Kasol and Chalal need no introduction. They are two of the most famous places in Parvati valley, Himachal Pradesh. While Kasol is a full fledged touristy resort, Chalal is just a slightly less touristy version of Kasol with no road connectivity. So here I am comparing Kasol Vs Chalal to help my fellow travelers.

Based on my experience to traveling to both Kasol and Chalal, I’ll be comparing Kasol and Chalal based on ease of reach, stay options, cafes, internet connectivity etc. So lets get started.

Kasol Vs Chalal

Kasol Vs Chalal

Kasol and Chalal are two of the most famous destinations in Parvati valley. While Kasol is the major tourist hub in Parvati Valley, Chalal is just 30 min hike away from Kasol which is kind of lesser crowded than Kasol.

To reach Kasol you need to take a diversion from Bhuntar on main Manali-Chandigarh highway. While Chalal is 15-30 minute hike from Panj tara Cafe near main Kasol market.

Based on my travels to both Kasol and Chalal, I am curating this comparison post between Kasol and Chalal to help you guys out.

Ease of Reach – Kasol Versus Chalal

Kasol is hands down the clear winner in this department as it is connected by road. While to reach Chalal you need to hike for 15-30 mins from Kasol,

So if you wish to stay at a place with proper road connectivity than Kasol is an ideal destination for you. While Chalal can be favourable if you have an inclination towards lesser crowded places.

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Is Kasol Better Or Chalal – In Terms of Accommodation Options

Kasol being a tourist resort in Parvati valley houses a decent number of different types of accommodation as per budget. There are plenty of hostels, guesthouses, hotels in Kasol.

The same cannot be said for Chalal. But there is decent accommodation in Chalal as well. So you can easily get a place to spend a night in Chalal.

Some of the places to stay in Kasol include The hosteller, nomads hostel, Greenhouse cottages and many more. by the way, here is a detailed blog on where to stay under 1000 INR in Kasol.

Kasol Vs Chalal – In terms of Landscapes

Well to be really honest, there isn’t much difference in the landscapes between Chalal and Kasol. The reason being, Chalal is just a 15-30 minute hike from Kasol.

But you get insane views of high mountains, River Parvati, beautiful forests both in Chalal and Kasol. So the scenic landscapes will be your constant company both in Chalal and Kasol.

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Kasol Versus Chalal – Which One Is Lesser Crowded 

Kasol is typical touristy resort brimming with hordes of travelers for most part of the year. While Chalal although quite famous is not as crowded as Kasol.

Road connectivity, decent cafes, several stay options are some of the reasons why Kasol is too crowded for its own good.

Does Kasol Have Better Cafes OR Chalal

Again, Kasol easily triumphs over Chalal when it comes to the cafes. Kasol being a touristy resort has several cafes which serve lip smacking delicacies across several cuisines.

While Chalal does not have many famous cafes. There might be decent in house cafes, but surely not as popular as Kasol.

Some of the famous cafes in Kasol include Evergreen Cafe, Bhoj Cafe, Jim Morisons Cafe, Little Italy, Freedom Cafe, Moon light Cafe and many more.

Is Kasol Better OR Chalal For Budget Travel

Kasol and Chalal both are equally decent for budget travel. There are a lot of hostels in Kasol and nearby areas for budget travelers.

You can limit your spending to around INR 800 or even less if you choose hostels and don’t eat out too much in the cafes. Even the public transport is robust from Kasol and you get buses to different places in Parvati valley.

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Kasol Vs Chalal – Which One is Safer

Both are relatively safe. But Kasol and Chalal are both infamous for free flow of Hash and other drugs. A lot of people literally come to Kasol and Chalal just to smoke up hash as authorities turn a blind eye.

And by the way, consumption and possession of hash is illegal in India. So stay away from the illicit things in Kasol and Chalal and you should be go to go.

But while hiking around Kasol and Chalal, make sure you are back before dark. And don’t venture in the forests around Kasol and Chalal during the night.

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Internet Connectivity – Is Kasol Better OR Chalal

Both Kasol and Chalal enjoy decent 4g internet connectivity. All the major mobile network service providers work in India namely Jio, Airtel, Vodafone very well in Kasol and Chalal.

You can easily stream videos, surf the interent, make video calls without any hassle as such. Kasol and Chalal both can be decent options to work remotely from.

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To conclude I hope I was able to put forth a decent comparison between Kasol and Chalal. If you like vibes of the touristy resort then you’ll like Kasol a lot. But if you love lesser crowded places Chalal will mesmerize you.

In case you have any queries on Kasol vs Chalal do reach out in the comments below. I’ll be happy to help.