Instagram is the go to place these days to express one’s wanderlust. And what better place than Lahaul to express your love for travel. Therefore, here is the list of 16 Beautiful instagrammable places in Lahaul that will blow your mind.

Well, you might have seen pictures of Khwaling or Sissu village going viral on Instagram thanks to advent of Atal Tunnel. But there is much more to Lahaul. This is why I have curated a list of 16 Beautiful Instagrammable places in Lahaul to up your social media game.

Beautiful Instagrammable Places In Lahaul

16 Beautiful Instagrammable Places in Lahaul Valley That Will Leave You Gobsmacked

Lahaul is one of the those places in Himachal where the insane vistas you get to witness will never disappoint. In fact, almost every picture you click will truly an instagram worthy picture. Such is the beauty of Lahaul.

On a personal level Lahaul has been one of the favourite places I have been to, in Himachal. And certainly has been quite well-received whenever I have posted content related to Lahaul on Instagram.

Lahaul is a sacred land, so please make sure that you do not click any inappropriate pictures to offend the locals. By the way, if you are visiting for the first time, here is a complete backpacking guide to Lahual valley

1. Tso Chigma – The Ethereal Lake Of Lahaul That Needs No Introduction

Well, Tso Chigma or Chandratal needs no introduction when it comes picturesque places in India. If you are surprised as to why I have I included in a Lahaul valley listicle, then to answer your question yes Chandratal is located in Lahaul valley and not Spiti as it is always claimed.

Leaving aside the geography, this one certainly was a no-brainer and had to be included in the list. Chandratal is heaven for photography. With insane views of CB peaks and the lake itself to be captured, will be awestruck to say the least.

By the way, check this blog on incredible lakes of Lahaul valley and let me know your thoughts on this one.


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2. Khwaling – The Picturesque Abode Of Raja Ghepang 

Khwaling or Sissu is currently one of the most popular places in Lahaul thanks to Atal Tunnel. It is the first major village of Lahaul that you’ll come across when you crossover from Solang valley to Lahaul via the tunnel.

You’ll be awestruck by the beautiful vistas Sissu has to offer. And yes the insane images of poplar trees during Autumn that went viral on Instagram are from Sissu nursery.

But there is much more you can capture in and around. You can capture the holy palden Lhamo Dhara, plus you get a great birds eye of Sissu if you venture on the trail to Labrang Gompa.

Well Sissu is nowadays quite popular, but that was not the case always. So, here is a list of 17 lesser known Himalayan villages in Lahaul valley that you must surely visit on your trip.


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3. Khoksar – Capture Ultimate Landscapes Of Lahaul At This Beautiful Lahauli Village

Khoksar is the first village of Lahaul, if you were to come from the Rohtang La. And is the probably one of the most beautiful villages of Lahaul.

You can capture insane views of high moutains for your instagram feed. Or you can clicks some insane photos of River Chandra. Almost every picture that you will take here will be certainly a post card and instagram worthy for sure.

There is a Buddhist monastery of which you can take pictures if you are interested in the cultural aspect of Lahaul. I personally could not visit the monastery, but will surely pay homage on my next trip.


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4. Labrang – Get Mesmerized By The Incredible Landscapes of Ranglo Valley

Labrang is one of the small villages located just above Khwaling or Sissu. But you get insane landscapes of the Ranglo valley including Sissu, high mountains, and River Chandra flowing.

Therefore, pictures clicked from Labrang will definitely Instagram worthy pictures. You can also capture some insane pictures of Labrang Gompa with snowy mountains in the backdrop.

By the way, you should definitely check out this blog 7 celestial monasteries of Lahaul that you must visit on your trip and to understand how the monasteries play a big role in Lahauli culture.


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5. Kyelang – The Administrative Capital of Lahaul

The administrative capital of Lahaul is one of the most of beautiful places in Lahaul. You get insane views of Gushal Goh peaks and the famous Lady of Kyelang glacier from Kyelang.

But if you truly want an insane instagrammable photo of Kyelang you should head to some of the Upper Kyelang area like Shashur or Gumrang or even Kardang which is one the left bank of Bhaga.

From the higher places you’ll get the birds eye of Kyelang along with the clear view of the peaks I mentioned earlier.


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6. Kardang – The Ancient Capital of Lahaul That Will Transport You Back In Time

Kardang used to be the ancient capital of Lahaul back in the day. And even today it is the home to one of the most important Gompas in the Lahaul valley.

The insane views of the right bank of bhaga an that you’ll get from Kardang especially the Gompa will surely make your Jaw drop. 

Make sure you click appropriate photos and do not click and lewd pictures as this as sacred place in fact the entire valley is sacred.


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7. Khangsar – Capture The Incredible Khangsar Khar Through Your Lens

Khangsar back in the day used to be one of the primary seats of rulers of Lahaul valley. Such is the significance of this Lahauli village.

The incredible 108-room fort is really a sight to behold and is definitely a must visit if you are visiting Lahaul and are around Kyelang.

If you happen to visit at the right time you should be able to capture Khangsar Khar (108-room fort) along with the incredible fields of various vegetables.


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8. Gemur – Witness The Beautiful High Mountains From This Pretty Village of Lahaul

Gemur is one of the most beautiful instagrammable places in Lahaul valley. Such is the beauty of Gemur which is located right on Leh-Manali highway just a 4 km from the famous tourist destination of jispa.

On a personal level I received lot of engagement when I posted pictures of Gemur on my Instagram feed. So clicking pictures here will really turn to be excellent in my opinion.

In my opinion, you should also hike to Gemur Gompa which is just a 15 minute hike from the road to get even more insane landscapes you can capture through your lens for your social media.


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9. Jispa – The Famous Lahauli Village Of Tod Valley

Even before Lahaul valley was brought on to the tourism map thanks to Atal tunnel, Jispa was one of the few places in Lahaul which was already a famous tourist spot.

Thanks to it being a popular stopover for travelers heading towards leh from Manali, Jispa was already famous. And the beauty of the place is quite conspicuous once you reach Jispa.

I actually managed to click quite cool pictures of Jispa which received a lot of engagement on my Instagram. So, you should definitely click pictures here and I am sure they’ll turn out to be awesome.


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10. Patseo – The Incredibly Scenic Place In Lahaul That Is Not To Be Missed 

This beautiful place in Lahaul is not a village, but an area which is around 11 km from Darcha, which is the last village in Tod valley.

You’ll witness incredible landscapes all around Patseo. Then there is Dozom Tso as well, a beautiful small lake popularly known as Deepak Tal.

So in my opinion, you should definitely click a lot of pictures here and I am sure they’ll be Instagram worthy pictures.


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11. Zing Zing Bar – Incredible Landscapes That Will Leave You Speechless

Zing Zing Bar is one of the most beautiful places I traveled to in Lahaul. From here, the landscapes now start to resembling Ladakh with all the multicolored mountains and gargantuan snow capped peaks.

Trust me this drive from Darcha to Zing Zing Bar and beyond is one of the most beautiful drives of India. It is indeed an exhilarating with insanely picturesque vistas all around.

It has to be one of the best instagrammable places in Lahaul. And you should definitely click pictures and post it in on instagram to up your social media.


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12. Tso Kamtsi – Get Mesmerized By The Beauty Of This Celestial Lake

Popularly know as Suraj Tal, this lake is one of the highest lakes in India. Perched at around almost 16,000 ft, it remains frozen and snow covered for at least 6 months.

Well images of Suraj Tal all already quite popular in social media circles these days due to its impeccable beauty. And certainly is one of the beautiful Instagrammable places in Lahaul valley


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13. Margul – The Picturesque Gateway To Remote Valleys of Miyar And Pangi

Margul or Udaipur is the biggest village or town in Pattan valley of Lahaul. And it also acts an a gateway to the remote valleys of Miyar in Lahaul and Pangi in Chamba.

The landscapes around Udaipur are just mindblowing. The town at first might not appear to be picturesque, but trust me you just have venture around Udaipur to find incredibly picturesque places.

You can see beautiful snow-capped peaks from the bus stand itself such is the beauty of Margul or Markul. I am sure you’ll be able to capture some incredible pictures.


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14. Urgos – The Pretty Village Of Miyar That You’ll Fell in Love In With

My personal favourites in Miyar valley the beauty of tiny village of Miyar is beyond comprehension. You have to actually be there to sink in the beauty of this place.

You should definitely visit this beautiful Lahauli village in Miyar for some amazing pictures. Trust me it will be worth the visit.

Feel free to check out 11 compelling reasons to visit Miyar valley, a sub valley of Lahaul and let me know your thoughts in the comments


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15. Shukto – The Last Motorable Village Of The Beautiful Miyar Valley

Shukto is the last motorable point in Miyar valley. Although tiny, this small village really blew my mind with its beauty.

In Shukto, I could capture some of the most beautiful pictures of my Lahaul valley which were certainly well recieved on instagram.

So, if you are in Lahaul, then you should absolutely visit this beautiful valley called Miyar and I am sure it you will get some of the most amazing instagrammable pictures of your trip here.

By the way, you should definitely check out my detailed blog on traveling to Miyar valley from Mumbai which is complete guide for anyone who wishes to visit this incredibly remote but beautiful valley of Lahaul.



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16. Baralacha La – Feel The Adrenaline Rush At The Top Of World

Baralacha La is probably one of the famous places in Lahaul. Perched at around 16,000 ft this mountain pass acts as a gateway to Ladakh and is known for its incredible scenic beauty.

So naturally it had to be included in the list of beautiful Instagrammable places in Lahaul. So go ahead and click some insane pictures of this mountain to express your wanderlust on social media.

But please make sure that you do not spend much time here as chances of getting AMS are quite high here. And being a mountain at 16,000 ft brutal winds blow almost all the time here.

To conclude, I hope you like this list of 16 beautiful instagrammable places in Lahaul, I am pretty sure you’ll, such is the ethereal beauty of Lahaul.

Lahaul being a tribal high altitude region has quite an eccentric culture. There is lots you can capture through your lens not just from a social media point of view and get a glimpse into the magical land of Garsha.