Backapcking to Rajgundha will be an exciting sojourn for those looking to experience the raw beauty of Himachal. Impeccable scenic vistas, off the beaten hiking trails, amiable locals make Rajgundha for a perfect backpacking destination.

Therefore, let me help you plan your backpacking trip to Rajgundha based out of my experiences. From accommodation options to internet connectivity I’ll go into each and every detailed.

Backpacking to Rajgundha

Backpacking to Rajgundha – A Comprehensive Travel Guide

Nestled in the lap of high mountains, Rajgundha is dreamy locale with snowy peaks to marvel at and towering pines to admire. Now with relatively easy access Rajgundha is bound to receive even more footfall.

But don’t worry, Rajgundha is perfect for those who like solitude but don’t want to go too remote. So lets get started.

How To Reach Rajgundha ?

Back in the day, Rajgundha had no road connectivity. There were two popular approaches one from Baragran and another one from Billing. The routes still remain the same, they only difference is that now they have become motorable.

In my opinion, access from Barot is way easier than Billing. You need to hop in Baragran bound buses and either hire a cab from there if available or just walk on the road for 5-6 km.

The road from billing does not have public transport. So you have to hire a private cab which can be costly for a budget backpacker. I’ve done a whole blog on how to reach Rajgundha. Just check out the link below.

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Rajgundha Travel Itinerary 

To be very honest, Rajgundha itself is such a scenic place, that you would feel like hopping around. But when there pristine trails to unravel, verdant valleys to be experienced. Would you want to sit idle ?

Well, hiking and trekking will be top most thing to do when in Rajgundha. Therefore, I’ve curated short and crisp itinerary which involves just hiking. Here is a brief Rajgundha itinerary.

Day 1

Arrive at Rajgunda. Check into your accommodation and rest for the day.

Day 2

Start early hike to Plachak. Be back to Rajgundha before the dark.

Day 3

Hike to Hanumgarh from Rajgundha. Overnight at Rajgundha.

Day 4

Depending on your destination head back.

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Things To Do In Rajgundha

As I mentioned earlier, there isn’t much to do in Rajgundha except to relax and soak in the vibes or go out hiking into the wilderness.

Take It Slow & Relax

One of the best things to do in Rajgundha is to do nothing and just relax. Taking it slowly while marveling at the serene vistas is completely fine.

Saunter across Kukargundha and Rajgundha villages, talk to the locals and just relax in general.

Explore the rustic villages Around Rajgundha

While Rajgundha and Kukargundha itself seem to rustic villages stuck back in time, I am not talking about those. Those you are anyway going to explore.

I am suggesting to visiting the villages nearby Rajgundha like Baragran, Kothi Kohar, Nalhota etc. These are typical traditional mid-himalayan villages with wooden houses, slated roofs.

Villages like these give you a glimpse in the daily life of a mid-Himalayas.

Backpacking to Rajgundha

Plachak – Hit this Off The beaten Trail Near Rajgundha

Plachak valley is one of the most popular hikes near Rajgundha. While Rajgundha may be a base for Thamsar pass, not everyone can undertake a grueling multi-day to crossover to Bara bhangal.

Therefore short day hikes are apt for those who are just casual hikers or beginners wanting to get a taste of what hiking is like in the Himalayas.

If you are fit hiker, go ahead and venture beyond Rajgundha to Panihartu. The total distance should not exceed more than 15 km. Start early so that you can easily make it before dark.

Hanumangarh – A Superb Vantage To Observe Surreal Valley Views.

Hanumgarh is scenic vantage point with panoramic valley views of High mountains in Dhauladhar ranges. The hike is not too long and can be done as a day hike.

On a clear except some mind-blowing landscapes and surreal valley views of Chota Bhangal, Chuhar valley and lofty peaks of Dhauladhar ranges

Witness The Eccentric life of Himalayan Shepherds 

Every summer, shepherds proceed to high pasture lands & meadows with the herd where the grass is said to be more nutritious.

Well, if you happen to visit during summers, you can hike up to a certain point on the Bara bhangal trail, and witness the eccentric lifestyle of a Himalayan shepherd.

Shepherds are one of the most humble people in the Himalayas. And are known to be super hospitable.

Go Trout Fishing

Trout fish is one of the reasons why the Uhl river is so famous. Rajgundha happens to be perched right above the prisitine Uhl river which is one of the tributaries of beas river.

There may be cafes serving trout fish in Rajgundha. In case you want to go trout fishing you can contact the locals and they would certainly arrange something for you.

Backpacking to Rajgundha

Where To Stay in Rajgundha

With Rajgundha emerging as a hotspot for tourist and travelers, many accommodation options have mushroomed over the years now in Rajgundha.

I expect even more properties to pop up rapidly as the road connectivity via Baragran is now complete.

From camps, basic guesthouses, to even a Zostel, you can find limited but varied kind of stay options in Rajgundha. In case you are looking a brand, go for Zostel. Else there are plenty of stay options.

A dorm at zostel is around INR 700 and a room at the guesthouse may not come very cheap even for basic facilities. But you should be able to get a room for INR 1000 to INR 1500. During peak season the rates will be obviously higher.

Where to Eat In Rajgundha

Don’t expect hippie-like cafes yet in Rajgundha, Although a hotspot for tourists, it still hasn’t been on the tourist map for long. You can expect basic North India food.

Most of the places of accommodation will have a Kitchen and will provide you food. There should be some dhabas in Rajgunda and Kukargundha, but I cannot be sure. So ask around.

If you are staying Zostel do note that in-house cafe prices will be high. But Zostel is where you can surely get basic cafe like food. But I’m certain that a hippie cafe like the one you find in Kasol, Jibhi will come up very soon.

But do note the prices of food could be a little bit on the higher side owing to remoteness of the region. I personally did not stay there but just made a trip, so cannot comment on the food prices.

Internet Connectivity in Rajgundha

So there is Jio 4g in Rajgundha, I also had Airtel but if my memory serves me right, Airtel was not working properly. Even Jio seemed to be a bit slow. Not sure if things have improved.

You’ll be surely able to use internet and make calls, but just confirm about the speed with the locals. In case you want to work remotely your safest bet would be to actually work from Zostel as they offer WIFI.

That’s about it for this blog. I hope you found value in this backpacking guide to Rajgundha. In case you have any further queries or questions relating to backpacking to Rajgundha make sure to drop them in the comments below. I’ll be happy to answer.