Trekking and hiking in Himalayas is addictive, fun and rewarding to say the least. Therefore, this super useful list of Easy Hikes and Treks around Kullu & Manali will be extremely useful for those looking to kickstart their hiking journey around Kullu Manali.

Based on my frequent travels to Kullu and Manali, I can assure you that there is no dearth of beautiful hikes to pretty rustic villages, pristine meadows, exquisite temples in Kullu and Manali.

So here is a list of such easy hikes and treks around Kullu Manali that are not only beginner friendly but equally rewarding in terms of landscapes.

13 Easy Hikes and Treks Around Kullu Manali That Are Super Rewarding 

Hiking is one of the my favourite things to do in Kullu and Manali and Himalayas in general. Trails to Pristine villages, otherworldly meadows, splendid vantage points, exquisite temples always amazes me.

On a personal level I avoid multi-day treks and almost exclusively embark on simpler day hikes which is suitable for my body.

So for those who are looking to begin their hiking journey in the Himalayas, these easy hikes and treks around Kullu Manali will be quite rewarding.

Raison to Raughi Village – Explore the True Beauty of Kullu

If you love the vibe of Rustic Himachal village with the pretty wooden houses and impeccable views, the short hike to Raughi village from Raison will be quite rewarding to say the least.

Although, there is a road to Raughi, but hiking to Raughi from Raison will be the best way to experience the beauty of Raughi village and Kullu in general.

The hike starts right from the Raison bridge where you first need to crossover to the left bank of Beas. Then take a shortcut to the road going to Naggar. Then you need to walk some 500 meters towards Kullu past the Raughi. Nalah

You’ll see a small shed type, structure from where you should spot a trail going upwards. Continue the uphill and ask for directions to the locals. It can be confusing. But you’ll find people on the trail.

The village is a great vantage point to observe the high mountains of Fojal (Dhauladhar ranges) and pretty hamlets of Upper Kullu with River Beas or Vipasha meandering across the valley.

From Raison the distance to Raughi is around 3-4 km, but mind you 90 percent of it is uphill. So it will take at least 1.5 hours.

Pretty view of right bank of Beas with high mountains of Fojal in the backdrop visible from the rustic village of Raughi.

Himbri To Shari – Embark On One of The Most Offbeat Hikes Near Kullu Manali

If you love to tread on off the beaten while experiencing some insanely scenic views of snow-capped while strolling though a rustic Kullavi village, The Shari hike is the perfect one near Kullu Manali.

The hike starts from Himbri village which is just around 30 km from Kullu. To reach Himbri you need to take a link road going towards the villages of Karal, Bhat Karal and Himbri.

Himbri village is the last village where the road ends. From Himbri continue on the cemented which passes through the trademark Kath-Kuni styled houses of the village

After some 2 km, you’ll reach a bridge which you need to cross and continue uphill. You’ll soon spot a small clearing and again you need to continue your uphill trudge. The trail is well-marked.

Shari is basically a clearing where villagers let their cattle to graze. The views from Shari are insane and you get beautiful views of meadows and snow-capped peaks of Pir-Panjal including the famous duo of Deo Tibba and Indrasan.

And in case, you are quick and fit hiker, you can even make it to Kadingcha Pass and cross over to Lug valley if the conditions are safe for crossing.

As beginner you might struggle, but nevertheless its short hike and you’ll eventually reach Shari. The total distance to shari is around 14 km from Himbri both ways.

If you are looking to hike and experience the pristines trails near Kullu Manali with rewarding views, hiking to Shari above Himbri village will be surely a wholesome experience in my opinion.

Lot – Kaisdhar – One of The Easiest Yet Most Rewarding Hikes Near Kullu Manali

Imagine yourself sauntering through the dreamy pines to witness colonial era forest rest house on a beautiful ridge with pretty views of lofty snow-capped peaks of Pir Panjal, would you be up for such a hike ?

Kaisdhar is basically a beautiful ridge starting from Lot village near Kullu. The rustic village of Lot in itself is the perfect start to the hike with beautiful old wooden houses where you get a chance to witness true beauty and culture.

And did I mention that Lot is a great vantage point to observe the snow-capped peaks of Pir Panjal including Deo-Tibba, Indrasan, Parvati range peaks and much more.

The hike to Kaisdhar from Lot is a perfect one for beginners and is one of the more easy hikes near Kullu. The hike is almost a level-walk through beautiful Deodhar forests with the snow-capped peaks unraveling themselves time and again.

The main highlight is the end point which is basically the colonial era forest rest house which showcases Britishers penchant for scenic places in the Himalayas.

The distance to Kaisdhar from Lot village is around 7-8 km and it should take around 1.5 to 2 hours for those walk with relaxed pace and ample of rest. Otherwise you can easily reach Kaisdhar in an hour.

Here is a detailed guide for Kaisdhar trek. It will be very helpful for the first time travelers.

Deo Tibba, Probably the most famous peak of Himachal  as seen from Kaisdhar FRH.

Kaisdhar to Chambagarh via Mathiyana Thach – Pristine Meadows, Dreamy Pines, Mysterious Ruins, Lofty Peaks.

The hike to Chambagarh from Kaisdhar is basically a continuation of Lot to Kaisdhar hike. Absolute beginners can stop at Kaisdhar, but fit beginners can easily trudge up to the ruins of Chambagarh.

if you want to pretty 360 degree view of Kullu valley with the lofty snow-capped peaks of Pir Panjal, mid hills of Lug valley and glimpses of other valleys of Kullu, hiking to Chambagarh will be surely rewarding.

The hike starts right from the forest rest house. You need to take the trail going up towards Mathiyana thach which is very well marked and then head leftwards on the ridge to reach Chambagarh which will just take around 20 minutes to reach.

Mathiyana thach in itself is an incredible meadow surrounded by towering peaks, and immaculate view of lofty Pir-Panjal peaks. Its a perfect place for beginners to experience camping with scenic vistas being a treat to ones eyes.

The uphill hike to Mathiyana thach and then to Chambagarh is quite gradual and beginners with decent fitness levels should be easily able to reach Chambagarh.

Of course, its a bit of an ascent when you compare it with Kaisdhar. The total distance from Lot to Chambagarh will be around 15-16 km. Back in the day, Chambargarh was supposedly a watch tower.

Again, there are multiple approaches to the ruins of Chambagarh, but the one from the Kaisdhar FRH via Mathiyana thach is quite beginner friendly to be honest.

Snow capped peaks, ancient ruins, Towering Deodhars, immaculate meadows, what else do you need from a hike. Pretty vistas as seen from the ruins of Chambagarh, 2700m.

Flyan to Parvi Dhar via Jolang Thach – Embark On An Epic Sojourn Through The Meadows of Fojal

If you are looking for a easy hike around Kullu and Manali with grand views of beautiful peaks, lush green meadows and off the beaten trails, the hike to Parvi Dhar via Jolang thach is the perfect one.

The hike starts from Flyan village which is around 30 km from Kullu and around from Manali. Flyan village can be approached from link road via Fojal near Dobhi,

The trail to Parvi Dhar is a gradual one amidst beautiful pin forests via the pristine jolang thach. You’ll also get grand views of Indrasan and Deo Tibba from a series of meadows enroute Parvi Dhar.

One has to just keep on climbing up hill and after crossing a series of meadows one can reach Parvi Dhar in about 2.5 hours. Parvi Dhar is basically the divide between Fojal and Kalichang valley.

By the way, if you want to visit such hidden and pristine places, here is a comprehensive list of hidden places in Kullu.

My second time at Parvi Dhar was an impromptu hike all way from Raison via Flyan village and Jolang thach. Views even better this time around !

Duwara to Dachaini – One of the best Beginner Treks Near Kullu Manali 

What if I told you there a exists a traditional village near with pretty old-fashioned houses and an incredible view of Upper Kullu with snow-capped mountains in the backdrop. Daichaini is one such pristine village near Kullu.

The only way to reach Daichaini is a continuous uphill trudge starting from the village of Duwara. But the effort really pays off with the views that Daichaini offers.

The hike is around 4 km way one way and absolute beginners might struggle. But owing to the short distance it is very doable. The trail is well-marked and make sure that you just go uphill and don’t get side tracked to some other trail.

It almost took me around 2.5 hours to reach here. But the effort was really worth it and really like the tranquility, the views and the rustic vibe that the village of Daichaini had to offer.

So if you are looking to hike on some pristine trails, the hike to Daichaini will be a great one near Kullu and Manali.

Serene vistas of Upper Kullu from Dachaini village after a fresh snow-spell in the high mountains.

Mathasaur – Badasaur hike – Tread On Off The Beaten Path Amidst the Virgin Trails of Lug Valley

The hike to Mathasaur and Badasaur from Shangan in Lug valley is really quite a rewarding one. If you are looking for a pristine trail away from the hustle and bustle of touristy trails, hike to Mathasaur is a great option.

Mathasaur is a basically a wide meadow with religious significance near the pristine village of Jathani near Bhalyani.  There exists a Krishna temple and a small pond with religious significance.

Badasaur is just 20 minute away from Mathasaur along the ridge with a series of beautiful meadows enroute. Like Mathasaur, Badasaur also has a sacred pond and small temple dedicated to the local deity.

The hike to Mathasaur starts from the village of Shangan which is the last point where the bus drops you. From there you have to hike for 15-20 minutes to the village of Bhalyani which in itself is a delightful rustic locale.

From Bhalyani, an uphill climb for 30 minutes will take you to the rustic village of Jathani. The actual hike to Mathasaur begins from Jathani, where you need to take a trail going uphill to reach the ridge line which is basically Mathsaur.

The trail is not very well-marked but keep hiking uphill and you’ll manage to reach Mathasaur somehow. But do make sure that you ask for the route to the villagers.

The hike to Badasaur from Mathasaur is a simple ridge walk while passing through several exquisite meadows and clearings. With one of the meadows showcasing clear view of the snow-capped peaks of Pir-Panjal range.

If you are looking to hike on a pristine trail near Kullu, Mathasaur can be a perfect option in my opinion. Just away 16 km from the main Kullu town, the hike to Mathsaur is a beginner friendly one.

Bijli Mahadev Hike – One Of The Most Popular Treks Near Kullu Manali With Insanely Pretty Landscapes

If you are looking for a popular easy hiking trail with equally rewarding views of Pir Panjal and Dhauladhars, The hike to Bijli Mahadev will be quite a wonderful experience.

Bijli Mahadev is basically beautiful meadow and residing place Lord Shiva. Along with the religious importance the vistas you get to witness from here are insanely pretty.

Located in Kharal valley of Kullu, Chansari is the starting point of the hike. Even though the road goes further beyond Chansari, the bus leaves you at Chansari. You can either take steep shortcuts or else follow the longer route in the form of road.

From Chansari, it will take around 1.5-2 hours to reach Bijli Mahadev at a relaxed pace. The route is very well- frequented and you will find travelers all the time. The trail is also very well-marked.

If you are looking to experience the true beauty of Kullu in an authentic way, Here is a non-cliche itinerary to the beautiful Kullu valley.

Bijli Mahadev apart from its obvious religious significance offers one with an exquisite 360 degree view atop the ridge. On a clear day you can observe snowy peaks of Pir-Panjal and Dhauladhar with ease from Bijli Mahadev ridge.

Shaleen Hike – A Pristine Village Near Touristy Manali That Will Leave You Awestruck

If you are looking for a easy short hike near Manali with pretty vistas, the hike to the village of Shaleen will be a wonderful option.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the touristy clamour of Manali, the village of Shaleen feels like a breath of fresh air. Although a road now goes all the way to Shaleen but I would suggest you to hike to Shaleen.

The trail to Shaleen, climbs uphill from the Green Tax Barrier or locally known as Aloo ground just a few km before Manali main town. The trail is well-marked in the form of cemented stairs steeply climbing uphill.

Absolute beginners might struggle a bit, but again the distance is short and you should eventually make it to the village. The distance from Aloo ground should be around 3-4 km.

There is a beautiful temple dedicated to Shandalya Rishi at Shaleen amidst towering Deodhars. And the landscapes that you get to witness from Shaleen itself are quite beautiful to be honest.

The village of Shaleen is quite beautiful and a lot of houses in Shaleen are still traditional houses despite of its closeness to Manali and road connectivity.

By the way, here is a comprehensive list of 27 beautiful unexplored places near Kullu Manali like Shaleen.

High mountains of Pir-Panjal donning a white look as seen from the village of Shaleen near Manali

Kufri – Muhling Hike

How does a hike to Lush Green Meadows of Upper Kullu passing through beautiful rusitc village amidst dreamy Deodhar trail with insane view of snow-capped peaks sound to you ? Incredible right ?

This is what Shajuni-Kufri-Miuhling near Raison has to offer. Although complete beginners might struggle a bit, but owing to the gradual-ascent this hike is perfect for beginners looking to take things up a notch.

The hike starts from the village of Shajuni located right above Raison. The village itself is a beautiful rustic village of Upper Kullu. The trail from Shajuni to Kufri is kind gradual ascent.

Kufri is basically the first meadow you’ll encounter while on the way to Muhling. From Kufri itself you get a glimpse of snow-covered peaks. Kufri is basically a clearing where villagers leave their cattle to graze.

The end point Muhling is said to have even grander views is what I have heard. I personally have hiked only until Kufri and I was quite impressed to say the least. So you can only imagine the prisitne beauty of Kullu valley from Muhling.

The total hike is around 15-16 km. A perfect for fit beginners wanting to unravelling the lesser-frequented trails in Upper Kullu valley.

Here is a detailed guide on how to explore Himachal using only public transport like I do almost exclusively.

The beautiful Kufri meadows on a not so clear Autumn day. The trail further climbs up to Mahling, Chorgani before finally leading to Chaplang Tibba or Fugni Top, the Divide between Kalichang and Lug valley.

Chikka Hike – On The Hamta Pass Trail

Hike to Chika in Hamta valley is one of the easy treks near Manali. Hamta valley is one of the popular destinations around Manali and just around 10-15 km from the Prini.

The trail to Chikka is almost a level walk with a few ascents and descents perfect for beginners. The initial part of the trail takes of through a beautiful pine forest to a clearing from the last point at Allain barage hydro project.

After crossing the clearing you again enter dreamy pine forests only to find yourself marveling at the rugged beauty of Hamta from yet another meadow or clearing. There is also a small Dhaba at this clearing.

Now a brief descent will lead you to a wooden bridge where in you’ll encounter the most beautiful landscape on the trail. Now you can end the hike herself itself if you are too tired. The place is called Jobra or Jobri, I am not very sure.

Or continue to Chikka which should take you around 45 minutes more. The views remain almost the same as you witness at the wooden bridge at Chikka. But everything now seems more up close.

The hike to Chikka is around 4 km from the end of road at Allain Barage hydro project. The hike can be easily completed in under 2 hours or even less for those who walk fast.

Get rewarded with such scenic views on the hike to Chikka near Hamta valley without putting much effort. A perfect easy hike near manali. In frame is the one of the most instagrammable photos on the Hamta pass trail, near Jobra/Jobri campsite.

Kalang-Tiun Hike – Pristine Vistas From This Village Of Lug Valley Will Blow Your Mind

Hike Tiun in Lug valley will a perfect one for you, if you like to explore the lesser-frequented valleys of Kullu. Lug valley is one of the least frequented valleys in Kullu, but is quite beautiful to say the least.

Tiun is one such Upper village of the valley which is yet to be connected by road. The sea of trade-mark Kath-Kuni styled houses with pretty vistas all-around will surely leave you spellbound.

The hike starts from the village of Kalang in Lug valley. Local buses and shared taxi’s ply regularly from Dhalpur in Kullu town.

The pristine villages of Lug valley and Sarwari Nullah will be your constant companions on the dirt track. When you reach the village of Kadingcha, the road gets narrower and becomes kind of trail.

Continue walking on the trail and you’ll find a bridge across the Sarwari Nullah from where a painful uphill footslog for an hour will transport you to one of the most beautiful villages in Kullu and Lug valley.

Of course, not without getting awestruck by the insanely pretty vistas of the mysterious lug valley. Tiun is home to Fugni Devi, a local deity who is revered across Lug valley and even the Chota Bhangal in Kangra.

The total hike from Kalang to Tiun and back is around 15-16 km. Most of it is a level-walk on the dirt track and only a last couple of km is a non-stop uphill ascent to the village of Tiun. It took me around 2.5 hours to reach Tiun from Gramang.

Tiun, absolutely pretty locale of the lesser-frequented lug valley.

Kasol – Grahan Hike – One Of Most Beautiful Villages In Kullu District

Grahan is one of the most popular hikes near Kullu Manali. And it becomes quite obvious why it is such a popular hike near Kullu Manali once you see the absolutely splendid vistas of the villages itself.

Grahan rose to popularity a few years back when a few travelers and bloggers reached this insanely picturesque village in order to escape the touristy clamour of Kasol.

At that point in time, reaching Grahan was not so easy. The trails were confusing and much of the road was under construction.

All you have to do nowadays is get into a shared cab from Kasol or walk on the road some 6-7 km alongside the alluring Grahan Nullah amidst some insanely pretty forests of Deodhar.

Once you reach the Grahan parking a steep hike for 1-1.5 km will take you to probably one of the most beautiful villages in Kullu district.

The towering pines, huge Kath-Kuni styled houses, insanely pretty temples, and not to mention the lofty snow-covered peaks will surely leave you awestruck. It took me around 2.5 hours to reach the village of Grahan on foot right from Kasol.

Kasol is around 38 km from Kullu.

 Grahan, one of the prettiest villages in Kullu valley

To conclude, I hope you now have plenty of options to choose from this Epic list of easy hikes and treks around Kullu and Manali. Please note that most of these are hidden treks near kullu Manali.

Also, hikes and treks like Jogini falls, Lamadugh can be perfect hikes near Manali. I personally haven’t been there so have not written about them.

In case you have any queries pertaining to easy hikes and treks near Kullu and Manali, please drop them in the comments below. I’ll be happy to answer them.