“Is Pin valley worth visiting” is the question that will pop up in your head if you are traveling to Spiti for the first time. Pin valley is one of the biggest attractions in Spiti and often finds a place in almost every Spiti itinerary.

Based out on my sojourn to Pin valley, I would definitely recommend you to visit Pin valley. To prove my point, here are compelling reasons to visit Pin valley. I hope these reasons will motivate you to make a visit to Pin valley,

Is Pin Valley Worth Visiting

Is Pin Valley Worth Visiting – 9 Compelling Reasons Why It absolutely Is

As I said earlier, Pin valley is not to be missed during your Spiti. Pin valley although a sub-valley of Spiti is a world of its own.

Lofty snow-capped peaks, Pretty rustic locales, beautiful Pin river are some of the reasons why Pin valley is absolutely worth it.

On a personal level, I was so mesmerized by Pin valley that I ended up staying for 3 days straight in Pin valley during my second trip to Spiti and had one of the best experiences in Spiti.

1. Celestial Landscapes Of Pin Valley Will Blow Your Mind

Unlike, the barren landscapes of other parts of Spiti, The vistas you get to witness in Pin valley are quite unique to be honest.

The multi-colored towering mountains, Lofty snow-capped peaks, majestic pin river and not to forget the idyllic locales of Pin valley will blow your mind.

The moment you cross the Attargo bridge and enter Pin valley it feels as if you entered an exceedingly different yet incredibly beautiful world. Such is the charm of the Pin valley.

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Reasons to Visit Pin valley

Incredible landscapes on the road to Tailing village. Pin valley is full of such mesmerizing vistas.

2 . Rustic Charm Of Pin Valley Will Give You A Peek Into Harsh Lives Of Himalayan Valleys

Imagine gazing at the gargantuan peaks and glaciers while strolling across trademark mud-houses with fields of green peas visible in the distance. Yup that’s your dreamy rustic village in Pin valley.

If you are someone who yearns for such rustic experiences, the villages of Pin valley will leave you awestruck. In fact, visiting the pretty little locales of Pin valley is surely one of the reasons to visit Pin valley.

During my recent trip to Pin valley, I spent a good 3 days exploring the rustic villages of Pin valley. And It was certainly a wholesome experience.

Mudh is the most popular and certainly beautiful, but the villages like Sagnam, Todnum, Tailing, Tangti Yogma, Tangti Gogma, Kungri, Sailing, Guling really showcases the true beauty of Pin valley in my opinion.

Its the Rustic villages like Tailing which makes visiting Pin valley absolutely worth the visit. In Frame is the village of Tailing with high mountains in the backdrop, taken from Sagnam-Mudh road.

3. Solitude Seekers Will Find Pin Valley Wholesome

If you are someone who is always on a lookout to escaping the clamour of touristy places, Pin valley is the perfect place to experience tranquility.

Except for the famous Mudh village, the rest of the villages of are your typical idyllic villages with little to no tourist rush. They are perfect for experiencing solitude.

I personally really have an aversion for touristy places which is why I made the lesser-frequented Sagnam village as my base and explored the other villages  Pin valley.

There were a few places in Pin valley where it was hard to find even a single soul. Such is remoteness and tranquility that Pin valley offers.

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Is Pin valley worth it

Not a single soul to be found except for this little one. Such is the tranquility that Pin valley has to offer. This was taken on the way to Tangti yogma from Sagnam.

4. Majestic Pin River Will Surely Mesmerize You

The majestic Pin river is probably one of the best reasons to visit the splendid Pin valley. Pin river meanders across the valley resulting in some breath taking vistas before finally merging into the Spiti river.

So if you are one those who loves to chill at the bank of the river and listen to mellifluous sound of the river, then Pin valley will surely fascinate you.

Although Pin valley is rain-shadow region but do note that do not venture to close the river especially during monsoons. Sudden rise in the levels can turn fatal.

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Pin river as seen on the road to the village of Todnum.

5. Visit Pin Valley For The Ancient Kungri Monastery

Spiti is known for its ancient Buddhist monasteries perched at incredibly celestial vantage points. Kungri monastery is one such ancient monastery in Pin valley. In fact, Kungri monastery is the lone monastery of Pin valley.

Kungri Gompa is located in the village of Kungri which is one of the biggest villages in Pin valley. The monastery is Nygngma sect monastery which is said to be founded as early as 8th Century.

Guru Padmasabhava is said to have founded the Kungri according to the Scholar and O.G traveler blogger Rahul Sankritayan.

The monastery has two buildings. One is the new one with modern looking statues of Gautam Buddha, Guru Riponche Tara Devi along with beautiful murals.

While the other one is old building where Thangka’s seem quite old. By the way, here is a detailed blog on celestial monasteries you must visit in Lahaul valley, Spiti’s counterpart.

Should I Visit Pin valley

The beautiful Kungri Gompa in Kungri village is one of the best reasons to visit Pin valley.

6. Experience The Incredible Hospitality Of Himalayan Folks In Pin Valley

Imagine you are strolling across the rustic villages of Pin valley while admiring its idyllic beauty and all of a sudden locals offer you to have lunch with them. That’s exactly what happened to me.

I was strolling across the village of Todnum during lunch time where the locals were busy with harvesting green peas offered me to have lunch with them.

If you yearn for such beautiful experiences with the incredibly humble and hospitable locals, Pin valley will certainly not disappoint you.

Due to the hostile terrain and harsh weather conditions locals of Pin valley understand the importance of looking out for each other. And the same can be seen in the way they treat travelers.

So don’t get surprised if you someone offers you tea or food while you are exploring the rustic villages of Pin valley. In fact, gladly except their offer and engage in conversations with the locals of Pin valley.

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Reasons to visit Pin valley

The incredibly kind folks of Todnum village who offered me to have lunch with them while they were busy harvesting peas, their main cash crops. Such incredible hospitality by the local folks is what entices me to Pin valley time and again.

7. Experience Life As Locals In Homestays Of Pin Valley

One of the reasons to visit Pin valley is to stay with the locals under the same the roof. Eat what they eat, basically get experience their way life.

In my honest opinion, the best way to experience high-altitude valleys like Pin valley is to stay in homestays instead of guesthoues or hotels.

Amazing home-cooked food, getting to try local delicacies, having a family to talk away from home. What else can one really ask for.

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Dharma Homestay, Sagnam village. The host Vidya Sagar Ji and his family were kind and humble and it was a memorable experience to stay in the village of Sagnam. Away from the touristy crowd of Mudh.

8. Breath-Taking Trekking Routes For Adventure Junkies

Pin valley is a heaven for hikes and trekkers. Otherworldly crossover treks to different parts of Himachal has led trekkers and hikers from across throng Pin valley.

The two most popular treks of Pin valley include the Pin Bhabha trek and the Pin Parvati trek. Basically these are Shepherd routes which have now become popular amongst trekkers and hikers

Pin Bhabha trek involves crossing over from Kafnu in Bhabha valley, Kinnaur to Mudh village in Pin valley, Spiti. The trek is said to offer some incredible contrast in the landscapes while crossing over staggering 16,000 ft high Bhabha pass.

Pin Parvati trek involves a 100 km long trudge over hostile terrains but equally rewarding landscapes while crossing over the mammoth 17,000 ft high Pin Parvati Pass. The trek starts from Barshaini in Kullu and ends at Mudh in Pin valley, Spiti.

Amongst lesser frequented pass these days is the Manirang Pass. The high pass was ancient trade route and gateway to Pin valley back in the day.

Mudh village, the center of all the trekking activities in Pin valley.

9. Eccentric Tribal and Buddhist Festivals Are A Sight To Behold

Eccentric tribal and Buddhist festivals is one of the reasons why Pin valley is absolutely worth-visiting. If you have an inclination towards learning about the culture of the region, festivals can be a great starting point.

Festivals like Dechang (Archery Festival), Losar are celebrated in Pin valley along with several buddhists festivals and rituals.

Most of the festivals though are celebrated only during the winter months. The locals have absolutely no work and indulge in festivities and merry-making during the winters.

To conclude, I hope that these 9 captivating reasons to visit Pin valley justified my answer to “Is Pin valley worth visiting”. The beauty of Pin valley is certainly not to be missed on your trip to Spiti.

In case you have any doubts or queries you can always reach out in the comments below.