A list of medicines to pack for a mountain trip In India will come in very handy for those you are planning a trip to the mountains in India.

Staying fit and healthy is one of the most important aspects of having a successful trip to the mountains. And based on my experience on trip to the mountains in India and doctors advise, I have come up with this blog.

medicines to pack for a mountain trip in india

Medicines To Pack For A Mountain Trip In India

Getting sick on a mountain trip can be a harrowing experience. Especially if you are traveling to remote and far-flung areas in the mountainous regions of India.

Therefore, In order to tackle and recover from any illnesses when on trips, packing basic medicines for common diseases is really recommended.

So I’ve curated this super handy list of medicines after consultation with my doctor. This list you give a basic idea of what to medicines to carry. But please consult your doctor as well.

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Fever, body ache, Headache Medicines

Paracetamol, Ibuprofen

Common Cold Medicines

Phenylephrine ,Chlorphenamine, Cetirizine

Diarrhea, Loose motions Medicines

Loperamide, Bismuth subsalicylate

Nausea, Vomiting, Motion Sickness, Acidity Medicines

Promethazine, Dimenhydrinate, Domperidone, Pantoprazole

Allergy Medicines

Hydroxyzine, Cetirizine

AMS Medicines

Acetazolamide, Dexamethasone

Medicines To Carry For Fever, Body Ache, Headache For Mountain Trip In India

Fever, Body Ache are common ailments that you could suffer from while on the trip to mountains. The fever could be a result of a common viral or a simple exhaustion.

But a fever can certainly slow one down and could really hamper you exploration or hiking trips that you might have planned.

Therefore, packing some basic over counter fever medicines can really help you tackle and recover. So that you do not miss out on your planned excursions while on the trip.

Paracetamol, Ibuprofen are some basic fever medicines that help alleviating the symptoms of fever and provide relief. So make sure you pack them on your mountain trip to India.

Dolo 650 is currently the most popular over the counter medicines that In India that is being to treat fever, headache, body ache. Combiflam is another famous medicine in India to treat fever.

Another advantage of these medicines are that they also provide you relief in case you have body ache, headache etc. Are some brands which are popular and widely consumed in India.

Common Cold Medicines To Pack For Mountain Trip In India

Cold is another one of the common illness that one can suffer. Although not dangerous but can really slow you down especially if you are out in the mountains hiking.

Trudging uphill when hiking in the mountains can get really taxing if one is suffering from cold. And an uphill climb is quite common in the mountains.

So it is really advisable to carry basic cold medicines. This will ensure that the cold will not restrict you from going on adventures in the mountains.

The common cold medicines usually include the combination of Phenylephrine ,Chlorphenamine and Paracetamol which really help in tackling the cold. Cetirizine is another commonly used medicine when you have for cold and allergies.

My doctor wrote me medicines like Wikoryl, Febnex Plus in case I suffered from cold. These drugs are combination of the drugs mentioned above.

I personally suffered from a terrible cold while on a winter trip to Kinnaur. Fortunately I had these common medicines which came to rescue and provided much me needed relief.

But yes moving around became difficult due to the cold. So its always better to take the common cold medications when on mountain trips.

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Diarrhea/ Loose motions Medicines To Carry For A Mountain Trip In India

One of the most common ailments that people suffer from on trips is loose motions, diarrhea, dysentry.

And let me tell you, having diarrhea while on a trip to the mountains can really result in nightmarish situations. Especially if you are out on explorations trips, hiking or traveling for long hours.

Therefore, It always makes sense to carry basic over the counter medicines to help you relieve symptoms when packing for a trip to the mountains in India.

Loperamide, Bismuth subsalicylate are basic over the counter medicines for diarrhea. But they might not be really enough if you have a bad case of loose motions, diarrhea.

So my doctor has wrote up Racecadotril capsules, a combination of Satranidazole and Ofloxacin, a combination of Rabbeprazole and Domperidon . Now they are antibiotics so you need to confirm with your own doctors once.

During my recent to trip to Uttarakhand, I had a moderate case of diarrhea and loose motions. But thankfully I had all the required medicines. And with just a couple of days of medications I was fine.

Also, make sure to carry ORS or electral powder in case if you are traveling too remote. Your body loses essential salts when suffering from diarrhea and loose motions. So to make up for it ORS is essential.

Here is a super handy list of things to pack for a mountain trip in India if you are first time traveler to mountains in India.

Medicines For Motion Sickness/ Nausea/ Vomiting

Motion Sickness is probably one of the most common problems when traveling to the mountains. Those who are not the regular visitors of the mountains tend to have this problem.

The symptoms include mostly nausea and vomiting due to traveling on the serpentine roads in the mountains.

And trust me the whole charm of road trip to the mountains goes away if are always feeling nausea and constantly vomiting on the road.

So in order to avoid such a situation its always better to carry medication for motion sickness. So that you have the time of your life in the mountains and do not curse yourself for planning a trip to the mountains.

Some over the counter medicines for vomiting  include Promethazine, Dimenhydrinate, Domperidone. Avomine is know brand recommend by a lot of doctors to prevent the motion sickness.

Acidity is also another common ailment that can upset you especially when you traveling and that too in the mountains. Antacids tablets or liquids are usually good options when it comes to treating acidity.

Gelusil, diegene are a couple of popular brands of antacids liquids available in India which a lot of prefer. So make sure to carry them.

While Pantoprazole is another commonly used medicine that is used to treat acid reflux. Usually it is taken empty stomach i.e before consuming food. Pan 40 is common pantoprazole brand in India.

Allergy Medicines To Pack For A Mountain Trip In India 

Skin allergies or allergy in the form called or any other kind of allergy can  ruin your trip to the mountains.

So it is always better to carry basic over the counter medicines for in case of such situations. Anti-histamines are basically used to treat allergic conditions.

Hydroxyzine, Cetirizine are the most commonly used medicines for allergies. Atarax is the common brand for Hydroxyzine.

One of the symptoms that I personally felt when taking is it makes very drowsy. This makes sense because you certainly need a good nights sleep if you have blocked nose.

Cetirizine one of the allergy medicines also helps if you have cold-like symptoms. By the way, here is super epic itinerary for Spiti valley, which is currently one of the most popular destinations in India.

AMS Medications To Carry For A Mountain Trip In India

If you are visiting the high-altitude valleys of the Himalayas like Ladakh or Spiti or Darma, the threat of AMS can be very really. Particularly those areas above 3200 m.

AMS is basically quickly gaining altitude without the body having enough time to cope and adjust as per the lower oxygen levels at the higher altitude.

The only actual way to prevent or avoid is to actually give your body enough time to acclimatize to the lower oxygen levels. This basically means that gain in the altitude should be gradual and not sudden.

But in todays fast paced world people do not have enough time on hand and want to complete their trips in a quick time even for the high altitude areas. So AMS medication can help here.

Acetazolamide is one of the medicines which prevents AMS. Basically it helps your body in faster acclimatization and in turn mitigating the chances of getting AMS. Diamox is the common brand.

While Dexamethasone a steroid, helps you when the AMS has already got the better of you. Basically Dexamethasone buys you out time to get to lower altitudes before AMS can do any further damage.

Whether you are going preventive course for AMS or curative course, please consult a doctor for a exact dosage and treatment.

Once hit by AMS the only real remedy is to descend to lower altitudes. By the way, here is a detailed blog on how to tackle AMS in the high altitude valleys like Spiti.

But in my opinion, acclimatization is only real way you can prevent AMS. So take it slow and give your body enough time to adapt to oxygen at higher altitudes instead of rushing through your trip.

First Aid & Pain Relief Medication

Mountainous terrain is rough. Minor injuries here and there are quite common when out in the wildness and on excursions. This is where a basic first aid kit might come in handy.

So when planning a trip to the mountains do make sure to pack certain first aid items like bandages, anti-septic cream, liquid in order to clean and dress wounds in case of minor injuries.

Savlon and Dettol are popular anti-septic liquids. While Soframycin is an anti-bacterial cream which helps in healing and prevents any bacterial infection

Topical pain relief sprays can come in very handy if you are experiencing muscle pain or any pain due to any injury. Of course don’t apply it to wounds.

There are tons of them out there and you can literally pick up any popular brand that you like. Here is a detailed backpacking guide to Lahaul valley which has insanely beautiful Himalayan landscapes along with unique culture.

Your Own Medicines For Any Ailments Specific To You

Finding basic medicines can be very difficult in the mountains. Especially if you are traveling the remote valleys and far-flung areas in the Himalayans, where a nearest major town can be several hours away.

Therefore, if you are suffering from chronic ailments or long-term illnesses make sure that you carry all your medication in sufficient quantity if you are planning a trip to the mountains in India.

As per my experience sometimes getting even medicines prescribed by doctor can get a bit difficult in tourist resorts. You might a get generic one though.

So if you are suffering from illnesses like Diabetes, Hypertension or any other long-term chronic illness where you need regular medication then please carry them beforehand.

To sum it up, I hope that this list of medicines to pack for a mountain trip in India will come in handy and be useful for you. Also, make sure you consult you doctor once as well pertaining these medicines.

In case you have queries regarding medicines to pack for a mountain trip in India, you can drop them in the comments below. I’ll be happy to help you.