot of people who just come to Kasol.

And a lot you might witness such unruly behaviour of travelers who are highly intoxicated. Although it does not happen very often, but it just takes that one incident to leave a permanent impression.

Due to high intoxication such travelers do not care for environment, people and act in a very irresponsible manner. So this is one of the reasons why Kasol is not a family friendly destination.

By the way, If you are solo traveler, you might have questions “Is Kasol safe for Solo travelers” So here is detailed blog about it.

To conclude now you have the answer to the question “Is Kasol a family friendly destination”. I personally feel that it certainly not family destinations as I have discussed in the blog. And you are better of visiting Manali or Tirthan valley in Kullu if you are looking for a quite and peaceful family vacation.

Let me known in case you have any questions or queries on the same. And I’ll be certainly very happy to help you guys