“How is the internet connectivity In Spiti valley” is the one question that pops in everyone’s minds who are traveling to Spiti for the very first time. Up until 2020, Spiti did not even have proper mobile network forget about the internet connectivity due to its remoteness.

Things have certainly improved after 2020, but not too much. 4g Internet connectivity remains restricted to only a few places in Spiti even today. But things are going to change in the next year or so.

how is the internet connectivity in spiti

How Is The Internet Connectivity In Spiti ?

As of August 2021, 4g internet connectivity is restricted to places like Losar, Kaza, Mane, Tabo, Lingti, Sichling, Lhalung, Attargo Bridge. 

The upper villages like Kibber, Komic, Langza, Demul, Hikkim, Chicham etc still do not have the internet connectivity. Even Pin valley does not have internet connectivity.

Please note that  Jio, Airtel, BSNL work among the major mobile networks. Vodafone does not work at all in Spiti. As far as internet is concerned only Jio 4g works in the restricted places mentioned above.

Airtel 4g is also now available at least in Kaza and Tabo as per latest information.

How Is The Internet Connectivity In Kaza ?

Internet connectivity in Kaza is great. Jio 4g works well. You can stream videos and make video calls with ease. So Kaza is usually a place where you’ll definitely have the internet connectivity. The hostels and hotels usually provide WIFI as well.

But owing to the remoteness of Spiti, the network may or may not be seamless at all times. So do keep this in mind.

As per latest update by travelers even Airtel 4g has now started to work in Kaza. This is indeed a great news.

You can work remotely from Kaza, but there are far better destinations in Himachal with almost seamless internet connection. Here is the list 13 such places you can remotely work from Himachal.

How Is The Internet Connectivity In Tabo ?

The internet works great in Tabo like Kaza. You can easily stream videos, make videos calls, use social media with Jio 4g.

As per latest information from a traveler, even Airtel 4g has started to work in Tabo.

How Is The Internet Connectivity In Losar ?

Like Tabo and Kaza, the 4g internet worked great here. I’ve personally used the Jio 4g internet in Losar and it was decent. The speed was decent enough.

Losar is actually the first village of Spiti if you are coming from Lahaul side. So if you have a Jio 4g sim on your phone will start buzzing with notifications.

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How Is The Internet Connectivity In Key And Kibber ?

Key has Jio 4g connectivity but Kibber does not. As people usually make day trips to Key and Kibber and return by evening you should not have too many problem with no internet and mobile network.

If you are planning to stay in Kibber, then you make sure you do not need mobile network or internet. Otherwise make a day trip and stay in Kaza itself. BSNL may work only for calls and but it is very unreliable in these areas.

How Is The Internet Connectivity in Hikkim, Komic, Langza ?

Hikkim, Komic, Langza don’t have Jio yet. Hence, no internet at these places. But again, people usually make day trips and are back in Kaza by evening. So if you are planning a day-trip, you can surely survive without few hours of mobile network.

BSNL also does not work in Hikkim, Komic, Langza. But the positive thing is that with the next 6 months, Jio 4g is going to make an arrival in these villages.

How Is The Internet Connectivity in Demul, Lalung, Dhankar ?

Demul, Dhankar do not have Jio 4g yet  BSNL works only for calls in Dhankar. In Demul even BSNL does not work. But Jio 4g is going to be functional soon in Dhankar as per locals.

Lhalung has gotten Jio 4g connectivity as of September 2021. This was confirmed by one of the travelers I met in Kullu in November 2021.

How Is The Internet Connectivity In Pin valley ?

No Jio 4g so no internet in Pin valley as well sadly. Only BSNL works for calls intermittently and that too is very unreliable at times. I informed about my well-being to my family through homestay owners mobile phone in Sagnam.

If you had to use the internet, you would need to go all the way to Attargo bridge, the entrance of Pin valley. At Attargo bridge you get Jio 4g, so you can use the internet.

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How Is The Internet Connectivity At Chandratal and Manali-Kaza road ?

No mobile network and internet connectivity at Chandratal (By the way, Chandratal is in Lahaul valley not Spiti)  and don’t expect there to be in future as well as there are no villages in that region. Same goes with Manali-Kaza road.

You’ll start getting proper network and internet only in Khoksar on Manali-Kaza road.

To conclude, You’ll get good 4g internet only in Kaza, Tabo, Losar, Mane, Lhalung. There will be intermittent internet connectivity at places like Lingti, Sichling, Lidang, Atargo bridge. So I hope this answers your question of “How is the internet connectivity in Spiti valley”

Upper villages like  Komic, Hikkim, Kibber, Demul do not have internet connectivity. But Jio 4g is expected to be functional even in the upper villages soon.

In case you have any doubts about the question “is internet available in Spiti” Please let me know in the comments below.