Traveling to Miyar Valley from Mumbai was one of my best experiences. The unique landscape coupled with amazing hospitality of the locals ensured that I had fond memories of the pristine valley.

And with Atal Tunnel still far away from Miyar valley it will stay less frequented and crowded compared to the areas near the tunnel. Therefore, to help you experience the magic of this valley to the fullest, I have created a complete travel guide for anybody wishing to travel to Miyar valley.

Traveling to Miyar Valley from Mumbai – An Epic Odyssey

As a traveler, I fell in love with  Miyar valley. Reason being, it has quite unique landscapes. The initial part of the valley resembles lower Kinnaur with ample of pine trees while the later part has Ladakh like landscapes to treat your eyes.

Miyar valley is kind of an offbeat place and I have very interesting stance on the current state of offbeat places in Himachal. So, feel free to check it out and let me know your thoughts.

So here is a brief overview of what you can expect your epic trip Miyar valley. Trust me, it is going to be one of the best experiences you’ll ever have in the Himalayas.


Lahaul, Himachal Pradesh, India


Accessible in from May to November.

Route remains closed for 4-5 months from December – April on and off due to heavy snow in and around Miyar valley.


Pleasant in Summers

Mild in Autumn

Cold in Spring

Brutally cold during winters

Where to Stay

Only homestays available in are the ones in villages of Urgos, Shukto, Tingret. You won’t find any hotels or guesthouses in Miyar valley

Ideal number of Days

At least 2 days of stay is recommended.

Villages Of Miyar

Tingret, Urgos, Shukto, Khanjar, Changut and many more.

Local Transport to Miyar Valley

HRTC runs bus services daily in Miyar valley. There is a direct 8.00 AM bus from Kyelang. And there is a bus around 4.00 PM from Udaipur (a place in Himachal).

Trekking In Miyar valley

Hiking to High Altitude Meadows of Thanpattan

Crossover trek to Zanskar via Kang La

Network Connectivity in Miyar Valley

While Jio has started to work in other parts of Lahaul. Miyar valley, I think still doesn’t have Jio yet. So, only BSNL works for now with intermittent connectivity and that too only for calls. But sooner or later Jio will be functional in Miyar. But please confirm with locals once.

How To Reach Miyar Valley From Mumbai?

There is no direct way to reach Miyar Valley from Mumbai.

So, you’ll need to break your journey in 4 parts in order to reach Miyar Valley from Mumbai.

For the ease of understanding I have considered Delhi as the transit point to Miyar Valley.

  1. Reaching Delhi from Mumbai to visit Miyar
  2. Getting to Manali from Delhi
  3. Reaching Tandi Bridge in Lahaul from Manali to Visit Miyar 
  4. Reaching Miyar valley from Tandi Bridge

You can also pick Chandigarh as your transit point to Miyar valley in Lahaul. But I usually prefer Delhi as my transit point as the flights, train to Delhi are cheap. Public transport from Delhi is also widely available as per suitable timings.

How To Reach Miyar valley From Mumbai

Part 1 – First you need to Reach New Delhi by Air or Rail. And then you can take a volvo bus to Reach Manali.

How To Reach Miyar Valley From Mumbai

Part 2 – From Manali you have to first Reach Lahaul, then from Take a Diversion from Tangti Bridge towards Udaipur in Pattan valley and then a final diversion to Miyar Valley Towards Shukto/Khanjar. Here is the entire route from New Delhi to Miyar Valley. New Delhi – Chandigarh – Bilaspur – Mandi – Kullu – Manali – Atal Tunnel – Sissu – Tandi Bridge – Udaipur – Urgos – Shukto

1. Reaching Delhi from Mumbai to Visit Miyar

Delhi is well connected with Mumbai by several modes of transport. As per your budget you can choose any mode of transport.

By Rail 

A lot of trains depart from Mumbai throughout the day towards Delhi. You can board any one of them as per your suitable time.

Rajdhani departs at 17.30 from Mumbai Central. Paschim express at 12.00 and Golden Temple at 21.25 from Bandra Terminus and Mumbai Central respectively. These run daily, but there are other trains as well.

By Air

There are a lots of flights available throughout the day. But I would advise to take a afternoon flight so that you can take a evening bus from Delhi to reach Manali.

2. Reaching Manali from Delhi to Visit Miyar Valley

Manali can be only reached by road. There is no railway station nearby. There is an Aiport at Bhuntar near Manali, but it will be expensive as the frequency is less.

Reaching Manali by bus 

A lot of volvo buses, private and HRTC run ply between Delhi and Manali from ISBT Kashmere Gate. Most of them start in the evening only after 5 pm. They reach Manali in the morning.

There are ordinary buses run by HRTC as well. They tend to be a lot cheaper and is perfect for a budget traveler.

3. Reaching Tangti (Tandi) Bridge from Manali 

Atal Tunnel is the shortest way to reach Lahaul. It only takes around an hour from Manali to reach the north portal in Sissu (Khwaling) via Dhundi in Solang valley. And from there another hour to reach Tangti (Tandi) bridge.

Buses have started to ply on Manali – Kyelang route (Tandi comes before Kyelang). But I am not sure about exact timings as I had travelled via Rohtang La. Please note Atal tunnel remains closed for sometime during the day. So, please keep this in mind.

4. Reaching Miyar Valley From Tangti (Tandi)

If you are traveling by your own vehicle from you can now directly take the diversion from Tandi bridge towards Pattan valley and head towards Margul (Udaipur). From Margul (Udaipur) you take another diversion towards Miyar valley.

In case you are relying on public transport, then head to Kyelang instead of Tangti Bridge. The lone bus to Shukto in Miyar from Kyelang is at 8.00 am in the morning. I mean the bus will eventually come to Tandi brige from Kyelang, but it will be packed.

There is the another one from Margul (Udaipur) in the evening at around 4.00 pm. So its better you head to Kyelang if you are going to rely on public transport else you can divert from Tandi Bridge itself no need to go to Kyelang.

Traveling To Miyar Valley From Mumbai – My Suggested 3 Day Itinerary

For most of the people Miyar valley is a part of a bigger Lahaul itinerary which spans over quite a few days. So here is a special 3 day Itinerary for Miyar valley.

if you have more days on your itinerary then you can surely explore the valley extensively. For the ease of understanding I am going to consider Kyelang as the starting point.

And In case, its your first time visiting Lahaul, then check out my backpacking guide to Lahaul in which I have provided a complete Itinerary for Lahaul and all the other relevant details.

Day 1

Take the 8.00 AM bus from Kyelang and Reach Miyar in the Afternoon. Stay at Shukto and explore the nearby village of Khanjar.

Day 2

Hike to the meadows of Thanpattan and camp there overnight.


Leave Shukto at 6.30 by bus and reach Urgos. Explore the village and stay overnight at Urgos. You can also explore village of Tingret.

Day 3

Come back to Shukto in case you had gone hiking to and leave Miyar valley by local bus in the afternoon at around 2.30 PM.

If you are in Urgos, then you can leave Miyar by the early morning bus or the afternoon bus both of which come from Shukto

Traveling To Miyar Valley From Mumbai – Cost Breakdown

Miyar valley like Lahaul will be very light on your pocket. The only staying options currently in the valley are homestays which are quiet inexpensive.

Also, since most of you will include Miyar valley in your Lahaul trip. I’ll give a per day budget for Miyar Valley as each one of you will spend different number of days in Miyar valley.

Accommodation cost in Miyar valley

It will cost you around 200-300 per person if you stay in Shukto. Even in other villages it should not be much.

Food in Miyar

Food will cost you maximum around Rs 200 for entire day.

Total per day cost

Total per day cost in Miyar valley for food and stay will be around Rs 400-500

Local Bus cost

The local bus for both entering and exiting will cost you around 300 from Kyelang and back.

If you want visit the villages within the valley, then it will hardly cost you around Rs 20-30

5 Awesome Things To Do In Miyar valley For A Complete Experience 

Miyar valley is one of those places where you could do a lot of exciting things. Or you could just relax amidst while admiring the grand vistas. Here are 5 awesome things to do in Miyar valley.

1. Enjoy Doing Nothing but Relaxing In Miyar Valley

Miyar valley is one of those places, where you can just relax and rejuvenate while admiring the raw landscapes of the valley. Such is the beauty of the place.

If you are someone who loves isolation, then this desolate valley is perfect for you. Miyar valley is one of the best places in Himachal to escape crowded and overrated places like Kasol.

Things To Do In Miyar Valley

Well when you are around such celestial vistas would you like doing anything at all ? Miyar valley is the full of such incredible landscapes where you just want to admire its beauty and do nothing.

2. Witness The Raw Beauty Of Miyar While Relaxing At The Bank of River Miyar

One of the best things you can do in Miyar is to chill at the Bank of Miyar Nalah. The river flows almost adjacent to the road all the way till the bridge connecting to Khanjar village.

Just make sure you do not venture very close to the river to get that perfect picture. The flow was considerable even in late September so imagine the situation during peak monsoons.

Things To Do in Miyar Valley

Miyar Nalah is one of the tributaries of River Chandrabhaga which it merges with near Margul (Udaipur). I had a great time relaxing at the bank of River Miyar near Shukto and clicking some awesome pictures thanks to the perfect Autumn skies.

3. Experience The Rustic Charm Of The Pretty Villages Of Miyar 

The rustic villages of Miyar valley have a charm of their own. Unlike other villages in Lahaul where traditional mud houses are getting replaced by modern houses, I still found a lot of traditional houses in Miyar valley.

The setting of these villages is extremely picturesque and I would really recommend you to pay a visit to these wonderful villages of Miyar.

I really enjoyed my time in the pretty villages of Miyar valley and I am sure you will too. In fact, Rustic villages is one of the 11 reason to visit Miyar valley in my blog.

Things To Do in Miyar Valley

Visiting the pretty villages of Miyar is one of the best things you can do on your trip to the valley. Witness the lives of the local folks in higher Himalayas amidst such pretty vistas.

4. Visit The Heavenly Buddhist monastery In The Pretty Village Of Urgos

I am not very sure about this, but I think the lone Gompa in Miyar is located in the beautiful village of Urgos.

The monastery has a modern touch to it and has several statues and mural depicting different forms of Buddha. I love visiting such monasteries or Gompas.

In fact, I have a list of 7 such celestial monasteries of Lahaul including Urgos monasteries. Trust me the peaceful and tranquil vibes while visiting such monasteries in Lahaul and Miyar.

Things To Do In Miyar Valley

Probably the lone Gompa in Miyar Valley located in Urgos village. But it is definitely a must visit if you are in Miyar valley

5. Hike In One Of The Most Desolate Yet Picturesque Trails Of India

Miyar valley is really one of the best of places to hike and trek in, if you want to escape the mass trekking. The trails in Miyar are very less frequented. The trails are still pristine as they have escaped the perils of mass trekking.

If you want maximum rewards with less difficult trail, then you should hike to Gompa or Thanpattan. If you are seasoned trekker, then crossing over to Zanskar side from Miyar valley via Kang La should really excite you.

Experience The Rustic Charm In The Villages of Miyar Valley

Here is a list of beautiful villages that are located in and around Miyar Valley.

1. Urgos – The Incredible Jewel Of Miyar Valley

Urgos is one of the most beautiful villages of Miyar valley. I was totally mesmerised by this beautiful little village. And the pretty vistas all really made me fell in love with Urgos.

Urgos also acts as a base for those mountaineers who wish to climb the Menthosa peak. Urgos is around 20 km from Margul (Udaipur). A direct bus runs from Kyelang at around 8.00 AM and one from Udaipur at 4.00 AM.

There is a beautiful monastery as well in Urgos. Rustic charm coupled with extremely picturesque vistas really makes Urgos worth the visit when in Miyar vallley.

By the way, I have curated a list of 17 such lesser known villages in Lahaul to help my fellow travelers which includes Urgos as well. I highly insist you to visit these beautiful villages to the get the complete experience in Lahaul.

Villages of Miyar Valley

Urgos village is one of the most beautiful villages of Miyar valley. I was literally blown away by it when I saw it for the first time. Therefore, I’ll highly insist you to visit here on your Trip.

2. Shukto – Get Mesmerized By The Beauty Of This Rustic Village In Miyar 

Shukto is the last motorable village of the Miyar valley. It is situated around 28 km from Margul (Udaipur). It only has only 3-4 households.

But the raw beauty of this tiny village really impressed me. The landscapes around Shukto start resembling Ladakh with blue pines all around.

There is a daily bus which runs from Kyelang at 8.00 Am and one runs in the evening from Udaipur at around 4.00 pm in the evening. There a couple of Homestays in Shukto as well.

Places to Visit in Miyar Valley

Shukto is the place where the road ends in Miyar valley. Shukto hardly has 3-4 households, but there are a couple of homestays here. And I would recommend you to stay here if you want trek further into the valley

3. Khanjar – The Last Village Of Miyar Valley

Khanjar is the last village of Miyar valley. It is also starting point to trek further into Miyar valley to places like Gompa, Thanpattan and crossing over to Zanskar side via Kang La.

Khanjar can be only reached on foot. It takes around 15 minutes to hike here from the bridge where the road ends. The bridge is located at around 1 km from Shukto.

I am not sure about the availability of homestay in this village. So, In case you want to stay please ask the locals. Else, you can make a quick visit here from Shukto or Urgos.

Villages Of Miyar Valley

Khanjar is the last village in Miyar valley. And Khanjar can be only reached on foot by crossing a wooden bridge where the road ends. I hiked all the way from Shukto crossing the shaky wooden and hiking uphill for 15 minutes to reach the Rustic village of Khanjar. It was really a wonderful experience.

4. Tingret – Experience The Magic Of Miyar At This Village

Tingret is one of the biggest and the main villages of Miyar valley. It is around 20 km from Udaipur.

Unfortunately, headed straight to Shukto and therefore could not explore the village. But I’ll surely go to this village on my next trip to Miyar.

Where to Stay in Miyar valley

Accommodation options are restricted to only a select villages in Miyar valley. And let me warn you that you won’t get any luxruy hotels or guesthouses in Miyar. Homestays are the only options to stay in Miyar as of now.

You’ll find homestays in the villages of Tingret, Urgos, Shukto for sure. There might be homestays in the other villages as well, but you might have to take help of the locals.

I personally stayed at Tashi Homestay in Shukto +91 9459988998, +919459904065. The stay was great and I spent Rs 480 here including food. There is also another homestay at Shukto which is right next Tashi homestay.

Locals of Urgos confirmed, that there were indeed homestays in the villages, but I did not stay here in Urgos.

Where To Eat In Miyar valley

Miyar valley is still not well developed in terms of Tourism. Hence you will not find any Restaurants or Cafes here in Miyar valley. So please keep this mind before visiting Miyar valley.

In my opinion you should have your food at the homestay itself, because even Dhaba’s (A small road side eatery) are rare in Miyar.

That being said you’ll find a Dhaba in Urgos, I am not very sure about the rest of the villages. But in case you are staying in a homestay food should not be a problem.

Local Bus timings for Miyar valley

Reaching Miyar valley can be a little tricky. Even though bus services run daily, owing to remoteness and less population only a couple of them run throughout the day.

So the lone direct bus to Shukto/Khanjar from Kyelang via Trilokinath runs at around 8.00 AM. The second bus is around 4.00 pm from Udaipur. 

So in case you cannot make it on time for the 8.00 AM bus from Kyelang you can reach Udaipur first and then board 4.00 pm bus if you miss the direct bus. It will almost take around 6 hours to reach Shukto from Kyelang owing to many stoppages. It takes around 2.5 to hours reach Shukto from Udaipur.

In case you want to exit Miyar, then there are two buses which run daily. One is early in the morning at around 6.00 AM in the morning from Shukto and the other one is at around 2 pm from Shukto.

Best Time To Visit Miyar valley

Miyar valley has extremely cold climate almost throughout the year except for a 3-4 months during summers and Autumn. Miyar valley experiences four distinct seasons of Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring. It snows quite heavily during winters and temperature drops several notches below zero.

So the best time to visit Miyar valley would be from June-July in summers and then from September to Early November in Autumn. I would recommend you to avoid the month of August. 

During winters from November to March western disturbances drops several feets of snow in Miyar. This cuts off Miyar valley from the rest of Lahaul for good 3-4 months on and off. And the roads only properly open up around March-April.

Is Miyar Valley Safe for Travelers

Yes, Miyar valley is very safe for travelers irrespective of the gender. The locals are very amiable and approachable and will help you out in case you are stuck in some kind of problems.

In fact, you might get invited for a cup of Tea if you are wandering around a village in Lahaul. Such is the hospitality of the Lahauli Folks.

So you do not have to worry about the safety aspect. But one surely needs to remain alert even if its the safest place on earth.

This brings me to the end of this blog. I hope that traveling to Miyar valley from Mumbai will be one of your most memorable trips, just like mine.

In case you any questions about traveling to Miyar valley from Mumbai, please reach out in the comments below and I’ll be happy help you out.