Nightlife in Kasol is certainly a dull affair. Being a small-Himalayan town with pretty vistas, Kasol is not place where people seek nightlife experiences.

Kasol might not be an ideal nightlife destination, but there are certain things you can indulge in to salvage your night in Kasol. But again, do not keep your expectations to high.

Nightlife in Kasol

Nightlife in Kasol – All You Need To Know

Well to be really honest, nightlife in Kasol is pretty lackluster. And it kind of makes sense because Kasol is a small Himalayan tourist resort surrounded by dreamy pines, beautiful river and huge mountains.

So its obvious that you are not going have a great nightlife scene when compared to metro cities in India like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru etc. So if you are someone yearning for an extravagant night in Kasol,  sorry to burst your bubble.

Also, Kasol is more of a hippie destination. Where in people come to, enjoy the serenity, hike and trek rather than wanting to experience an extravagant nightlife. But I’ll try to cover several things you can do in the nighttime while in Kasol.

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Are there Pubs and Clubs in Kasol ?

One thing that is usually associated with nightlife are cool pubs and clubs. Where you can grab a few drinks and just simply enjoy. Unfortunately Kasol miserably fails in this department.

Even though Kasol is a tourist resort and a prominent hippie town, But after all its just a small town in Kullu district. Therefore, it really lacks a happening night life as compared to cities or even places like Manali.

So if you had plans to indulge in merry-making with friends while showing off some cool dance moves in Kasol, your disappointment will be immense.

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Are Drinks Available in Kasol ?

Well now that you know you can’t dance your heart out in Kasol while grabbing a drink with your friends, What about alcohol you would ask ? The good news is that alcohol is available in Kasol. The bad news is not at many places.

Although Kasol has no dearth of Cafes, but cafes serving alcohol are very less unlike its famous neighbour Old Manali, where every other cafes serves alcohol.

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Places like Panj Tara Cafe, Mary Jane Restobar do serve alcohol. So yes is the answer to the question “Is Alcohol available in Kasol”

Is There Live Music In Kasol ?

Live music in cafe’s and restaurants is another thing which is usually associated with a nightlife of a place. To be honest, Kasol lacks in this department too.

Unlike Manali where there a ton of places where you get to chill and relax with awesome artists rocking some beautiful tunes live, Kasol unfortunately does not have many.

Yes there a couple of places where you can have great time in Kasol with some awesome live music during the night. Panj Tara Cafe is one such Cafe in Kasol which has live music and serves alcohol.

Mary Jane Restobar is also one such place in Kasol where you can relax and with some wonderful live music.

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Cafe-hopping In Kasol

Cafe hopping can be a fun activity to do during the night-time with so many cafes around. Even though most cafes are closed by midnight and some even earlier. And usually cafes close down early during winters thanks to lesser people.

But you can indulge in soothing your taste buds with some lip-smacking mutli-cuisine delicacies.

Some of the famous Cafes in Kasol include, Evergreen Cafe, Jim Morisons Cafe, Freedom Cafe, Little Italy, Stone Hedge Cafe, Moonlight Cafe, Bhoj Cafe and many more.

But do note one thing, your quest for satiating your taste buds might burn a big hole in your pocket. Cafes in Kasol are as expensive as the one’s cities like Mumbai, Delhi. Sometimes even more.

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Trance Parties/ Music Festivals In Kasol 

Music festivals and trance parties are a couple of events that you can look forward to while in Kasol

These parties usually take place in the woods near Kasol during the night time. You can enquire about them directly in Kasol or look up online and you should be able to find relevant information related to the same.

Such music festivals and trance parties start in the evening and usually continue till wee hours in the morning. But again, they are not very frequent.

To conclude, I hope you now a decent idea about the nightlife in Kasol. As mentioned throughout the blog, do not expect much of a nightlife in Kasol as its just a small touristy resort in Parvati valley.

In case you have any queries on the Kasol nightlife, drop them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to help you out.