A lot of people throng to Kullu and Manali to experience its natural beauty. What if I told you there are some beautiful unexplored places near Kullu Manali that will blow your mind and help you escape the crowd ?

This is exactly what I am going to do by listing down 27 beautiful unexplored places near Kullu Manali. I have personally been to each one of them. And trust me, you’ll fall in love with them just like I did.

Unexplored Places Near Kullu Manali

27 Unexplored Places Near Kullu Manali That Will Blow Your Mind

Kullu and Manali are two of most popular places in Himachal. For most part of the year they are brimming with hordes of travelers.

I personally have a strong disliking for popular touristy places. So I often tend to embark on a sojourn to remote villages and tread on off the beaten path to unravel the hidden gems.

So here is such a list of offbeat places near Kullu Manali based on my experiences. By the way, you can make  Yuthok Homestay +91 7018369494 as base to explore these places around Kullu Manali.

1. Raison  – My Absolute Favourite In Kullu Valley

Raison is a classic example of hidden in plain sight. The pretty village of Raison is located right on the Chandigarh-Manali highway but is ignored by most of the travelers.

Perched at a comfortable altitude of around 1500m, Raison is full of pretty orchards, beautiful wooden-carved temples, and impeccable view of Kullu valley.

Raison is located between Kullu and Manali, which will make it easier for you to explore the places I am going to mention in this blog.

So if you like the idea of staying with a humble local family amidst pretty orchard while eating lip-smacking home made food please stay at Yuthok Homestay. In my opinion it is perfect to experience the slow life of the Kullu valley.

Hidden places near Kullu Manali

2. Goshal – Away From The Touristy Crowd Of Manali

What if I told you that there exists a pretty village near Manali which is away from all the hustle and bustle but very near to Old Manali you wouldn’t believe me right ?

Goshal is one such a pretty village which still appears to be a typical traditional village despite it being so close to the tourist resort of Manali. 

A narrow road gradually climbs up to this fairly unexplored place near Kullu Manali from Old Manali while passing through pretty orchards, quaint properties for stay, and gorgeous snow-capped peaks. 

A walk to this beautiful hamlet will be quite a therapeutic one with the famous Jogini falls visible perpetually throughout your journey. Goshal is around 4 km from Old Manali.

Offbeat Places near Kullu Manali

Pretty village of Goshal near Manali on a Rainy late winter day. I am sure on a clear day the views would be insane.

3. Majhach – One Of The Best Hidden Places In Kullu Manali

Further beyond Goshal is another one of those hidden places near Kullu Manali that will surely impress you in my opinion. The rustic village of Majhach lies at a comparatively higher altitude than most villages in Manali resulting in absolutely glorious views of snow-clad mountains.

Therefore. Majhach is certainly a great vantage point to observe the area around Manali.

Pretty orchards, Deodhars forests, and the rustic villages of Goshal, Shanag, Burwa on the way to Majhach village will definitely awestruck you. Also, there are actually two beautiful temples dedicated to Jamdagni Rishi in Majhach.

Majhach is around 10 km from old manali by road. By the way, here is a detailed blog on backpacking itinerary to Himachal. First timers will surely find this useful.

4. Jana – This Beautiful Village On The Left Bank Of Beas Is Just Surreal

Jana village is probably the biggest and one of the ancient villages of Upper Kullu. But travelers seldom visit Jana village. Most of them go  straight to the Jana waterfall, have food at the famous dhaba and come back.

But trust me Jana village has quite a lot to offer. If you want to witness the harsh himalayan goes about in the rustic village of Kullu, Jana is the perfect place to be at.

Most of the houses in Jana are still Kath-Kuni styled and the village as a whole appears to be still stuck back in time. The snow-capped Dhaludhars on the right bank of Beas are delight to watch.

I’ve personally been to Jana twice, once in Autumn and then in winter to witness the famous Fagli festival. Jana can be approached via a 10 km link road from Naagar.

Hidden Gem in Kullu Manali

Rustic village of Jana with snow-capped peaks of Dhauladhars. I’ve been here twice and have just loved my time in this pretty village.

5. Nathan – One of The Best Offbeat Places In Kullu Manali

Left bank of Beas is often neglected by travelers. But if you truly want to experience the culture of Kullu along with insanely scenic vistas, then left bank of beas is you best bet.

Nathan is one of the best unexplored places in Kullu and Manali. And I was literally blown away by the scenic vistas this rustic village had to offer. 

The village is a typical Kullavi village where most of the houses are Kath-Kuni styled. There is also a beautiful temple in the village. To reach here take the Naggar-Jana link road and you’ll find another link after a few km going towards Nathan.

If you yearn for such offbeat experiences, here is a detailed Kullu valley Itinerary. I am sure you’ll love it.

Offbeat Places in Kullu Manali

Village of Nathan is a good vantage point to witness a panoramic view of Kullu valley.

6. Chachogi – Witness The Kullavi Culture At This Beautiful Village

Chachogi was one of my personal favourites on the left Bank of Beas. This small yet incredible scenic village of Upper Kullu really stole my heart.

If you truly want to get a glimpse of Kullavi culture along with impeccable landscapes head straight to this pretty village. 

There are two ways you can reach here, One from a road via Naggar. And the other one is the beautiful trail with an otherworldly view of Dhauladhars from the Rustic village of Rumsu.

You’ll also find a beautiful Kath-Kuni styled temple dedicated to Azimal. Also if you are a cultural enthusiast, the famous Fagli festival is also celebrated in Chachogi during late winter early spring.

Hidden places in Kullu Manali

Surrounded by ethereal pines, the village of Chachogi is truly magical.

7. Rumsu – Witness The Rustic Charm Of Kullu At This Pretty Locale

Are you looking to escape the touristy madness of Manali but don’t want to go remote ? Well, The Dreamy Locale of Rumsu has got you covered.

Located on the lesser frequented left bank of Beas at an altitude this charming village of Upper Kullu is surreal. Gaze at the mighty mountains of Kalichang from this pristine village.

If you are an avid hiker, then Rumsu acts as a base village to Chanderkhani Pass which is the crossover trek to Malana in Parvati valley.

Rumsu can be approached from Naggar via Naggar-Rumsu link road. Rumsu is around 5 km from Naggar and from 28 km Manali.

Offbeat Places in Kullu Manali

Jamlu Devta Temple in Rumsu village, the base village for the famous Chanderkhani pass.

8. Soyal – A Lesser Frequented Located In The Kais Wildlife Sanctuary

Do you love to tread on off the beaten path ? Are you always on the look out to escape the clamour of touristy resorts ?

I have got a perfect village for you Kullavi amidst dense surreal Deodhar forests in the Kais wildlife sanctuary. 

Perched on the left bank of the beas the village of Soyal is tucked away in tranquility. The village still appears to be stuck seemingly back in time with all the pretty trademark wooden houses of Himachal.

Soyal is a  perfect place to experience the grandeur of a beautiful sunset as well. 

Offbeat Places Near Kullu Manali

A Sea of Kath-Kuni houses in Rustic village of Soyal with a clear view of Kullu valley in the backdrop.

9. Dashal – Visit This Dreamy Village For Its Ancient Shiva Temple

A nondescript village on the left bank of beas, Dashal is a rustic Kullavi village famous for the centuries old Shiva temple. 

But that’s not it, this pretty village has absolutely delightful vistas. The pretty Chaplang tibba in the might Dhauldhars will surely put a smile on your face.

Plus beautiful orchards of fruits like apples, plums, pears etc will show you a glimpse of how locals earn a livelihood in Kullu valley.

Dashal is around 17 km from Manali and around 27 km from Kullu.

Chaplang Tibba shrouded in snow as seen from the pretty village of Dashal famous for its centuries old Shiva temple.

10. Beasar – A Pretty Village Surrounded By Dreamy Deodhar Forests

Beasar is a picture perfect village located above Raison in Upper Kullu surrounded by ethereal pines, rustic wooden houses, and beautiful temples.

Tucked away in the remote corner of Upper at an altitude of around 2000 m, Beasar was by far one of my favourite Kullavi villages. 

So if the idea of strolling across an idyllic Kullavi village surrounded by Kath-Kuni styled houses while unraveling virgin hiking trail fascinates you, Beasar is the perfect choice.

The village also houses 3 beautiful temples dedicated to Kumbhardhan, Birnath and Fugni mata. Beasar can be approached from a link road near raison is around 15 km.

Also, google maps are not very accurate when it comes villages like Beasar so make sure to ask the directions to the locals.

Hidden gem near Kullu Manali

Village of Beasar in Upper Kullu, I absolutely fell in love with the vistas of this pretty village.

11. Shijuni – Tiny Hamlet Of Upper Kullu With Insane Vistas

If you are truly looking for an offbeat place near Kullu manali, Shijuni is an apt choice. Located on the right bank of Beas above Raison, this village acts as a base village for day hikes to Kufri/Muhling.

Unlike villages like Jana or Rumsu, Shijuni is a fairly tiny locale with only a handful of houses but nonetheless is absolutely splendid.

I made a visit to Shijuni during the Autumn and absolutely loved the vibe of this village. Autumn colors were absolutely amazing in and around this village. So I would surely recommend this to travelers wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of Kullu and want an unconventional experience in this pretty village.

Hidden places in Kullu Manali

Village of Shijuni on the way to Kufri meadows near Raison in Upper Kullu.

12. Parvi  – The Ancient Village of Kullu Still Stuck In Time

Imagine yourself gazing at the mighty Deo Tibba and the beautiful Chaplang Tibba while strolling across an ancient hamlet seemingly stuck back in time with strong folk beliefs. Will you be up for such a sojourn ?

If yes then Parvi village has got you covered. One of the remotest villages in Upper Kullu, this ancient locale is devoid of roads and internet which is hard to imagine in this day and age even in Himachal.

This village can be only reached on foot after a steep trudge of about an hour from a link road near raison. Also please note that leather items, alcohol, cigarettes, etc are banned in this village.

Entry of Outsiders is restricted due to strong folk beliefs of the locals. Therefore, venturing alone to this remote village might not be a very good idea. Please contact Rajeshwar Thakur If you wish to visit this.

By the way, here is a detailed guide on fojal valley trip where in I hiked all the way to Fojal valley via Parvi village.

Kullavi woman in her traditional attire at the village of Parvi

13. Humshu – Experience Magical Sunsets At This Hidden Meadow In Fojal Valley

A pretty meadow located above the village of Dhara in the higher reaches of Fojal is absolutely one of the true hidden places in Kullu Manali. 

The setting of the meadow is absolutely picturesque with the mighty Pir Panjal visible in the distance and high mountains of Dhauladhar up close. And not forget the presence of dreamy pines.

The hue of orange on the snow-laden peaks of Pir Panjal resulted in an insanely magical sunset. If you chase surreal sunsets, Humshu might just to be the place to witness a grand one.

I hiked to this beautiful meadow during autumn, I can only imagine how vibrant it would turn during the summers. 

Offbeat Places Near Kullu Manali

Mountains of Fojal as seen from the meadow of Humshu.

14. Kufri – Gorgeous Meadow Of Kullu With A Colonial Connection

Do not confuse Kufri meadows with Kufri in Shimla. This meadow located above Shijuni village near Raison is one of the best hidden places in Kullu and Manali. I was literally blown away by its beauty.

You can see some insane snow-capped Peaks from Kufri meadows. There is another meadow above Kufri called Muhling from which the trail leads to Chaplang Tibba (Fugni Top) which is believed to be dedicated to Fugni Mata.

Women can go up to Muhling, but they are not allowed at Chaplang Tibba. By the way, Kufri meadows were discovered by Captain R.C Lee of the British army.

The hike is around 3 km from Shijuni village. And if you fit enough you can carry on further to the meadow of Mahling which is a proper day hike and may be tiring for absolute beginners.

A beautiful house at Kufri meadows overlooking the snow-capped peaks of Pir Panjal.

15. Hallan-2 – One Of The Best Hidden Places Near Kullu Manali That Will Blow Your Mind

Hallan-2 is a beautiful sub-valley of Kullu located just 32 km from Kullu and 30 km from Manali. And is absolutely blissful and perfect for solitude seekers.

I happen to visit this beautiful little valley during the autumn and I was amazed by vibrant autumn colors usually synonymous with western countries. 

So if you are looking for a quaint time amidst pretty Deodhars, beautiful mountains Hallan-2 is one of the best choices.

By the way if you like lesser frequented places, here is a detailed blog on Sainj valley itinerary which is full such offbeat places in the pristine places.

unexplored villages in Kullu Manali

Autumn colors on full display while hiking through the beautiful hallan-2. I personally loved the vibe of this place. Perfect for solitude seekers.

16. Manihar – The True Jewel Of Garsa Valley

Manihar is probably one of the most unexplored villages in Kullu and Manali. Perched at an altitude of around 2200 m, this mysterious Hamlet of Garsa valley is truly postcard worthy.

The hamlet of Manihar is a typical Kullavi village with a sea of vibrant Kath-Kuni style houses catching one’s eye. Towering pines above Manihar and impressive looking mountains in the milieu make this village truly picturesque.

There is a pretty temple dedicated to Gautam Rishi whom locals worship with Zeal.

Do note that this remote hamlet and locals might be taken aback if you visit alone as they are not aware about tourism. So it is better to tag along with a local of Garsa or Kullu valley.

Manihar village can be approached by a link road via Shilagarh in Garsa valley. To reach Shilagarh you first need to get to Thela from Bhuntar or Bajaura. 

Offbeat Places in Kullu Manali

Snow-capped peaks visible from the pristine valley of Manihar. This village is completely off the tourist map.

17. Diyar – One of The True Unexplored Places Near Kullu

Diyar is a beautiful hamlet of Garsa valley to witness the grand views of snow-capped mountains. The beautiful village is located right on the ridge resulting in some breathtaking landscapes.

Impeccable snow-capped peaks are visible right from the village of Diyar making the scenery quite surreal.

Also the village of Diyar houses an ancient temple of Triyugi Narayan so if you are interested in the cultural aspects of Kullu and Manali, Diyar can be a great place to understand it.

Diyar can be approached from Bhuntar and is at a distance of around 17 km from Bhuntar. 

If you have a question “Is it safe to travel to remote village in Himachal alone”, here is a detailed blog on the same.

Offbeat Places near Kullu Manali

Beautiful Triyugi Narayan temple in Diyar.

18. Shonda Dhar – A Perfect Picnic Spot Amidst Pretty Meadows

Shonda Dhar is a fairly popular place amongst locals, but travelers hardly venture to this wonderful meadow located right between Diyar and Hawai villages of Garsa valley.

I personally visited Shonda Dhar in winters due to which the meadows were not lush green kind. But I could only imagine how pretty they would turn during summers and monsoon. Shonda Dhar being at a comparatively higher altitude results in impeccable panoramic views of tiny hamlets of Garsa.

One usually has to hike to reach the meadows and clearings in Kullu valley, but there is a road going all the way to Shonda Dhar. 

Shonda Dhar can be reached via Bhuntar-Diyar-Hawai link road. And Shonda Dhar is right between Diyar and Hawai. 

Shonda Dhar is the perfect picnic spot for the locals but hardly any outsiders know about this beautiful meadow in Kullu valley.

19. Hawai – One of The Best Hidden Gems In Kullu Manali

Hawai is one of my favourite places in Kullu valley and is also one of the most unexplored places near Kullu Manali. Located in Garsa valley, this village is a true gem of Kullu.

A sizable village, the colorful looking kathi-kuni styled houses are a delight to watch with impressive looking mountains. 

Like decent-sized villages of Kullu, the village of Hawai also has at least two temples dedicated to Jamdagni Rishi. Hawai can be approached from Bhuntar via Bhuntar-Diyar-Hawai link road is around 25 km from Bhuntar. 

By the way, here is a detailed guide on Lahaul valley, another one of the truly unexplored region in Himachal which is now accessible thanks to Atal Tunnel.

Hidden Places near Kullu Manali

The pristine village of Hawai is a truly rustic village. A perfect place to escape the crowd and seek solitude.

20. Shiah – The Biggest Village of The Pristine Garsa Valley

Shiah is the biggest village of the lesser-known Garsa valley and truly one the best unexplored places near Kullu Manali. 

If you are someone who wants to witness the true beauty of Kullu culturally, places like Shiah are the best ones. It’s at a place like Shiah, where the age-old customs of Kullu still thrive. 

Surrounded by pretty orchards and beautiful wooden temples which showcase impeccable craftsmanship, the village of Shiah will handsomely reward you with its beauty.

To reach Shiah you have to first get to Thela from Bhuntar or Bajaura. Once you reach Thela you need to take the link road going to Shiah village.  Shiah is around 31 km from Kullu and around 68 km from Manali.

By the way, here is a detailed blog on how to find a place of stay in villages of Himachal.

Offbeat Places Near Kullu Manali

Shiah is the biggest village of Garsa valley is truly one the lesser explored places in Kullu valley.

21. Palgi – Beautiful Village of Garsa With Impressive Vistas To Soothe your eyes

Having visited a plethora of villages in Kullu, I can safely say that Palgi in Garsa valley is indeed a hidden gem near Kullu Manali.

Perched at relatively higher altitude as compared to the rest of villages in Garsa, Palgi will enamour you with its rustic charm, pretty temples, towering pines and immaculate hiking trails to picturesque meadows and insanely panoramic views of Garsa valley.

Engage in beautiful conversations with locals and you might get invited for a cup of tea. Such is the hospitality of mountain folks. Palgi is truly an epitome of places off the tourist map.

If you love hiking, you can crossover to Raila side in Sainj from here. Else you can always take the road. Palgi is around 31 km from Kullu and 68 km from Manali.

Another Gem of Garsa valley is the village of Palgi. My personal favourite.

23. Lot – Gaze At Snow-laden Peaks Of Pir Panjal From This Village Near Kullu

Perched so close to the town of Kullu, yet this scenic village feels so far away from the clamour Kullu. The rustic village of Lot is one of best unexplored places near Kullu Manali.

Lot will steal your heart with its insanely scenic landscapes. The rustic charm of Lot will enamour you. It is also acts as a the start point of the hike to the famous kaisdhar.

Lot is around from 20 km from Kullu town and 50 km from Manali.

By the way, here is a detailed guide on how to explore Himachal using public transport, Like I do

Village of Lot as seen from the hike to Kaisdhar.

24. Kaisdhar – A Pristine Meadow With A Colonial Era Rest House

Kaisdhar is a beautiful ridge perched at around 2500 m near Kullu Town right on the divide of Maharaja valley and Lug valley.  And is famous for the colonial era forest rest house. 

One can approach Kaisdhar from two routes via Peej or via Lot village. The route from Lot requires a hike of about 1.5 hours. 

Canopy of dreamy Deodhars, pretty Kullavi villages, Staggering peaks of Pir Panjal and Parvati range make the trail to Kaisdhar quite pleasing to eyes.

If you wish to experience the grandeur of Kaisdhar here is a detailed guide to Kaisdhar trek. I am sure this will be of great use to you.

Offbeat Places near Kullu Manali

The pretty Kaisdhar meadow famous for its colonial era forest rest house and grand views of Kullu valley.

25. Gramang – A Perfect Village For Solitude Seekers

Gramang is a pretty village located in the beautiful lug valley. People hardly venture to here, but trust me its one of the best unexplored places near Kullu Manali.

The beauty of Gramang is evident with magical vitas all around. I personally loved the vibe of this beautiful village.

If you are an avid hiker, you can hike around Gramang with beautiful trails around the village. The village of Gramang is quite accessible from Kullu with a distance of around 25 km

Sarwari Nulah flowing calmly near the village of Gramang in Lug valley is really a delight to watch.

26. Kadingcha – This Pretty Village of Lug Valley Will Mesmerize You

Kadingcha is a beautiful village located in Lug and is the last motorable point in Lug valley. 

From Kadingcha there are two trails one which leads to village of Tiun and the other one leads to village Smallang. 

When you see the houses in village of Kadingcha you feel you have been transported back in time with all the traditional houses. Kadingcha is around 28km from Kullu.

Hidden Places Near Kullu Manali

Kadingcha is one of the prettiest villages located in Kullu valley.

27. Tiun – The Last Village Of The Mysterious Lug Valley

Tiun the last village of the mysterious lug valley, is absolutely gorgeous and you can only reach Tiun after a hard climb from Kadingcha.

The tranquility and solitude that you’ll get to experience at Tiun will be insane. Tiun is a typical Kullavi village. Sarwari Nullah is your constant companion on the trail to Tiun.

To reach first you need to reach Gramang. From there, you have to hike first on the road which is under construction till Kadingcha and then continue further on the trail to Tiun.

To conclude, I hope you now have a comprehensive list of unexplored places near Kullu Manali. In case, you have any queries, please reach out in the comments below. And I’ll be happy to help.