A handy list of clothes to pack for hill stations in winters will be very useful and help you tackle the cold weather. Especially in the Himalayan hill stations.

Else you might suffer a lot and won’t be able to enjoy the charm of hill stations during the winters. But don’t get worried as I have got the perfect list of clothes to pack for hill stations in stations based on my trips to the hill stations and mountains during the winters.

Clothes to pack for Hill Stations in Winters

A Super Useful List Of Clothes To Pack For Hill Stations in Winters 

Unlike summers, winters can be brutal in hill stations of India. Sub-zero temperatures are a common norm in the hill stations like Manali, Kasol, Mussorie. Even hill stations in south India like Coorg or Mount Abu in west can get really really cold.

Therefore, here is a comprehensive list of clothes to carry for hill stations in winters so that you have a hassle free trip.

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Clothes to Wear For Men For Hill Stations In Winters

Here is a comprehensive a list of clothes to carry for hill stations in winters. This will be quite handy when you are packing for the trip.

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Trousers/ Trek pants/ Woolen Pants/ Loose Pants

So any of these will be an apt choice during winters.  Of course layer up with thermal wear if its very cold. As always, I’ll recommend to avoid jeans/denims as they are not very comfortable to move around in.

Woolen pants can of course be a very good option if you are going to Himalayas.  Depending on the cold you could add more layers if you feel cold.

Shirts and T Shirts

Again you can wear Shirt or Tshirts or both as per your liking and comfort. But do not overpack them. I find tshirts more comfortable so I wear only tshirts.

Also you’ll need more warm layerings like thermal wear, light warm layer and good winter jacket if you are going to villages above 2000 m in the Himalayas.

what clothes to pack for hill stations in winters

My usual attire in the mountains. A comfortable Tshirt, Trouser/Trek Pant and warm layers depending on the cold.

Thermal wear 

Depending how you body reacts and how much cold you actually feel, you may or may not need thermals. But carrying them is a must especially in the Himalayas.

I pretty much wear thermals only when the temperatures dips to sub-zero. Otherwise multiple warm layering works well. But as I said you must carry thermal wear even if you don’t necessarily feel the need to use them.

You can use either full body thermals or only upper body thermal depending on how cold you feel.

Light Woolen /Fleece layer/ Sweatshirt/ Hoodie

To protect oneself from cold, sweaters, light woolens, provide with an extra layer of protection from cold. So during winters, I’ll insist that you carry a light layer along with a good winter jacket.

If you are visiting high altitude valleys like Ladakh, Spiti or Lahaul make sure you can carry at least a couple of such layers.

Winter Jacket

Now comes our final layer a decent winter jacket which can withstand around -10 degrees or more. If you are visiting Himalayan hill stations like Manali, the temperatures drop down to around -5 degrees during peak winters.

Also it can be quite cold in Non-Himalayan hill stations during winters. So carrying a decent winter jacket is essential.

I personally use this winter jacket from Decathalon on my trips and I must say its quite comfortable and definitely keeps you warm with proper layering.

Clothes to carry for hill stations in winters

A good winter jacket is of utmost importance in the hill stations during winters. In frame, I am wearing a quechua waterproof jacket which can withstand -10 degrees with warm layerings. This has been a pretty good investment I must say.

Woolen Socks/ Woolen Caps/ Balaclava/ Gloves

Your hands, feet, ears feel a lot more and it is necessary too protect them from cold during the winters. Woolen Socks, Caps, Gloves will help with the same.

But you may or not may not wear them as per how much cold you feel and which hill station you are heading to.

Clothes to Carry for Women for Hill Stations in Winters

Here is a super handy list of what clothes to pack for hill stations for women in winters.

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Trousers/ Trek pants/ Woolen Pants/ Loose Pant

Comfortable trousers or woolen pants or treks pants is always a good choice for both men and women over denims and jeans. Specially due to the fact that you tend to go on hikes and move around a lot in the hill stations.

So you can carry them as per you comfort. Also, I would not recommend dresses to women as it gets too cold during the winters.

T Shirts / Tank Tops

You can wear Tshirts or Tank Tops as per your comfort and choice, but you’ll need more warm layers depending on where the hill station is located.

Thermal wear 

You can either go for full body thermals or upper body thermal depending on how cold you feel specially if you are traveling to Himalayan hill stations like Mussorie or Auli.

Thermals are the first line of defense against cold so do not forget on your trips to the hill stations especially in the Himalayas. You surely do not need them in Hill stations of Maharashtra like Lonvala or Mahabelshwar.

Light woolen /hoodie/ Sweatshirt/ Fleece

Along with a decent winter jacket, a light warm layering like sweatshirt or sweater is kind of essential to keep you warm and comfortable.

So do not forget to pack light warm layering on trip to hill stations in winters. Here is where you can look for a sweatshirt or fleece layer

Winter Jacket 

I personally realized the importance of a good winter jacket on my trip to Parvati valley, where brutal cold made me suffer a lot.

So please carry a decent winter jacket so as to protect yourself from the bone-chilling cold of the hill stations especially the mid-Himalayan hills.

Look here a for decent winter jacket from Decathalon as per your budget and comfort.

Woolen Socks/ Woolen Caps/ Balaclava/ Gloves

Usually hands, feet is where we feel cold the most. Even ears for that matter. So it is essential to protect them with a war, layering so that cold doesn’t bother you too much.

That’s when woolen caps, socks, gloves etc coming to the rescue. So depending on the hill station you are planning your trip to you can pack them as per your comfort and choice.

To conclude, I hope that this comprehensive list of what clothes to carry for hill stations in winters is useful and you are able to enjoy the winter charm of hill stations without worrying about too much about the cold.

In case, you have any issues do let me know in the comments and I’ll be happy to help.