Rajgundha currently is one of the most sought after places in Himachal, thanks to its extremely picturesque setting. Therefore, Rajgundha travel itinerary will be apt for folks who are first-timers planning a trip to this wonderland.

Therefore, based on my travels to Rajgundha, I am coming up with an itinerary for Rajgundha.

Rajgundha travel itinerary

Rajgundha Travel Itinerary

Perched at around, 2600 m under the lap of high mountains, surrounded by lofty peaks and dreamy pines, Rajgundha is a true wonderland in Chota bhangal region and Himachal in general.

Most of blogs on the internet will suggest you that you need trek to Rajgundha, but that’s all outdated information. Currently road is fully-functional from both sides i.e via Billing & via Baragran (Barot side).

Therefore, I thought why not create an itinerary keeping the latest information in mind. So I’ve come up with Rajgundha travel itinerary which is a basically going to be full of hiking.

Day 1

Arrive at Rajgunda. Check into your accommodation and rest for the day.

Day 2

Start early hike to Plachak. Be back to Rajgundha before the dark.

Day 3

Hike to Hanumgarh from Rajgundha. Overnight at Rajgundha.

Day 4

Depending on your destination head back.

Day 1

Today you’ll be arriving in Rajgundha. The reason for not assuming the start point is some people combine Bir-billing and Rajgundha on their trip.

If you are coming from Mandi side, you need to get down at Ghatasani, from where you can hop on to a Baragran bound, which runs at regular intervals. After you reach Baragran, the distance to Rajgundha is just 5-6 km.

You can either hire a cab from Baragran if available. If not just walk on the road and it should not take more than a couple of hours. The road from Baragran to Rajgundha is fully functional now but still a dirt track. So be careful if you are driving on your own.

Now if you are starting from Bir, you first need to get to Billing and then further to Rajgundha via Chaina pass. Now the problem is public transport is not available on this route. Only 4×4 and campers are currently plying on this route. So you’ll need to hire a cab.

Therefore, if you on a budget-friendly trip, I would suggest to go via Baragran even if you are starting from Bir.

Now that you are arrived in Rajgundha, check into your accommodation. If you are looking for a trusted brand in this far-flung area, go for Zostel. Else there are plenty of Campsites & guesthouses around Rajgundha and Kukargundha.

Depending upon the time you reach, you can rest and the stroll across the villages of Kukargundha and Rajgundha.

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Village of Kukar Gundha which comes first if you arrive via Baragran Route.

Day 2

Are you excited to embark on the trail which acts as a gateway to the most remote and elusive region in Himachal, Yes I am talking about the remote Bara Bhangal region. Today you’ll be hiking to Plachak.

Plachak is one of the campsites to Thamsar Jot, beyond which lies Bara bhangal. Owing to comparatively shorter distance you can easily make it Plachak and be back before the dark. The total distance is somewhere around 15 km.

Plachak was certainly on my agenda, but I visited Rajgundha during the winter, So hiking to Plachak was not option. But I’ll probably return someday.

For fit and frequent hikers, you can also hike beyond Plachak to Panihartu.

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Day 3

Imagine yourself atop a mountain with 360 degrees view of high mountains, snow-peaks would be up for such a hike. If so today you’ll be hiking to Hanumangarh.

The hike to Hanumgarh is not very difficult but it does have steep sections. But a fit individual should be easily able to do this. Especially when the rewards are high in terms of views, you should definitely give this a try.

As per OSM the distance to Hanumangarh is around 6-7 km one side. The OSM are quite accurate and I’ve used it multiple times now. But If you are complete beginner do not go all alone.

Hire a guide or go along with a group who knows.

Day 4

Today is your last day in Rajgundha. Now again since people club their trips to Rajgundha with other regions. I have not assumed an endpoint beforehand.

In case you’ve decided to head back home. Get to  the main highway at Ghatasani via buses from Baragran. Board Mandi bound buses. And further board overnight bus to Delhi or Chandigarh.

But if you have days on your hand and are confused as to where to head, you should definitely head to another gem of Chota bhangal region i.e Lohardi area if you haven’t already.

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Rajgundha trek Itinerary 

Well didn’t I just tell you that Rajgundha has now fully functional roads from both Billing and Baragran. But hold on what if you are still hell bent on doing an actual hike. Well I might have a solid solution to that.

There exists an alternative short route to Rajgundha via Panjoldugh near Gunehar in Bir which is a decent hike. This trail further meets Chaina pass from where Rajgundha is hardly 3-4 km away.

But mind you this route is very less frequented and only used mostly by locals. So make sure you do take a guide unless you are total expert like Peter Van Geit.

I personally did not reach all the way to Rajgundha. But I was able to reach Panjoldugh and locals gave me the information about trail to Chaina pass from Panjoldugh. So here is a brief itinerary.

Day 1

Arrive in Bir. Head to Gunehar which is around 2-3 km from Bir. Stay in one of the homestays or guesthouses.

Day 2

Start early and reach Panjoldugh. The trail to Panjoldugh is moderate climb of 4 km from Gunehar. From Panjoldugh you’ve to reach Chaina pass. As per locals there is a marked trail. But ensure that you to a guide in case you are a newbie.

From Chaina pass, reaching Rajgundha is pretty straightforward. But this hike will take a good 6-7 or even more depending on your fitness.

Day 3

Finally wake up to surreal vistas in Rajgundha. In case you are tired just rest for the day. Else just hike your way to Plachak or Hanumgarh.


Panjoldugh, an alternative and a decent hiking route to Rajgundha via Chaina pass.

To conclude, I hope this short and crisp itinerary for Rajgundha was helpful for you. There is nothing much to do in Rajgundha apart hiking or taking it slow. So you’ve choice.

In case of questions regarding Rajgundha travel itinerary do reach out to me in the comments below. I’ll be happy to help out.