Nestled amidst impressive looking mountains at an altitude of 2000 m, Manali is your typical Himalayan hill station. And like all the touristy hill stations in India, there are certain things to avoid in Manali.

I have traveled multiple times to Manali and based on observations and experiences, Here some overrated things to avoid in Manali so that you have budget friendly and hassle free trip to Manali.

things to avoid in manali

Things To Avoid In Manali – All You Need To Know

As someone who traveled to Manali multiple times, I find certain things are better to avoid for a hassle free trip to Manali.

Based on observations and experiences, I have come up with a list of such things you should avoid in Manali. Trust me these will be really helpful for first timers visiting Manali.

Avoid Random People Asking If You Were Looking For Hotels

Most people these days usually book the place of their stay online. But there are people who do not pre-book the place of stay. And look out for accommodation only upon reaching their destination.

So if you are one those, you might find random people approaching you asking if you were looking hotels. Especially in and around Mall road and Manali bus stand area. Simply do not entertain them.

Continuing looking for accommodation as per your budget. This has personally happened with me when I visited Manali. By the way, if its your first time in Manail, here is a detailed list of things to pack in Manali.

Do NOT Rent Snow Dresses when going to Solang, Rohtang, Sissu

One thing I never understood was the need of those multi-colored weird looking snow dress when having fun in snow. According to me there is absolutely no need of renting such snow dresses when going on a trip to Manali.

Just pack a good water resistant winter jacket and basic hiking shoes and there is absolutely no need to rent snow dresses and gum boots in Manali.

I have personally hiked on snow-laden trails and one thing is for sure you certainly don’t require those ridiculous looking snow dresses to be honest.

By the if you are looking for answer to the question “Is thermal wear necessary for Manali” ,here is a detailed blog for the same.

Avoid Booking Your Place Of Stay Near Mall Road In Manali

Mall road in Manali is one of the most crowded places in Manali. Especially during summers and Christmas period when it is inundated with people from all over the country.

Even Old Manali has gotten crowded with an aim to attract the young flashpackers with tons of hostels.

So if you are looking for quaint stays opt to book properties in the nearby village like Burwa, Shanag, Goshal, Kanyal, Aleo, Prini, Shuru, Vashisht etc. Of course, only if it suits your budget.

Avoid Eating At The Fancy Cafes Of Manali All The Time

The fancy hippie cafes of old Manali will certainly tempt you. But if you keep eating at these fancy cafes all the time, trust me you’ll end spending a fortune just on food.

The prices in such cafes of Manali are at par with cities sometime even more expensive. A single meal will cost you at least Rs 300 at such cafes, just imagine eating all the meals every day in such cafes.

By the way, if you are looking for what kind of shoes to wear in Manali, here is a super helpful blog that will help decide.

Igloo Experience In Manali Is Extremely Overpriced 

Igloo stay in Sethan village of Hamta valley near Manali has become extremely popular in the recent years. But let me tell you, that it would cost you a hefty sum Rs 5000 per person just for a single night.

Even though Igloo stay might give you a unique experience but it is certainly not worth the price in my opinion. For that much money you can stay for 3-5 nights in semi-luxury properties of Manali.

You can also opt for cheaper igloo stays. Like the one in the Khangsar village of Tinan valley in Lahaul. By the way, if you treading of off the beaten path, here is an ultimate Kullu valley itinerary for you.

Avoid Solang Valley Head To Hamta Instead

Yes you heard it right. Solang valley one of most sought-after destinations for Manali for snow, adventure activities is terribly overrated. Avoid it if possible especially during peak season like Summers or Christmas period.

If you want to get stuck in nasty traffic jams, pay a hefty price for a few minutes of adventure activities, be surrounded by the crowd you were trying to escape then by all means go ahead.

Hamta valley is much better option instead of Solang in my opinion. It has tons of snow during winters. And has way better slopes for snow boarding and skiing during the winters. Bouldering is also another popular activity in Hamta valley.

Hot Air Balloon Ride In Manali Should Be Avoided

Hot Air Balloon is one thing newest entrant when it comes to touristy things to do in Manali. Before going for a ride just ask yourself is Rs 700 worth it. Just for 5 minutes worth of the ride at 500 ft of elevation

I personally think its not. Go to Upper villages around Manali or go on easy hikes around Manali for better experience and insanely beautiful vistas.

Avoid Taxis For Sightseeing Around Manali, Use Public Transport Instead

Manali is well connected with most tourist attractions like Parvati valley, Lahaul valley, Kullu, Naggar etc. So if you are budget traveler or a small make full use of public transport like HRTC buses instead of hiring private cabs.

I personally use public transport whenever I am exploring places in and around Manali. And Its certainly quite convenient and budget friendly to be honest.

To conclude, I hope you are aware about things you really need to avoid when going for a trip to Manali. In case of any queries drop them in the comments below.