“Is Rajgundha trek easy” I am sure you’ll have this very question if you are a casual hiker or a first-timer planning a trip to Rajgundha in Chota Bhangal area. And it’s a genuine question to be honest.

Therefore, based on my visit to Rajgundha, I am here to answer your question “Is Rajgundha trek easy” and give you insights about the trek.

Is Rajgundha trek easy

Is Rajgundha trek Easy ?

To answer the question, Rajgundha trek has never been easier. In fact, the popular trails to Rajgundha via Billing and Baragran have almost been rendered useless thanks to road connectivity.

Perched at around 2600 Rajgundha is located in the Chota bhanga region. Surrounded by towering pines with high mountains of Thamsar in backdrop, Rajugundha is one of the gateways to the most far-flung area of Himachal, Bara bhangal.

Thanks to social media and its picturesque setting, Rajgundha is now a sought-after destination frequented by hordes of travelers. Here is a list of 17 picturesque places to visit in Barot.

Different Routes to Rajgundha

Before we start to go into the details let me list out all the popular routes to Rajgundha. Currently there are 3 routes to Rajugndha that I personally know of. There might be more. But the first two are the most popular.

  • Baragran to Rajgundha
  • Billing to Rajgundha via Chaina pass
  • Gunehar to Rajgundha via Panjoldugh and Chaina pass

By the way, here is a detailed guide to Barot valley, if its your first time in Barot.

Is Rajgundha trek Easy – Baragran To Rajgundha trail

Well sorry to burst your bubble but Baragran to Rajgunda is not a trek anymore from Baragran. As of December 2021, the road to Rajgundha is complete and awaiting only the work on the bridge on Uhl river to finish.

I’m quite certain that the road might have open fully for vehicles. So Baragran to Rajgundha trail might have already been rendered useless.

So to be honest, its not a trek anymore. All you have to do is walk on the road and if you feel like talk shortcuts feel free to do so.

During my Barot valley trip, my homestay host accompanied me to Rajgundha. We parked the car near bridge under construction and walked for couple of km. Due to a lot of snow on the road we just avoided talking shortcut.

So yes for the sake of it, Rajgundha trek via Baragran is the easiest if you decide to ditch the vehicle and choose to hike.

Snow covered road to Rajgundha. Yes there is road connectivity all the way from Baragran.

How Easy Is Rajgundha Trek – Billing To Rajgundha trail (Via Chaina Pass)

If you were excited to embark on a trek to Rajgundha via Billing, I am here to disappoint you yet again. The road construction to Rajgundha via Billing is complete all way to Rajgundha and beyond towards Baragran.

So unless, you wish to walk for 16 km on the road, I would suggest you rather hike on an actual trail like Plachak valley or Hanumgarh and conserve you energy.

Therefore, one of the most popular trails is now a mere walk on the dirt track. But hey if its your very first time hiking, this could be an ideal experience of what it is like to hike in Himalayas.

Is Rajgundha trek easy

Me posing at Rajgundha, If you observe carefully you’ll be able to see snow covered road. The same road goes to Billing.

Is Rajgundha Trek Easy – Gunehar to Rajgundha (Via Panjoldugh)

I am quite certain that most of you might have never heard about this off the beaten trail to Rajgundha from Gunehar.

There is exists a rustic village beyond Bangoru waterfall in Bir called Panjoldugh which acts as an alternative route to Chaina pass. Chaina pass is the gateway to Rajgundha.

Now with road connectivity both from Billing side and Baragran, this is a trail which can be called an actual hike or trek for most part unlike the other popular routes.

I personally did not reach Chaina pass from Panjoldugh but certainly one day I would love to. Upon asking locals, I was apprised that Panjoldugh to Chaina pass takes around 3 hours to reach. The trail is marked but gradient is steep.

Gunehar to Panjoldugh is 3 km worth of hike at a relaxed and steep at few places. Chaina pass to Rajgunda is just a level walk more or less.

Therefore, Rajgundha trek might not be very easy for first timers via Panjol dugh but it is doable and quite exciting due to its off the beaten nature. Do take a guide on this trail if you are not an expert on navigation.

Is Rajgundha trek easy

The village of Panjoldugh in frame. Do you see the ridge on your top most right, yes that’s where Chaina pass is located.

Some FAQ’s for Rajgundha trek 

Now that you have an idea about different trails and its current condition, let me answer a few questions before we end this blog.

How Long is Rajgundha trek ?

  • Baragran to Rajgundha is the shortest around 5-6 km. This route has road connectivity now.
  • Billing to Rajgundha via Chaina pass is said to be around 15 km. This route also has road connectivity now.
  • Gunehar To Rajgundha via Panjoldugh and Chaina pass should not be more than 15 km. 70% of this route is a trail.

Does Rajgundha have Road connectivity ?

Yes Rajgundha is now connected by a road from both Billing and Baragran (Barot side). So essentially both the popular trails have been rendered useless.

Soon enough a bus service might even be started between Billing-Rajgundha-Barot.

How Difficult is Rajgundha trek ?

Well if couldn’t figure out by now, the two most popular trails via Billing & Baragran are now obsolete due to road connectivity. Walking on the road is comparatively very easy then walking on trails.

But yes if you choose the trail to Rajgundha via Panjoldugh, that don’t expect it be a cake-walk. The hike has many steep sections. But locals say the trail is well-marked. So a fit beginner can easily do it.

Is A Guide Needed for Rajgundha Trek ?

If you choose to go via Billing or Baragran, then all you have to is follow the road. So a guide is not needed if you intend to make it to Rajgundha via Baragran or Billing.

But in case, off the beaten trail via Panjoldugh motivated you to embark on the same trail, then make sure you have a guide if you are complete newbie and not an expert in navigation.

Although locals say the trail is marked but it is better to be safe than sorry.

To conclude, I hope I answered the question “Is Rajgundha trek easy”. 

If you ask me, there is no point hiking on road if you choose to go via Billing or Baragran, just reach Rajgundha by via Vehicle, If public transport becomes reliable, which I am sure it will in the coming days.

If at all you want to trek, try the alternative route via Panjoldugh. Else just conserve you energy and spend it hiking to either Plachak or Hanumgarh near Rajgundha.