Kasol is one of the most popular party places and weekend getaways in Himachal Pradesh. Apart from people thronging Kasol in search of good quality of Hash a lot of people also look to get drunk and have a good time. So as first time traveler you might have a question “Are Drinks Available in Kasol”

So to answer the question YES drinks are available in Kasol. There are a couple of wine shops in Kasol along with a couple of cafes and restaurants in Kasol. But my humble request to you all will be drink responsibly and do not dirty Kasol.

Are drinks available in Kasol

Are Drinks Available In Kasol – All The Details You Need 

So as I mentioned earlier drinks are available in Kasol. You can either buy alcohol from the Wineshops and there are at least a couple I had seen in Kasol.

Plus you can also get your drinks at the cafes and restaurants in Kasol. But of course buying directly from the Wineshop is a hell lot of cheap then having alcohol at the cafes.

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Are There Wineshops In Kasol ?

So a lot of people like buying alcohol directly from the wineshops. And if you have never been to Kasol you also might be wondering the same. So let me tell you that YES you can get booze at the wineshops.

There at least a couple of wineshops in Kasol. The one which I saw was just around Green valley hotel before the main Kasol market.

Personally, I never bought alcohol from there so can’t really comment on brands you would get there. But you definitely get alcohol in Kasol. And those who are on a budget and want to have a good time, wineshops will definitely come in handy.

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Is Alcohol Available In Cafes And Restaurants ?

So if you like having alcohol at decent Cafe, then Kasol has at least a couple where you can have drinks. Of course you would not get it as cheap as wineshop.

So I can personally confirm that Panj Tara cafe serves alcohol. The Panj Tara cafe is located right where the trail to Chalal begins in the main Kasol market.

I personally did not have drinks here. So cannot comment about the prices in Panj Tara Cafe but it expect to be on par with cities. Also, on a lot of days there is live music here so you can enjoy your drinks with live music.

Little Italy also serves alcohol if my memory serves me right, but I am not very sure about it. You can also get at Moon Dance Cafe. Again personally I never had any alcohol on my Parvati valley trip so cannot comment.

But of course, there are not a lot of options when it comes to restaurants serving alcohol like Manali. Manali has tons of cafes and restaurants which serve alcohol.

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Please Drink Responsibly And Do NOT Dirty Kasol

So Kasol was already smokers hub and now it has turned into a hub of people wanting to get drunk. You can see those broken beer bottles all along the pretty Parvati river, in the beautiful forests near basically it is ubiquitous.

Of course, everybody can get drunk and have a good time, but not at the expense of the disturbing others and creating ruckus in public. And let me tell you this kind of behaviour is not uncommon amongst those who are out of their senses.

So it is my humble suggestion that come here have a good time, but leave the place as clean as it was before and take all your alcohol bottles. Please do not break and throw your bottles here and there.

Kasol has become very dirty due to irresponsible attitude of the people and all you see are broken bottles, plastic wrappers at river banks, in the forests, and everywhere. And all due to because how popular Kasol has become.

Most of the people come to smoke up hash in Kasol. But consumption and possession of Hash is illegal in India and can attract a jail term.

So personally I feel that Kasol is overrated and have listed 11 reasons about the same. One of them is the one I mentioned above of people drinking irresponsibly and dirtying the place. And here are 16 beautiful alternatives to Kasol.

To conclude I hope that now you idea about “Are drinks available in Kasol”. So you do get alcohol in restaurants and cafes or you can get alcohol at the wineshops. But please make sure that you drink responsibly and do not trouble others and dirty the place.

In case you have any queries you can reach out to me and I’ll be happy to help you out.