Traveling to high altitude lakes in Lahaul was a magnificent experience for me. The vistas I saw around these splendid lakes really left me speechless as a Traveler. The Tranquility I experienced at the lakes was certainly unmatched.

This is why I’ll highly recommend you to experience the grandeur of these exquisite lakes just like I had on my trip. Some of these are easily accessible, while a few others can only be reached on foot.

Traveling to High Altitude Lakes in Lahaul – An Ethereal Delight

If you are traveling to Lahaul, then visiting its ethereal lakes in definitely a must. The Landscapes that you get to witness here will surely blow your mind as a traveler.

But lakes are just one aspect of Lahaul valley. There is lots you can do, to make your Lahaul trip memorable.

And In case, you are traveling to Lahaul for the first time, can check out my backpacking guide to Lahaul in which I dive deep to help you make a successful and memorable trip to Lahaul.

1. Tso Chikgma (Chandra Tal) – Other Worldly Lake of Lahaul that Needs No Introduction

Yes many of you might find this surprising, but Tso Chikgma (Chandra Tal) is geographically located in Lahaul and not Spiti. Perched at around 14,000 ft, Tso Chikgma (Chandratal) acts as the source of River Chandra with glaciers near Baralacha La feeding it.

Tso Chikgma (Chandra Tal) is said to be one of the most beautiful lakes of Himachal and it is indeed picturesque. Earlier it used to be quite offbeat but it is the most popular lake of Himachal. By the way, you can read my insights on the state of offbeat places in Himachal.

Since it mostly associated with Spiti circuit trip, it considered to be a part of Spiti itself which is not true. As Lahaul has now got a tourism boost thanks to Atal Tunnel, Tso Chikgma (ChandraTal) will feature in both Lahaul and Spiti circuit Itineraries.

To reach Tso Chikgma (Chandratal) from Lahaul, you need to take a diversion from Leh-Manali highway at Gramphu. Then once you reach Batal, you need to take another diversion towards the lake.

There are lot of campsites from June to October at the meadows just a couple of km before the lake. They are usually a bit expensive and cost around Rs 1500 per night per person including meals.


Lakes of Lahaul valley

Tso Chikgma or ChandraTaal is one of the most popular lakes of Himachal Pradesh. Often thought to be a part of Spiti, It is actually located in Lahaul valley. You can surely visit on your Lahaul Trip. I actually could not believe my eyes when I had a glimpse of the lake. Such is the beauty of Tso Chikgma (Chandratal)

Get Mesmerized By The Scenic Beauty Of Tso Kamtsi (Suraj Tal) 

Perched at around 16,000 Ft, The glaciers feeding Tso Kamtsi or Suraj Tal are the source of River Bhaga. Tso Kamtsi or Suraj Tal is at distance of 82 km away from Kyelang.

You have to see the lake for yourself to comprehend its grandeur. Such is the beauty of this wonderful lake. The impeccable colors of the lake appear different in different conditions. And Of course owing to the crazy altitude, it remains frozen for 7 months a year.

Reaching Suraj Tal is fairly easy. located just a couple of km below Baralacha La, you don’t need a separate trip to make a visit to this ethereal lake.

I would recommend you to make a day trip from Kyelang to Baracha La and cover Tso Kamtsi as well during the same trip. You can also cover Dozom Tso (Deepak Tal), Darcha, Jispa on the very same day trip incase you are short on time.

There are no campsites here and it is not recommended to spend more than a few minutes owing to crazy. Also, you’ll need to hire private cab to visit Tso Kamtsi.

Glacial Lakes in Lahaul valley

Suraj Tal is one of highest lakes in our country. The Glaciers near Baralacha La feed this lake which in turn becomes the source of River Bhaga. I was quite stunned to be honest when I saw the Lake.

Experience Serenity At Dozom Tso (Deepak Tal) 

Dozom Tso or more popularly known as Deepak is a high-altitude located near Patseo some 4 km from Darcha. When compared to the other popular lakes of Lahaul it is quite small.

But nonetheless the lake is very pretty. The landscapes around the lake are just jaw-dropping. And a visit to Dozom Tso is a must if you are in Lahaul. In fact, Dozom Tso is one of the places to escape the crowded and overrated places like Kasol.

You can reach Dozom Tso quite easily as it is located right on Leh-Manali highway, Baralacha La, Tso Kamtsi, Dozom Tso, can all be easily covered in a day trip from Kyelang.

To cover all the places like Baracha La, Tso Katmsi, Dozom Tso, and a few others, I ended up paying around Rs 4000 for the entire cab. So if there are more people you this cost will get divided and it will be fairly inexpensive.


Lahaul Valley lakes

Dozom Tso or Deepak Tal is a small little lake located near Patseo close to Darcha. You can visit this lake while on your trip to Baralacha La.

Lakes of Lahaul That can be only reached on foot

As a traveler, I always research about the place I am visiting before and even after the visiting the place. Lahaul was no exception. As a result of thorough research I read about these wonderful lakes on the internet and books.

Here are a few lakes in Lahaul which require you trudge at such dizzying altitudes to reach. But if you are fit enough and well acclimatized then you can surely give them a shot.

Trek to The Mystical Ghepang Lake (Alyas Lake)

Ghepang lake (Alyas lake) is a glacial lake situated above Khwaling (Sissu). The trek to this lake starts from a village called Retil above Khwaling if conditions are right.

From what I read and understood, The trek itself is not that difficult if you manage to find the trail, but finding the correct way itself is quite difficult.

You can contact Rajeshwar Thakur +91 7018369494 if you wish to trek to Ghepang lake, He has been to this wonderful lake and can guide you properly on how to reach there. You can also read Tarun Goel’s account of a trek to this in his book Sabse Uncha Pahad.

Neelkanth Mahadev – Mesmerizing Lake Dedicated To Lord Shiva

A beautiful lake dedicated to lord shiva in Pattan valley of Lahaul. The trek to this lake starts from a remote village called Naingahar. Visiting the village itself will be on my agenda during my next trip and I have curated a list of 17 such lesser known Himalayan villages in Lahaul in my blog.

As per local belief and traditions, women are not allowed. I know it might sound ridiculous in this day and age but locals traditions say otherwise.

In case you wish to visit this lake, you can take the help of locals to help you with the trek. You can also read Tarun Goels trek to this lake in Sabse Uncha Pahad.

Discover the Unnamed Lakes above Thanpattan on the way to Kang La 

There are several small lakes en route the crossover trek from Miyar valley to Zanskar via Kang La.

I have read about these lakes on a post relating to the trek to Kang La by Indiahikes and it has also been confirmed by Rajeshwar Thakur who is well versed with Lahaul valley.

But I must say that this will not be an easy trek. So please make sure to come extremely prepared.

This brings me to the end of this blog. I hope that traveling to these high altitude lakes in Lahaul will be one the highlights of your amazing trip to Lahaul.

In case, you have any questions regarding the lakes in Lahaul, Please feel free to reach out in the comments below.