Good places to work remotely from Himachal will surely be on your mind if you are looking to break the monotony of the work from home or a Digital nomad/remote worker looking to move to the mountains for a simple yet wholesome life.

I have spent months working remotely from the dreamy villages and enchanting valleys of Himachal. And based out of my experiences working remotely from such ethereal destinations, I have curated this list of 13 awesome places to work remotely from Himachal.

Good places to work remotely from Himachal

Good Places To Work Remotely From Himachal

While curating the list of good places to work in Himachal, I have considered two primary things. One is the internet and second is the accommodation options.

I’ve personally worked from most of the places or at least checked the internet speed via So be rest assured about the internet unless you require extremely high speed internet.

And lastly, the stay options that I’ve mention are either hostels or rustic homestays. They are good if you are looking to spend a couple of months in the mountains. But not sustainable in terms of cost if you are looking to stay for period more than 6 months.

You would be better off renting out a place in and around any of these destinations and cook on your own. So keep this in mind. And lets get started.

1. Manali – The Evergreen Tourist Resort Of Himachal

You Simply can’t go wrong with Manali, such is the charm of Manali. It is the most visited tourist resort of Himachal with a robust tourist infrastructure and decent internet. So naturally this has resulted into a lot of remote workers, digital nomads calling Manali their home even before the pandemic started.

If you are someone who likes the vibes of happening touristy place, then Manali is one of the best places to work remotely from Himachal. Manali has different kinds of accommodation options like Hostels, Hotels, Guesthouses, Homestays, Villas etc as per your budget.

With hostels like Zostel, The hosteller, Moustache, Madpackers, Alt Life offering great long stay packages, working remotely out of hostels can be a great experience. Monthly cost for dorm along with food will cost you around INR 24,000 a month.

Plus, there are several hostels and guesthouses in Manali you have also jumped on the long stay bandwagon and are offering great discounts to remote workers opting for long stays or workation.

If are looking for some budget options, then you can rent out a houses in the nearby villages of Manali which should cost you around INR 10,000 provided you cook on your own.

As far as the internet is concerned, Manali has great internet connectivity. The internet speed is between 10 mbps to 30 mbps which will be sufficient for most of the people. Else WIFI is also available at hostels, hotels, co-working spaces.

By the way, here is a detailed comparison post blog on Kasol vs Manali. I am sure this will be quite helpful.

Awesome places to work remotely in Himachal

Manali is a great remote working destination. Dues to robust infrastructure and great internet options, working, Manali is one of top remote working destinations in Himachal.

2. Kasol – The Hippie Capital Of Himachal

Kasol needs no introduction. One of the top places to visit in Himachal. Kasol can be your ideal remote working destination amidst dreamy pines and rambling river Parvati. As Kasol offers decent stay options with great internet.

Like Manali you can get varied accommodation options like hostels, hotels, guesthouses, etc. So accommodation is not a problem at all. Hostels like  The Hosteller, Nomads Hostel, whoopers hostel offer you decent discounts on long stays for both dorms and private rooms.

The internet in Kasol is great and you’ll face no problems whatsoever when working remote. Major mobile network providers like Jio, Airtel, Vodafone have decent 4g internet speed which should suffice your requirements.

Plus there are a lot of decent cafes and Dhabas in Kasol so food should not be a problem as well. If you are looking for extremely budget-friendly option, then you should rent out a home in villages near Kasol like Chalal, Choj, Katagla and cook on your own.

I personally never like working remotely from touristy places so I have never worked from Kasol. But again if you love being in touristy places, Kasol can be your perfect dreamy destination to work remotely from Himachal amidst serene vistas.

With tons of beautiful hiking trails and places to visit, Kasol will keep you busy when you are not working. If you are a first time traveler to Kasol, this detailed backpacking guide to Kasol will be surely of a great help to you.

Best places to work remotely from Himachal

Snow capped mountains, River Parvati, Dreamy pines doesn’t Kasol Sound like a perfect remote working location.

3. Jibhi – A Perfect Remote Working Location Amidst Ethereal Pines

Jibhi is one of the upcoming destinations in Himachal. Currently it is not too touristy but not offbeat as well. But Jibhi is developing at a rapid pace in terms of tourism.

Perched at an altitude of around 1800 m in Banjar valley, the hamlet of Jibhi is located amidst ethereal Deodhar forests with River flowing calmly. And is a top workation destination in Himachal thanks to decent internet and great stay options.

The picturesque setting of Jibhi with no tourist rush like Manali or Kasol is what entices a lot of travelers to Jibhi. With decent hostels, hotels, homestays and luxury cottages and a decent internet, Jibhi can be your dream remote working destination.

Hostels like Mudhouse hostels, Hostalgic,  do provide long stay packages with meals at around INR 25,000 a month. There are luxury cottages like Norwegian wood, Hidden burrow etc as well if you have a decent budget. The internet speeds is around 10-20 mbps for Airtel and Jio. Vodafone does not work.

Else you can rent out a rustic home in one the rustic villages near Jibhi and cook your own food. This should cost not more than INR 10,000 to 12,000 a month.

top workation destinations in Himachal

Thanks to its serene setting and less tourist rush, Digital nomads who prefer solitude but want the feel of a touristy place are opting for Jibhi. With decent internet and varied accommodation options, Jibhi is indeed a great remote working option.

4. Raison – A Perfect Place To Escape The Maddening Crowds Of Touristy Places 

If you are looking to work remotely away from the hustle and bustle of touristy places in a typical rustic Himachali village, Raison can be one best places to work from mountains in Himachal.

With decent internet connection and accommodation options, raison is the best place to experience simple and slow Himachali life while working remotely.

Perched at a comfortable altitude of 1,500 m, Raison is full of pretty orchards and large open spaces in Upper Kullu. Also, Raison is well-connected as it is located on Chandigarh-Manali highway some 30 km away from Manali and 15 km away from Kullu town.

If the idea of staying with a humble local family, eating homely cooked delicacies, spending peaceful time at a beautiful orchard, fascinates you, head straight to the beautiful Yuthok Homestay +91 7018369494 in Baga village of Raison.

I have personally stayed there numerous times including a month long stay. And I have just loved my time with hosts at Yuthok homestay. And of course 4g internet from major network providers like Jio, Airtel, Vodafone etc all work well in Raison.

If you yearn for the off beaten experiences while staying at local homestays, here is a detailed itinerary for Upper Kullu valley.

best places for longs stays in himachal

4. Shangarh – Surreal Meadows Of Shangarh Will Blow Your Mind

Imagine yourself working from lush green meadows with impeccable snow-capped mountains and dreamy Deodhars all around. Sounds too good to be true right ?

Well Shangarh in Sainj valley offers you exactly that. Located at an altitude of around 2300 m Shangarh is famous for its rolling meadows and incredible picturesque setting.

Away from the maddening crowds of touristy resorts, Shangarh can be your ideal remote working destination in Himachal if you like Solitude and  seek slow life in rustic Kullavi villages.

There are decent homestays in Shangarh with a couple of hotels and guesthouses as well. So accommodation should not be a problem. Internet is also not a problem thanks to Jio and Airtel 4g. And the speed is around 10-30 mbps. Vodafone does not work in Shangarh.

I’ve personally stayed at the Secret Homestay +91 8626808707 in Daghara village, Shangarh area just around 15-20 minute walk from the meadows of Shangarh.

Rest of the Sainj, is as impressive as Shangarh and therefore here  is a detailed itinerary to explore the pristine valley of Sainj as a first time traveler.

best places to work from mountains in Himachal

The world-famous meadows of Shangarh, with high peaks of GHNP in the backdrop. These meadows turn lush green during the summers and monsoon.

5. Banjar – A Perfect Base To Explore The Pristine Valley Of Saraj

Banjar in Kullu district can be one of the good places to work remotely from Himachal if you want to explore the rustic charm of Saraj valley (Tirthan is a part of Saraj).

The town of Banjar is the main town of Saraj valley and is well-connected with the Sub-valleys like Tirthan valley, Banjar valley, Thachi valley, Janjheli, Anni & Nirmand Area etc.

So you can set up Banjar as your base and explore the rustic charm of Saraj valley. There are plenty of accommodation options available in Banjar in terms of hostel, homestays, guesthouses.

Blueesheep Hostel +91 8580640109 can be one such great option for long stays located right near Banjar Bus Stand. They offer dorms and private rooms at discounted rates if you opt for long stays. They also have an in house Cafe.

The internet is quite decent, with Jio and Airtel providing decent speeds around 10-20 mbps. Vodafone does not work in Banjar. I have personally worked from Bluesheep twice and had no problems whatsoever.

Apart from popular places like Tirthan valley, Shoja, Jalori Jot, Chehni Kothi you can hike to rustic villages near  Banjar. There is no dearth of Pristine trekking and hiking trails near Banjar to keep you busy on your off-days.

Banjar can be an ideal workation destination if are looking to explore the rustic charm of Saraj valley. There are lot of accommodation options with decent internet.

6. Upper Neahi – Experience The Rustic Charm Of Sainj While Working Remotely 

If you want an authentic experience of how life is in traditional rustic villages of Kullu, the blissful locale of Upper Neahi offers you exactly that.

The rustic village of Upper Neahi does not have a road connectivity. But decent 4g internet by Jio, Airtel and decent homestay makes it for a good place to work remotely from Himachal.

If you are someone who loves to witness and experience the eccentric culture of Kullu amidst dreamy Deodhars, Kath-Kuni styled houses, pristine meadows, impeccable temples, you’ll love the vibe of the Upper Neahi village.

Aastha homestay +91 8278795110  is the lone homestay in Upper Neahi run by Mahi and family who are the locals of Upper Neahi. The rooms are basic but the incredible hospitality by Mahi and family will make you feel right at home away.

The internet speed is decent with Airtel and Jio 4g. Vodafone does not work here. You’ll get around 10-15 mbps speed here which for me worked out well.

And Did I tell you there are infinite hiking and trekking trails from this beautiful that will just mesmerize you. By the way here is detailed list of 47 pretty hidden places just like Upper Neahi in Kullu district.

7. Bathad – This Rustic Village Of Tirthan Will Blow Your Mind

Tirthan valley is fast gaining popularity amongst travelers thanks to its serene setting and off the beaten nature.  And perfect place to slowdown and live life to the fullest.

Bathad is one such pretty village of Falchan valley, a sub valley of Tirthan valley. Perched right at the bank of river Falchan, Bathad is truly a perfect village to experience the rural charm of the Himalayas its custom and culture.

There are lots of pretty villages around Bathad like Galingcha, Kamela, Mashiyar, Chipni, Shrunghar etc which will keep you busy whenever you are not working.

Thanks to the decent homestay option and great internet, Bathad is a great place to work remotely from Himachal. I had an amazing time while staying with Thewa Ram Ji and his family at Apna Ghar Homestay +91 9459884078.

I must say that Thewa Ram Ji and his family are incredibly humble. The rooms are well built and great. Airtel and Jio 4g worked great here with decent speed of 10 to 30 mbps. Vodafone does not work here.

By the way, here is a detailed blog on 23 awesome reasons to visit the pristine valley of Tirthan. I am sure this will make you pack your bags and head straight to Tirthan.

awesome places to work remotely from Himachal

One of my personal favourites remote working location in Tirthan valley, The rustic village of Bathad.

8. Gondhla – Dreamy Lahauli Locale Perfect for A Quaint Workation

After the mid-hills of Kullu, lets now head to the high altitude tribal valley of Lahaul. Thanks to the recent opening of Atal Tunnel and decent internet connectivity in the form of Jio and Airtel, working remotely from Lahaul is no longer a distant dream.

Gondhla or Gundla is one such village of Lahaul that has just mesmerized me with its beauty. With decent homestay option and Airtel 4g, working remotely while exploring the otherwordly landscapes of Lahaul is a reality.

The setting of Gundla is absolutely incredible with snow-capped peak of Khinang gang on one side and the holy Dril bu Ri mountain the other. Plus the historic Tinan Khar and beautiful Silha monastery are a sight to behold.

Snow flake homestay +91 9459015319 run by Rajesh Ji and his lovely family is the lone homestay option in the village of Gondhla. Again, I have stayed here twice, once in winter and in then in summers, and I always felt at home thanks to Rajesh Ji and his family.

Only Airtel 4g works decently here with the speed of around 10-20 mbps. While Jio 4g works its not as stable as Airtel in terms of internet connectivity. Vodafone does not work here.

Also note that due to heavy snowfall in winters there can long electricity and internet disruptions, so working from anywhere in Lahaul during the winters is not advisable. Also not to forget the bone-chilling temperatures.

By the way, here is a detailed blog on celestial monasteries of Lahaul valley which you must visit on your trips to Lahaul

top workation destinations in Himachal

Pretty village of Gondhla in Lahaul can be your ideal workation with Atal Tunnel now making Lahaul quite accessible than before.

9. Rashil – A Dreamy Village Surrounded By Impeccable Vistas

Rashil a dreamy village on the left bank of Chandrabhaga in Pattan valley of Lahaul is an ultimate remote working destinations in Himachal to be honest. It was by far one of my best remote working experiences in Lahaul

Pattan valley always kind of eluded me on my previous trips thanks to lack of homestays, but Rashil helped me explore Pattan while working remotely from here.

Perched at around 9000 ft, this surreal village of Pattan valley is located right at the base of high mountains. Snow-capped peaks of Pattan valley are visible from this dreamy village along with rustic villages of Pattan with Chandrabhaga meandering across the valley.

As far as stay option is concerned a newly operational Zostel homes +91 8219541361 is perfect. Hosted by Puneet Bughie and his hospitable family, they will make sure feel at home during your stay in Rashil.

Only Jio works in Rashil with the speed of 10-20 mbps. Airtel, Vodafone does not work in Rashil.

So if you yearn for a slow life in the rustic villages of high-altitude valleys of Himachal, with pretty landscapes, humble locals, rich culture head straight to Rashil village in Pattan valley.

One of my favourite remote working locations in Lahaul, the village of Rashil. 

10. Keylong – The Administrative Capital Of Lahaul & Spiti

Keylong is one the of best places to work remotely in Himachal. Being the district headquarters, Kyelang is the main town of the Lahaul valley.

Perched at about 10,000 ft, this town of Ghar valley is just mesmerizing with snow-capped peaks of Gushal Goh and the lady of Keylong glacier being your constant company.

There are plenty of stay options in the form of homestays, hotels and guesthouses available in Keylong. With decent internet connectivity in the form of Jio and Airtel 4g, Keylong is one of the of good places to work remotely in Himachal.

During your off-time, you can visit celestial monasteries around Keylong area like Yurdong Gompa, Shashur Gompa, Bokar Gompa, Tayul Gompa and rustic villages around Keylong like Biling, Gushkiar, Gumrang, Grimus,

I personally worked from never worked from Keylong but I can assure you the internet is quite decent and all in all can be decent long stay option in Himachal.

Birds eye view of Keylang from Bokar Gompa, one of the monasteries above Keylang.

11. Kardang – Work Remotely From The Ancient Capital Of Lahaul

Kardang is one of my favourite villages of Lahaul valley. I spent around 10 days working and exploring the left bank of Ghar valley and I was just blown by its beauty.

Kardang is a perfect place to experience the impeccable charm of high altitude valleys. The snow-capped peaks, the beautiful monasteries, vast fields of Cauliflower, Potato, Peas, with incredibly humble and hospitable people is what makes Kardang so beautiful.

Apart from the scenic beauty, Kardang does have a homestay and decent Jio and Airtel 4g internet. The lone homestay in Kardang goes by the name, Tanzin Homestay +91 9418660868. The homestay is run by Sonam Ji and his wonderful family.

The internet speed here was decent for both Airtel and Jio 4g and I got around 10-25 mbps speed. So I had no issues as such while working remotely from Kardang.

By the way, here is a detailed blog on traveling to lesser known villages in Lahaul valley. I am sure this will be helpful.

Snow-capped peaks in the background with lush green cauliflower fields in the ancient capital of Lahaul, Kardang village. Decent internet and great homestays makes Kardang a great remote working option in Himachal.

12. Sissu – The New Gateway To Lahaul Valley

Sissu was just another nondescript rustic village of Lahaul where agriculture was the main source of livelihood. But things change drastically as soon as the tunnel opened up. I would say that almost 70 % of the people who visit Atal Tunnel and Lahaul, do not venture beyond Sissu.

The locals of Sissu have obviously benefitted due to the surge in tourism. There are plenty homestay now in Sissu and the internet is also great.

Khandroling homestay, Woodvilla homestay, Tashi Yangkhil Homestay can be great options.

As far as the landscapes are concerned, Sissu will leave you gobsmacked. Surrounded by high mountains all around with river Chandra meandering across the valley, Sissu is one of the best places in Lahaul.

There is lots to do around Sissu, like hiking up to the Palm Dhara waterfall, visiting Labrang Gompa, Chokor Gompa, Teling Gompa.

Therefore, Sissu can be a great remote working option with decent internet and lot of stay options. Jio 4g and Airtel 4g work quite well in Sissu with Jio 4g being the better.


best places to work from home in Himachal

Typical Lahauli landscapes in Sissu. Thanks to Atal Tunnel, Sissu is very accessible these days and can be a perfect workation option with decent homestays and great internet.

13. Kolong – Perfect Long Stay Destination Amidst High Mountains, Ancient Villages

Tod valley is one of my favourite areas in Lahaul. And can be a really great remote working option with decent internet and a homestay options.

Kolong is one such village of Tod valley, where I remote worked for around 4-5 days and just absolutely loved my time there. Perched at around 10,000 ft, this dreamy locale of Tod valley is perfect for a quaint stay.

While Jispa is what people usually opt for, I try to stay away from mainstream tourist places as much as possible. So staying in Kolong seemed to be an apt choice.

Tanzin homestay +91 8091732264 is one of the budget options in Kolong which you can opt for. Else, there is a hotel named Kolong retreat as well.

The pretty villages of Khangsar, Sarang, Keleth, Rangrik, Meh make for good short hikes. Gemur Gompa, Kolong Gompa, Khangsar Gompa are some of the monasteries you can visit near Kolong.

Jio 4g works quite well in these parts. With speed between 15-30 mbps. Airtel and Vodafone do not work in Kolong and nearby areas.

Serene landscapes like these will be your constant company if you decide to work remotely from the village of Kolong in Tod valley.

To conclude, my list 13 best places to work remotely in Himachal will be helpful for you. All of them have great internet and stay options.

Depending on whether you love the vibe of rustic village or a touristy place you can choose your dream location in Himachal accordingly. In case you have queries please reach out to me in the comments and I’ll be glad to help.