If you’re a solo traveler looking to work remotely from the Picturesque valleys of Himachal, you might surely have the question “Is Himachal expensive for a solo workcation” on your mind.

This is a really valid query to have. Based on my experiences from working remotely in Himachal for months be it from popular places or remote villages, I can certainly help with all the queries.

is himachal expensive for a solo workcation

Is Himachal Expensive For A Solo Workcation

Not really. With the advent of remote working all kinds of accommodation be it budget homestays, guesthouses or hostels, are hosting travelers on long workcations with special discounts.

The monthly food and expenses will almost be on par or just slightly higher if were rent out a home in a metro city like Mumbai or Bengaluru. Therefore, A Solo workcation in Himachal is not too expensive as it might seem.

I am excluding miscellaneous expenses like cab expense, adventure activities expense etc because that will differ for a person to person. By the way, here are 13 awesome places to work remotely from Himachal.

Average Cost For 1 Month Solo Workcation in Himachal

If you plan to work remotely for a month in Himachal you might end up spending between INR 20K to 30K including stay and food.

In popular tourists places like Manali, Kasol, Jibhi, Mcleodganj, Shimla. Hotels, guesthouses are providing month-long packages which generally also include food charges.

Popular hostel chains like Hosteller, Zostel, Moustache are providing a dorm bed for solo travelers for somewhere between INR 12k to 15K per month for long stays.

Meals may or may not be available at the hostels. But usually for long stays they offer meals at discounted rates

Budget homestays in rustic villages on the other hand usually ask for around INR 700 to INR 1000 range per day including food and stay expenses. Which would turn to be around INR 21K to INR 30K.

Boutique homestays or luxury properties might be too expensive for a solo traveler. But in general if you choose budget homestays, hostels as accommodation options you could spend as low as INR 18K to 20k.

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Average Cost For 2 Months Solo Workcation in Himachal

A 2- month to workcation will end up costing you around INR 40K to INR 50k including food and stay expenses if you opt for budget homestays. You can obviously bargain since you’ll be staying for a couple of months.

Couple of months workcation in Himachal as solo traveler will cost you around INR 25k to INR 30K for a dorm bed in a hostel. Meals may or not be not available at the hostel.

But if they are you would incur cost of around 20k-24k. So to cut down your food food expenses you can eat at Dhabas which will  come to be around INR 12K to INR 13 k for two months.

If you stay at one place for a couple months then your expenses will be a bit lower then if you moved around and changed properties in Himachal as a solo workcation trip. I have first hand experience of this.

If you are first time solo traveler to Himachal, here are super useful tips for traveling alone in Himachal that I am sure will be quite helpful

Average Cost For 3 Months Solo Workcation in Himachal

Budget homestays in Himachal for 3 months will cost you around INR 60 K to INR 75K including stay and food expenses.

Again if you opt for hostels, you would end up spending around INR 36k to INR 40K for stay and around INR 30k for meals if they are available at the hostel.

As mentioned earlier eat out at Dhabas instead of opting for hostel meals plans if you are looking to cut down food expenses.

My recent 3-month long workcation cost me around INR 65 K for food and stay expenses. Of course, it would have been on the lower side had I stayed at one place.

But I traveled across different places in Himachal like Pangi valley, Lahaul valley, Kullu valley, Kinnaur, Chota Bhangal, Chuhar valley.

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Tips For Shoe String Budget For Solo Workcation In Himachal

If your monthly workcation budget is well under 20k, then staying at popular hostels and even budget homestays might not be of help.

Because from my experience if you stay even in budget homestays or popular hostels your expenses could exceed or hover around INR 20K.

But there are certain ways you can restrict your workcation expenses to well under 20K.

  • Try to stay at cheap hostels in popular tourist places with a dorm bed under INR 300 per day.
  • Eat at Dhabas which cost around INR 200 for all the meals.
  • Try to rent out a room or house with the help of locals. Should cost around 5K-10K per month.
  • Cook on your own if you have rented out a place.

Budget Homestays and Hostels In Himachal Which Are Good For Solo Workcation

Here are some of my favourite places for a solo workcation in Himachal which are budget-friendly. I have personal worked remotely from here.

  • My personal favourite, Yuthok Homestay in Raison, Kullu (+91 7018369494)
  • Snowflake Homestay in the beautiful Gondhla village of Lahaul (+91 9459015319)
  • Zostel Homes, Rashil, Pattan valley in Lahaul has dorms as well as private rooms  (+91 8219541361)
  • Aastha Homestay in Sainj is one of the best budget options in Kullu district (+91 8278795110)
  • The Secret homestay in the famous Shangarh of Sainj valley is a great option for solo workcation (+91 8626808707)
  • Rabbit house homestay in Kamtan village of Sainj valley is one of my favourites but weak internet connectivity here could be an issue. (+91 9805188083)
  • Bluesheep Hostel in Banjar is a decent workcation option to explore rustic charm of Saraj (+91 85806 40109)
  • Apna Ghar Homestay in Bathad, Tirthan valley is apt for quaint and rustic solo workcation (+91 9459884078)
  • Ratuaa Homestay in Reckong Peo is a great option to explore Kinnaur while working remotely (+91 7018918495)
  • Verma Homestay in Barot is a great workation option located in Barot to explore Chota Bhangal and Chuhar valley (+91 9816008262)

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To conclude, I hope you now have an answer to your question “Is Himachal expensive for a solo workcation”. Stick to budget homestays and hostels in Himachal and your workcation will not cost you a fortune.

If you have any queries relating to the same you can drop them in the comments below and I’ll happy to help you out.