Solo travel packing list will come in very handy for those who are going on a solo trip for the very first. Packing for a solo especially if its your first time can be overwhelming.

Therefore, based on my experiences across several solo trips, let me help with a comprehensive solo travel packing list that will be of a great help.

Solo Travel Packing List – Things to Pack for a Solo Trip

What to pack for a solo trip could one key dilemmas that you might have before going on a solo.

Key things to remember while going on a solo trip, one is to take a rucksack and second is take pack light take all the necessary things but don’t increase the weight by packing unnecessary things.

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Clothes To Pack For A Solo Trip

Now what kind of clothes to pack depends on what kind of region you are visiting and what’s the weather going to be at the time of your trip. Based on that, you can pack your clothes.

But do remember pack light and don’t pack n clothes of n days worth of trip. Also this might sound a bit harsh, but try to blend in and avoid grabbing eyeballs based on clothing in conservative countries as a solo traveler.

Solo travel packing list

Clothes To Pack For Men


For men, we have the classic options to pack in terms of tshirts or shirts, so based on the your comfort and liking pack the tshirts or shirts or a mix of both on your solo trip.

Shorts/Denims/Hiking pants/Woolen pants

Shorts can be a really good choice to pack during the summers months, tropical countries, beaches, while shorts may not be a viable option if you are visiting in winters or in relatively cold temperatures.

While denims are a good choice, but I personally avoid them as they are not very breathable. As I travel a lot to the Himalayas, moving around becomes a bit difficult especially when going on hikes.

I usually prefer hiking pants or trekking pants which are quite comfortable and breather. Therefore based on the region, season and temperature of the destination your visiting, make sure you pack shorts, denims, hiking pants etc accordingly.

Clothes To Pack For Women


Again depending on the region you are visiting, you can choose from t shirts, shirts, tops, dresses whatever you are comfortable with. But remember in the colder climates clothing like dresses etc might not be very viable.

Shorts/Denims/Hiking pants/Woolen pants

Again based on the weather and region, women solo travelers can also pack shorts, denims, hiking pants etc as per their comfort and hiking.

Warm Clothes For Solo Travel Packing List 

In case you are traveling in winters to colder places, or going on a hike to high altitudes in colder regions, in such cases carrying warm clothes becomes absolutely necessary.

While in western countries you’ve centralized heating indoors, but that’s not the case in Indian Subcontinent. It can get really cold in the Indian subcontinent and Himalayas and in the absence of centralized heating indoors you really feel the chill.

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Solo travel packing list


If you are traveling in winters or to colder places or higher altitudes, layering is key in sub-zero temperatures and below. And thermal acts as a first defense to protect you from cold.

So ensure you carry thermals if you were visiting in mountains or colder countries or in winters where temperatures easily drop around sub-zero or even below.

Light sweater/ Fleece layer/ Hoodie/ Sweat Shirt

The key to protect oneself from cold is to layer up. Therefore, If you are going to mountains, colder regions or in winters you must carry the above mentioned layers depending how much cold it is.

In the higher altitudes and mountainous regions like Himalayas, Alps, Dolomites etc, the temperatures are balmy even in the summer months, you ensure you carry at least one such layer.

Good Quality Warm Jacket

A good quality warm jacket is absolutely must if you are visiting regions with cold temperatures especially if its winter.

A waterproof/resistant jacket is a highly recommended to tackle the sub-zero temperatures or below. Of course, layering is the key to protect oneself from the cold.

I personally have been using this quechua water resistant jacket which can keep me warm upto -10 degrees with layers. And I must it has been worth every penny and has helped me tackle winters in the Himalayas.

Woolen Socks/ Woolen Caps/ Woolen Gloves

Again if its too cold, make sure sure you carry woolen socks, woolen caps, woolen gloves.

Hands, ears, Feet are the most exposed part of our body and do ensure to carry aforementioned items in case you are venturing to colder areas or during winters.

Footwear To Pack For A Solo Trip

Depending on where you are headed and in what kind of terrain, footwear needs to pack accordingly.

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Sandals/Flip Flops

Sandals and flip flops come in very handy no matter whether you are headed to mountains or beaches. The come in really handy when you need to move around your accommodation or just locally and not very far off.

Normal shoes

In case you are just into exploration, sightseeing kind of activities then your normal shoes will suffice and you don’t need anything fancy.

So ensure you carry shoes as per your choice and comfort.

Hiking and Trekking shoes

If you are someone who loves to spend much of time on the pristine trails, then please pack hiking and trekking shoes in my opinion.

Basic hiking shoes will suffice on day hikes and dry weather. But for hiking in snow you need a bit advanced hiking shoes which are waterproof.

If multi-day trek is on your agenda and you are frequent hiker in the mountains, they I would suggest you to go for advance level hiking shoes. Here are some decent hiking shoes you should check out if you are looking to buy one.

Camping Gear To Pack For A Solo Trip

In case you’re the one who loves camping all alone or are looking to have that experience on your solo trip, here is what you need to pack for your trips.

And if you don’t just simply don’t pack these items and carry extra weight.


If you are looking to go on hikes and treks or go camping in woods, the first and foremost thing you would need is a tent. So please ensure that you carry one.

Good quality tents are available at Decathlon. So according to your budget you can buy if don’t have one.

Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags are of utmost when going trekking and camping, especially in the mountainous terrain like Himalayas, Alps, Dolomites etc.

They will ensure that you body-heat does not escape which in turn will help you keep warm. Even if the temperatures outside are several degrees below 0.

The temperatures plummets several notches during the night. Especially in high-altitude areas. So make sure you have decent quality sleeping depending on the season you are visiting the Himalayas.

If you are need of sleeping bags, decently quality sleeping bags are available at Decathlon.

Trekking Mattress/Insulation 

Trekking mattress and insulation is another key component of your trekking gear.

Along with the sleeping bag which traps the body heat, the insulation pad prevents the loss of heat to the ground.

So for an enjoyable hiking or camping experience it is essential that you carry a trekking mattress in my opinion. Decathlon has tons of trekking mattresses to choose from if you are looking to buy one.

Hiking Pole

A decent hiking pole can come in very handy if you are going to hike. Hiking pole really provides the support that your body needs while ascending and descending steeps slopes.

I personally started using hiking pole only recently and I must tell it really helps be it ascending or descending.

Cooking gear

If you are planning to do a full self-sufficient camping or hiking trip, you need bring along cooking utensils, gas stove etc.

So make sure that you have appropriate cooking items and gear in order to survive in the wilderness.  Of course not to forget the ration itself.

Toiletries For Solo travel Packing List

Packing toiletries is one of the essential things to while packing for a solo trip. Here are some essential toiletries I recommend that you take on your solo trip.

Solo travel packing list

Hand Sanitizer, Soap, Shampoo, Shower Gel

While a lot of the hotels do provide these basic toiletries, but you should carry your own. If you are planning to stay in budget hostels, budget hotels or homestays, there might be chances you don’t get these as per your choice and liking.

So ensure to carry them even though you might be able to get them at your place of stay. Sometimes getting these items becomes difficult, especially if you are going to remote areas.

Toilet paper

Many countries and cultures don’t use toilet paper and use water instead. So if you are not used to it, please make sure you carry toilet paper on your trip. Especially if you are visiting countries in the Indian subcontinent or south east Asia.

Tooth Paste and Tooth Brush

Again, this is no-brainer. Ensure that you pack a tooth paste and tooth brush of your own choice when going on a solo trip

Unless you are staying in luxury properties there are chances that you might not get tooth paste and tooth brush.

Conditioner/Moisturizer/ Sunscreen

Harsh sunlight and altitude really in the mountains can damage or skin. That’s when Moisturizer and sunscreen come in handy.

But moisturizer, sunscreen of your own choice and liking could be difficult to get  in the remote and not so popular places.

Hence, I would advise you to please carry these items of your choice and brand when packing for a solo trip.

Menstrual Hygiene Products

To all the fellow female solo travelers, please ensure that you pack appropriate menstrual hygiene items while on a solo trip, especially if you are going to remote and far-flung areas.

Some times getting menstrual hygiene products can really be hard to get in the far-flung areas, like the remote villages of the Himalayas.

I have personally witnessed a fellow female traveler really struggle to get them in a remote village of Lahaul valley. Packing them before hand will ensure that you do not have any unpleasant experiences.

Medicines To Pack For a Solo Trip

Sometimes medical emergencies can come to haunt you in a solo trip. When traveling all alone, it is you yourself who needs to tackle such a situation.

Therefore, packing basic medicines for common ailments become key items for your solo travel packing list. I’ve learnt this the hard way.

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Solo travel packing list

First aid Kit, Pain reliever sprays & insect repellent

If possible carry basic first aid kit items like Bandages, anti-septic creams, etc to treat minor injuries and wounds. Carrying pain reliever sprays is also advisable.

Basic Over the counter Medicines

Make sure you carry basic over the counter medicines for common ailments like cold, cough, fever, headache, allergy etc.

Sometimes finding even basic over the counter medicines can be hard to find in the remote areas. So carrying them before hand can really save you a hassle.

Your own Medicines

In case you have chronic ailments or illnesses like Diabetes, Hypertension, make sure you carry your own medicines as prescribed by your doctor.

As I mentioned earlier getting even basic medicines is a struggle in the mountains sometimes so just forget about your specific medicines.

Altitude Sickness Medicines

If you are visiting high-altitude areas above 3000 m, the danger of AMS always looms large.

Best way to avoid AMS is to be properly acclimatized. But in case you are short on time and you know you are going to gain altitude quickly without being properly acclimatized, you can carry AMS medicines before hand.

AMS threat is very real in high altitude valleys. And here is a detailed guide on how tackle AMS in the high-altitude valleys. 

Diamox is the one which usually helps you acclimatize faster, while Dexamethasone will help you buy time to descend to lower altitude in case your AMS becomes worse.

Miscellaneous Essential things To Carry For A Solo Trip

These are some essential things that you must and will make your life easy while exploration, hiking trip when traveling alone.

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ID card

Please ensure you carry a valid ID whenever you are going for a solo trip to your own country or any other country for that matter.

Usually you are asked to provide a valid identity card whenever you check into a hotel, homestay, hostel, guesthouses. So make sure you carry one.

Power Bank

While outdoors power bank can really help if your devices are low on battery. You don’t want to get disconnected in a land unknown to you and not be able to get help in case of any unfortunate situation or an emergency.

I recently bought this one-plus fast charging power bank and it really works great.

Day Pack 

Carrying a day pack will really make your life easy when on exploration trips, sightseeing or hiking on pristine trails

While out on an exploration trip or day hiking, you can carry a 10 – 20 litre day pack where in you can put water bottle, food items and other items that are important.

I personally always carry one. And it comes in super handy while I am exploring the pristine trails in the mountains. I use the day pack to carry some fruits, food times and water along with power bank.


Weather is something that you can’t predict in the mountains. And that’s when poncho can come to your rescue.

In order to avoid getting drenched in case of any sudden change in the weather, make sure you carry one. Especially if you are visiting the mountains during the monsoons.

Hat or Cap

Sunlight can be pretty harsh in certain areas. And Tanning is inevitable as a result

But you can slow it down and save yourself a bit if you wear a hat or cap when outdoors so that sun doesn’t directly fall on your face.

Water Bottles

I personally always make it a point to carry my own water bottle when going on solo trips. You do not need to buy packaged this way and can refill your bottles at regular intervals.

You can refill your bottle at your place of stay like at hostels, hotels etc and also refill from clean water sources.

Sun glasses

If you are traveling to the mountains, sun is harsh especially at the higher altitudes. Plus if you are in snowy environment you definitely need sunglasses to avoid snow blindness.

Therefore I would advise you to pack sunglasses if you are going to high altitude valleys and snowy terrains.

To conclude, I hope the solo travel packing list comes in very handy when you are packing for the things to carry for a solo trip. Key is to pack light, but have all essential things and leave out things which you don’t require.

In case you have any further questions on what to pack for a solo trip, make sure to drop them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to answer them.