Lahaul being a predominantly Buddhist community is home to a lot of splendid monasteries. Therefore, to have a completely enriched travel experience, I have come up with 7 monasteries of Lahaul you must visit in my current blog.

Since I have personally been to each these 7 tranquility providing monasteries in Lahaul, I highly insist all my fellow travelers pay them a visit as well.

Monasteries of Lahaul you must visit

7 Exquisite Monasteries of Lahaul You Must Visit 

Lahaul also known as Garsha is one of the important pilgrimage site for Buddhists. Back in the day, Yogis, Scholars used to embark on a pilgrimage from far away lands to meditate in Lahaul when Buddhism was widespread in India.

Therefore, to understand the cultural, religious and historically significance, you must visit these splendid monasteries of Lahaul. Learning about Buddhism is one of the 31 promising reasons to visit Himachal, and there can be no better place than Lahaul.

1. Labrang Gompa – Visit This Magical Gompa Near Khwaling (Sissu)

Labrang Gompa is located near Sissu in Labrang village. Being at a comparatively higher Altitude than Sissu, it is great vantage point to witness the valley with huge mountains all around.

You can reach here by road even though I hiked from Sissu. The hike is just a 30-45 uphill trudge via Jagdang village which then eventually meets the road. You can ask the locals Sissu and they will definitely show you the way.

I would recommend you to actually hike to the Gompa instead of coming by road. This way you can soak in the incredible vistas of Chandra valley.

By the way, I have a complete Backpacking guide to Lahaul from Mumbai in which I have dwelled deep into all the relevant details that you need for your epic trip to Lahaul.

Monasteries in Lahaul valley

Labrang Gompa near Khwaling (Sissu) is worth visiting. The monasteries has a fairly modern look to it and has beautiful statues of Different forms of Buddhas.

2. Shashur Gompa – The Celestial Land of Blue Pines

Shashur literally means Blue pines. It is locate at relatively higher altitude from Kyelang. A 5 km motorable dirt track leads to the Gompa from District Headquarters at Kyelang.

Shashur Gompa was established by Dewa Gyatso from Zanskar. Shashur Gompa is also a Drukpa Sect Gompa. The Gompa has been renovated.

The Gompa is situated on right bank and provides splendid views of the left bank. You can also spot huge peaks like Gushal Goh and others in the backdrop. Such incredible views will make your jaw drop

Earlier there used to be a proper trail from Kyelang but now there is a road. But still you can hike on the motorable road to experience the incredible landscapes all around.

Gompas of Lahaul valley

Shashur Gompa is one of more important monasteries of Lahaul valley. Established by Dewa Gyatso it has had several renovations done to it over the years.

3. Bokar Gompa – Soak in The Peaceful Vibes Amidst The Pristine Landscapes

Bokar Gompa a Drukpa Sect Gompa is located near Gumrang village above Kyelang. It was founded by Be Tsering

Similar to the other Gompas of Lahaul, you’ll get to witness the statues of different forms of Buddha along with murals depicting the same.

Bokar Gompa can be reached by road. But I would recommend hiking to the Gompa. It is just around 3-4 km from New bus stand in Keylong.

If you are hiking to the Gompa, then the trail suddenly takes an uphill diversion so keep this in mind. I missed it and ended up in Gumrang village (eventually made it to the Gompa) but I was rewarded with a great view of the Gompa and Gushal Goh.


Monasteries to visit in Lahaul valley.

Amazing view of Bokar Gompa from the trail to Gumrang village. I accidentally took the trail to village instead of the Gompa and got rewarded with such wonderful view of the Gompa and Gushal Goh peak in the backdrop.

4. Tupchiling Gompa

Tupchiling Gompa is located just 3 km above Tandi. It said to be a branch of the Guru Ghantal Gompa. Visiting such a peaceful Gompa in Lahaul can be the best way to escape the overrated and crowded places like Kasol.

You can reach here from Tandi. You have to take the road going to Kardang from Tandi. I am not aware of a hiking trail to Tupchiling Gompa, if there is any, but you can ask the locals.

If you are hiring a private cab you can pay a visit to Tupchiling Gompa and Kardang at once.

Lahaul valley monasteries

Tupchiling Gompa is said to be the branch of Guru Ghantal. It is just 3-4 km from Tangti, the confluence of River Chandra and Bhaga.

5. Kardang Gompa

Kardang Gompa is one of the important Gompas of Lahaul just located above the Kardang village. Back in the day, Kardang was the capital of Lahaul.

Kardang Gompa is Drukpa Sect Gompa and fairly new and has a modern look to it. The Gompa itself has several statues of Different Buddhas and beautiful mural paintings.

Situated on the left bank of Bhaga River, Kardang Gompa is an incredible vantage point to observe the right bank of Bhaga and the areas of Kyelong and Upper Kyelang. You can also spot bokar Gompa from here and Lady of Kyelang glacier in the backdrop.

There is road reaching right up to Kardang Gompa. But again, I’ll recommend you to hike if you are visiting the Gompa from Kyelang. I only got know about the hiking trail from Kyelang after my visit.


Monasteries in Lahaul valley

Kardang is one of the biggest and major monasteries in Lahaul currently. Although, there exists a road to the Gompa now, but you can even hike from Keylang, as people used back in the day.

6. Gemur Gompa – Witness The Incredible Cham Dance During Summers

Also know as Chokkor Samatan Cholling, Gemur Gompa is located in Gemur village, Tod valley, Upper Bhaga. The Gompa was founded was founded by Gelong Palden Tenzin a practitioner from Tod.

It is the main Gompa in the Tod valley. You get to witness incredible of Jispa with River Bhaga flowing adjacent to it. In fact, Gemur is a perfect Alternative to crowded and overrated places like Kasol and I have 16 such exquisite alternatives.

The Gompa is located in Gemur village right on the Leh manali highway before Jispa. You can reach the Gemur Gompa after an uphill hike for 15 minutes from Gemur village.

Gemur Gompa is famous for its Cham dance during summers. Cham festival commences on the 19th day in the 5th month of the lunar Calendar.


Gompas to Visit in Lahaul valley

Gemur Gompa located above the village of Gemur is the main Gompa of the Tod valley. The views you get from you here are just incredible. It is also famous for its Cham Dance during the Summers.

7. Urgos Gompa – The Incredible Jewel Of Miyar Valley.

Urgos Gompa is located in Urgos village, Miyar valley, A sub valley of Lahaul. It is around 30 km from Udaipur in Pattan valley.

The Gompa is located right at road head and it only takes around 5 minutes to reach there.

To reach Urgos you’ll need to take a bus to Shukto from Udaipur or Keylong. From Keylong there is a lone bus to Shukto at 8.00 am. From Udaipur, there is one at noon and another at around 4-5 in the evening.


Monasteries to Travel to in Lahaul

Probably the only monastery of Miyar valley. Located in Urgos, beautiful village in Miyar valley, A visit to Urgos Gompa is a must if you are in Miyar.

Gompas I Wish to Visit on My Future Trips to Lahaul

As a traveler, I do extensive research before visiting a new place. Therefore, I know of a lot of Gompas that I wanted to visit but could not owing to major time constraints from my last trip.

I found a book – Garsha – The Land of Dakinis and this book provided me with all the information I needed.

Guru Ghantal

Ancient Gompa above Tupchiling Gompa.

Tayul Gompa  

Gompa near Stingri village in Tod valley.

Yurdong Gompa  

A Gompa near Biling village near Kyelnag

Sila Gompa

A Gompa above Dalang village in Tinan valley

Mani Gompa

The Gompa is located in the famous Lahauli village of Gondhla

Lama Gompa

Situated on the left bank of River Bhaga, somewhere near Kardang.

Khoksar Gompa

Located in Khoksar, the first village of Lahaul from Rohtang La side.

Othang Gompa

The only Gelugpa Sect Gompa Located in Pattan valley.

A Few things to Keep in Mind while Visiting Gompas of Lahaul

Unlike Spiti, there a lot of Gompas in Lahaul. Almost every major village has a Gompa. And since it is not frequented by many visitors, they are locked most of the times.

So in that case you have to look for the Lama who is in charge of the Gompa. Usually, they are close to the Gompa and you should have no problems finding them.

In case, you are going to visit Guru Ghantal, Please make sure you collect the keys from Tupchilng Gompa.

This brings to me the end of this blog. I hope you found value in my blog, and will visit this beautiful monasteries of Lahaul to take your travel experience to the next the level.

In case, you have any queries regarding any of these monasteries of Lahaul, then feel free to reach out in the comments below.