Is one day enough for chopta, is a genuine question to have if you are someone who does not have the luxury of too many day for Chopta.

Therefore, based on my travels to Chopta, I’m curating this blog to answer the questions you might have relating to exploring Chopta in a short time.

Is One Day Enough For Chopta

Is One Day Enough For Chopta – All Your Queries Answered

To put it simply, yes one day is absolutely enough for Chopta. The main attraction in Chopta is of course Tugnath Mahadev and Chandrashila, which can be easily covered in a single day.

But yes to avoid hectic itinerary and explore other places around Chopta, I would recommend having at least a couple days for Chopta-Tugnath. In this blog I’ll be going to explain the same.

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Can We Explore Chopta In One Day ?

As mentioned earlier, you can but a lot would also depend on the season and the mode of transport you are using. But it can be done.

The main attraction of Chopta is the hike to Tugnath Mahadev, Third Kedar and the highest Shiva Temple, along with Chandrashila peak with panoramic views of impressive Himalayan peaks of Uttarakhand.

If you are relying on public transport and its summer you can easily visit Chopta in a single day from Ukhimath and be back. Shared taxi’s are widely available during the Yatra season that is from May to November.

  • Start early from Ukhimath and take Shared taxis to Chopta
  • It takes an 1.5 hour. But taxi’s only leave once they are full
  • Tugnath and Chandrashila takes around 5 hours both ways
  • If you are able to descend back early, you can reach back to Ukhimath on the same day.

If you are relying on public transport during Autumn months or early spring months, you may find it difficult to do Tugnath-Chandrashila trek in Chopta in a single and be back at Ukhimath.

  • Shared taxis are not easily available from November to April
  • Days are short and vehicles usually do not ply after dark.
  • The hike to Tugnath and Chandrashila can be attempted in a single day.
  • But you might not be able to make it back to Ukhimath during winters.

In case you’ve your own vehicle exploring Chopta is doable both during winters and Summers. The reason being that you save time which you would have otherwise wasted finding public transport.

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Can we explore Chopta in one day

Chandrashila at elevation of around 4000m offers surreal views of Himalayan peaks provided the weather is devoid of Haze. I was not so fortunate.

Is One Day Enough for Chopta & Deoriatal

So another popular attraction near Chopta is Deoriatal, perched above the village of Sari. Deoriatal is a splendid lake and a surreal view point which travelers and Tourists love.

You get to observe impressive lofty Himalayan peaks from Deoriatal. But can you explore both Deorital and Chopta in a single day.

So the answer is no if you are relying completely on public transport. And its next to impossible for tourist and travelers to accomplish both in a single. As even Deoriatal requires hike of 3 km.

Most of the tourists and travelers come directly from the plains so they are not well-acclimatized and would very difficult for them to explore both in a single day.

But for a well-acclimatized person who is used to hiking in the Himalayas with private cab or personal vehicle you can explore both in a single day if you wanted to. Of course it would be hectic.

Deoriatal, is another major attraction near Chopta.

 Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some FAQ’s that might address the queries you had regarding Chopta.

How long is Chopta trek ?

If you are referring to Chopta-Tugnath-Chandrashila trek it is 12 km both ways. If you are talking about Sari-Deorital-Chopta, the hike is around 18 km via trail and Chopta is 3 km further on road.

How many days are enough for Tungnath ?

This needs a separate blog, but yes Tugnath doesn’t require days. It requires just 4-5 hours maximum for people with normal fitness.

Can Chandrashilla trek be done in a one day ?

Absolutely yes ! The distance from Chopta to Tugnath is 4.5 km and Chandrashila is just 1.5 km but a bit steep.

I personally I did it in under 5 hours from Chopta and back including rests and breaks. It will depend on individual to individual. But again shouldn’t take more than 8 – 9 hours with slow pace and breaks.

My Final Thoughts & Insights

  • Yes One Day is enough for Chopta
  • Summer is best time for exploration of chopta in a single if you are short on time and rely on public transport.
  • In winters you may or may not be able to explore Chopta in a single.
  • Shared cabs are widely available during Yatra season and relatively less frequent during winters
  • Deoriatal and Chopta exploration needs at least a couple of days.
  • Having a couple of days for Chopta is ideal.

So this brings me to the end of this blog. I hope you now have an answer to “Is one day enough for Chopta ” In case you have any further questions do drop them in the comments below.