Kasol is one of the top destinations when it comes to Himachal due to its beautiful landscapes. And Kasol is also one of the top destinations for budget travelers, backpackers, solo travelers. So if you are one those who travel on a tight budget you might have a question “Where to stay in Kasol under 1000 INR”

After having stayed in Kasol for quite a few days and at several different places, you can easily get a place to stay in Kasol at under 1000 INR. And mind you not only hostels but you can also get hotels and guesthouses at under 1000 INR.

So this blog is going to be all about the where to stay in Kasol under 1000 INR, wherein I’ll suggest different kind of accommodation like hostels, guesthouses, hotels etc. So lets dive into this one.

Where to Stay in Kasol under 1000 INR

Where To Stay in Kasol under 1000 INR – Top Budget Places

While there are plenty of places to stay under 1000 INR, but you have to work sometimes to find them. So here is list of few hostels and guesthouses where you can easily get a place to stay under 1000 INR in Kasol.

Some of them are famous hostels in Kasol while others are hotels and guesthouses I personally have stayed in. So you can be rest assured about that.

You can yourself find a place under 1000 INR, but let me tell you its not that easy when you are tired from long bus journey to Kasol. And if you have a list of places from where you can decide its always easier.

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Budget Hostels to Stay in Kasol

Backpackers hostel are one of the best places to stay for a budget traveler or a solo traveler. And Kasol has plenty of such options at decent prices under 1000 INR.

Here are some of the options for budget hostels in Kasol.

The Hosteller

The hosteller is one of the most popular hostel chain in our country. And there is hosteller in Kasol as well. Hosteller in Kasol has mix of dorm rooms and private like most of the hostel franchises which have come up lately.

If you are budget traveler or a solo traveler, staying at hosteller will ensure you a get budget stay. Staying in a reputed hostel franchise is an advantage as you don’t have to worry about safety of the place.

Plus there are plenty of reviews you can read online and then decide whether you want to book a stay or not. A bed in the dorm room will cost you somewhere between INR 450-600 depending on the season which is well below 1000 INR.

You can also opt for private rooms, but they are costlier than dorm, but of course if you are looking for privacy, then going a private room will be perfect. You can make a booking for hosteller here.

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Nomads Hostel

Nomads hostel is one of the famous hostels in and around Kasol. Though not exactly located in Kasol, it is located nearby Kasol in the village of Chojh. You’ll have to hike a bit to reach here.

Again it is one of the famous hostels in Kasol, and you need not worry about the safety of the place. I personally did not stay here, but some of my friends did and they absolutely loved their stay. Also, you can read plenty of reviews online before booking it.

So you can easily get a bed in dorm room in nomads hostel at around 350 INR. Even the private rooms here are cheap compared to the other famous hostels operating in Kasol.

You can get a private room at 1200 INR which is 600 INR per person which is not bad at all for a private room in famous hostel. You can book your stay at Nomads hostel here.  By the way here is blog about availability of drinks in Kasol. 

Whoopers Hostel

Whoopers is another of the hostels which has both dorm rooms and private rooms to cater to the travelers. I am not exactly sure where it is located but you can contact the hostel itslef.

Like other backpackers hostels in Kasol, You can easily get a bed in dorm room at around INR 450. As far as the availability of the private rooms is concerned I am not quite sure about.

Whoopers is one of the best budget hostels to stay in Kasol where you can easily get a dorm bed under INR 500. Which is quite decent if you are solo traveler or a backpacker.

If you are ever planning to experience the winter in Kasol, here is a perfect guide for the same. I have personally visited in a Kasol in winters and trust me it is worth it with incredible vistas and less crowd.

Moksha Cafe

Moksha cafe is one of the lesser known cafe cum hostel located around Kasol. It is not exactly located in Kasol, but is located is far lesser crowded village near Kasol called Katagla.

I personally have not stayed here. But I had the pleasure meeting the guys who are running this place in Sainj valley at one of the homestays. Upon enquiring I found that they had both private rooms and dorms. With dorms starting at INR 350.

Here is their contact number +91 80756 47194 if you wish to stay here during your trip to Kasol. But mind you that this not located in the hustle and bustle of Kasol, instead it is located in lesser crowded village of Katagla.

Budget Hotels and Guesthouses to Stay in Kasol

Kasol has huge number of options when it comes hotels and guesthouses. So here is a list of few hotels and guesthouses that I have stayed in or I know of in Kasol.

Of course, you can also search for budget hotels in Kasol yourself and you should have no problems finding it as well.

Green Valley Hotel

Green valley hotel is where I had stayed when I had been to Kasol. Nothing special, its just another hotel in the plethora of hotels in Kasol. But if you are coming in off season like winters you can get a room for quite cheap here.

So for the whole room we paid around 500 INR which is just 250 INR per person. You might not even get a dorm at that price in one of the famous hostels of Kasol. Green valley hotel is located a 200-400 meters before the main Kasol market.

But of course, I went in the off season of February when the tourist crowd is extremely low in Kasol. I think you can easily get a room here at 1000 INR which turns out to be 500 INR per person.

But mind you its just another hotel and you won’t get to meet travelers from all across the country and globe. Also, the rooms are basic with decent bathrooms but nothing fancy. But is one of the best budget stays in Kasol

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Green House Cottages and Guesthouse

If you want a place in Kasol away from the hustle and bustle of Kasol but nearby the road, then this is the perfect place to say in Kasol. Green house cottages is a kind of different guesthouses with different kind of rooms to cater to travelers.

Personally, this one of the best places I had stayed in Kasol. When we had been to Kasol in the month of February, there were hardly any travelers. So we were able to get a fancy a room for INR 1000 we turned out to be INR 500 per person

Of course, you would not get it for such a discounted in peak season, but if you avoid peak season you can definitely get it under 1000 INR per person. Green houses cottage and guesthouse is located near the famous Sandhya hotel towards Manikaran.

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Star View Hotel

If you want to stay away from crowded Kasol market which really looks like a concrete jungle, then here is perfect place amidst the forest to stay near Kasol.

Star View Hotel is located on the trail to Chalal but not very far Kasol market. Of course, you’ll have to walk a bit in order to reach here. So please keep that in mind.

The rates here can change depending on which month are you visiting. I personally have not stayed at this place. But my friends have stayed and they liked their stay here. They had to pay INR 750 that too during the New year and Christmas period.

By the way if you can’t decide between Kasol and Manali, here is comparison blog between Kasol versus Manali to help you decide on the same.

Other Places to Stay in Kasol

Kasol being a major tourist resort in Parvati valley, It houses a good number of decent places to stay under 1000 INR apart from what I have mentioned.

So one of the areas where you can get cheap hotels and guesthouses in Kasol is the area before main Kasol market. There are plethora of hotels and guesthouses here which can easily get under 1000 INR if you bargain.

I personally stayed at another hotel near green valley which I can’t remember the name of. I had to pay just around 500 INR which turned out to be only INR 250 since I was traveling with a friend.

Kasol market area is another place where you would definitely be able to get a place to stay under INR 1000. Especially during the off season winter or monsoon months you can easily get hotels at quite a discounted price.

But mind you all these area seems to be like concrete jungle with all the hotels and guesthouses clustered. This is one the 11 reasons why I find Kasol extremely overrated to be honest. But here are 16 pretty alternatives to Kasol which will blow your mind.

To conclude, I hope that you now have fair bit of idea on where to stay in Kasol under 1000 INR. As I mentioned throughout the blog, you can get a place to stay under 1000 INR with a bit of effort.

But you can also choose from the few options which I have mentioned in the blog to have hassle free trip to Kasol. In case of any issues, feel free to reach out to me and I’ll be glad to help you out.