What kind of shoes to wear in Manali, will be one of the first questions in your mind when going for a trip to Manali. As Manali has a mountainous terrain, wearing proper footwear is of utmost importance.

Therefore based out on my travels to Manali and Himachal, I am writing this super useful blog to help my fellow travelers and address their queries on what kind of shoes to wear for Manali.

What Kind Of Shoes To Wear In Manali

What kind Of Shoes to Wear In Manali ?

Nestled at 2000 m in Upper Kullu amidst impressive looking mountains, towering pines, Manali is your typical Himalayan resort. There are pretty trails to be explored. Exquisite hikes to be embarked on.

So naturally when there is so much time be spent in the outdoors, marveling at impeccable beauty of Himalayas, Decent footwear is a must for a place like Manali.

To answer the question, it really depends on what activities you’ll be indulging in Manali. By the way, if you are traveling to Manali for the first time here is a detailed packing guide for the same.

What Kind of Shoes To Wear In Manali For The Regular Sightseeing ?

If you are just going to do the normal sightseeing of places like Hidimba temple. Old Manali, Manu Temple, Hamta Valley Solang valley etc, and not hike at all, casual shoes or sports shoes should suffice.

Of course you can also wear basic hiking shoes or even more advanced hiking shoes but they tend to be on the heavier side. Proper hiking shoes do offer protection and prevent injuries to the feet.

But if you just sightseeing and that to using a vehicle, there is no point in wearing those heavy hiking shoes and boots. Normal shoes, Casual shoes, basic hiking shoes, trail shoes should be go to.

If you going to places where there is snow like Atal Tunnel, Solang Valley, Hamta valley, sports shoes or casual shoes might not suffice. You can either rent gum boots or if you have hiking shoes that would be great.

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What Kind Of Shoes to Wear When Day Hiking in Manali ?

If you love embarking on trails, hiking to beautiful villages, pristine meadows, then hiking shoes will be the best shoes for Manali, when going for short or long day hikes. Just don’t go for casual or sports shoes.

Normal shoes or sports shoes don’t offer a lot of grip like hiking shoes do on steep and mountainous terrain. So in my opinion you can go for basic hiking shoes or even more advanced ones for that matter.

The only drawback of proper hiking shoes is that they are quite heavy, but they offer a lot of protection and protect your feet from injuries which are not uncommon in mountainous terrain like Manali has.

I Personally use these Quechua basic hiking shoes which are quite affordable. Although they are not proper hiking shoes, but they have a decent grip and do their job very well on the trails. Absolutely worth every penny.

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What Kind of Shoes To Wear When Trekking In and Around Manali

Unless you are an expert on hiking and trekking amidst the treacherous himalayan trails, don’t embark on multi-day treks without proper hiking shoes in and around Manali.

Just forget about trekking for multiple days in your casual shoes or sports shoes. Multi-day treks near Manali like hamta pass, bhrigu lake etc involve series of ascents, rugged terrain, snow fields and many other challenges.

And these challenges cannot be certainly overcome by your casual shoes or sports shoes which don’t have good grip. If you are looking Quechua offers some really decent hiking shoes which really value for money.

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What Kind Of Shoes To Wear In Manali Under Snowy Conditions

Snowy conditions can really render your casual shoes and sports useless. Roads, trails might really become slippery in such conditions. So having water proof/resistant hiking shoes becomes essential.

But again it doesn’t snow much these days in Manali town, that is area around mall road. It might snow more in Upper areas like Old manali, Goshal, Nehru Kund etc.

If you are going hiking around in and around Manali under snowy conditions, then you need good hiking shoes which are waterproof or resistant. So that you feet don’t become wet.

If snow where you are hiking is several feet deep, then you might need to switch to Gators as well. Even the best hiking shoe won’t help where the snow is several feet deep.

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Footwear for Manali – To Sum It Up

So if you are going to just go sight seeing in Manali to popular places you don’t need hiking shoes. Normal shoes or sports shoes should suffice.

Basic hiking shoes, advance hiking shoes or even trail running shoes are fine, If you are going to hit the trails and go on short or long day hikes.

If you are hiking in extreme snowy conditions, make sure you have decent hiking shoes and gators if the snow is several feet deep.

If you are sight seeing in snowy conditions llike Atal Tunnel or Rohtang pass, Hamta valley sports shoes might not be good choice. Hiking shoes or gum boots should be fine as well.

  • Sport shoes or Casual Shoes are fine for normal sightseeing
  • Hiking shoes advisable for short/long days hikes
  • Decent Hiking shoes necessary for long mutli-day treks
  • Waterproof/Water resistant hiking shoes for hikes in snowy conditions

To conclude, I hope that you now know the answer to the question “what shoes should I wear for Manali trip”. If you are not going to hike at all, normal shoes should suffice. If you are going to spend most time outdoors on the trail wear hiking shoes.

Under snowy conditions and terrain, decent waterproof hiking shoes, gum boots, gators should be worn depending upon the amount of snow.

In case you have any queries on shoes to be worn in Manali do not hesitate to reach out to me in the comments below. I’ll be glad to help you and address your queries.