Which is Better Kalga or Pulga, if you have the same question on your mind as a traveler planning a trip, Don’t worry I have got you covered. And therefore in this blog we are going to compare Kalga and Pulga

Based on my travels to both the places. I’ll be comparing Kalga vs Pulga based on aspects like stay options, ease of reach, cafes, budget travel, internet connectivity etc. So lets get started.

Which is Better Kalga or Pulga

Which is Better Kalga or Pulga

Surrounded by lofty peaks, apple orchards, dense pine forests, Kalga is one of the most sough-after places in Parvati valley.

While the same holds true even for Pulga but with comparatively lesser-footfall, fewer stay options & fewer cafes.

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Which is Better Kalga or Pulga – Ease of Reach 

Both Kalga & Pulga are located in the scenic and popular backpacking haven Parvati valley in Kullu district. To reach both one has to first reach Bhuntar.

Widespread public transport is available to Bhuntar from Major North Indian towns. From Bhuntar, the road to Parvati valley bifurcates. From Bhuntar you have to reach Barshaini via Kasol & Manikaran.

Once you reach Barshaini, both are across the Parvati River after crossing the Power Project bridge. Right after you cross the bridge, Kalga is a quick 15 minute uphill but steep hike. Pulga is further 2-3 km away on the dirt road.

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My Opinion – This one is a tie. Both Kalga and Pulga are more or less quite accessible by public transport. The only real problem might be during the peak winter months to reach both.

Kalga Vs Pulga – Which is More Beautiful

As I always say, comparing the beauty of two Himalayan villages is never advisable.

Both  are pretty scenic and surrounded by lofty peaks, towering & dense pine forests, apple orchards.

You’ll get similar views from either of the places as they are located just 2-3 km apart perched at almost similar altitudes. Try to plan a trip around spring or early winter for the clear views of the snowy peaks.

My Opinion – Both are winners here. Expect insane Himalayan vistas.

Is Kalga Better or Pulga

Which is Better Kalga or Pulga – In Terms Of Stay Options

Being popular places in Parvati valley both have decent stay options in terms of Guesthouses, hostels. Of course, expecting family friendly hotels, resorts, homestays will result disappointment.

As most places in Parvati valley cater to backpackers. From what I observed and know, Kalga has much more properties than Pulga ranging from camps, guesthouses, etc. As Kalga is more popular.

But Pulga is catching up, I observed widespread construction activities including that of hotels in Pulga. Therefore, it could catch up with Kalga soon.

My opinion – Kalga is the winner with way more properties. Although it might change in the near future. 

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Kalga versus Pulga

Is Kalga Better OR Pulga – Budget Travelling

For budget travelers, Parvati valley is heaven. Thanks to cheap accommodation. Well I personally feel the other way thanks to exorbitant food prices. But lets not get into that.

Upon asking around I was quoted a price of INR 300 for a bed in basic guesthouse in Kalga. I am pretty sure the prices would be similar in Pulga as well.

The only real deal breaker is the exorbitant food prices at Cafes. So make sure you enquire for inexpensive food joints and limit your expenses to INR 300 for food which could be difficult to accomplish.

My Opinion – Accommodation & food cost should not cost you more than INR 800 at both. But beware of ridiculous food prices at Cafes. Coming from a personal experience. 

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Which Is Better Kalga or Pulga – In Terms Of Cafes

Parvati valley is known for its hippie-cafes offering multi-cuisine delicacies. And I won’t deny that they are not scrumptious. But eating at such cafes costs a fortune.

Kalga and Pulga are no different. Upon strolling across the both villages, I am sure you’ll come across several hippie cafes. Beware of food prices at such cafes though.

During one of my visits to Parvati valley, I made the mistake of eating at such expensive cafe in Pulga. I was charged INR 100 for vegetable Maggi and they did not even serve the whole packet.

My opinion – Kalga has more number of cafes than Pulga. But forget about Dhaba like inexpensive food prices in both the places. 

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Kalga Vs Pulga – In Terms Of Remote Working

As you might be aware most of the places of stay in Parvati valley cater to hippie backpackers. Loud trance music is a widespread phenomenon at most of the places in the valley.

So ensure that the place you are staying is not a hub for such activities. Else working remotely from Kalga and Pulga will be difficult with constant distractions and disturbances.

My opinion – So although internet connectivity is decent in Kalga and Pulga, Ensure you find a quaint accommodation. Otherwise working remotely will be difficult. Acquaintances had this exact problem in Kalga while working remotely.

Kalga Vs Pulga – In Terms Of Internet Connectivity

Both have mobile network and internet connectivity. Jio4g and Airtel 4g work in Kalga and Pulga.

Therefore, remote working should not be problem in case you are looking to work remotely. Please note that Vodafone does not work beyond Barshaini.

My opinion – Working remotely from Kalga and Pulga is possible with decent internet connectivity. Some places might even offer WIFI.

To conclude, I hope with I have now addressed the queries related to “which is better kalga or pulga”. In case you any further queries regarding, make sure to drop them in the comments. I’ll answer them to the best of my knowledge.