“How to reach Rajgundha” is this question bothering you, if so then all you need is this guide. If you are a first-timer embarking on a trip to Rajgundha in Chota bhangal, this is certainly a genuine query to have.

Therefore, based on my travels to Rajgundha, I am curating this blog which will address all of your concerns and guides you on how to reach Rajgundha. Emphasis will be on public transport like I always do.

How To Reach Rajgundha

How To Reach Rajgundha ?

Thanks to social media and scenic landscapes of Rajgundha, travelers in huge numbers are making their way to Rajgundha.

For a first-timer, perception might be that Rajgundha is a hard to reach place due to outdated information on the internet. But things have fast changed.

The road connectivity to Rajgundha was near completion from Baragran side in December 2021, and the road to Rajgundha via billing has been completed a while back now.

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How Can I Reach Rajgundha From Delhi ?

Rajgundha is way easier to reach these days. From Delhi you might have to break your journey a couple of times. But you’ll get public transport almost till the end.

If you are using your own vehicle using navigation will help you reach Rajgundha easily. Its pretty straight forward.

If you are using public transport. Here is how you can reach Rajgundha from Delhi.

  • Board buses going towards Mandi. Many buses are available from Delhi.
  • Get down at Ghatasani. And board buses bound to Baragran
  • From Baragran Rajgundha is just 5 km.

Plenty of buses private and HRTC, volva and ordinary go towards Mandi. All the Manali bound buses go via Mandi only. Most of them leave from Delhi ISBT evening 5 PM onwards.

From Mandi, board Ghatasani bound buses which will be in plenty. Once you reach Ghatasani, look for bus headed towards, Baragran. There are buses at regular intervals. Post afternoon it might be difficult to get a bus to Baragran.

From Baragran, the road is actually built all the way to Rajgundha. The last time I was there, only the bridge for vehicles was awaiting completion as of December 2021.

And as per latest information from the locals, the bridge is indeed complete and road is through all the way from Baragran to Rajgundha. Although the road is still a dirt track.

Therefore, if you are able to get shared cab or can book a cab, then by all means go ahead. Else you have no choice but to walk on the road for 5-6 km from Baragran.

How To Reach Rajgundha from Barot ?

Well, Rajgundha is just 30 km from Barot. And reaching Rajgundha is not really difficult from Barot either. Here is how you can reach Rajgundha from Barot.

  • Get to Barot from wherever you are. (Ghatasani on Mandi-Pathankot highway is where the road bifurcates)
  • take a bus which is Baragran bound
  • Walk on the road or take vehicle if the bridge work is completed

Plenty of buses ply between Barot and Baragran throughout day. Although post late afternoon you might find it difficult to get buses to Baragran. From there either hike for 5-6 km on the road or get a cab if available as the road is completely functional now.

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Me posing at Rajgundha. We came in car till the bridge on Uhl river. From there we parked the cars and walked for a 2 km to Rajgundha on the road.

How to Travel Rajgundha from Bir Billing ?

Getting to Rajgundha should not take more than a couples hours from Bir. There is a road reaching Rajgundha all the way from Billing, take off site for Paragliding via Chaina pass.

Earlier this used to be a hiking route with an easy trail with not many difficult ascents or descents. But it is a full-fledged road now although just not metalled.

But do note that getting public transport to Rajgundha will be next to impossible via Bir – Billing and you might have to hire a cab, that too only camper and 4×4 will be able to handle the dirt track.

Else you’ll have to walk on the road itself from Billing which should not exceed more than 15 km. So first reach Billing from Bir which is around 15 km. And then another 15 km to Rajgundha.

If you wish to hike completely, refer to OSM which shows you shortcut and will reduce your distance considerable as you won’t have to walk on the road all time. OSM are pretty accurate so there is fear of losing the way.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some FAQ’s I thought which might cover your queries if you had any.

Do we need to Trek To Reach Rajgundha ?

No you don’t need to trek anymore. You can either book cab via bir billing or via Baragran, Else you can walk on the road.

So yes the two of the most popular routes which earlier required trekking are now useless if you were thinking it as a proper trek or hike of sorts.

Plachak and Hanumgarh from Rajgundha can be really good hiking trails to be very honest.

Is Rajgundha Trek Easy ?

Well I have done a whole blog on this. But as you might have understood, the two most popular routes are rendered obsolete now due to road connectivity. All you can do now is walk on the road and take shortcuts in the name of a trek.

But there is an alternative and exciting route which has minimal walking on the road and maximum hiking via lesser-frequented trails by outsiders. Read all the details here.

Is The Road to Rajgundha Open In winters ?

Not during peak winter months of January and February. The region receives heavy snow. And several feets of snow will be a hurdle for the vehicles.

Therefore, walking on the snow-covered road would be the best bet. But again everything depends on how much it actually snows during that particular season.

To conclude, I hope I have addressed all your queries on “How can I reach Rajgundha”. In case you have any further questions drop them in the comments below and I’ll respond to the best of my knowledge.