Kasol is one of the go to destinations for a lot of travelers who are planning to visit. And if you are planning to visit Kasol for the first time you might have a question “how much does a Kasol trip cost”.

Kasol is a but small but major tourist resort in Parvati valley. So it usually depends on individual. How much she or he wants to spend. But be rest assured that you can have a great trip to Kasol even if you are on a tight budget.

So in this blog I’ll be discussing about the stay, food, transport, and other expenses you will incur in your trip. I personally have stay for a lot of days and now have a fair idea about. So lets get started.

How Much Does A Kasol Trip Cost

How Much Does A Kasol Trip Cost – All The Useful Details You Need

Kasol is one of the most popular destinations when it comes to Himachal Pradesh. Being known to cater to backpackers and budget travelers Kasol is the go to destination for such kind of travelers.

So if you also have a question about how much does a Kasol trip cost, just stick with me and I’ll be running you through all the details related to stay, food, commute costs.

By the way here is detailed blog on Kasol versus Manali, wherein I have compared two of the most famous places in Himachal. This will surely help decide where you should be headed.

Stay cost in Kasol

The cost of stay in Kasol can be anywhere around Rs 300 to 1000 per night as per your comfort and budget. The hostels in Kasol offers dorm beds from Rs 300 to 500 which can be great for budget travelers.

Food Cost in Kasol

Now food can be expensive if you only ate at cafes in Kasol. It will cost you around Rs 400-500 for all meals if you only eat at cafes. But if you eat at Dhabas you can easily cut down you food expenses to Rs 150-200 per day.

Public transport cost in Kasol

If you want to save commuting while visiting places in and around Kasol, then public transport is quite optimal.

Cost to reach and exit Kasol

The volvo buses to reach Kasol and exit will cost you around Rs 2000 from Delhi and back. HRTC is volvo’s are a bit expensive than private one’s. So do keep that in mind.

Total Cost of Kasol Trip

So If consider the trip to be week long. You’ll end spending somewhere around Rs 10,000 including stay, food, transport. But this just an estimate.

Cost of Stay in Kasol

The average cost of stay you would incur on Kasol trip would be around Rs 350-600 per day depending on where you stay that is guesthouse, hostels, hotels.

You can easily get a dorm bed at a backpackers hostel from anywhere between Rs 300-500. The famous hotels in Kasol include The Hosteller, Nomads Hostel, Whoopers Hostel and many more.

I personally stayed at various places in Kasol. There are a lot of cheap hotels were you can get a hotel room for Rs 500 in off season like winter. I had stayed Green valley hotel just few hundred before the main market area.

Of course you can also stay in medium budget hotels or guesthouses which would obviously cost you at least Rs 1500-2000 for the room. There are places like Hotel Sandhya, Green house stay towards Manikaran road. But you can definitely get them at decent price during off season.

By the way if you are solo traveler going to Kasol for the first time here is detailed blog related to safety of a solo traveler in Kasol.

Stay of Food in Kasol 

Again this totally depends on where you are eating in Kasol. There are a lot of hippie cafes in Kasol which are priced on par with the rates of cafes in the cities. So if you eat at such cafes all the time then you are going to end up spending around Rs 400-500.

If you want to cut down your food expenses in Kasol you should be definitely eating at the Dhabas in Kasol. If you eat at such Dhabas (Small Roadside Food Joint) in Kasol you’ll end spending around Rs 150 for all meals of the day.

The popular cafes in Kasol include Evergreen, Jim Morisons Cafe, Bhoj Cafe, Freedom Cafe, Moonlight Cafe, Little Italy and many more. But as I said if eat here all the time and all your meals you might ending up spending more on eating than staying.

By the way if you are planning to visit Kasol along with the family read these 8 reasons why Kasol is not a family friendly destination.

Public Transport Cost in Kasol

People taking a trip to Kasol, rarely just stay put in Kasol only. They travel to number of the other popular places around kasol like Tosh and Malana.

The best way to commute in and around is to just use public transport instead of hiring cabs. The public transport in Parvati valley and Kasol is quite inexpensive and really helps one cutting down the budget.

You’ll end spending maximum Rs 100 if you were to use public transport to places in around Kasol. The multiplier for local buses is 1.75*distance in Rupees. By the way, here is a detailed blog on the mobile network availability in Kasol.

Cost to Reach and Exit Kasol

You can use Private volvo or HRTC volvo’s or Ordinary HRTC buses to reach. Most of the buses ply from the Delhi and Chandigarh.

So maximum that you’ll end up spending is around Rs 3000 to Kasol and back to Delhi for volvo buses. If you want to cut down some of the cost you should travel buy the HRTC ordinary buses.

Also note there are only a few direct private buses to Kasol. So most of the people end up getting down at Bhuntar and then go to Kasol.

Total Cost of Kasol Trip

Total cost of any trip depends on how much an individual is willing to spend. But this is just a rought estimate that I think one can end up spending.

One may either spend less or more depending on what kind of luxuries they want and how much they are willing to sacrifice.

So the total cost you would incur on your Kasol trip would be around Rs 10,000 including food, stay, volvo travel, internal commute. So this should give you a fair idea.

Of course where you stay, what you eat, how you travel will have an impact on the total cost you spend. By the way, if you are looking to experience winter in the himalayas, then here is a winter travel guide for Kasol.

6 Important Tips For A Budget Trip To Kasol

Kasol is touted as a backpackers and budget travelers paradise. But if you are not careful enough you might end up spending a fortune. So here are some tips you can follow to easily make a budget trip to Kasol.

By the way, I personally find Kasol very overrated and here 11 reasons why I think so. Let me know you thoughts.

1. Stay in backpackers hostel instead of hotels
2. Eat at Dhabas (Small Roadside Food Joint) instead of Cafes
3. Travel by local transport rather hiring cabs
4. Visit Kasol in winters for a budget trip
5. Travel by HRTC ordinary buses

1. Stay in Backpackers Hostel instead of Hotel

So if you are wishing to traveling on a budget you should definitely be staying in backpackers hostel instead of hotels. For a bed in a dorm room it might cost between Rs 300 to Rs 500.

Therefore you might end saving and cutting down on a budget if you stay in hostels. Plus an added advantage is you get to met a lot of fellow travelers.

2. Eat At Dhabas Instead of Cafes

Another obvious one here. If you eat at Cafes all the time, then you might end up spending more than you stay of cost. Eat at cafes all the time, then you will surely end up spending above Rs 500.

Cafes in Kasol are at pars or even more when it comes to rates. So If you really want to cut down budget, then you should really eat the Dhabas (Small Roadside Food Joint) instead of Cafes.

3. Travel By Local Transport Rather Hiring Cabs

If you want to make successful budget trip, then you should probably travel almost exclusively in public transport rather than hiring cabs.

Of course, traveling in public transport has its own cons. But if you are willing to manage and sacrifice even a little, then you will ending saving a ton money.

4. Visit Kasol In Winters

Visiting Kasol in winters, means saving a lot of money. The primay reason for the low costs in Kasol is due to low tourist footfall in Off season winter months like Jan and Feb.

I personally, ended up getting hotel rooms at around Rs 500 due to low tourist footfall. So you can make use of this and visit Kasol in winters. Plus impeccable winter vistas will be added advantage.

5. Travel By HRTC Ordinary Buses

HRTC ordinary buses are one of the most affordable ways of getting to your destinations in Himachal. The HRTC ordinary charges are way less than the volvo and you’ll end up saving at least Rs 1000.

So if you want to save on commute costs for your Kasol Trip, you should be commuting by HRTC Ordinary instead of volvo buses. Here is where you can book HRTC buses online.

6. Do NOT Travel Alone To Kasol

Despite me traveling almost exclusively traveling solo to Himachal. I would really advise against it for the sake of budget. Trust me if you want to make a budget traveling with someone or in a group always comes in handay.

The costs gets equally divided amongst the travelers. So you don’t have to worry about spending a bit wherever its essential.

To conclude, I hope now you have brief idea how much does a Kasol trip cost. I have explained in detail along with average costs o food, stay, commute for your Kasol Trip. This should be enough for you to estimate as per your needs and comfort.

In case you have any queries, feel free to reach out to me and I’ll be happy to help.