Back in the day a lot of international travelers used to throng Kasol primarliy in search of good quality hash. Amongst them were Israelis. A lot of them settled down in Kasol and that’s when Kasol became famous as Mini Israel. Naturally, this will raise a question “why do so many Israelis live in Kasol”

So the two primary reasons would be Hash and Impeccable beauty of Kasol. But there are other reasons as well which I am going to be discussing in this blog. And not just Kasol Israelis have also made Dharamkot, Mcleodganj their home.

why do so many Israelis live in Kasol

Why Do So Many Israelis Live In Kasol

Back in the day, around 80’s Kasol was just a nondescript village of Manikaran valley (now prominently known as Parvati valley) in Kullu district. But as the word spread about extremely potent Hash in Kasol, international travelers thronged in search of good quality Hash.

So another 10-15 years later, Kasol was now brimming with foreigners looking to have a great time amidst impeccable serene vistas which offered peace. Amongst the international travelers were many Israelis who just loved the peace and tranquility Kasol had to offer.

And Many liked Kasol so much that they decided to call it their home. So there are now a lot of israelis who have made Kasol their dream home. And here 7 likely reasons why Israelis have settled in Kasol in great numbers.

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1. Free Flow of Hash in Kasol
2. Natural Beauty of Kasol
3. Adventure hikes and trails in Kasol
4. Much needed break from Mandatory Military Service
5. In search of Spirituality
6. Living in Himachal is inexpensive for them
7. Many have started business in Kasol

1. Free Flow of Hash and Other Drugs In Kasol

This is kind of an open secret that most people who visit Kasol are using in search of good quality. And this was one of the reasons why israelis have choose to stay live in Kasol. Just you know consumption and possession of Hash is illegal in Indian.

With authorities turning a blind eye, people are kind of free to consume hash without any troubles, So much so that you can see people smoking up in Cafes, Public places etc.

So abundant good quality Hash along with no troubles from the police is one of the main reason why so many Israelis have settled down in Kasol. This is kind of stereotyping but It is somewhat true.

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2. Natural Beauty of Kasol

Natural Beauty of Kasol is so impeccable that it will leave anybody mesmerized. Such natural vistas and serene landscapes is what likely compelled the Israelis to settle down in such an incredible place.

Plus back just 15 years back Kasol was not how it is currently. Kasol was mostly visited by international travelers. There were hardly any hotels and Guesthouses. Its in the past 5 to 7 years, Kasol has become famous amongst domestic travelers and has kind of become a weekend getaway.

So natural vistas, serene vibes, less crowd is what prompted Israelis visiting this beautiful town to settle down and call Kasol their home.

Nowadays Kasol is quite overrate with all the crowd it attracts. Which is why personally, I did not like Kasol. And here 11 reasons to prove why I think Kasol is overrated.

3. Adventure Hikes and Treks around Kasol

Well, there are a lot of adventurous hikes and treks around Kasol which international travelers especially Israelis. So naturally area around Kasol is heaven for such insane adventure activities.

And a lot of the foreign travelers like the adventurous part of living in Kasol. Which is why a lot of them have decided to stay and go on insane adventurous.

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4. Much Needed Break from Mandatory Military Service

So Israeli has this mandatory miltiary service for some period of time which their young population needs to undergo. After undergoing such rigorous military service, they need a break and what better place than Kasol or Himachal pradesh.

Another added advantage when they visit Kasol for a break is that they have their own people here, similar food in cafes, plus its cheap along with uninterrupted flow of Hash with no fear of authorities. This enables them to stay for longer duration and some of them like it so much that they ended settling in Kasol.

While on my trip to Spiti, I met a guy from Israel who just like many other young Israeli’s had finished his mandatory military service. So he almost on 6 months trip across Himachal, Ladakh etc.

So the point is many Israelis like it so much that they end up just settling down here. And what better place than Kasol which has their own people. By the way, here is a detailed blog on mobile network in Kasol.

5. In Search of Spirituality

Yes this might shock you but many Israelis do come in search of Spirituality and meditation in Kasol. Amidst the beautiful vistas they search for peace.

As I said earlier Kasol back in the day was quite peaceful and tranquil unlike the chaos of current times. So naturally a lot of Israelis stayed back in search of Spirituality and meditation.

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6. Living In Kasol Is Inexpensive For Israelis

One of the reasons, why Isarelis have settled down in Kasol is probably the living expense is quite less. Compared to Israel they can sustain themselves for many more months and years in Kasol.

This is one the reasons why they tend to live in Kasol for long duration like years or some of them even have settled down and never left Kasol.

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7. Many Israelis Have Started Business In Kasol

So one of the reasons why so many Israelis live in Kasol is that have started their businesses like started running hotels, cafes. So naturally they have stayed back.

A few of them also have turned into mafias who export the high quality hash produced in and around Kasol to the other parts of the globe. This is again is kind of stereotyping but true in a few cases.

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To conclude, I hope that now you know why do so many Israelis live in Kasol, its the mix of the all the reasons that I’ve mentioned in the blog. 

But of course, number of international travelers visiting Kasol decreased drastically over the years with the advent of Indian travelers in huge number as Kasol no more remains peaceful as it was back in the day.