“Why is Harshil famous” if you are wondering the same, I’ve got a few reasons pertaining to rise in Harshil’s popularity over the years.

After having stayed in Harshil for a couple of weeks, Harshil is certainly as picturesque as it described to be. But there are certain aspects and reasons which made it famous. So lets get started.

Why Is Harshil Famous – Reasons To Visit Harshil 

Perched at 2600m amidst surreal and otherworldly landscapes, Harshil is a delight for those seek tranquility and serenity over the clamour of cliched tourist resorts in Himalayas.

Based on my travels and observations I’ve come up with a few factors and aspects that make Harshil desirable and reasons to visit Harshil.

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Picturesque Landscapes Of Harshil That Will Blow Your Mind

Surrounded by lofty snow-capped peaks, towering pines, heritage villages Harshil is one of the picturesque places that I have been to.

The sheer beauty of the place really attracts a lot of travelers to Harshil valley. This has made Harshil valley quite famous.

Just a piece of advise, try visiting Harshil post winter during March and April. That way you’ll beat the summer crowd and have the valley at its finest landscape wise.

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Is harshil worth it

Surreal Vistas of Harshil. In frame, the trail on the way to Jhala Village from Bagori.

Lesser crowded Locale Amidst Hill stations overrun by Travelers in UK

Quite often Harshil finds itself in the list of offbeat places to visit in the Himalays. By no means it is an offbeat place.

But with that being, the lesser crowded tag has given it an edge over tourist hotspots like Naintal, Mussorie, Auli, and also made Harshil famous.

I know its sounds ironical, but its off the beaten nature relatively lesser crowd than your average Himalayan hill-station is also one of the reasons to visit Harshil.

Winter Abode Of Goddess Ganga – Mukhba or Mukhwa 

The actual abode of Goddess Ganga located in Gangotri which is not very far from Harshil. But the Gangotri temple is only open for devotees during the summers months from around May to October.

Thats where Dreamy locale of Mukhwa or Mukhba village comes into the picture. With grand views of Harshil horns, traditional styled houses Mukhwa is an epitome of a rustic Himalayan village.

Mukhwa village is the winter abode of Goddess Ganga. The doli of Goddess Ganga is only taken to Gangtori once the bone chilling winter and mild spring gives way to pleasant summer.

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Mukhwa Village – The Winter Abode Of Goddess Ganga.

Harshil Is The Gateway to Gartang Gali and Nelong Valley 

The aftermath of indo-china conflict in 1962 meant that once thriving eccentric villages of Jadong and Nelong had to abandoned. The locals were forced to leave the Nelong valley and settle elsewhere.

In the same manner, Nelong valley and Gartang Gali remained off the limits even for the tourists. Until a few years back when it opened for tourism and social media made it viral.

The closeness of Harshil valley to Gartang Gali and Nelong valley, has also reaped benefits for Harshil as people usually prefer Harshil over Uttarkashi town as a pit-stop.

Heritage And Rustic Villages Of Harshil 

Harshil is also known for its heritage and rustic villages. Bagori is one such village in Harshil that has been propelled into limelight and received widespread recognition.

This pretty locale has an absolutely impeccable setting. Surrounded by snow peaks, apple orchards, rustic houses staying at Bagori was really a highlight of my travel.

While Bagori is currently the most popular one in Harshil it is not the only one. Villages like Mukhwa, Purali, Jhala, Jaspur, Cholmi, Dharali are equally fascinating villages ideal to get a glimpse into Garwhali lifestyle.

reasons to visit Harshil valley

Rustic village of Dharali, The more famous of Harsil valley.

Pristine Hiking and Trekking Trails Of Harshil

Pristine hiking and trekking trails is one of the reasons why Harshil is famous. From short days hikes to multi-day treks, harshil has a lot to offer for every kind of hiker or trekker.

Crossover treks like Lamkhaga trek from Harshil to Chitkul in Kinnaur valley has really brought Harshil into limelight as trekking destination and made Harshil famous amongst avid hikers and trekkers.

I’ve personally hiked a bit in Harshil and all I’ll say is to expect some insanely picturesque vistas, enchanting forests, pristine villages and undulating meadows on your hiking sojourn in Harshil.

Beautiful Apple Orchards In Harshil

Unlike Himachal, Uttarakhand has very few regions or places involved in apple farming. But Harshil is one of the exceptions. And apple orchards are certainly one of the attractions in Harshil.

So if you have a liking for orchards and things revolving around apple farming, I am sure that you’ll love your time in Harshil.

Apple flowering is really sight to behold during the spring. While Summers is when you can actually see the fruit grow which gives way to harvesting in August and September.

Apple tree devoid of life during early spring at the backyard of the homestay I was staying at.

To sum it up, I hope you now know why Harshil is famous. Stunning vistas, surreal hiking trails, beautiful heritage locales, extensive apple orchards are some of the reasons which makes Harshil absolutely worth it.

In case you any questions, don’t hesitate and reach out in the comments below. I’ll be glad to answer them.