Are you looking for a list of places to visit in Barot valley for your next trip in the Himalayas ? If so then don’t worry I’ve got you covered. From pretty villages to scenic hikes Barot has a lot to offer.

Therefore, based on travels in Barot valley, I’ve come up with this listicle of places to visit in Barot valley that you’ll surely love. So lets get going.

Places to Visit Barot Valley

Nondescript yet scenic villages, dreamy pines, ancient shrines, delightful vantage points are the kind of the places that Barot offers to the tourists.

Before we start I would like to point out the Barot valley is just a name derived from town of Barot. This makes it easier for people to follow. But technically its places of Chuhar valley and Chota bhangal region that are under discussion.

By the way, if its your first time in Barot, here is a comprehensive guide to Barot that will surely be very helpful.

Rajgundha & Kukargundha – One Of The Gateway’s to The Elusive Land of Bara Bhangal

Rajgundha needs no introduction to be honest these days. Ever since social media pictures of Rajgundha went viral a few years, its one of the most frequented regions by flashpackers in Barot valley.

The scenic vistas of Rajgundha and its comparative off the beaten nature has worked like magic. If you are into hiking and trekking, Rajgundha is perfect base for adventures in the wilderness of Himalayas.

Rolling meadows, towering pines and views of snow-capped mountains of Thamsar is Rajgundha for you. And everyone’s delight it more accessible is now than ever with road connectivity.

Places to visit in barot valley

Baragran – Experience The Rustic Charm of Far-flung Locale In The Himalayas

If you are like me who loves the vibe rustic villages of Himalayas, do not miss out on Baragran. The gateway to Rajgundha has scenic vistas, traditional wooden houses.

While it may be just another village, but try taking it slow and take a stroll in the village while on your way to Rajgundha. And the local bus anyway ends at Baragran so you have another reason to check this rustic locale out.

Here is guide on how to reach Barot valley from major cities and towns, I am sure this will come in handy.

Kothi Koher – One Of The Best Places To Visit In Barot Valley

Another of those rustics gems that is often overlooked thanks to rush of getting to Rajgundha. The typical Himalayan locale has pretty landscapes, wooden houses.

I personally loved the vibe of this village and certainly hope for local folks to open up their homes to outsiders looking to experience the true charm of Chota bhangal region.

There also exists a trekking trail to Lohardi from Kothi kohar, another gem of Chota bhangal.

By the way, Here is a super fun itinerary to Barot which will very helpful if you are planning to visit anytime soon.

Places to visit in barot valley

Lohardi – A Perfect Base For Your Himalayan Odysseys 

Perched at around 2000 m, surrounded by ancient villages, beautiful temples, numerous hiking trails, Lohardi is your perfect base for further adventures in Chota bhangal..

The town itself is like a mini-market town full of concrete structures, but don’t worry just a 2-3 km worth of hiking and you are in whole different world altogether. Basic stay options and Dhabas are available in Lohardi.

Here are 11 significant reasons to why Barot valley is absolutely worth it in case you need any further motivation.

Places to visit in barot valley

Swar – One Of The Most Picturesque Places To Visit In Barot 

Perched at relatively higher altitude than Lohardi, 3 km gradual ascent amidst towering pine forest will transport you to this scenic hamlet.

And unlike most rustic villages in Chuhar and Chota bhangal, there is actually a forest rest house which you can stay in and experience the slow-life in a remote village.

In case you want to explore further, From Swar you have two options, you can either head towards Cherna village and further to Bardhani Mata temple else you can head Judhar.

Judhar – Wooden Houses, Snowy Peaks, Dreamy Pines

How does the prospect of hiking to a traditional himalayan hamlet with sea of traditional houses, awe-inspiring landscapes and amiable locals sound to you ? Exciting right ?

Well Judhar is one of the highest villages of Lohardi area located on a ridge with impeccable views of High mountains. The hiking to trail to Judhar via Swar has the most easy approach in my opinion.

There also exists a vast meadow perched above Judhar which gives you panoramic views of Rajgundha area.

Polling – One Of The Most Accessible Villages Beyond Lohardi With Serene Views

My very first place in Barot valley was an exploration trip to Polling village. The village of Polling is definitely on of the most beautiful Himalayan villages I’ve ever been to.

So do not miss out on Polling. It is perfect for those who do not wish to hike as it has road connectivity. In case you want to take things up a notch visit, Dev Pashakot temple beyond Lohardi located amidst a dreamy pine forest with insane vistas.

The distance of Polling from Lohardi is just around 2-3 km via motorable road.

Places to visit near Barot

Anderlimalhan – The Rustic Locale Near Lohardi That You’ll Love

List of scenic villages in Lohardi is never-ending. And Anderlimalhan is another such typical Himalayan villages with surreal vistas.

One of the best things about villages near Lohardi is that you don’t need to hike to for long. And Anderlimalhan is no different.

In order to reach here first undertake an uphill hike to Kharimalhan village and then a level walk will transport to Anderlimalhan.

There is also a temple dedicated to Fugni Devi some 2-3 km away from the village with a great vantage point.

Shanan Power House – One OF The Most Popular Places To Visit In Barot valley

Shanan power house is a popular attraction in Barot. And also the reason why Barot town came into limelight. The hydel project came into existence in 1935 with colonel battey in charge of this project.

Currently you can see lakes created due to the power project on Uhl river and witness the same once you cross the bridge and get to Power house site across the river.

Places to visit in Barot valley

Kahog – Observe The Birds Eye View Of Barot Town From This Rustic Village 

Kahog is a rustic village perched above Barot town and is an incredible vantage point to observe the whole town of Barot along with the famous Shanan power house and the lakes.

Although there is no road to Kahog, but it is located quite close to the main Barot town and it takes only around 30 minutes to reach the village at maximum. The hike should not exceed more than 2 km.

So it can be a quick exploration trip of a couple of hours with no crowds and good views of Barot town.

Naman – One Of The Most Scenic Places To Visit Near Barot Town

Further beyond Kahog and Tarwan, there exists another scenic village with typical wooden houses and pristine vistas quite close to the main town of Barot.

Although there is no road connectivity to Naman, there exists decent trail from Barot via Kahog and Tarwan. Once done exploring you can get down to the village of Kao and return to Barot town. Thus making it a circuit.

The total hike should not exceed more than 12 km. Also, do not venture here all alone take a local guide along with you.

There is danger of wild animals and villagers do not like the prospect of outsiders traveling solo here, this is coming from a personal experience.

Barot Valley Places To Visit

Lapas Village & Waterfall – A Beautiful Waterfall in Chuhar valley

Are you chasing waterfalls on your trips ? Well if that’s case the a trip to Lapas will be a perfect one for you.

Located quite near to the town of Barot, The Lapas waterfall is close to the village of Lapas. The village of Lapas is accessible via road as well as a short hike from main Barot road.

Ensure that you take guidance from the locals or take a guide along with you.

Ruling – A Remote Yet Picturesque Locale Of Chuhar Valley

Ruling is a typical village in Chuhar valley located on a ridge with pretty vistas. If you want to get a sneak peek into day to day lives of Himalayan folks in a rustic village, Galu is the best one.

You can reach Ruling by hiking via the villages of Dragan & Galu. The village of Dragan is just 2km away from Barot town. There is also a temple dedicated to Gahari devta in the village of Ruling

Ensure that you take a guide along with you in you are going to explore the aforementioned villages. The locals here may be taken aback if you travel all alone.

Jharwar – One Of The Last Villages Of Chuhar Valley

One of the last villages of Chuhar valley, The village of Jhawar is a beautiful vantage point to witness surreal valley views.

The best thing about Jharwar village is that you do not need to hike if you have a vehicle as there is a road going all the way to village.

I personally really liked the vibe of this village and my host Mangat Ram Ji accompanied me to this village. So I would suggest you do the same and ask a local to accompany you or hire guide.

Places to visit in barot valley

Khaliyal – Witness The Serene Views Of Dhauladhar’s From This Rustic Village

Just a 10-minute uphill hike from the road, the village of Khaliyal was one of the my favourites thanks to it being located at such an amazing vantage.

The traditional Himalayan houses added to the beauty of this village many folds. You can also witness the high mountains of Dhaludhar ranges from here.

Meyot – This Pristine Village Of Chuhar Valley Will Impress You

Meyot is the last village of Chuhar and certainly quite scenic to be honest. The locals are friendly and amiable. And was even offered tea when my host engaged in some conversations with his friends in the village.

So if you want to engage in conversations while marveling at the incredible landscapes and witnessing the daily Himalayan life in Chuhar valley. Meyot is a nice place to be at.

The distance of Meyot from Barot town is around 16 km and the road ends here.

Winch Camp & Head gear – Glimpses of Colonial Past In Barot Valley

Would embark on hike to colonial era funicular railway line with a great vantage point. Well Winch camp and head gear offer you exactly that.

Winch camp and headgear are two stations on Jogindernagar – Barot funicular railway line set up by the Britishers in colonial years. I personally wanted to go on a hike here, but had cancel for personal reasons.

In case you want to embark on the hike, locals should be able to guide on this.

To conclude, I hope this list of places to visit in Barot valley inspires you to have authentic explorations and experiences in this pristine valley of Barot. 

In case of queries regarding to places to visit in barot valley, do reach out to me in the comments below. I’ll be happy to help to the best of my knowledge.