If you are first time traveler to Manali, you might be wondering “Are woolen clothes available for rent in Manali”. And this is quite a genuine query to have with Manali being cold almost throughout the year.

Therefore, I am curating this blog to clear all your doubts regarding the same based on travels and observations in Manali. So lets get started.

Are Woolen Clothes Available on Rent In Manali

Are Woolen Clothes Available For Rent in Manali

To answer the question, No woolen clothes cannot be rented out in Manali. You either have to bring them beforehand. Else you’ll have to buy them in Manali.

Snow wear or Snow dresses are available on rent for a day trip to places like Solang, Rohtang, Atal Tunnel. Basically to places where snow is main aim of attracting the visitors and tourist.

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Can We Get Warm Clothes or Winter Wear On Rent In Manali ?

No you cannot rent warm clothes like thermals, fleece layers, sweaters, jackets, woolen socks, gloves etc. You must bring them before hand. Else you might have to buy them in Manali.

There are only a handful shops in and around Manali, that sell branded warm clothes and most of which are located in Kullu. So make sure pack your warm clothes before hand to avoid any unpleasant situations due to cold.

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Can We Get Jackets On Rent In Manali ?

So as I explained earlier, you cannot get woolen clothes like light sweater or warm jackets on rent in Manali.

You can obviously buy them in and around Manali. A good winter jacket is a must if you are traveling to Manali. Even in summers if you going to high altitude places near Manali, like Rohtang, Lahaul, Hamta valley.

So In my opinion you should just bring jackets before hand when you pack your luggage. The last resort could be that you buy them from Manali.

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Can We Rent Snow Wear and Snow Dresses In Manali ?

So a lot of people confuse snow wear and snow dresses with woolen clothes and winter jackets. Snow wear can be definitely rented in Manali when going in places like Solang Valley, Sissu, Kothi, Gulaba, Marhi for a day.

When you cross Manali town and head towards Nehru Kund, you’ll start seeing a lot of small shacks which rent out weirdly colorful looking snow-dresses and gum-boots.

But in my opinion, you should are better off not renting them out. If you are wearing appropriate warm layers with decent winter jacket you would not feel cold anyways and there is no need for such snow-dresses.

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From Where to Buy Warm Clothes Or Winter Wear In Manali

So now that you are clear that you CANNOT rent warm clothes like jacket, sweater, thermals etc. I am sure that you would certainly want to know where you could buy them in Manali.

So to answer the question, On the mall road Manali, you’ll find plenty of street vendors selling warm clothes almost throughout the year. But even more during winters and months approaching winters.

Not only Manali, the entire stretch of main highway from Kullu to Manali, you might find street vendors selling winter jackets, sweaters etc. For instance, I have personally seen one such vendor on the main road in Raison.

Its quality is questionable. But in case of emergency you can at least buy it from them.

Whenever I have been in and around Manali, I’ve personally bought winter wear or other traveling related items from The Hikers (+91 9816132551) in Kullu, Akhara bazar. You’ll get decent branded products in the form of Quechua, Forclaz etc.

They have basically every product from you need to sustain for a trip in the mountains.

To conclude I hope you know have an answer to the question “Are woolen clothes available on rent in Manali”. As explained in the blog, you can only buy warm and woolen clothes in Manali.

Renting is restricted to snow dresses or snow wear which are only temporary worn when going to snow-bound places near Manali. 

In Manali, most of the warm clothes and winter wear are sold by street vendors. Branded winter wear is usually available for purchase in Kullu which is an hour away from Manali.